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October 24, 2011

Sugar Rush

by Heather, Hank & Harley

Continuing in our 3H tradition of hard news and raw truth, Harley, Hank and Heather tackle a tough topic: candy.

 1. What's your all-time favorite candy?

1348-zHarley: Godiva White Ganache Bliss, with Lindt Truffles a close second.

Heather: Snickers, no contest!

Hank: HANK: Twizzlers. No, Snickers. Frozen Snickers. Nope--Almond Joy. Payday. Oh, wait, once I had a dark-chocolate-covered caramel with sea salt on the top. YUM. And you know what else? There's a thing called Edible Arrangements, that's fruit--but they have chocolate covered apples that are--amazing. Was this supposed to be a one-word answer?

 2. What was your favorite as a kid? Snickers_0

Harley: Tootsie Rolls and Sweet Tarts.

Heather: Snickers, no contest.

Stpez_pack1HANK: Tootsie Roll POPS!  And PEZ. Chuckles! (I used to swipe my sister's black ones.) Did I mention, above, Jelly Bellies?  And that Bonomo taffy that you whapped to break into little pieces.

  Jelly_Belly_University3. Have you matured?

HANK: About candy, you mean? Shrugging. I would not turn down any of the above items. 

Harley: I’d like to think so.

Heather: No comment.

4. Do you pay attention to calories, saturated fat, price, or do you just say, "to heck with it, life's short?"

Harley: I pay attention 80% of the time, and then go completely berserk the other 20%. 

Heather: I'm not a candy fanatic, and I rarely eat it. When I do . . . Snickers! (Sadly, my love affair is with potatoes. Baked potatoes, scalloped potatoes, hash browns, twice-baked truffle-mashed, garlic mashed . . . etc.)

HANK: About candy, you mean? I am ruthless about real food. I count everything. With candy, though--I mean, if you're gonna have candy, whatever. Anything goes. Did I mention, above, those little Sarotti Schokolinsen? Agilus-Schoko-LinsenThose pastel things that look like M and M's--Oh, did I mention M and M's? Peanut.

Harley: Oh, my God. Those Germans are serious about their sugar. Our former German au pairs still send us candy at Christmas 1512271884_0db3e1586bbecause they feel so bad for us in America, having to make do with substandard chocolate.

5. Is there a candy you hate?

Harley: Hate is a very strong word when it comes to something sweet.

Heather: Licorice.

HANK: I have never, and will never, eat a chocolate covered cherry. Yuck. Cream anything, no way. No Peeps. Peeps_03(Although they're fun to play with.) Nothing with marshmellow inside. (Is it marshmallow?) I'm not fond of Milky Way, unless they're frozen.  

 6. Is there a candy you just don't get?

Harley: Yeah, I don't really understand Gummi Bears. Or Pop Rocks.

Heather: I have to agree on the Pop Rocks. Can't dislike Gummi Bears--the name is just too sweet!

Gummy_bears1HANK: I LOVE Gummi Bears. You can fit them together, it's fun. I don't get Skittles, or Sour Patch anything. SweetTarts, not a fan. Pop Rocks, yeah, silly. That stuff that's like sugar--what was it called? That came in thin tubes. It's like pouring sugar on your teeth.

Harley: Yeah, that Sugar in a Straw stuff. My son adores it. It stains everything it touches. Blech.  

 6. What do you give to trick-or-treaters?

Heather: Quarters. Around here, if anyone does trick-or-treat, the parents usually throw the candy away, and give kids candy they buy. They like quarters. It was pennies. Then nickels, and then dimes. Halloween does not go untouched by inflation. (Sadly, the throw-the-candy-away thing came from a period in time when very bad people did very bad things and razor blades wound up in apples and toxins in candy.)

Harley: Large quantities of whatever I find at Costco.

HANK: Tootsie Roll Pops and Twizzlers. Sometimes Lindt balls. LINDT_401_milkwhite_truffle-117x150So Harley, come over!

7. Are you dressing up this year?

Harley: I'm wearing it right now! Black t-shirt with skeletons on it. And skull & crossbones hair barrettes.

Heather: Yes, always. I love dress up. I am going out and about as a Renaissance vampire. Or maybe a flapper. And then again, there's always the two eyeholes in a sheet . . . .I do love dress up. I will probably do so a few times. Are there any psychiatrists out there to explain this to me?

