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December 30, 2011

Movin' Forward

By Elaine VietsBlue_radio

Writing is my true love, but I’ve flirted with television and radio.

Starting in February, I’m taking up with radio again. I’ll host the "Dead End Jobs Show" on Radio Ear Network. The show, named for my mystery series, is a half-hour talk show about the extraordinary secrets of ordinary jobs, along with offbeat, unusual jobs.

We start taping the radio shows January 18-20.


My first guests include a career server who’ll talk about "the Boca cocktail." An urban farmer who grows veggies on blighted land in Fort Lauderdale. His city farms employ local low-income residents.

A historian will talk about a week most people have forgotten – or can’t remember. She’ll discuss the history of Spring Break, going back to the days when Grandpa got trashed.

The "Dead End Jobs Show" will have a new guest each week. Some guests will sound like old friends, because they are. Big Al the Pizza Dude will tell you about the Dirty Dollar and more insider tips about pizza delivery. He’ll be anonymous, but you’ll recognize the wit and worldly wisdom of a popular back blogger.

TLC’s own Harley Jane Kozak will talk about the ultimate Dead-End Job – how she was killed in a soap opera and became an international sensation.

Radio Ear Network (REN) brings innovative talk and independent music to 6 million listeners around the globe. This is Internet radio, which is even more fun than terrestrial radio.

Talk about easy listening. You can listen to my shows on your computer at radioearnetwork.comLaptops


You can click on this link for a podcast. http://www.mixcloud.com/tag/elaine-viets/

I won’t be "in the cloud" until the show starts in February. But Doc in CA is right. Podcasts are a blast.

Listen to REN on iTunes Radio, iPod, iPhone, as well as your Nook, Kindle, iPad and other media devices. http://www.encountersouthbeach.com/Cell1.htm

I love the times for my "Dead End Jobs Show." Each week, it’s on Mondays at 1 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. GMT. Then it repeats Tuesdays at 10 a.m. GMT / 5 a.m. EST and Wednesdays at 6 p.m. EST / 12 a.m. GMT

GMT is Greenwich Mean Time in England. Is that cool or what?

I have a producer, a luxury in radio. Joseph Dobzynski is more than my show’s producer – he’s the network CEO and has his own show, "A Cup of Joe." I’m looking forward to learning from a real pro. Joseph asks questions that make his guests want to talk.


You’ll find his show, and REN’s European and North American schedules, here: http://www.encountersouthbeach.com/

REN isn’t garage radio. It’s part of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, a network with members in 115 countries including many NPR, AIR and public broadcast stations.

Besides the "Dead End Jobs Show" I’ll keep writing my two mystery series, the Dead-End Job and the Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper novels.

And I’m still blogging. I was as stunned as you when I got an e-mail from Sarah that she and Nancy M. were pulling the plug on TLC. I didn’t want TLC to end. I offered to keep it going.

But Sarah had more reasons for ending TLC, including, "Nancy is pretty firm about this. She wants it over. She wants TLC retired – for now. And that's another thing. Should Nancy sometime in the future decide to restart TLC again, she should have that option, right? I mean, she was the one who came up with this almost a decade ago and so it's hers to do with as she likes. If she wanted anyone else to run it under the name TLC or TLC2 I think she would. But she really doesn't and I think we have to respect that. After all, she put a hell of a lot of work into it in the beginning. It's her baby.

"Lastly," Sarah said, "it seems to me that if you already have a steady base of readers who return to read your blogs that you can either direct them to one of your existing blogs or start a new one, right? In fact, this might open up a whole new opportunity to bring in new eyes."

Sarah is right. I already blog for the Femmes Fatales. You’ve heard of Charlaine Harris, creator of Sookie Stackhouse. If you read the Femmes Fatales blog, you’ll get to know her as the superstar next door.

