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December 31, 2011

F the Auld Lang Syne: New Years Resos Mancini Style

F the Auld Lang Syne: New Years Resos Mancini Style

Hi.  It's Me, Margie.  I totally feel like Bette Midler on the last Johnny Carson show.  It was actually the penultimate show, just like this blog.  (Penultimate is my word of the day - we are all helping our twin cousins Petey and Patty study for the SATs - God bless them, they don't have much Mancini blood in them plus those matching outfits in high school?  Weird, just saying.  Rocco can't even talk about it.)

It's New Year's Eve, and I already told the real true story about it and here is the link in case you don't remember: 


 This year, since it's our last blog here, mia famiglia decided we should all blog.  That was our first mistake.  Because everyone wanted in on the act, like this is the freaking Golden Globes or something, and more than one of them was hammer drunk when they wrote theirs, so don't say I didn't warn you.  And I know there is usually some limit on how long these things are supposed to be, but everyone knows size doesn't matter and sometimes longer is better regardless.  These are resolutions, Mancini Style.

From Cousin Rita:

Dear Writer Ladies, So, like, Margie says the blog thing is going kaput and it's not because of anything she did with the Steves in the closet or the time the Hazmat crew came that I'm not supposed to ever talk about with anyone, ever. I'd ask Officer Steve if that was true, but the last time I crossed her she reminded me about the thing that at the place with the whozit, and that is just another way of saying, shut up now if you ever want to borrow handcuffs that, like, really work. 

But I will tell you all a secret I swore on a mountain of cannoli I'd never tell, even bigger than the Hazmat secret. Margie really likes you ladies. Like, a lot. I think she kept all the Steves around to amuse herself when you all were busy in your offices, but she could have taken the Steves to a whole bunch more comfortable places, so it had to be she liked it there. She was, like, really serious about doing a good job and showing up on time and toning down the neon eye makeup and dressing extra classy. Sometimes we'd be at a club and she'd be texting herself reminders about toner and to bring the good coffee because there was going to be a special visitor the next day. By "special visitor" I mean a writer person, not a "special visitor" like a hot guy home on leave. Sometimes she told funny stories about what you said or what you did. Okay, yeah, so a lot of times she talked about bringing the wood chipper to work, but that was just her way of expressing aggravation. 

Me, though, I'm kind of mad at all of you, becuase now Margie will have all kinds of free time on her hands, and I will have to deal with her ALL THE TIME. So thanks for nothing, Writer Ladies. But, like, speaking of thanks, you all know I love my sailors, and I like to do my bit to keep them happy when they are in the home port. And, like, I'm real excited that all the troops will be coming home soon from that war. Some of them are not in such good shape, though. Some need new jobs. They need people to remember we were here all comfy and cozy while they were fighting in that hot ass place. So I think we should help out. That might mean writing some letters to politicians, which I like so hate to do because my talents lie elsewhere.

But if it helps to write a letter to some geezer in Congress or say thank you to the soldiers at the airport, or help them any way I can, let's all do that. It doesn't matter if they are Navy, Air Force, Army, or Coast Guard, they are all The Fleet to me.   

Keep the peace and help The Fleet. 

Love,Cousin Rita  

From Cousin Rocco:

Ciao Bellas!

I am just beside myself with grief here and need a trip to South Beach just to calm my nerves.  Not that I didn't already have plans to be in the parade.  Time is short, my flight is soon, and Her, Margie says if I don't do this fast, I will end up on the cutting room floor.  As always, I think of you, my lovlies, so here are some going-away tips from me:

Your stockings should never be darker than the bottom edge of your skirt.

Knock off handbags are gauche and I can spot them a mile away.  The fake is never beautiful.

No glove, no love.

Purple is still the new black.

When in doubt, ask yourself what Elizabeth Taylor would do (unless it's about marriage, then do the opposite).

There is no excuse for roots.  If you cannot afford good color at a decent salon, go natural.  When in doubt, if you've ever seen Linsay Lohan wearing that style of hair or anything else, do the opposite.  That poor bunny is just gone.  So sad; I blame the parents. But maybe that's me - my friend Dr. Shrink says my motto should be "If it's not one thing, it's your mother."

Never say goodbye.  It ruins the makeup, you look like a racoon and there aren't enough cucumbers or tea bags in the world to fix those eyes.  

In mixed company, never use the words cucumber and teabags in the same sentence unless you are making a grocery list.  Let's remain ladies!

