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May 27, 2007

TLC Advice-a-Thon: How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

TLC Advice-a-Thon: Nancy on How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex.

by Nancy

1.  Start young.  When asked, "Where do babies come from?"  You say, "The mom's tummy."  But more detail than that, you're just going to screw up your kid or worse----cause them to spend hours camped out in front of your bedroom door with a drinking glass clamped to their ear. Until they are eight or ten, when the subject of "Yeah, but how did the baby get in there in the first place?" comes up, your answer is always,  "Hey!  Why don't we go to the zoo this weekend?!"  Which postpones the inevitable, but at least long enough until they can picture Mom and Dad making babies without screaming or weeping or going catatonic.

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2.  When the time comes to really have The Talk, do it from behind the wheel of your minivan.  Make sure your kid has a road map on her lap, and force her to give you directions to wherever you're going, so she has something complicated to focus on.  Right brain, left brain, you know?

3.  Yes, describe the physical stuff, but also the "sex is a meaningful act shared between two people who really care for each other and---"  if you're talking to teenagers---"ARE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE RESPONIBILITY OF RAISING A HAPPY CHILD TOGETHER." Which should get you talking about more important stuff, like what makes people happy such as two mature parents.  Feel free to toss in examples of their dysfunctional friends and their wacky parents. 

4.  Be prepared to find your kids camped out in front of your bedroom door anyway.

Got any better ideas?

April 15, 2007

ELAINE VIETS - Sunday Update

ELAINE VIETS - Sunday Update

Keep those prayers and positive thoughts coming!

Elaine's husband Don reports good news this morning. Elaine is out of the medically-induced coma and off the ventilator - two big steps.

And - she is talking! Sometimes just a couple of words, sometimes a short sentence. As you can imagine, fatigue also plays a big part in this stage of recovery.

The doctors are cautioning that there is still a long recovery ahead, but compared to the original diagnosis, her progress is "astonishing".

She will be in ICU for awhile, until they get a better handle on the cause of the stroke.

Now - here is what we can to do help:

1. Keep sending positive energy through prayers and candles and anyting else you can think of.

2. Post messages, which we will get to Don for Elaine, or send a card. Sarah Strohmeyer is collecting them and will get them to Elaine:

Elaine Viets
c/o Sarah Strohmeyer
45 State Street, Suite 210
Montpelier, Vermont 05602

Blog_murder_with_res3. And here is the big one, and no kidding here: We need to help Elaine sell her new book, "MURDER WITH RESERVATIONS" so she can focus on healing. Elaine has helped so many people in her many years in the writing business - whether as a journalist or a novelist. We need to pitch in and make this book a big success. More details, but mark your calendar for May 1st, and let's storm the bookstores.

So - good news - GREAT news - so far. The doctors are optimistic, so we can be too.

December 22, 2006

Thank You Graham

Thank You Graham!

A big thank you to Graham over at Crime Spot, who's done a fabulous job for a lot of mystery bloggers this year!

The Lipstick Chronicles is proud to join other bloggers in toasting Graham today.

June 19, 2006

Tart Reads

   You're wondering what books the Tarts currently recommend to tuck into your beach bag, aren't you? We have such diverse tastes, and our summer reads are always a mix of literary masterpieces that--oh, hell, admit it. If you're an author you're hoping your book might be on our lists, right?  And everybody else wants to print out a list to take to the bookstore. So without further ado, here goes:

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Harley reports:  I'm reading thrillers, for my panel at Thrillerfest.  I'm loving the current one:  Robert Ferrigno's PRAYERS FOR THE ASSASSIN.  The coolest book in the world. He's making it into a trilogy--yahoo! Next up: STIFF by Mary Roach.  Not a thriller, but said to be thrilling. And of course, still plugging away at THE ILIAD.

Susan sez.... I'm in the midst of SUGAR SKULL by Denise Hamilton, and I'm loving it! Her protag is a reporter from the LA Times and always pushing the envelope. The dry humor is perfect, and the story (really two deaths that tie together) has me engrossed. I just finished FALSE PROFITS by Patricia Smiley (bought this book and Denise's while signing with them at Lee Booksellers) and that was fun.  Tucker Sinclair is a slightly too-trusting business consultant ripe for trouble. Lots of funny moments. I also really enjoyed THE HALO EFFECT by M.J. Rose and SACRED COWS by Karen Olsen (which I remember reading for the Malice Domestic contest when I was a judge--and I think I sent Karen an encouraging note, or at least I hope I did!) Waiting to be read: THE LOVER by Laura Wilson, OFFICER DOWN by Theresa Schwegel, THE CLOVIS INCIDENT by Pari Taichert, and MURDER LIST by Julie Garwood--among others!

From Nancy:  I was late getting to Susanna Moore's literary erotic thriller, IN THE CUT, but I am so glad my author friend Kathleen George recommended this one to me. Hot, hot, hot, plus exquisite prose--and thrilling right up until the last, stunning page. Thumbs up also to Chris Grabenstein's cleverly structured TILT A WHIRL and Cornelia Read's A FIELD OF DARKNESS. Anthony Bourdain, in DIRTY BITS, writes an introduction in which he self-deprecatingly claims he doesn't have the talent to effectively plunge a reader into the steamy kitchen of an Inuit family who's ravishing (can I use that word for sensuous consumption?) a seal, but he proceeds to dazzle me with his gift for language that mixes equal parts passion, food and testosterone.

I'm also reading a wonderful hoot of a book that's full of heart and wonderfully witty observations about life--THE CINDERELLA PACT--by, oh, some author or other.  (This one proves the wise & witty Ms. Strohmeyer is on her way to the bestseller lists.) Next up for me: THE WHOLE WORLD OVER by Julia Glass, which I would be reading right now---her THE THREE JUNES was incomparable, poignant and heart-rending--but my mother snatched it off my dining room table & stashed it in her beach bag!

From Elaine:  THE VIRGIN OF SMALL PLAINS is Nancy Pickard's newest mystery.  I loved Nancy's lyrical descriptions of the Kansas plains.  Her "Truth" series, set in Florida, was first-rate, but this is even better. An intriguing look at how myths are created.  THE PRAYER FOR THE NIGHT SHEPHERD.  Author Marcia Talley turned me onto this British series by Phil Rickman featuring deliverance consultant Merrily Watkins. That's the term for exorcist in the Church of England. If you're in the mood for a lushly written novel, Rickman's series is perfect.

From SarahNo response. Sarah's madly driving down I-80 on the first day of her book tour for THE CINDERELLA PACT!

December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah from the Book Tarts!

(Is any of that politically incorrect?  Oops.  You know how we Tarts hate not being PC.) Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday, eating, drinking, cracking open gifts, and, best of all, spending time with friends and family. 

Continue with the merriment and have fun at all the sales tomorrow!  Two of our favorite words here at TLC are "charge it!"  Oh, and "thank you," of course, which also comes in handy.

August 21, 2005

Dennis Lynds

Dennis Lynds

The Book Tarts wish to express our heartfelt condolences to Gayle Lynds and her family on the loss of Dennis Lynds, husband, father, author, and, simply put, wonderful human being.  He will be greatly missed.