 HANK: Sigh. I don't think so...New England Sisters in Crime has a costume thing at Crimebake--this year you have to come as a detective. I think I'll come as Charlotte McNally. That's about the extent of my current imagination. (A couple of years ago, Jonathan and I were the Mr. and Mrs. Ark--Joan and Noah.)


    And you, friends? Any sugar revelations you care to share with us? 


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I'm not a big fan of most candy that contains nuts, but I love peanut M&M's. Not a big fan of hard candy or gummi stuff. Mostly, I'm a chocolate kinda guy. Preferably dark bittersweet poured over something that creats a creamy center, although I won't pass up coconut. Oh, and Peeps and any other variation on marshmallows. I've also been known to scarf up Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Oh, and I love licorice. And malted milk balls. And chocolate covered raisins.

I recently had a piece of bacon that had been dipped in dark chocolate. I believe I had a tastegasm.

Home-made pecan pralines were my treat of choice when I was growing up, and since a family friend had taught me to make PERFECT ones, I never lacked for a supply if I wanted them.

Somewhere in the last 20 years, though, I've turned a corner in which the great majority of candy and sweet desserts are truly sickeningly over-sweet to my palate, and I really don't like most candies. Peanut M&M's, a former favorite, bleh. A trip to See's with a jonesing friend?? I brace myself for the sugar rush and the lack of real satisfaction from the free sample.

It's pretty much a gift, I think, considering how readily my hips adopt any spare calories . . . but, I'm still not immune to peanut butter cups, and have a hit of said cups every three or four months. There's a little bag of licorice in my cupboard that will last probably into 2012.

I tried ice cream this week, in honor of Ben&Jerry's new flavor (local store didn't have it, but they had other B&J), and pretty much came up with, 'well, that is over now.' No need for ice cream until next year. weird, huh?

Royal Crown Sours were the obsession as a child. Special favorite was the Cherry flavor, but the Orange would do in a pinch. Sadly (or fortunately) they're no longer made.

Tootsie Rolls. Three Musketeers. Milky Ways *always* got my attention.

Maple Walnut Fudge.
Peanutbutter and Molasses Salt Water Taffy.
Peanutbutter Fudge.

All from Ye Olde Pepper Candy Shop. Thank god I live too far from Salem to get these regularly. Although Halloween would be the time for a trip home . . . . Nope. Not yet. I have more weight to lose. I am dressing up as invisible this year.

Candy I don't like? Sesame coated ginger jells. My mother used to bring it to me when she visited. She knew I wouldn't eat it. I would always tell her that I didn't like it. She always said the same thing, "Well I do." Then she would eat the whole bag.

No problem. Auntie-Mom sent me care packages from Ye Olde Pepper Candy Shop and Moxie by the case. Even I don't know why I like Moxie, but I love it. It's perfect with Hawaii style potato chips from Nantucket. Hah! I think I'm homesick!

William, maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but you can get those from the Bermont Country Store online or from their mail order catalogue.

Sorry William - that's the Vermont Country Store!

Laraine, I am waiting to be struck by whatever-it-was that hit you in the last 20 years, that indifference to candy. There is almost nothing too sweet for me. I used to add sugar to sugar-coated cereal as a child.

Candy is dandy, but liquor's quicker, to quote Ogden Nash. Sorry, couldn't resist. :-)

Hank, sounds as though you have a serious sweet tooth! Like Doc, it's all about dark chocolate. If I am not able to have my daily 70% cocao dark chocolate (just a square with my morning coffee), I turn surly. If I'm on the road a Mounds Almond Joy will do in a pinch. They're easier to find at truck stops, too.

Other than that, I try really hard to limit sugar, and was able to pass on all the sweets and baked goodies at the rideathon yesterday.

When we first moved to our house 26 years ago it was from around the corner and up the street, from a street with more than a dozen kids in 10 houses. The kids came here to trick-or-treat for about six years, then they got older and stopped coming. I used to leave a bowl of full-sized candy bars with a note: "Take all you want", while we took our kids to beg in an actual neighborhood. No one ever came so I quit worrying about it.

I've handed out candy with friends a couple of times, and we always dress up. Are you kidding? That's the best part about Halloween!