Femmes Dana Cameron, Donna Andrews and Toni L. P. Kelner have guest-blogged for TLC. I don’t have to tell you about Hank Phillippi Ryan. If you don’t know Femmes authors Mary Saums or Kris Neri, you’re missing a treat.

So come on over to the Femmes Fatales at http://www.femmesfatales.typepad.com/

Turn on your computer and catch me on radioearnetwork.com. If you know a lively radio show guest email me at eviets@aol.com.

Follow me on Facebook as "Elaine Viets" and on Twitter @elaineviets.

If you have trouble finding the "Dead End Jobs Show," if you want to get my infrequent e-newsletter, or my email blasts, email me at eviets@aol.com.           Vintage_mic1

You’ll be hearing from me – and I hope I’ll hear from you.


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Congratulations on the podcast! It sounds way cool.

In the geek community, podcasts are only slightly less popular than free pizza and Doctor Who marathons. I know several people who do them and even more who have been guests on podcasts. Someday, when I don't have a computer that runs on steam, I may even attempt one myself.

Looking forward to hearing you on the radio and to reading all your future books! Congratulations on the new gig!

Thanks for letting us know how to find you, Elaine! The radio show sounds fun; I'll have to get on Greenwich Time...

Ooh, I'm so looking forward to the podcast!

Bookmarked your podcast page already. Waiting in anticipation.

Glad to hear that podcasts are popular, Doc. I'm looking forward to stirring up trouble in another medium. Or is it dimension?

This sounds incredible, Elaine! Cannot wait to start listening...:)

Congrats, Elaine!

Listened to the first one. Well done, Elaine. Looking forward to hearing your series. Sounds like a lot of fun, for all of us.

Well this sounds like just too much fun!! I'll be listening. Your world is full of the most interesting people - I look forward to hearing some of their stories.

First I had to look up a Boca Cocktail. Gonna be great. Will be listening, and talking.

Actually, the name "Big Al, the Pizza Dude", came from St. Louis talk radio. I was a semi regular on the Mr. Triva show on its' three radio stations over the years.

Alan P., you will now be spilling your secrets from London to Latin America. And the world will find you as interesting as we do.

Good. Luck. Elaine.

And now radio, too? Aren't you busy enough?
Can't wait to "hear" you as well as "read" you? I remember watching Harley be killed...those dangerous letters! I'll look forward to hearing her take on it.
I'm sorry to read that TLC is ending. It has been fun stopping in. I'll be interested to see where everyone ends up online.
Happy Holidays!


Oh, Elaine, you've given me another reason to check out Femmes Fatales!

I look forward to your podcast, and WOW! I'll get to hear Al's voice!

I've already sent you an email, requesting your (infrequent) newsletter, and am looking forward to it!

The Best of Luck with your new venture. I also really, really, REALLY want TLC to return to my life. As I said in the email I sent Elaine, in the last couple of weeks when I have written that I'm in tears as I'm typing my response, I was NOT joking. I really DO feel a great loss. I love you all.

Only one more day of TLC.


I'll try to tune in Elaine!
I usually do my e-mail and TLC in the morning and then turn the computer off and sew the rest of the day and into the night.
Sounds like a fun show anyways.
If you want to talk to a highly talented, creative, underpaid costumer/seamstress (You'll remember the dancing penises from 1000 Homosexuals!) I'm volunteering. Right now it's mermaid tails for Seaworld in Tampa.
I checked out Femmes Fatale and there you were with Hank. COOL BEANS!

You're on the newsletter list, Deb. I'll miss all our back bloggers, too. So many of you have become real friends, and others are cyberfriends.
But our community isn't gone -- it's just evolved.
Stay in touch, everyone.

I love the concept of your radio show. Congratulations!

Elaine, I must say I unabashedly love you.
Your books brought my daughter and I closer because we just adored reading your mysteries.
Coming to this blog and being able to share memories and sometimes TMI I appreciated being allowed to be among such wonderful people.
I know I am sometimes am guilty of hero worship but in your case I feel justified.
I was introduced to William, Karen Alan and Kathy and Sarah and Nancy and Hank.
Where else can you go to a party and mingles with such greats.