From Cousin Rosie:

My New Year’s Resolutions,by Cousin Rosie, who is new to this because we didn’t do this back at the convent.

1.   Buy my herbs at the Italian Market, not from Margie’s visiting delivery-men friends.  UPS Steve’s special oregano tastes great in Mama’s sauce, but honestly, I’m starting to think there’s something strange about it.  The last time I made sauce, Nonna Sophia ate a whole tray of cannoli while she watched reruns of The Lawrence Welk show.  Nothing good can come from that.

2.   Stay away from Father Carm and all the nuns at the convent.  I went back last week, just for a little visit, and honest to God, you would never think nuns could behave like that.  I don’t know what Father Carm has been telling them all, but I heard one baby nun whisper to another baby nun that I killed Sister Marilyn.  I really thought we had cleared up that nonsense a while ago, but I guess not.  Probably she’s Father Carm’s new special nun.  Whatever.  Doesn’t matter to me because my last resolution is to…

3.   Say “yes” to Anthony!  Yes, TLC people, this is the official announcement!  Last night Anthony asked me to marry him, and I told him I would give him an answer today because I needed to think about it overnight.  Really I already knew that I was going to say yes, but after the thing with Father Carm, Margie and Rocco and Rita told me to always wait 24 hours before saying yes to anything with a man with a Roman Collar, so I did.  My cousins are so smart!  Love them!

Well, TLC people, that’s all from me.  Hope you all have a happy and blessed New Year!  

Love,Cousin Rosie

From Pauletta, Guido and Lucca

Guido: Yinz asking us about resolutionance is a timely but troublesome coincidence.

Lucca: Resolutionance is all very well in books and movies, like at the end of ‘Christmas With Carol’ when Mr. Scrooch gives back the money he made from the three-card-monte stand outside his office.

Guido: Real world, it’s different.

Lucca: So while we wish yinz all well, nothin’ but the best, what’s done is done.

Guido: So what if it was youses? Now it’s ours. No give-back.

Lucca: No resolutionance.

Pauletta: Whattahell yinz two idjits talkin’ about? I think you confused ‘resolution’ with ‘restitution.’ Restitution, that’s the word for giving back what you shouldna took.

Lucca: OK, then, you so smart, what’s a resolution?

Pauletta: You promise youself you either gonna do something that’s better, or you resolve you gonna stop doin’ somethin’ worser.

Guido: We can do dat. Not hard. In fact, easy.

Lucca: Hunh??

Guido: Yeah. We resolve to not do no restitutionance.

Lucca: Oh. Yeah. ‘Cuz it never works out.

Guido: No, never. We just have to rob you again.

Pauletta: Gramma made me promise to watch outtfah yinz, or I’d be so gone to junior college . . .

And finally, from Me, Margie:

Forget the Auld Lang Syne crap.  Nobody even knows what that means.  What you really need to remember is that love can kick the hell out of hate.  Plus, hate is easy and love is hard.  Hopefully. Just saying.

Tell people you love them because you never know if it's the last time you will see them.  They could get hit by a bus or by Lucca.  It happens.

Remember the letter F: Family, Friends, Food, Fun and other F'y things.  All good.  You should do them all every day.  But not at the same time.  Or on camera.

Try everything once.  Otherwise, you could be missing out on what turns out to be your favorite (there is another F word, too).

Find time for stories (do you see how I keep using the letter F?  That's called sumbliminal massaging).  You can tell stories or read stories or pass along stories or buy stories in books.  Stories are made of words and words are important.  Some people say there are really no 'bad' words.  Maybe, but if you use certain words in front of me or my cousins, you are going to have a hard time sounding them out around all that wire.  Be nice.

So I guess this is it.  Thanks to all the Steves who helped us pack up and move everything from the, uh, storage area and into our new space, which is still under construction.  It's going to be fan-fucking-tastic because now we don't have to hide everything except for in that one room with the serious security system.  The Mancinis will be back!

Now say something nice and tell everyone your resolutions and don't drink and drive tonight.




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I respectfully decline to make a comment under my rights of protection of the Fifth Amendment.

I will say, I'm gonna miss yaz.....

Yo, Margie - sorry I forgot to send mine but a man don't like to rush things. I'm putting it down here anyway.

Youze won't have the Mancinis to kick around no more. Or our little dog Peckers.

Nobody should kick nobody for any reason. Like when your girl finds you looking at another girl's legs, that is no licensure to kick a man with those heels. My resolution is to not get caught looking.

Buon Anno!