The older I get the more persnickety I am about candy. In my younger days I loved Reese's Cups. They were the be all and end all of the Halloween candy stash from Trick or Treat, but some people used to put Boyer's candy cups in, which to my young mind all looked alike. Some could be peanut butter filled and some marshmallow filled and I hated marshmallow (still not a fave). Seemed like all I ever got was the marshmallow filled.

These days I can't stand any milk chocolate manufactured by any of the big candy companies. It has too much sugar and not enough chocolate.

I prefer my chocolate dark and from local confectioners if they know how to get it right. Dark chocolate covered nuts of any type excepting walnuts; dark chocolate truffles especially the espresso flavored, and dark chocolate covered candied fruits and jellies. It probably sounds as if I eat these all the time, but I have to limit myself to once a year, because once these are in the house I have no control.

Like Laraine, I find the older I get the less into sweets I seem to be. It used to be rich chocolate desserts were the be all and end all, but give me a choice these days between chocolate and a nice fruit dessert and I'll take the fruit every time.

Laraine, you're so lucky! I know people who can eat half of a candy bar. Half! "Oh, it's just too sweet," they say. Hah. I can eat three. I love Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Does anyone remember when you could get the minis in a box, without the foil wrapping? Yeah, that was a dangerous time for me. I like salt with my sugar. Saltwater Taffy - the good stuff, not the garbage that Brach's is making now. Pearson's Salted Nut Rolls. I made truffles a couple of years ago and topped them with a generous crystal or two of salt - oh, yeah. My latest favorite "homemade" treat is Keebler Club crackers covered in a mix of butter and brown sugar (boiled until slightly thick), baked for a couple of minutes, then topped with melted chocolate chips and slivered almonds. We renamed it either Trailer Park Toffee or Crack in a Bag.

Mounds. But that dark chocolate covered caramel sprinkled with sea salt sounds To.Die.For.

In anyone needs to know this, the most comforting candy is Milk Duds. That's according to Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who is never wrong.

Ah, the toothsome Dr. Cooper.

Everyone in my life knows about my dark chocolate fixation, which began 25 years ago. I had some oral surgery that went horribly wrong, resulting in nerve damage that affected my taste buds. For six years I could not taste sweetness or saltiness. (Yeah, that totally sucked.) However, I could taste and enjoy really good dark chocolate, so I became somewhat of a connoisseur.

My wonderful son-in-law has twice brought me chocolates from Maxim's in Paris, and my best friend had brought chocolates from Amsterdam (dark chocolate-covered orange peel, to die for), Paris, and Austria. My mother-in-law, rest her soul, once brought me a tin of Sacher torte from the famed Austrian Sacher Hotel. When my stepsister and her Welsh husband went on their honeymoon in the UK they brought me some incredible chocolates from London (and a Burberry scarf and some single malt. I adore her!).

Sandi, have you ever had those little pretzels baked with a chocolate-covered caramels on top? Pretzel Turtles, baby: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/pretzel-turtles/detail.aspx You can do this with Rollos, and with Hershey's kisses, too.

How can anyone not love marshmallow? Perhaps you are eating your Peeps too soon - they need to age and get less smooshy to be good.

Candy I don't get: Payday. Where is the chocolate? I mean, why bother?

Favorite candy bar as a kid (and now available at the Vermont Country Store):Buns. Vanilla cream covered in peanuts covered in chocolate. Sigh.

I have a rule that I don't keep food in my office or at my desk. Sometimes I eat lunch at my desk, but no snacks. I believe it is the only thing between me and that person who has to be removed from the house with a crane.

Ramona - amen on Sheldon Cooper. Except he's too young to have had a root canal.

My days with Milkduds are over.

What a topic. Yes to everything! Except I really shouldn't. No, I mean it. But anything chocolate sings to me. Hank, I never thought I'd like chocolate covered cherries, but they are a late-in-life obsession for me now. Not the gooky kind with lots of juice, but a nice dried cherry with a chocolate coating........oooh. I was given a bag from a company in Michigan---the culprit knows who she is---and I have never looked back.

Can I admit I don't care much for coconut? I don't like the texture.

I always dress up. Often as a demented ballerina (the Fantasia kind) or as Dr. Death in a blood-stained white lab coat, since I usually have a crime scene set up in my front yard. Come to think of it, I should get cracking on that!