I love podcasts and surely will be listening to and of course reading your novels.
Happy New Year!!

I'm looking forward to hearing your show too. I just hope I will remember to find it. Perhaps you can send a "startup" reminder in your email blasts.

I'll look forward to seeing you in May. Hopefully it won't be the same weekend I'm in DC for ALSA.

Huzzah, Elaine!! I'd gladly share stories with you any time.
. . . Xena, good luck with those mermaid tails -- I'd love to see photos of them.
I would think one could listen to a podcast while sewing, but maybe it would be too distracting.

Can't wait to listen to your show! . . . and Big Al, Pizza Dude . . . what a treat!

You are right, of course, about Nancy M's right to extinguish TLC. I joke a lot about blogging, but I'm not a blogger . . . or Facebooker. Me-twat can't even twit a decent tweet.

So good-bye to you and all. I don't understand. But that's okay.

Love you. xo

Elaine, I hope your radio gig is awesome and long-lasting. Heaven knows there are a lot of weird and unusual jobs out there. (I particularly remember the one where people sniff underarms to test deodorants...yuck!) I'm looking forward to your podcasts and checking in at Femmes Fatales. And I'll definitely see you and other mystery madams (and men) at upcoming Malices.


Sniff. Now you've got me crying.
I'm not going away. You're not going away. We'll just be reappearing in different places, including the Femmes. In fact, some of you stopped by there already.
Diana, you will definitely on my newsletter list, and I'll send one out when the show startss.
Ditto for anyone else who signs up at eviets@aol.com.

You know, with all of this diversification and stuff going on amongst y'all, how long can it be before Hollywood comes calling to do "TLC: The Movie"?

Who would play you...and I'm talking to all y'all...in the movie?

Me, I'm calling dibs on George Clooney (with long hair and a moustach) to play me.

Doc, I am calling dibs on Sandra Bullock playing me, only she has to grow some hips . . .

Elaine, just for you I will listen to a podcast without wandering off to another room or the laundry room!

Alan, I seem to remember you have lost a lot of weight so Big Al, the Pizza Dude no longer really 'fits'.

Sunshine today in Vancouver, must go outside.

GBH to all the Tarts. This blog has been wonderful and I wish everyone success in their future endeavors.

I'll be busy getting all the links updated and I treasure the specialness of this blog.

Godspeed and Sto Lat!!

All the best, Elaine. Great idea to bring these voices to a radio audience.

I don't know how or whether I'll keep in touch with most TLC folk, although the bookstore is certainly how I'll follow Tarts . . . sad TLC is ending.

You've got George Clooney, Doc, but after "Up in the Air" I can't see you in a suit. Maybe a young Dennis Hopper?
Since you took Sandra Bullock, Gaylin, I'm thinking Maggie Gyllenhall.
Harley will of course play herself.

Diane Keaton for me. But as Gaylin said, she would definitely have to pad out her hips.

By the way, George Clooney does not wear anything like a suit in The Descendants. Hawaiian shirts and shorts/khakis all the way. Doc could so do that.

Elaine was always very good as a guest back when I was doing radio; and the 'Francesca Vierling Mystery' audio books she recorded won awards.
So there's every reason to think you'll have immense success here, too, Shorty.
Pay attention, Tarts and other writers; your future is multi-media. The more you learn to make, the more you can sell, repurpose, and sell again.
Elaine, your invitation brought me here. "It's fun," you said. Little did I know . . .

Karen, you are tiny. No hip padding needed for Diane Keaton.

I'd like Doc to play me, unless Bette Midler will.

Tom, you've been great!

Now I'll have to see "The Descendants" for the right Doc look.
And Doc and Tom are showing us the future. Soon books will be multi-media. You'll be able to get photos of the Coronado Tropic Apartments, Thumbs the cat, and Margery's wild outfits on your e-book. But once Helen and Phil close the door to their apartment, it's staying shut.

