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December 21, 2011

Ode to the Recliner

Ode to the Recliner

By Nancy Martin            

My husband and I have decided to indulge our inner rednecks. 

For Christmas, we're buying ourselves new furniture for the TV room.  Wait till you hear what kind of furniture.

Right now, the TV room is the other half of my office, which is floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and currently furnished with very large, putty-colored leather sofas . . . sofas which were once elegant in a manly sort of way, but are now twenty years old and finally showing the wear-and-tear of not just the weight of our large behinds during Masterpiece Theater and neighborhood Super Bowl parties, but the rough-housing of the mobs of teenagers who came to hang out in our house while our girls were in high school.  (Oh, did I ever imagine I’d miss those mobs of teenagers who watched movies for hours, ate every morsel in my pantry, drank every drop in my fridge, tied bows around the necks of my dogs and tracked who-knows-what all over my carpets? But I do miss them. I really do.)

The old sofas are now rump-sprung and give us backaches. And . . . there’s this weird smell. So we went shopping at a local furniture store that was advertising a big sale. We met Dean, the salesman, who took us around and showed us everything and left us alone.

Left alone? My beloved and I edged our way over to the recliners. 

Shall I rhapsodize about recliners here?  I bet I don’t have to.  What comfort! What luxury!

But to me, buying a recliner is admitting you’re getting old.  I think of old ladies napping during soap operas, old curmudgeons barking at the news. And recliners are not pretty.  I like a pretty house, maybe more than comfort, which is wrong and shallow of me, but I like pretty—there, I said it. And visions of Dan Connor lounging in my TV room with a beer in one hand and a bowl of popcorn in another—well, it wasn’t a pretty mental image. 

So I resisted.  And resisted and resisted.  Until I sat in one in the furniture showroom—sinking down into the soft leather with a sigh of pleasure.  My husband sat in another—emitting a groan I haven’t heard outside our bedroom since---well, never mind.  (That's a shout-out to those of you who OCHFTS.) We sighed and blinked and grinned at each other across the built-in cupholders.

Why argue that a TV room is used for any other purpose besides watching TV?  So why not a recliner? Or two? Or…..several? What about a whole gigantic, wrap-around recliner with multiple seats with cupholders and cushy cushions?

Dear reader, we bought it. 

Imagine it, double the size of the thing pictured above. Not only does this behemouth recline, it holds beverages!  It has a drawer for the remote clickers and magazines!  It has heated seats!  With Magic Fingers massagers!  

And . . . . . . . . . . cue the celestial choir . . . . . it has a built-in beer cooler.

Why the hell not? Why not throw pretty decorating to the wind and indulge our most basic creature comforts?  Why not give up the old, and try something new, dammit?

See where I’m going with this?

Yes, it’s time to turn off the lights here at TLC, but that doesn’t mean the end. It’s time to try new stuff.  Stretch your boundaries. Find the new! That’s my mantra these days.  I’ve been in a rut.  There’s a lot of good stuff to explore, and it’s high time I put on my Indiana Jones hat and did some seeking and finding.

This week and next, we’ll be posting a lot of information about where you can find the Book Tarts once we close the TLC offices. Holly’s working on a new website for me, so I hope you’ll come check it out when it’s ready for its close-up. I have a paperback coming out in February. And a new hardcover Blackbird mystery coming in August.--My first beach read! Isn't the cover pretty?


So we’re moving on.  All of us. We’re allowed to miss all those teenage boys climbing on our sofas, but we can look forward to good stuff in the future, too. Like lounging in our fabulously tacky new recliners to watch some new stuff on TV. Like Homeland.  Have you seen Homeland? Great stuff.  And I can’t wait for the new season of Justified!  Picture me with a cold beer in one hand and a bowl of popcorn in my lap.


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I wept openly when I read about the heated seats and beer cooler. It would be like a little slice of heaven.

Wow. In this town, this time of year, you should probably nail that leather paradise to the foundation. Because I know lots of people with trucks who would be delighted to just take a corner!

Have you tried the zero gravity chairs? We have teenagers, so the closest we will get on that style is a lawn chair but I keep threatening to sneak it inside and put a quilt on it.

Looking forward to more Blackbirds!

