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December 18, 2011

Other Things to Be Mad About

Other Things to Be Mad About

By Me, Margie, who has investors 

Yeah, the blog is shutting down. Don't ask me, I just work here.  I mean worked here.  Apparently the artiste authors seem to think that writing books is their actual career.  Yeah, I know it is, but the Mancini's always respond with anger first and sort it out later.

Don't worry about Me, Margie. I have investors all lined up for a new venture.  I will have to move, because for some reason, the TLC lawyers don't want to sublet to me and my cousins. Something about an indemifyer bond or something - which you would think might be a fun thing but it just involves money and insurance.  I'll bet if they hired our new company for their next money insurance convention, we could teach them all kinds of fun bondy things.

There was no new blog up today so naturally, I had to FIX it and everything, which I ALWAYS do.  Plus, I don't like going to the new Mass with the Aunts.  They are threatening to go back to saying the whole thing in Latin and Father Oldschoolio, who is about 117 years old, might just do it.  Because the young priests just could not handle a bunch of angry Aunts in church.  Those poor kids don't even understand half the Italian that's already been directed at them.  Although, I think some of them may have watched "The Sopranos" because 'stunad' came through loud and clear.

The Aunts are ticked off in a big metaphysical-type way because they didn't like the change from Latin to English and now they are being told to change again.  I get that.  I personally like change, but I'm young and I think commando patches are great plus you can carry them in your purse and change them whenever you want.  Underwear-type things should be changed.  A lot.

Other things, not so much.  Like this blog.  I'm mad that it's ending.  This was one cushy job and we are going to have to be pretty damn creative to get everything out of that supply room.  I mean, lucky for me that I have so many friends in the packing and delivery business to help me move things at night.

This is a last-minute blog thing, so no story - hey - it's Saturday night - I have my own stories to act out. I mean make up.  Speaking of make up, that Geisha crap is like putty - next time I'm forgetting the authentic and just going with the white clown makeup.  Ahhhh - I know you are going to miss these important life tips.  Now I will have to write them down myself.  

Enough already - the sun is out and it's the last Sunday of Advent - and they are repeating that Michael Buble special on Wednesday night because my Uncle Sal accidentally deleted it when he taped some boxing thing and he is in the freeze zone with Aunt Toni until it comes back on and I think he actually went out and bought a whole new TV and DVR thing just for her because if there is one thing that makes him really mad it is no sex.  Which I can totally understand.

See how this works? We vent.  We don't keep things bottled up in our family - okay we do, but that's all in the wine cellars, and it is really just another anger management tool but that is a whole different story.

Your turn, my friends in cyberspace.  What makes you angry?  Also, I am looking for ideas for a business plan.  Apparently "Special Delivery Special Services" raises some kind of red flags for people.  Stunads.  How are we supposed to be job creators if we can't use our very special skills?

The Cuginas Mancini will be back before they change the locks - I think on New Years Eve.  Which will NOT be a live blog for obvious reasons. I mean just getting the national security clearance for all those SEALs would be a nightmare!

Mi manchi, cari amichi.





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You wanna know what makes me angry, cuz? I am still pizzed you tricked me into thinking "blogging" was another name for...you know what...on your coffee break. Yea, I still hold a grudge about that after, like, five years. We're Italian, we do that. You can tell Stefano it's still not funny so he can stop with the laughing every time he sees me.

And don't even get me started on your special delivery services.

I call dibs on the oregano.

Cousin Rita

I get to be the first to vent! Goody!

I will skip some of the biggies we have covered in the last week, although the latest out of Penn State is really disgusting.

I will go with the total idiocy that is news reporting. I don't watch any TV news, between bad grammar, bad facts, and plain devoting major time to nothingness, why bother? The real pity is, while rest of the planet is moving at light speed, newsrooms are locked in the 1950's mantras of "If it bleeds, it leads" and Rapes, Fires and Dog stories. Admittedly, they do use cooler gimmicks to do this.

My biggest beef is that last Tuesday is about as far back as anyone looks before using phrases like, "best ever" or "all time."

The latest offender is the gaga sports reporting on Tim Tebow. He is not the first pro athlete to be evangelical. He is not the first pro quarterback to walk the walk while talking the talk. How far back do you have to go? ALLLL the way back to 2010. January, 2010. Kurt Warner (two Superbowls, should qualify as pretty good as a quarterback.) Started every Sunday at church with his family. Professed his faith. Did good works and spread the word. Sound like anyone wearing Orange and Blue this afternoon?

Oh, having the best quarterback in the country in the pews does wonders for attendance on Sundays. Also, Arena League Kurt gave 10%, according to rumor, so did Hall of Fame Kurt.

Laughing and crying here. Say it ain't so! You guys have led the way. You set the benchmark!!