Yeah, I'm with Kathy on the Milkduds. ANd for the same reason.

I am, however, very fond of Malted Milk Balls.

Hey, ever have one of those moments where you type a phrase, look at it, and say, "is that right? Is that even English?" I'm having one of those moments right now, looking at Malted Milk Balls. Is that a real thing?

Chocolate, just chocolate, seems a little overwhelming--that's why it needs nuts

or coconut

Almond Joy--!

Chocolate. Dark chocolate. To me, white chocolate looks and tastes like glorified lard.

I don't eat any candy with gelatin in it, but most other candy I love. As a kid, I had it bad for Marathon bars, Chocolite, Caravelle, and snack-size Crunches. I hated peanuts as a kid, but thankfully I've gotten over that, so can now appreciate a Butterfinger or Reese's, although the holiday Reese's are better, the ones that are shaped like pumpkins or eggs or something, because there is less of that nasty Reese's chocolate and more of that wonderful sweet peanut butter filling. I love sour candy, and I wish today's sour balls were actually sour instead of just suckers without sticks. I wish Nutrageous were easier to find, and I wish Hershey still made Bar None. And dark Kit Kats are delicious, as are the orange and mint flavors, which are hard to find.

Sandi, I'm with you. I can easily polish off several candy bars.

Ghiredelli dark chocolate squares with the creamy mint filling -- A.MAZ.ING!!
I also like Mounds, dark chocolate again and coconut -- perfect combination.

We are giving out the little cans of orange soda this year -- if the candy's not in the house it can't get eaten, right? Right!

I'm not dressing up, but DD2 is. We spent last weekend at local Goodwill's collecting pieces for her Dr Who costume. We got the jacket, shirt, pants and suspenders for under $20. We ended up buying the bowtie at Savvi and getting her a pair of boots at Payless (with a 20% off coupon) plus she can wear them in real life.

I even found the 11th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver at ThinkGeek.com and we surprised her with it when she tried on the costume. She's a junior this year and loves to dress up. We had a blast putting this all together.

Dang my father and his hereditary sweet tooth.

I couldn't pick a favorite candy. That's crazy talk. I love Reese's peanut butter cups, Snickers, Milky Way, M&Ms (peanut preferably), Turtles, Rollo's, Milk Duds, anything with chocolate and nuts, Whoppers (or malted milk balls)....

OK, it's easier to say what I don't like. Coconut (also the texture for me, Nancy); black licorice (and don't be putting anise in my cookies); not a fan of peeps, but like the occasional mallow cup; white chocolate (a travesty).

Hershey and Nestle stuff is fine (or, obviously the more expensive stuff), but I draw the line at that cheap, no-name stuff they sell at Easter and Christmas in the grocery and drug store. I do have SOME standards.

Don't get me started on ice cream.

I know all the talk about how bad sugar is for me, and how I should cut it out of my diet completely, and I'll be so much healthier and feel so much better. Yeah, don't hold your breath.

Seriously Laraine - I need that meteor to hit me too. Where do I stand?

Oh! And I don't like those hard candies with the sneakly gummy stuff in the middle. Or raisins.

And there's a Lindt outlet 2 miles from my house. Harley - where should I send them? :)


LOL! I enjoy most kinds of candy, especially if chocolate is involved. However, I tend to stay away from anything with nuts (excluding Snickers) or gummy type sweets. I also don't like chewing gum.

My desk is a year-round sweet treat stop for all of my coworkers. Two drawers are full of treats and snacks (including instant oatmeal and cup-o-noodles).

I just filled the halloween pumpkin with a variety bag of M&M's products for folks. I might not make them say the catch-phrase tho. LOL!

For the past many years, I have dressed up and been the candy distributor at my best friend's house so she could take the munchkins out. However, due to her pending divorce, and him being an a--, it is unlikely that this will happen this year. Considering that I suck at costuming myself, it is no biggy for me.