Oh Mancini clan, we will miss you so. When are you going to reveal the last big secret?

Uh, doesn't penultimate mean "next to the last"? Does this mean there's one more?

A girl can dream.

Happy New Year to the ever-burgeoning (it seems) Mancini Clan, to all Tarts from inception to now, and my dearly beloved fellow backbloggers. And thank you all for many happy hours of entertainment, enlightenment, friendship, and some darned intelligent discussions.

Dammit, I didn't want to cry. Rocco ain't gonna like it.

Oh, lord above.

You, Margie, see me in my office. And it's not for the usual lecture. I actually have your holiday bonus and the letter of recommendation for that job you want at UPS, although I reserve the right to talk to you about applying for something more--uh--challenging. You have great potential, and we all want to see you reach the level of success you deserve.

From the get-go, the other writer ladies and I knew all about the Steves and the back room behind the supply closet, and we even put up with your various pecul----I mean, interesting cousins hanging around at all hours (I'm not talking about you, Rocco, since you are a genius with my roots, and the one with the herbs, well, you have my home address) --but, Margie, your many other--uh---talents convinced us to turn a blind eye to the less savory activities. Thank you for keeping things running smoothly here at the offices of TLC so we could all get our writing done. The day of the fire in the copy machine was a biggie. And your system for not answering the phones was . . . genius. The size of your holiday bonus should set you straight on my opinion of the other thing which I won't mention, but thank you. From the bottom of my shriveled heart---thank you.

And tell whatisname that yes, I will adopt Peckers. But I plan on getting him fixed pronto.

Wait, what's all this booze doing in the hallway? And who decorated the ceiling? AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT POLE DOING BY THE WATERCOOLER????

Are we having a party in the office today?????

A PARTY? At the office? No ma'am.

And what the hell are you doing here? I told you I would turn in the keys and leave the place broom clean and everything. The landlord, Stefon, is going to meet me here after midnight just for that purpose.

Maybe he is the one who decorated, hmmm? Why does everyone always assume it's the Mancinis? Stefon is not even a second cousin or anything. But his family is from Sicily which is a small place so who knows but it's not like we're getting married or something anyway.

Oh - yeah - thanks for the bonus and the recommendation. I am only doing the UPS gig until the new Mancini business is ready to roll. Those brown uniforms make me look totally washed out in the winter. But now that I have this bonus, maybe I will have time to meet Rocco in South Beach...

Good thing I made sure the phone lines and Internet were still connected!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Ok, I found a more "Rockin" version. 1/1/1969


Start about one minute in.

Oh, Margie, you've given me so many laugh-out-loud moments. Shall really miss you. Good luck with the UPS career and if you ever need a character witness, I'm here!

I'm sorry. I meant character REFERENCE, because I'm sure you'll never wind up in court.

Alan P. How I will miss all your comments and links
And I'll miss the bringing up of the princesses.
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Margie, my resolution is trying to keep contact (one way or another) with the marvelous people I've known here

Ah, subliminal massaging..that's what spell I've been under.
Well, it sure has been a heck of a ride.
I will be missing youse guys. A lot!
Thanks for the tips and tricks.
I'm off trade my knockoff purse for a real one.
Do not want to be gauche..LOL.

Awww, would the Mancinis send somebody after me if I called you all adorable?

For all TLC fans - I am filching this from my Golden Girls and Guys - at 11 pm, Eastern Time, wherever you are, raise a glass of whatever you've got to the TLC Community and more laughs in 2012!

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Are you f'n kidding me?! I just got CODED. TLC, I will miss. Mr. Typepad - you are a jagoff and I rejoice at our parting.

Happy New Year!

I'm in at 11 et! Raising my glass to new and better days and remembering all the good old days with fondness and love. Best of luck to all of us, bloggers and back bloggers.


I cried. Again. (Apologies to Cousin Rocco.)

Thanks for keeping the home fires burning (or,uh, something like that) so the Writer Ladies could write.

What I want to know is WHO is going to keep the Writer Ladies in line now that you,Margie, will not be in their lives on a regular basis?

And Tarts: thanks for taking a chance and employing someone whose skills might not have been, um, "traditional" office skills. Margie sure brought a unique, uh, "touch" to the job. (I was going o say "position" but I changed my mind.)

Have loved this blog and will miss it. most of the authors were ones I already read, but I did start reading Barbara O'Neal after reading about her on TLC. What a wonderful find. Good luck to all of you in 2012. look forward to reading your books for a long time.