End of an era...

Caio Bellas!

Grazie a Dio this is my most frantic time at the Salon, or I would just collapse in shock! And we were making such progress on that special room at the TLC offices! No worries, Cugina, I will grab a few friends and get our things out before dawn. Good thing I still have that key you gave me from that other time when you started dating FBI Steven. Oops. Hope your boss ladies don't see this. They don't even know about the room behind the storage area, do they? I mean, you would think they would have picked up on the fact that the room shrunk, even if they didn't realize we blocked the back exit. That's good Italian sheetrock - you cannot even tell it wasn't part of the original construction!

Looks like another round of Bellinis is in order. Also - call me. That guy you gave my number to last night at the Carousel is not amused.

To all the bellas and bellos at TLC - I shall be back to say adieu in a couple of weeks.

Sob. I thought I could vent with you, Margie. I can't. I just want to go home. I feel guilty too. You know, for like thinking this was a real place. Even though I knew it wasn't. And now I know it really isn't. So what else isn't real? I have to go back to bed. Nice to see you here, though, kid. I will miss you. Sorry. Sob. Chhhhuck. Chhhhsnort. Sob. Bye.

Thank you for saying that, Alan. Tebow must have a helluva PR team.

The Bart Starr Award (for outstanding character) went to Drew Brees in 2010, for his good works for New Orleans. Just saying.

Hm. I am starting to realize that closing the blog means I may not get preferential treatment when my roots need attention. Rocco, please remember I tip really, really well.

Margie, we all missed your birthday yesterday! Happy, happy, hon.

I'm so disgusted with Congress that I'm tempted to send them all coal in their silk stockings...but I'm too chicken to go down into the mines to get any. And it would probably cost me more than I make in two years to get the stuff inside their houses without the Seals yelling Geronimo. Add to that list the doctors who can't figure out what the heck is wrong with a little kid until his parents have to run test after test after test and then miss the problem anyway! Not to mention those who medicate rather than investigate. And the people who missed MY birthday yesterday! (It is all about me after all, right?) :o) But on the plus side, a friend and I have tickets to see Alfie Boe in May in Kansas City (look him up if you have no idea who he is...think Jean Val Jean) and I can still sit through a really long and wordy play without falling asleep and embarrassing myself. I'll miss you guys...and Margie? If you're ever in the prairielands of Central Illinois, stop by. I owe you a birthday drink!

Maryann, I have a pattern around here for a knitted lump of coal, if that would help. Do it in brown and it could pass for some other disgusting, stinky stuff that they all richly deserve.

My crazy-making moments are all closer to home. Like when my kids assault each other.

Or, at the office, when the photocopier is out of toner and I go to the supply closet and see . . . well, let's just say it's colorful, but it's not toner. (Not to mention any names, but the initials of one party are M,M.)

If we are going to change things at Mass, could we please ditch the Gather hymnal with its abysmal collection of Marty Haugen and David Haas "music." Two thousand years of hymns and we have to sing the kumbayah crap written by a couple of Lutherans? Even the Lutherans don't sing Marty Haugen.

Wait a minute Gold Digger, Lutherans don't sing? We just did an amazing Cantata this morning. You need to come down to Miami Springs for some real music.

I went for a walk last night and some folks down the street were putting on an outstanding holiday party. Lots of loud music, good food -- but no laughter. THEY WERE ARGUING ABOUT POLITICS. I am dreading 2012.

The economy makes me very mad . . . that the privileged very few are getting richer and richer (like a bloated tick) while hard-working ordinary people are losing homes and begging for medical care. It's immoral.
Adults molesting children sicken and anger me . . . and murderers. I want them all put where they can never hurt another human being ever again. I wouldn't mind if they also suffer, but mostly I want them safely away.
Trivial "news" coverage -- designed to distract us from the real problems? However, Hank's news broadcasts, when I catch a webcast, seem well worth watching.
I guess, now that I have all that for perspective, perhaps dealing with the loss of TLC might not be so bad . . .
No, still bad. This is the place where the world makes a bit of sense. I'm going to miss it.
Happy Birthday (again) to Margie and Maryann, and many more, each one happier than the one before!

Did anyone else have to go look up Commando Patch? I must have really missed something. I'm really gonna miss Me, Margie and her Italian Mob, um, I mean family. As to what really makes me mad, I too filled with the Christmas spirit at the moment to bother with the negative. It'll be back soon enough after the New Year.

Cara Cugina Margie (You, Yo);

There will always be a space for you inna family statutory repair business, even though things is slow right now wit fewer statues to remove and repair for nasty red leakage.

We has thout for a whiles now it wood be good to have yinz hold the attentions of, uh, witnesses when we are doing a removal of a bad leaker. You was always a good dancer, even widdout a pole.