Doc, I knew you would appreciate. If the Steelers make the Super Bowl (and I'm not taking any bets right now) you're invited.

Kathy, what is this thing called the zero gravity chair? Is that something Her, Margie keeps in the supply closet??

When I sold The Lace Reader, one of the first things my husband and I did was buy recliners and a big TV. This from a woman in a historic Salem home who hosts house tours for charity. No matter, the tours don't go to the third floor which is where our TV room is. Since the heat rises in this old house, it is our winter refuge. It doesn't have a beer cooler, but it has three recliners and a pull out couch. And a lot of cuddly blankets. I've never been happier.

I heart that recliner.
Oh, and I caught Her, Margie in the so-called "zero gravity" chair last week. The thing is, to me it looked like your average chair. I think the "zero gravity" part had more to do with Steve the UPS guy taking a break from his holiday bust-a-hump, if you get my drift.

Blog sisters forever. In recliners we trust.

I WANT I WANT, no I NEED A CHAIR AND ROOM COACH like this one. repeat repeat repeat repeat

Kathy, I bought the Z-grav lawn chair version, too -- doctor's recommendation for the perpetually swelling foot. Mine is French, Lafuma -- does that give me style points? I mostly use it for reading, and it's in the bedroom. An exercise ball on the futon elevates my feet while watching television -- yeah, comfort over style . . . I'm happy.
When my mom's doctor recommended a recliner for her, she couldn't work the lever. The helpful salesman got a length of PVC to extend the handle and give her more leverage.
I keep asking Dr. Cannon to get a recliner, or several, or hammocks, for his waiting room. If we have to wait 20 minutes after shots, might as well be comfy . . .

Sarah, love you FB Christmas photo. I'm such a slacker by comparison . . . but happy.

Your neck is glowing cherry red...but I'm jealous. My husband is still resisting.

I absolutely agree about Homeland. Claire Danes' performance during her character's manic break was completely convincing--mad but intelligent at the same time.

Nancy, that's not merely a recliner, that's full, wraparound room seating! Luckily, you have a room big enough to accommodate it all.

Our family room is 18' X 18', and it's my office, as well. One wall is an enormous, 10'-wide picture window because this was originally the garage. (It's so much nicer as a family room.) And another wall is nothing but built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookcases, on which the TV sits, too.

Six years ago I came home from one of my last business trips to find that my husband had bought "me" a "birthday gift"--a wonderful 37" LCD digital, high-definition TV to replace the 35-year old clunker we had. Instantly I dragged him off for two additional purchases: New wall-to-wall (although I still wish I'd gotten cork, instead), and two beautiful burgundy leather Lane recliners. They look like small club chairs, but they are super-duper comfy. Many's the night I've conked out on one while watching said TV.

We have a pair of zero-gravity chairs at the farm, hand-me-downs from Steve's brother, who bought new, not worn to a frazzle ones a couple years ago. But they're fine for the farm, since that joint is furnished with nothing but castoffs. And I've spent many hours conked out in those chairs, too, sitting in front of the fireplace. Heaven.

If I had a hot chair and a cold beer within reach at all times, no one would ever hear from me again.

A little off topic, but I'm from the South, which means I am required to own a rocking chair. For years and years, that thing took up space and no one ever sat it in because it's so uncomfortable. We finally put it in the basement. But it felt like I'd turned my back on my heritage.

Look! There's a zero-gravity recliner!


Nancy, I'm insanely jealous of your new purchase. My husband would die for the cooler (he'd use it for Mt Dew) and beverage holders and heated seats. Die, I tell you.

I don't think it would fit in our family room. But we don't need to actually walk through there, right? We could just vault ourselves over the top of the couch to sit down. I could live with that.

Oh, wow. I would never leave that.

And everybody is talking about Homeland. I wasn't sure it would be my cup of tea, but I now will give it a try.

OH, LOVE Homeland. LOVE. And I have to say Jonathan and I have looked at each other, ruefully, when we are sitting in our (not recliner but very comfy) chairs watching it. Shouldn't we be out dancing or something? AH..nope.

Can't wait for the return of BOSS, too. Anyone else a fan?

Ramona, hang onto the rocker. It will come in handy when your son brings you a grandchild someday.