I will raise a glass to tlc at 10. What a fun ride it has been. Will shed some tears at the New Year farewell I'm sure.

Diana Wunning


Margie, I'll miss you, girl, and your colorful family. Maybe you could visit at some other blog??
BTW, speaking of websites and URLs and such. It might be good to keep the name and archives. I just tried to link to a local storytelling group, and they must have let their domain name expire, because it came up with a Viagra ad . . . Guess I'd better take their link off my website, eh?

I will also raise a glass -- and empty it.
But for Margie's sake, could you all quit using "fun ride"? We don't want her to use that expression at UPS.

Margie, I love you. Bye. xoxo

To the whole famiglia, I've always been just a little bit, um, scared, of Me, Margie . . . but just because she's smarter than me; but jealous 'cause she has more Steve's (oh, wait, was I supposed to say that--hope I don't get her in trouble) than me . . . but, mainly, I'm going to miss your whole famiglia. None of you have ever stolen anything from me that I know of, and I've learned a lot from Rocco--miss you, Dude, keep up the good work. Cousin Rosie, I'm so happy for you and Anthony: all the best!

NancyM, I think it's the right thing to do, giving Margie a year-end bonus. Not so sure about the UPS gig, but these days a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

It's nowhere near as easy to be as casual as the words would have it, but, 'Bye, everyone! It's been loads of fun, and I'll miss y'all. A LOT.

Harley, I say let's figure out a way to have a west coast TLC gathering sometime . . . the B&N in Santa Monica has a great meeting space.

I'm on FB . . . I see posts from Karen in Ohio, from Margaret, Sweeney, Hank, NancyM, . . . look me up there.

Happy, healthy, loved and prosperous 2012!!

Seriously?? I did the code, really, I did. Mr. Typepad maliciously ate my penultimate backblogging post. Seriously? Bad Typepad.

OK, now he restored it. All is forgiven.

Forgot to say: raising a glass at 11 pm E.T. Wish I could share my rezzies with you all, but I may not finish them in time.

I will raise my glass of water at 11 p.m. PST, so all you EST folks will be sleeping already.

TLC has been a great home to come to every day. When I went on vacation, one of the first things I would do when back home and near a computer would be to read through all the blogs I missed. Now I have no reason to come home from vacations.

Whatever shall I do without my daily suggested web links and book recommendations and laughs and . . . Sigh

Well crap, Mr. Typepad just ate my comment as well! Didn't ask for a code, just ate it. Hopefully when I post this one he will restore the last one as well.

If you click on my name, you will come to my website. It is still getting the files from my old website, but there I am.

Wailing to the Gods and Goddesses, rending my clothes, pulling out my hair--oh, how I will miss you, Margie. And all the other Tarts and Backbloggers (except for the one I live with).

I guess that should be 'with whom I live.'


This was the greatest blog ever. Advice to the lovelorn, book talk, all those Steves-wait I need to get a tissue-there, now I can check out facebook, and make sure you are all ok. Thanks for all the good times, and the thoughtful times, and may you flourish in 2012, and beyond.

Paulina may not be able to get an internet connection so I am posting on her behalf.

"I'm not sure to be able to say le dernier adieu à TLC on January 1st. If I can, I'll post there. If not, please tell the Tarts that I enjoyed being there and wish all them good luck even though I have a pain in the stomach when I think that it's over. I think January 1st, it'll be even more harder. "
- Paulina

Entropy and change - our constant companions, right? Or so says the beloved backblogger with whom I abide.

Elaine, if we can't say "fun ride," dare we say "going out with a bang" where She, Margie, is concerned?

Here's what I dare say, and with a certainty: it has been grand, and much more than I ever expected.

You, Margie penultimate is one of my favorite words. Bonus points for using it in the blog.

It's time to say goodbye. It came way too fast. This was indeed the greatest of blogs. It was fun, informative, poignant, and life changing. I guess you can't ask for more than that. Adieu Tarts and Back-bloggers. May we always be able to meet somewhere in cyberspace.

Hey, Margie, I just reread today's blog post and realized that you asked about New Year's resolutions. (Sigh.) I don't usually make them; I just try to work my way through my To Do list instead.

I wonder, though,if this year I should resolve that I will NEVER AGAIN FALL IN LOVE WITH A BLOG! (Not yelling; just trying to be firm with myself.)

Love you all. Just saying...

Yo, Margie! Maybe you and the cousins can pop in at Facebook or something sometime. You know, if it fits in with your schedules. And I'm sure you know about stuff fitting in:)

ANd MArgie, talk about penultimate. I have a Mont Blanc.

