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December 16, 2006

Heart of Tartness Online Recipe Exchange

Welcome to our First Annual Online Goodie Exchange!

We don't have the techonology to actually exchange cookies and cheesecake and ginger bread houses - YET - so we're doing it by exchanging recipies.

Any and all recipes are welcome as long as they are, to quote the great Dick Button, luscious.

And I like tofu as much as the next gal, but this is strictly the stuff that might be bad but tastes so good you don't care.

We interrupt this Goodie Exchange for an urgent gingerbread update!

Michele here to report that the gingerbread house is making good progress.  What?  You thought it would be done by now?  It's only been a week since I started!  Roofing and all other exterior work are now completed.  The farmhouse pattern cried out for white walls, so I applied exterior paint in the shade Royal Icing.  Hershey's famous windows and doors were used, as well as many fine peppermint and gumdrop roofing materials. Lanscaping is slated to begin this weekend.

A record in pictures:

Dsc03379 Dsc03386 Dsc03389

Now back to our regularly scheduled Goodie exchange.

So let's see your favorites - I need to make a grocery list!

December 09, 2006

Heart of Tartness Book Club Alert!

Heart of Tartness Online Cookie Exchage

Yes, we are doing it. We had such fun sharing Thanksgiving recipes that we're going to do the same with cookies. It'll be like a regular cookie exchange except you can eat every one you make, instead of having to share them.

Need some ideas? The Food Network has all ranges from anyone can do it to be ready to channel Julia Child. Here's one to check out from the 'almost homemade' collection:


Sorry I can't do it the nice way - Typepad is being ornery this morning.

In the meantime, get yourself to Trader Joe's and pick up the limited edition holiday Joe Joe cookies - they have little bits of candy canes in the middle - wow - are they good.

So dig out those recipes and be ready to share - we'll be doing it next weekend - December 16th.


November 27, 2006

Heart Of Tartness Book Club Alert!

Heart of Tartness Book Club- REMINDER!
High_heels Just a reminder that the next meeting of the Heart of Tartness Book Club will be THIS WEDNESDAY - November 29, 2006! So finish this great book and we'll see you soon. The book is, of course, HIGH HEELS ARE MURDER by the lovely and talented Elaine Viets. 

October 13, 2006

Heat of Tartness Book Club: Definitely Dead

Welcome to the Heart of Tartness Book Club: Definitely Dead

On behalf of the Tarts and the Hearts of Tartness, I hereby call the second meeting of the Heart of Tartness Book Club to order.

Today's Book: Definitely Dead by the wonderful Charlaine Harris Definitely_dead

This book is the latest in Charlaine's Southern Vampire series, starring barmaid and detective Sookie Stackhouse. 

Some brief background, for those of you new to Sookie's adventures.  Sookie can read people's thoughts.  It can be distracting - so distracting that it keeps her from doing things many of us take for granted, like attending college.  When she's not busy solving mysteries, she works at a local bar.  Her boss, Sam, is not altogether human.  Neither are most of her dates.  Sookie seems particularly attracted to vampires - for one thing, she can't read their thoughts, which is a real relief for her, especially when things get intimate.  Sookie's first love is Bill the Vampire, but she's also got a soft spot for Eric, a more senior vamp, as well as a couple of werewolves and at least one weretiger named Quinn.

The anthology "Bite" includes a short story by Charlaine called "One Word Answer" that sets the stage for "Definitely Dead".  Sookie's cousin Hadley has died and left her estate to Sookie.  Hadley, it turns out, was not only a vamp, but a very special friend of the Queen of New Orleans, and Sookie finds herself the object of way more attention than she wishes in connection with Hadley's possessions.  Diamonds may be forever, but they also may mean the end for Sookie. 

Mystery, romance, intrigue, adventure, betrayal, politics and power - it's all here.

Just like in a live book club, the participants will dictate the discussion, so feel free to change the subject, disagree, or just pipe up with your opinion.  If the comments become too numerous to follow, we'll post a the current topic here at the top and note the time, so you can jump ahead if you wish.  Otherwise, we just go with the flow.

So, let's start with the basics - what did you think of the book?  Are you a fan of the supes, or was this your first venture into the paranormal?