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March 18, 2011

What Would you Like on Your Birthday Cake?

They say it's your birthday,

It's my birthday, too, yeah!

Not my favorite Beatles song, but I have this really sweet memory connected to it. Many years ago, I returned to my dorm room after having a birthday dinner with my boyfriend, and as I was putting away my things, I heard that song coming from the room of one of my suitemates. It took me a while to realize my friends were playing it (over and over, because I wasn't catching on) for me, and I walked into their room to find nineteen candles blazing on a cake shaped (sort of) like  a guitar, which I played at the time.

Thus started my fascination with birthday cakes and since today actually is my birthday, I hope you'll indulge me as I share some special cakes I found on the web. Some make me drool, others make me retch. Either way, they're fun to look at!

Starting in a literary vein (no pun intended), here are a couple of  clever Twilight cakes from a Squidoo blog.


(You can find more Miss Catty Cakes here. )

Got any three-year-old girls in the house? My three-year-old granddaughter came home from preschool the other day and announced she's going to marry Justin Bieber, a statement that left my stepdaughter kind of shaken. I mean three? My stepdaughter says she's picked up this Bieber Fever from some older girls at preschool, meaning the five-year-olds. Anyway, here are a couple of JB cakes for your entertainment.




















(More Bieber Baked Goods here.)

 I'm a big Taco Bell fan. I even owe one of my novel ideas to Taco Bell, since it came from a conversation I overheard while munching a burrito. But since I'm now on a low sodium diet, my TB days may be over. Sugar, however, is not sodium! So this cake may be as close as I can get to a taco these days. Taco-bell-birthday-cake











And speaking of a burrito? (This one's filled with carrot cake).  








Now for some classier cakes. I can't relate to these at all, since I could care less about shoes and purses, but I bet they'll float some of your boats. The top two are from Piece-of-Cake bakery, which is not far from where I live in North Carolina. I know who I'm calling for the next intriguing cake I need. (And yes, the shoe is edible for those of you with a fetish).




This purse above is from Sweet Treats by Jen and every bit of it, too,  is edible.


For the drummers: Snare-drum-cake


  From Scrum Diddly Cakes. I would LOVE to meet Olivia. I bet she's an interesting kid!







Any Angry Bird addicts out there? This dad made an edible Angry Birds game for his son's birthday. What a guy!


Whew! Some creative people out there! Since I'm writing this post a few days before my birthday, I'm not sure what my cake will be like. I'm on deadline, however, so I have a feeling my cake will look something like this:


But hopefully after a day on the computer, I'll get a chance to do this:

So how about you? If someone made a birthday cake just for you right now, what would it look like?