We hate it when the citizens give us wordofmoth to i policia. You could help. But we also hate that dancer costumes cost more, the smaller they get.

There is far too much in this world that pisses me off, so I'll pass on venting this time, except to say that, for a person who makes their living driving, holiday traffic is HELL! People who text or use their cell phones while driving should be made to endure a cell phone suppository.

Margie, I'm going to miss you and the cousins. Maybe you could call your new business First Class Deliveries, with the slogan "Easy In & Out". When you go looking for new digs to set up in, remember that strong ceiling beams (for hanging things from) and easy to clean floors are a plus. Radiant floor heating is great, too. You know, in case you have to be down on the floor and you don't want to catch a chill.

So I get the facebook thing. And a big birthday wish to Me, Margie and Mary Ann. How will we know how the Princesses are?
I see see a lot of complaining happening. And I didn't even use facebook much. Yes, I'll try to be gracious ;)

I feel like being angry about reality tv today. I want all those Housewives to GO AWAY! I like to surf channels, a lot, all evening and I detest surfing on those shows for even 30 seconds. Don't Housewives actually have to do something around the house to be called a housewife. Getting plastic surgery, botox, hair extensions and dressing in ridiculous clothes does not a housewife make. I want one of them to clean up baby puke, plunge a toilet, do 6 loads of laundry after everyone in the house has the flu.

A recent 30 second surf: "Of course I deserve a $65,000 ring!" What the hell does that woman do to deserve a small house worth of jewelry on her hand. Donate to Habitat for Humanity. Build a real house wife a home.

Rant finished . . .

I'm not gracious like Lil. I can't make myself try. But to You-Margie, Happy Birthday. I must be the only one who doesn't know who you are. Anyway, have a Happy Day After Your Birthday. <3 <3 <3

Can I be mad at my church for canceling the alternative service after the totally brilliant Advent cake and friendship fest with live music I led last week? Thats like so much the end of ministry for me. If that's okay, I'll just be mad at that, because I love TLC.

A belated Happy Birtthday to You, Margie and to Maryann!

I was going to say that I am not happy about the state of TV programming -but then I realized that because TV programming is so awful I have been spending my time in the evenings reading books by women whose names you see here at TLC all the time. My entertainment comes almost solely from reading. I am sad that gifted writers like my beloved Tarts have to do so much non-writing in order to support themselves as writers. If shutting down TLC gives them more time to write, then we ALL benefit! (I've moved into acceptance and looking for the silver lining.) I may finally learn to master the fine art of Facebook!

Margie, just think of the new opportunities facing you. You seem like an enterprising gal -I'm sure there is a need somewhere for someone with your, uh... gifts...and extensive "experience". Something tells me that we have not heard the last of you and the whole Mancini "Family"!

It's been kind of weird talking to Hank in two different places this weekend, and doing it while sitting in my living room! I can see how tough it must be for the TLC authors to be stretched in different directions.

Maryann,a number of years ago my brother gave me coal in my stocking. (Don't ask!) I'd send it to you for your Patriotic Project, except that I think I eventually sent it back to my him. (Again, don't ask!) Oh, you know, I think I saw some at Target! If you've got one near you, maybe you can buy out their entire coal suppy!

Belated Happy Birthday to You, Margie and to Maryann!

So much to vent about--the arrogant 1% and their politician minions willing to drive the middle and working classes into permanent serfdom, Sandusky/Penn State (don't get me going on that!), blah blah. Just look around. Then I remember all the wonderful people I know--around me here and around this country through the internet. So maybe I won't vent.

Margie, one of the keys toward finding a new career is to re-vision your experience and skills, so perhaps you want to head your resume with "Experienced motivational expert" and "Skilled at teaching employees unusual stress reduction techniques that also build their aerobic stamina"--things like that.

Glad to see those who've joined us over on Jungle Reds, also.

Happy Birthday weekend, Me Margie.
Thanks for all the good times.

I usually don't comment on a Me, Margie post because I'm laughing too hard to type but since we're on a countdown now, I feel I must.

It might be the season, but I have a hard time venting too. I keep thinking how wonderful it is that our world contains both chocolate molten lava cakes and robot combat hamsters.

I haven't been around much lately, You, Margie, but not because I don't like you and your cousins and NOT because I want to piss you off!!! I've just been busy trying to keep economically viable . . . . I love TLC and sure wish I'd gotten to visit your offices before you started packing everything up; but, I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.
I'll miss TLC. But, I'll read all you wonderful authors, nonetheless!

You ladies are closing the blog????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... :-O

I will miss you...and all of the chatty commenters, too. Keep reading, keep writing, stride forth in pride... you done great sleuth-sisters.


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