At one time we had four rockers in this house; we're down to two. One is a very cool, modern chrome version of the old bentwood rocker style that I bought with my first husband in 1971 or so. It has black Naugahyde seat and back, and my oldest daughter adores that thing. So I gave it to her for their vacation home when we got the recliners.

The pretty little oak rocker that I used for my last baby--who loved being rocked to sleep--is at the farm. Now the only one left is the big old Mission style oak one that came from Steve's family. It's the most comfy, anyway. Except for the rocker that matches our lawn furniture. Love that one.

My youngest likes Homeland. But isn't it on cable? I've been watching Doc Martin, all the old shows on Hulu, one a night. Or two. That crazy old misanthrope is addictive!

This is such a funny coincidence - I am reading the blog while stretched out in a recliner in the recovery area at my pain doc's office, and I am feeling too comfortable to leave! But never fear -when I go home,I have my choice of a recliner that I inherited from my dad many years ago,or a zero gravity chair that a friend gave me as a Get Well gift after my first lumbar spinal fusion surgery. Dad's recliner is faded and blotchy in color at this point - he bought it back in the sixties -but is in greaat shape otherwise. The zero gravity chair is wonderful for relaxing my body if I am having trouble sleeping. I stretch out in it and after about twenty minutes I am relaxed enough to sleep.

I must admit that I am coveting your new arrangement with all those holders. But I do need to get up and move around,so it's just as well that I have an ancient recliner!

Hi. It's Me, Margie.

Listen - that chair in the supply room is not a Zero Gravity chair. It's more like a G chair. And you have to have special training to use it. Luckily, Steve was delivering it to someone who died in a tragic latex-related accident and the family just told Steve he should keep it. I mean, Steve delivered a lot of strangely-shaped and heavy stuff to that house, so it was nice of them.

So none of you old Author Ladies should even look at it because if you get hurt, there is no way I am explaining it to the ER people, unless my cousin Rome the EMT gets the call, and he already knows from one of Cousin Rita's Navy friends when she got back from Thailand.

Now if you will excuse me, someone has to work around here without any beer coolers or magic finger chairs.

Homeland is on Showtime. I need to watch it - everyone I know raves about it.

I have my mother's Boston rocker - when she moved out of her house, she asked me, "Do you want my rocker I rocked all my babies in?" How could I say no to that? I also have the white wicker rocker I used to have in my bedroom as a teen.

Nancy, is the picture you posted the actual piece of furniture you bought with the heated seats? I really need to show my husband.

Oh, ye gods, I had to take an hour for---uh---and appointment with Mr. Nice n'Easy (no, that's not one of Her, Margie's euphemisms!) and you have all come to comment.

Mary, in addition to all the various extras we added on (the heated seats) the recliners had all kinds of other stuff, like the push-you-fat-butt-up buttons that means you don't need a lever. I'm sure you mother doesn't have a fat butt, but that's what they're for. (I didn't look at the price tag, though.)

Ramona, when we downsized, we had to get rid of our rocking chair, and boy, do I regret that now. Hang onto it.

Deb (my sister in spinal fusion!) I wonder if recliners ever wear out? If you have your dad's from the 60's---you could be in a position to study the question.

Margie, did you get rid of the comment code? If your family starts up again---oh, never mind. I don't want to hear any more about magic fingers.

Now, Homeland: Is anyone else a little nervous that the CIA doesn't find out if their employees are bipolar?

And Mandy Patinkin--has he signed on for more seasons? Because if there's a mole on the show . . . .

Laura---no, that's not the actual picture. (I couldn't find it online. It would help if I could remember the brand.) I haven't mentioned our one remaining concern: I'm not totally sure it's going to fit down the stairs. Stay tuned for delivery confirmation.

How nice not to have the security code! (Thanks, Holly.)

All I can say is, Nancy Martin, you're my kind of woman!

Wish I had room in my house for a recliner. I'm thinking it might give me a little relief from pain in my leg from bursitis of the hip. Peach Blossom had her new sleigh bed with storage drawer (converted trundle) delivered Saturday and it was touch and go getting that drawer up to her bed room. Wall scrapes, door removal, lots of heaving and grunting by delivery men and it finally made it around two 90 degree turns. A mere quarter inch less in stairwell width and it wouldn't have made it. I was getting ready to call my dad to come and over remove door frames before they finally got in in.