Sarah - an unexpected kindness, thank you. You, too.

Karen in Ohio,

You "stole" Diane Keaton from me! Some of my friends have the odd belief that we resemble each other. I wish! So, anyway, back to the drawing board, now that Diane is taken!

Reine, me in drag...not something anybody sane should ever see. Go with Bette.

A friend of mine recently suggested that I try doing short videos ofmr reading fiction bits, then putting them on YouTube. I'm mulling it over.

We need to talk.

Ok, Doc in drag, reading "Chapter 92: In Which Our Hero, Whilst Infiltrating The Coronation Of The French King, Is Afflicted With Flatulence Most Foul."
Just don't do it in smell-a-vision, Doc.

Elaine, I'd follow you anywhere.

Here's to our collective futures!

Oh, Elaine, your Chapter 92 comment to Doc gave me a good laugh that I desperately needed! (Got some sad news last night,which I did NOT need on top of the loss of TLC and the anniversary this week of another loss.)

Thank you for that laugh! And thanks again for the link to Femmes Fatales. It was just delightful to discover that other authors that I love happen to blog there. And great to find familiar people from TLC!

Congratulations on the radio show, it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun.

Onward and upward, Brunonia -- or downward, if you're heading to Fort Lauderdale.
It will be fun, Shannon. And I hope you'll be part of it.
Glad I made you laugh, Deb.
I will not cry. I will not cry. I will not cry.
Anybody know a joke?

A joke you say..
here goes

Little Johnny's kindergarten class was on a field trip to their local police station where they saw pictures tacked to a bulletin board of the 10 most wanted criminals. One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person. 'Yes,' said the policeman. 'The detectives want very badly to capture him.
'Little Johnny asked, 'Why didn't you keep him when you took his picture?’

Read more: http://www.ajokeaday.com/ChisteDelDia.asp#ixzz1i4LzjZkv

You made me laugh, Marie.
Now I'm really gonna cry.

No! Don't start yet. There's still tomorrow, Elaine. If you start, I will.

You want laughs? You get laughs.


Had to go out for several hours this evening, and am now home and too exhausted to cry,too exhausted to check out the links to laughs. Maybe tomorrow.

I am still confused about whether or not the archives will be available at all. Has that been decided? Maybe it has been announced and I have somehow missed that announcement because of all the crying I've been doing.

I am very sad because I will not be able to check out Facebook on a regular basis in the near future, more like two or three times per month at this point, and that means I will not be able to keep up with any of you who are not on Facebook AND who will not be showing up at other blogs. I will do my best to "fix" this as soon as possible.

This forum has been so rewarding for this sixty-something sometimes still shy person who is often not comfortable enough to speak up in "in person" situations! You have made this a very welcoming place to be!

Not sure that it will work out for me to go to Malice. I may not know until the last possible minute.

I will take advantage of every opportunity this weekend to repeat that I love all of you!

(I don't think I caught all the typos in this post. Sorry!)

Deb aka Deb Romano (if you need to find me on Facebook. It might be a few more days before I can get on FB again. I don't want anyone to think that I don't want to be their friend!)

Elaine, it's been great to get to know you here. I'll keep following you at Femme, which I used to visit from time to time. Good luck with the podcasts and other endeavors!

I think my only claim to fame with TLC is that I introduced Doc in CA to all y'all. He and I have been buddies for 20 or so years, even though we live on opposite coasts.

Deb, I don't know if you got my other message on this, but you might be able to do facebook on your e-reader by going to the http://m.facebook.com website. It has a much simpler interface than the main facebook site.

If contributions would help keep the archives up for awhile, I'd be glad to send someone some money.

Elaine, I can't wait to be interviewed by you! And I am immensely reassured to know that I will always be able to find you, by blog, e-mail, books, and now radio. The Ubiquitous Elaine Viets!

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