I have a Steve. But Margie has had a Steve, a Stefan, an Estaban, an Estancio, an Etienne, and heaven knows what else.

She put me to shame, she did. My husband is pretty happy about it, though. :-)

Adieu, au revoir, but never, ever goodbye, You, Margie, you crazy chick. MWAH!!

Hank, penultimate, snort!

My New Years resolutions are: 1)enjoy the hell out of 2012! and 2) find all the TLC'ers wheresoever they go.

Lol, Mont Blanc.

Thanks to Margie and friends for today's blog. I'll miss you all.

I echo Al's resolutions.

Yeah, Margie, go over to Facebook and tell them what they can do with Timeline. It's like Microsoft Vista deja vu with that mess.

I thought I had a bunch of colorful cousins. You all put mine to shame.

Live long and Penultimate, Mancinis.

Can't end yet, too many loose ends in the plot. Really, this late in the game dropping hints about living with tarts and backbloggers? Someone needs to write more resolution to this thing.
I'm going to hold my breath now until you promise not to leave -- hurry and promise, because I can't hold my breath as long as I used to -- darned sarcoidosis!

Someome -and you know who you are -help Storyteller Mary NOW!!!
Mary is right, you know!

I went into the office to clean out my desk and I couldn't get to my desk because there were two people on it. I didn't get close enough to confirm their identities, but I got close enough to see some tats in places I don't want to talk about. I'm guessing at least one of them was a Mancini.

Plus ça change, Plus c'est le meme chose.

Ciao, mi amici. I love you all.

Thanks for all the laughs and great Mancini insights, Margie.

Will be lifting a glass of bubbly at 11 p.m EST to everyone here at TLC. Hasta la vista, and à bientôt, y'all!

Here's to many happy, healthy New Year's to the Tarts and the back-tartlets. I will always have happy memories of the three plus years I followed/participated in this blog. I wish you all many blessings, and much happiness.

Until we meet again, TLC community...

PS LOOOOOVE the cast of characters on the side.

A happy new year to all. This Canadian will miss you all greatly. Here's hoping we can 'meet' up on facebook and that we all have a great 2012 in spite of the dire loss of this blog . . .

Happy New Year Everyone. I'm sure gonna miss you in 2012.

I looked back at the New Year's blog from last year -- black-eyed peas ready, and I have red underwear (why was that again?) I think we're also supposed to say "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" first thing tomorrow -- Maybe that will all help.
Thanks for the back-up, Deb. Thanks for the wisdom, Margie and Tarts . . .
I'm trying to believe in a happy new year without TLC, but that's stretching things, even for a storyteller . . .

Al_S - please tell Paulina I will miss her. I hope she finds a way to join in on FB.

To everyone - Tarts and backbloggers alike - you made this a special place. When I mentioned to friends that the blog was closing, they understood how sad I was, because I talk about this place all the time. Thank you all for the years of fun and education.

I had made a couple resolutions for the new year - to get in better health (I should join the HMOH group!), and to declutter my house. My newest resolution is to produce some content instead of just consuming it.

I wish you all the very best in the year ahead! Looking forward to seeing you all on FB and wherever else I can find you, and reading everyone's new books.

Love you all!

Avis, you should -- HMOH has helped me through some rough patches with excellent advice and real friendship!
Almost time to toast -- chocolate wine flavored with tears . . .

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.
We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

All the best for everyone in 2012. Ciao for now and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy new year everyone. And much love to you all!

Thanks, You, Margie, for teaching us all about the important holidays, the hunky Steve's, and the fascinating soap opera that is your family.

I'm going to miss all the fun, friendship and laughter here.

XOXOXOXO to all the Tarts and Backbloggers!!!

Happy New Year, may we all find each other on the intertubes!

It is still 2011 for another 3 hours where I am! (and where Harley is)

The rest of you eastern folks - go to bed!

My exciting New Year's Eve: I fell asleep on the couch,woke up from time to time and checked TLC to see if THE END was really just a Dallas-style dream, so far it seems as though it is NOT, dozed off again, etc. I have a horrible feeling that TLC really IS coming to an end. what a terrible way to start the New Year.

I wish all of you the best of everything. I will miss all of you. I cannot say that enough; I will look for you wherever I can find you.
Going to bed now but will check in again during the day. Need to get out that new box of tissues and take it to bed with me.

Deb aka Deb Romano on Facebook and elsewhere and in life

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