"In a position to study the question". You are funny, Nancy M!
Actually, I DO believe that recliners were more sturdily built back in the sixties. I know people who have purchased recliners wihin the past seven or eight years,only to have them fall apart within a year. Mine is faded, as I said, and it doesn't match anything else in my living room (which is not saying much, as I bought what I could afford, regardless of what it looked like), but all of the parts work as well as they did when it was new. And the upholstery is intact. I also think it is the most comfy recliner I know, although that might be because it reminds me of Dad, who died back in 1978.

I'm glad that you and the other Tarts will update us as to what you are doing and where you may be found on the Web. I am REALLY excited to know that we will be seeing the Blackbird sisters again! I hate it when authors move on to new characters. "Losing"beloved characters makes me feel as though I have been abandoned! I do understand why an author might want to move on to something different -sort of -but still... I can't wait to see those sisters again!

So you, too, have exoerience with spinal fusion - such fun! I have nightmares that I will need to do it a third time.

About the code - when I sent my earlier response this morning, I had to type in a code. Has it been removed within the last couple of hours?I guess I will find out momentarily!

Hm. Peach, you are reminding me that I should have tip money handy. And maybe a crowbar for the door frames? egad.

Deb, the one furniture item my husband brought to our marriage was his GRANDFATHER"S bright orange vinyl recliner which weighed a TON. (Its weight, you might imagine, was not its foremost drawback.) I encouraged the movers to drop it off the truck when he moved and---voila! The recliner never made it to our first shared apartment. I tipped well then, too.

I had the fusion and titanium rods. It's been good for me.

Linda R---If you were here, I'd invite you out for lunch today!

Damn! Now the security code thing is BACK!

The Mysterious Case of the Vanishing and Reappearing Code. By the TLC Tarts.

Ouch, for all of you who've had back surgery involving, gulp, rods and fusion.

Nancy, so looking forward to a beach read, and YES, the cover is gorgey!

I loved this! The beer cooler had me laughing my head off. Yes I plan to follow you on your new web site. Can't wait. I plan to buy a recliner in the future. I wonder if the single ones come with a beer cooler? Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

I heart your recliners . . . My grandmother died at 82 in her recliner while watching her soaps! What a way to go. She had a tiny little old lady recliner, it was cute. So was she.

I want heated seats! In my couch, in my car, at work, everywhere.

Homeland? Must be on an American cable channel I can't get because I know it is not on my version of Showtime. Mind you the Canadian Showtime channel mysteriously seems to NOT get a lot of Showtime shows until 2 or three years after they debut on the US channel.

My mom just got a new recliner, she is awaiting hip replacement surgery and often her recliner is the only comfy spot for her.

I have had a secret desire for a recliner for a long time. I think maybe this spring will be a good time. I used to joke that all I needed was a mini-fridge by my chair so I guess the built-in cooler is even better except I would prefer a freezer for ice cream.

Can't wait to see the Blackbird sisters in August. You all must definitely have a "new book" alert system in place before the lights go out on TLC. Heaven forbid we would miss out on first day sale! I first met the Blackbird sisters on TLC and I'm so glad I did.

Nancy and Deb, we could have a little group of us spinal fusion vets. Have to furnish the clubhouse with recliners and zero gravity chairs.

Nancy, we'll have lunch sometime at Malice Domestic or Bouchercon or Thrillerfest. I'm sure we'll run into each other at one or more of those.

Me, Margie, that's the nice thing about those UPS guys. They have to be able to lift a certain amount of weight to get the job, so you can count on them not to let you down.

Now, I have to dive back into this book, which is almost, by God!, finished. I guess that's how I know I'm a writer. I have these contracts with deadlines to meet.

Juanita, I think the beer cooler has other possibilities. A place to hide dog toys. Old paperbacks. My stash of Dove chocolates. My husband's stash of Dove dark chocolate with peppermint bits inside.

Hey--! I just realized the ultimate recliner accessory! It needs a built-in popcorn maker. I think I need to go see a trademark attorney asap.

