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December 26, 2011

Goodbye Day

From Heather Graham.

Ach! Merry Day After Christmas!
Forgive this confusion. I set it in my mind that Christmas was Saturday, and that I was waking up today, Sunday morning. Sad, sad, sad, and my kids would surely shake their heads, so please don't tell them.

TLC has been an amazing experience. I was a late comer, not in at the beginning, but delighted to be asked in later. Quite frankly, I really didn't know how to blog--I still don't. Little secret--Harley has put my blog up for me every time I'm up. I honestly didn't even get the concept at first, as in we went in and responded to comments. Then, the way my screen worked, I never saw that I needed to fill in the code, and I couldn't comprehend why what I saw was never there. Ah, ha, well finally found out that we did need to put in a code to reply.

The main thing is that I have loved our blogs and more--I have loved our correspondence with each other. I love the trust we've given one another, setting down our deepest disappoints and sometimes our darkest despairs, and trusting in one another for the encouragement needed. Not as writers; as human beings. 
And, I have loved our blog readers and commenters for their wit, their wisdom, and the many times I've learned something I never expected.

But here he is the good. History and friendships don't go away. My life is incredibly enriched through knowing my blog sisters. The pride, honor, and warmth of know them will not go away as we all launch into our brave new futures!
That said, I'll be starting off a once a week blog in the New Year--sticking with Mondays! 2012 will bring the Krewe of Hunters Texas Krewe to the market, The Unseen, April, hd, and The Unholy, July, The Unspoken, August, and the The Uninvited, September.

Before the New Year, I'm putting a free chapter for E-readers of The Adventures of Steampunk Annie, and the whole book will be available for free on March 15th, my birthday, thru St. Pat's day on the 17th, and 99 cents for the month of March, and then 299. Confusing, yes, buy, hey, look who is writing this? Also, in 2012, Harley Jane Kozak, Alex Sokoloff and I will have out a "Keepers, L.A." series, and for Christmas, the Keepers have an anthology I'm working on with authors Beth Ciotta and Kathleen Pickering.

I reworking web pages, but really go on facebook, Heather Graham Pozzessere if you don't mind pet pictures and children and Heather Graham Author if you do. 
Thank you--thank you, my sisters and our readers, for having allowed me to be part of TLC.



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Please forgive all typos--as you can see, I was very late, and the blog is up thanks to wonderful Holly. A sincere thank you to one and all who have been involved, given me insight, made me laugh, and been so wonderful. Harley, bless you! Everyone out there, my sisters, and those who joined in with us--I am truly enriched. To all, Happy New Years, and may the best of 2012 be with you!

Steampunk Annie?

I have started doing more steampunk themed art and with that, reading more steampunk. YOU are on the list!

You are always so amazing, Heather..it's such a treat to know you! Steampunk Annie? Like Tugboat? That's hilarous...can't wait!

And I am still re-reading the comments on the blog about my mother's death..thank you, so much. It is such a comfort to read your words...xo

Alan, thank you so much. Hank, you are such a brilliant and beautiful woman, I can only imagine your mom. Mine has been gone ten years now, and I can still remember her voice in my head, and I almost feel like she tattooed her native Ireland all over my body! Love is what we get to remember, and it stays with us always.

Who cares what day it is when you can write a story like "Wicked Be"? -- _The Monster's Corner_ where you are in great company, BTW.
I play a mental game with myself when I wake up, what day is it and what's on my calendar? I usually win, but I don't rely on that. The iCal is set with alarm reminders, and there are post-its on my 7-day vitamin caddy. . . and today IS confusing. The iCal says Christmas is "observed" today (so no mail?), and I heard that some churches didn't have services yesterday because they didn't want to interfere with people's Christmas plans. Time is an abstract concept anyway . .

I do, though, mind that each day is taking us a day closer to the end of TLC. Sad . .

Thanks, Mary. Sad--but like many things, will live on in a way! We all seem to find one another in other places as we move on. I remember "losing" my first editor and being broken-heartened, but she became my editor again years later at another house! So, it will be fun to see where we all tie up again!

Heather,yippee!! I will definitely be reading your blog on Mondays! (And, naturally, I am once again fighting off tears as I type.)

Because I am very much like you when it comes to technology,could you explain how to find your new blog? I WILL see you on Facebook!

Thanks, Deb!

Boxing Day . . . packing up, moving on . . .
I'll think about it tomorrow . . . . http://fairytalelobby.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/scarlett-ohara-was-right/

I don't know. With all the things I get picked on for on a regular basis, I may just have to share your inability to remember your days just to turn the attention on someone else. All of these shortened weeks at work are notorious for making me forget what day of the week I'm in and right now I'm just trying to hold on to every minute before I have to send Caitlin back to you and the twins back to school. Really looking forward to your Steambook Annie. I am excited to see your touch on this genre!

Hi Heather I really enjoyed your posts, especially when they had photos of your family. I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at Bouchercon although I did see you on a panel. I will certainly check out your blog on Mondays.