Oh, Gaylin, you may have put your finger on the ultimate Way To Go. I can see my husband's obit now: He died in his recliner, watching the Steelers. There goes a happy man.

As for heated seats, its one of those car amenities you can't forgo once you've had them. My last car had a heated steering wheel, and it's ridiculous how much I miss that feature.

Diana, you want to go with me to the patent office? I think an ice cream freezer would be an ideal companion feature to my popcorn maker.

Wait---the security code is gone again. Margie must have waved her magic----oh, never mind.

okay wait .... ( yeah, yeah, yeah, my husband and I have had recliners for the past few years), BUT, I just found you (The Lipstick Chronicles) not long ago, and now you're leaving?
Say it ain't so!

It's the only thing I read everyday! (but I do understand when its time for a change...)
I'll miss this blog.

Nancy,I miss having the big galumphing boys around, too. You were lucky to have had girls to attract them! They disappeared from my house around middle school when they preferred to hang out at houses where girls lived and where there were dads with recliners. One day, before I knew all that, I asked Nick, "Why don't your friends come over here anymore?" "Mom," said he, suppressing the eye roll, "we go to the girls' houses now."

Debbie, where have you been these last 6 years??

Nancy, we also had a swimming pool which upped the boy factor: Girls + bathing suits. I also baked chocolate chip cookies by the barrels-ful, but I don't think that was the big draw.

Please forgive me, Nancy. I must concentrate on not letting Scout discover this blog today. He must never know such a chair exists. No time to comment. Just divert! Bye!


I'm looking forward to a new Blackbirds. I wish I had room for a small size of what you've go there. But then I would never move! (not a good thing) Will you announce your website on FB? My memory isn't what it used to be.

So...there is a discussion of Homeland, and someone typed the letters "CIA" and all of a sudden, the security code thing disappears.

Then reappears.


Wait! I have the solution, Nancy. You stop calling it The TV Room and start calling it the Home Theatre and then those recliners aren't old fuddy-duddy-ish, they are elite luxury seating units. (I think you're supposed to have a movie projector in a Home Theatre, but you can pretend you have one hidden in the back of the room.)

Oh, I can't wait to not have the security code!

I'm about to inherit all those teens that abandoned you when your girls went off to college.

Deb commented that recliners were built more sturdily in the 1960s to which I add, "as was everything else." I was shopping for new furniture about five years ago and explained that I was looking for a replacement for a beloved 20-year-old couch and the salesperson said to me, in all seriousness, "You're going to be disappointed with what you get whether you buy it here or somewhere else. Furniture simply isn't built to last like that any more." Sigh.

I also wanted to add the funny situation I live with. I am only 5 foot tall, and while we have recliners, my center of gravity is too low to keep it in a fully reclined position. I can put the footrest up and enjoy that, but if I push the back into a reclined position, as soon as I relax and stop pushing backward it pops back up. My son, at 5'7", is able to make it recline, as is my 6 foot husband.

I'm actually glad the doctor told me not to go to work today (I usually hate being home) because I have more time for TLC as it approaches The Last Days! Happy to have extra time with you today; sad that our time together as the TLC family is winding down...

I have been getting that darn security code all day today! I promise whoever made it necessary that I am just a quiet person who is too busy reading one thing or another to have time to get into mischief! The sister who is closest to me in age still teases me that when we were kids and she asked me to play with her,my response was always "just let me finsh reading this chapter".

Although I love my recliner I am STILL coveting that cooler, Nancy. I think it would make a great storage area for all those books that are spilling out of my bookcases and off the various tables where they are piled up.

And Linda and Nancy M and anyone else who is interested: in addition to a state of the art massaging recliner for the clubhouse, how about having a massage therapist show up for our gatherings? Would there be room for massage tables? It goes without saying that they must be the kind that are heated. My massage therapist has that kind and sometimes the heat alone is enough to make my muscles sigh with relief!

We started with a single recliner in our sitting room. Then I had knee replacement surgery and we bought a second one. The third and fourth came when we changed the color scheme. I wouldn't give up a single one unless it were a trade-in for zero gravity and heated seats. Our d-in-l calls them the "old farklers" chairs, but guess where you'll find her ten minutes after she arrives? Rock on, Nancy!

Susan, I disagree with the salesman who said that. We replaced our 38-year old leather couch (still holding up, still the best-ever place to nap, but now at our farm) with an American-made Ethan Allen sofa. It's wonderful, has a hardwood frame, and is super comfy. It was pricier than the plastic-framed junk, though.

And almost did not fit through the door. We may have to leave it here if we ever move.

A swimming pool! You cheated! And, yeah, if it were just the chocolate chip cookies, they'd have kept on coming to my house.

Buh-Bye, Mr. Code. :p

Oh, I love this!

My Donald has rolled his eyes at me so many times when I've pushed him into making an "in the home" decision 'cause I have always gone for pretty over comfort. Pretty (in my case) has sometimes meant so many pieces of pottery sitting on tables that there's no room for a cup of coffee. I'm bad about the pottery. But things here are changing. I'm in the process of giving away a lot of the "set-abouts."

And yes, we do have a recliner. And it's pretty! Really! It is! It's leather and it looks like just a regular wing back chair 'cause the foot rest thingie is under the chair when it's upright. And it's comfy. And Donald goes right to sleep as soon as it's kicked back. You know - like a doll, put them down and their eyes close? like that. Truth of the matter is, we've always had a recliner. 'Course, we've always had a bit of red on our necks of which we're both rather proud, also. We're southern, what can I say?!!

So, Nancy - I love your new furniture (Yay, You!), and love love love the new book cover!

And as far as where we can find some of the Tarts after you've turned out the lights here? Don't forget, we'll be seeing some of you at Meanderings and Muses. And if I can talk the rest of you into coming over - just give me a shout. I would LOVE it!

Keep your recliners AND get your zero gravity chair(s). Trust me: you will love both types of chairs equally! BTW: my dad got his recliner for "therapeutic" reasons: his doctor recommended it for help with his aching back and neck. The family dog loved it, too, and they often raced to it. I Dad got here first, the dog ended up on his lap!

Kaye, you have given me such a sweet picture of your Donald falling asleep!

Susan, we definitely want a YouTube of you in the recliner! I'm laughing just thinking about it!

Deb, how dare you say the words "massage therapist" when you know Her, Margie is in the office today?? We're doomed.

"Old farklers" is a phrase, however, that I refuse to breathe to my family, Margaret. It will soon be used against me!

We're having a thunderstorm here. Weird!

Karen, my parents built their house around a pool table. It's still there. I hope the new owners like it, because they're stuck with it!

Kaye, you must have the pottery gene the way I have the glassware gene. Huuuuuuge collection. Most of it now it cabinets or boxes. (Say the word, and we'll hotfoot it over to Meanderings!) My husband and I pretend to be civilized, but we both grew up in towns with fewer than 3,000 people.

Deb, can I get a doctor's scrip for a recliner??

Oops! I should have censored myself regarding you know what!

I'm not sure your health insurance company will cover the beer cooler attachment for the new recliner. Unles...hmmm... does Me,Margie know anyone at your insurance company?

I just posted my previous comment without the need for the security code!

Nancy, and all -
Here's "The Tart Schedule" at M&M:

April 1 - Margaret M., May 13 - Diane C., July 19 - Nancy P., August 5 - Nancy M. and Sept. 9 - Hank.

Tarts? Anyone else want to join in? You can see the entire schedule in the sidebar at Meanderings and Muses. I had sworn to cut back on the guests next year, but it appears to not be working out as planned . . . . and that's okay.

Susan, my mom got a 'ladies' sized recliner from LazeeBoy because of the same reason, she is only 4'11"!

Tonight I think I will snuggle up with my hot water bottle and pretend I have heated seats!

Gayin, I'm 4'11" and have yet to find any chair where my feet reach the floor. Maybe I should shop in Vancouver! I'm also kind of nervous driving these days because they suggest children under five feet sit in the back to avoid death by airbag. What about us vertically challenged adults?

Oh, gee! Carol Robinson,I am now going to be worrying about you and Susan and all the other vertically challenged people in my life!! I have a teenaged niece who is an inch or so shorter than you, Carol, and I've even wondered if her parents will need to have their car specially equipped before she can start driving lessons.