It is hard to let go of the TLC blog since I feel as if I've met so many wonderful people here. Most, virtually,but some in person,both writers and backbloggers. I hope to go to Bouchercon next year so perhaps we can have a TLC reunion there.

I hate letting go of TLC! But, hey, loved Charmed when it was flying high and so many other series . . . so, we like to think we're like a TV series that went off air before getting ridiculous, flying high! But, we have loved so many who have participated with us, it is hard, like leaving college (whoa! that was a long time ago!) A TLC group at Bouchercon would be great--maybe we can make it happen.

A New Year is coming. Unless the rapture wraps up this big old tired fat body and gives me a new boyfriend...I'm not looking forward to it.
Actually the bell choir, there are only 2 of us that can read music, did pretty good on Christmas eve and we all lifted our candles and sang Silent Night. Passing the Peace has an extra huggy kissy meaning there.
Then the big party at the monarch's house. Lots of great food and catch up with my dysfunctioning girlfriends who live right here but never call me into the wee hours.
Then church (stagger stagger crawl crawl) yesterday morning and 2 more parties.
Guess what? There was a nice looking man behind us ( we don't sit in the choir loft) and he was all dressed up in a nice suit and a crispy shirt. I guess you know by now I'm not shy.
He's divorced. Yea!
He laughed at my jokes. Yea!
He's a carpenter. Double Yea!!!!!
Imagine, meeting a carpenter on Christmas morning.
So far the only thing missing was a bow!
I'm going to miss sharing him with you all.

And yes Me, Margie, I know where I want the bow!

Happy day, xena!

I'm very glad that everyone is getting a chance to say goodbye...I love hearing your thoughts, ideas and plans for the future. I have LOOOVED getting to know you all.

I'm with you, Heather. No more crying...I'm a "change is good" person. I'm glad that you all decided to end TLC while there is something to miss. Nothing worse than that old drunk lady still at the party when the host is trying to clean up.

Looking forward to keeping up with you all on FB etc. You all can friend me...Lora Wentzel...I'm the picture of the bald lady. :)

Heather, I have loved your postings. I love hearing about your family and adventures.
I have been thinking today that saying goodbye on this blog is similar to ending of the TV show "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" where everyone in the cast formed a group hug and shuffled together across the room. Mary turned around at the door and I cried.
Believe me, if we could manage a group hug I would be shuffling along with all you TLC friends.
But for now I will once again..cry!!

Heather, you may have been late to the party but so glad you got here!

I will miss this blog, even the days when the topics weren't anything I had comments for, I still read every day and read through other peoples comments.

Xena - a nice carpenter, woo hoo! Are you on FB so we can hear more about him?

Thank you, Heather. May fun and great 'sisters' of all kinds follow you as TLC fades into the rear view mirror. Please you and Harley (etc.) make a LOT of noise on FB about L.A. readings, events, etc., would you??!

Xena!! A carpenter! This makes me happy, knowing you'll be having adventures in 2012.

Happy day, all.

Thank you, Heather. Tons. Really really lots. xo

Typing from a cell phone - no internet. Help! Love you, Heather!

Heather, I've really enjoyed blogging with you. You are amazingly generous and throw the best parties.
Folks, if you're lucky enough to attend the Sleuthfest conference in Orlando in 2012, Heather is giving a party for all the conferencegoers and Charlaine Harris will judge the costumes. Can't wait for that one.

Heather, it's been such a joy to get to know you (more intimately, how is that possible online??) by this blog. You've become a real blog sister. Thank you for joining us this year!

Aw! Thanks so much. I'm keeping my TLC sisters together online and hoping to stay in touch with everyone on Facebook. The best that this new age has given us is the ability to communicate with people and talk about things, sometimes gain new interests, and sometimes just enjoy that others have them. To everyone, hey, it is Christmas season, Thank you, one and all!"

Xena, add me to the list of people who are jealous of your Christmas gift! I, too, would love to watch this relationship unfold, so may I follow you on Facebook? I spent my pre-dinnertime yesterday madly trying to locate as many of you as possible on Facebook, and because I can't access FB regularly at this point I have lost track of which of you are already FB friends with me and which ones I have not yet caught up with - if I end up sending multiple requests I am NOT stalking you! (Just trying not to leave anyone out!)

Oh, God - here come the sniffles again! I didn't cry when I graduated from HS or college. This is harder and I think it has a lot to do with how welcoming and gracious Heather and all the other Tarts have always been. Even Her,Margie has opened her (very interesting) life to us. Thanks to you all!

xena -- a ribbon for you . . . I didn't know John Denver sang this one . . .

Heather, I'm thrilled to hear the Steampunk Annie chapters are coming out. Can't wait to read them! I'm also honored to be a part of the Keepers Christmas anthology. 2012 will be magical! And, so are you, girl!

Heather, you have been a great addition to the Tarts, and I'll miss seeing you here even as I read your FB posts. I hope to see you at Necon next summer as well.

The Lipstick Chronicles - it sure was good while it lasted.

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