Kaye,where are you located?Just wondering if it would be feasible to plan a trip around stopping by to see a Tart. Can't do long drives, though. Do any of you Tarts ever get to CT?

1) YAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! A new Blackbird Sisters book :) (although, boo, making us wait til August).
2) I find myself to be reeaaaaaalllly (once you start the multiple-letter thing, it's kinda hard to stop) jealous of your new living room.
3) I'm still depressed that you're abandoning us to our own devices, but I hope all the TLC bloggers have great luck with their next ventures.

Carol, a small, hopefully humorous fact about living in BC: If you are under 5' tall you qualify for handicapped parking!

I'm going to miss all the TLC bloggers, backbloggers and all the shenanigans. A recliner would definitely help ease the pain.

Kaye, thanks for the Tart Schedule. I'll put it in my iPhone calendar - with alarms.

Nancy, YAY on the upcoming Blackbird mystery. August is a long way away. ;-D

I'm laughing; I'm laughing...gosh I'm going to miss you guys!

Nancy, when we bought our furniture for our house, we bought those with built in recliners. My kids don't know any other way. They think that I have them so that they can curl up with mom on her seat. Am I showing my inner redneck? I thought that having more than one recliner was progressive! And to add to Harley's comment, if you have a computer in the room, you can call it the "Media Room" and REALLY be modern.

I can't tell my husband about the ones with the beer coolers built-in though...he'd probably sell our eight year old to get one. And I'm partial to the little guy.

PS I had a code :(

Glad to hear there's another Blackbird book coming, Nancy. And I'm envious of the recliner. My cats would never approve of me getting any seating that won't accommodate both of them sitting with me.

Wait---under 5 feet tall and you're considered handicapped? Boy, that gives me some great ammo for teasing my mother this weekend.

You guys have been so gracious in your good-byes today. Thank you. I'll be in touch!

I just had a code, too, Lora. Yeesh.

Nancy, this was your last blog! WAIL!!!!

I'm not quite ready to say goodbye yet, Nancy. I am telling myself that January 1 is a LONG way off. (Unfortunately, so is August and the next Blackbird book. Oh!Oh! Can you promise us that there will be more?)

I've had codes about half the time today. Is it possible that the Security Code Administrator is trying to distance himself/herself from TLC in The Final Days?

When it is all over,I can get to the office forty five minutes later (because there won't be anything on line worth reading) and I'll have to look for something else to do on my lunch break. Here's a thought: I will have more time to read Tart-written books!

Deb, I had an aunt that was only 4'9" and she had no problem driving.

Gaylin, I was born in Canada and now you have given me reason to come home :)

Homeland is totally engaging. Homeland + That Chair + Six Pack + Scout = The Lost

Our living room is pretty much a glorified hallway. It contains a piano, two small chairs, and a reclining love seat. Because of the recliner it's my favorite room in the house. So I'm totally envious of your new acquisition.

I'm going to miss your posts.

Nancy, live it up in your new Redneck Suite! Have no shame--my Santa Monica neighbors have similar suites. I got rid of a long, boring, butterscotch plaid sofa from the '50s or '60s, several years ago, and have missed it ever since. Shoulda just had it re-upholstered. The brown, plain, leather set that replaced it? Eh.

My endodontist has a zero-gravity dental chair that is the coolest thing ever. I really felt like I was floating, and in that interesting lying-down but not lying down position, I was much less concerned about the root canal going on in my mouth, 'cause I was so darned comfortable otherwise.

TLC has been wonderful for the 2-3 years I've been reading, Nancy. Thank you for your loyalty to other authors and books. Many blessings on your path, and may all those formerly lunky and sweaty young men who used to lounge on your old sofas come back to visit your family soon and impress you with their splendid maturity.

Nancy, did I say thank you?

Thank you.

I bought myself a beautiful green leather recliner for Christmas about 12 yrs ago. I've had 2 hip replacements and slept many a night in my chair. Now I share my chair with my Frenchie. He knows to come jump on my lap when I ask him if he wants to come read with me.

I know many people are moving to Facebook for their blog/publicity but for me I'd rather keep Facebook for my family & friends. I love reading blogs in the morning.
Merry Christmas.

A recliner with a built in beer cooler is pretty hard to beat! lol

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