Now, can anybody tell me a good place to find soft Spree? I had found a bag and put it in a candy dispenser, which one of my bosses just noticed. He loves spree. And the dispenser is now almost empty. :)

Hey when you make costumes for a living...every day is Halloween.
Our Historical Society has a big adult dress up party every year. This year's theme is Alice in Wonderland (The Johnney Depp version.). If I have the energy to go it will probably be as the white rabbit.
Candy? When I was little I spent my hard earned allowance on those penny sugar straws and a little wax soda bottle shaped thing that you slurped out the sugar water and then chewed the wax.
We also got penny Mary Janes and Jaw Breckers. Brakers? Yeah Harley...looks weird!
I loved Junior Mints, Non Parelles and Raisenettes at the movies. Also NECCO wafers which actually stands for the candy company outside of Boston. Hank will know. North Eastern Confection Company or something.
If you put a gun to my head and said eat one of these I'd pick Snickers or Baby Ruth.
Don't go 'round hungry.

NTCTS (Not to change the subject.) Whose going to the Miami Book Fair? Elaine? Heather?

What's your all-time favorite candy?
Ghirardelli chocolates, almost any of them. If you get to San Fransisco, go to there factory. We give the little squares to the girls teachers at Christmas. World Market stopped carrying the big bags, so now we buy them from the wholesaler.

Carmellos, Mounds, and Marzipan are right up there as well.

What was your favorite as a kid?

Mavrakos bulk chocolate. Mavrakos was a St. Louis based chocolate company. They sold bulk blocks of chocolate in triangular shapes. You just bought it by the pound. My aunt used to slip it to me so I did not waste away. When I was 6' and 200 lbs. my mother convinced her I would not waste away.

Have you matured?

Not so much. A few weeks ago I took the princesses to the Jelly Belly van when it was making a stop. Ended up leaving with $20.00 worth of jelly beans for three girls and a daddy.

Do you pay attention to calories, saturated fat, price, or do you just say, "to heck with it, life's short?"

It limits the when, sort of limits how much.

Is there a candy you hate?

Not really. I have tried some pretty esoteric ones. I didn't mind the baby wipe flavored jelly belly, but I didn't buy any.

Is there a candy you just don't get?

Sorry I don't get the whole bacon fixation.

I love coconut and black licorice.

What do you give to trick-or-treaters?

Um, nothing. For the past 25 years I have worked part or all of Halloween. Up until a few years ago, it was the busiest night of the year for the Domino's I worked in. At one time the record Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday were all 10-31 some year.

Molly goes to her mom's house to hand out candy there. There simply are no trick or treaters in our neighborhood. The one year she tried to hand out candy at our house, we ended up eating two bags of fun sized Hershey's.

Are you dressing up this year?

I will be Dr. Venkman as I may not be working this year. Otherwise, I will be a pizza guy. It's a stretch. One year, the manager of the store made a deal with his landlord for the apartment complex Halloween party. We provided the pizza. The manager took the last delivery to the party. He walked in, walked into the costume contest and promptly "won" a free months rent.

I will make it to the neighbors Halloween party. It was a little better when she was married to St. Louis' Miller rep, but they ain't no more and the garage is no longer full of beer. Oh, well.

Re-reading this, it sounds as if I eat candy all the time. I don't. I dont care about candy at all..with you,Laraine, take it or leave it. I'd much rather have pizza. But I *remember* liking it.

Oh,well, okay,d I still do like Twizzlers. ANd a few other things. But I don't *care* about them.

And chocolate, yeah, weird, I just--don't care about it. (Except those apple things.) My husband? Yes, he's addicted.

Yes, Xena, the NECCO factory! (New England Confectioners Company, something like that. If I had an iphone, I could look it up.) Across the river from where I work....

did you think the different color Necco's tasted different?

Karen brought me chocolate with lavender and blueberries -- Yum! I finally managed to get Nutrition Stop to get it in the big bars, but then they stopped carrying my other favorite, dark chocolate with ginger.
There were a few years when I couldn't have any caffeine, even the amount in chocolate. I returned so many items to my grocery store -- longest few years of my life. As far as I'm concerned, chocolate is the staff of life (and now I hear global climate change might endanger it!

Oh yes Hank! I particularly remember the white ones but the other colors had different flavors too.
I can take candy or leave it which is why I buy stuff I don't like to give out for the kids. I WILL EAT IT!
AND I will eat ice cream for dinner! So I don't buy much of that either.
I love the fact that certain things like candy reminds you of someone or something experienced. Dulce de leche brings back tons of memories dancing in South America.

Speaking of malted milk balls (which I do love, and think I would like the flavor)
Some stores freezing out Ben & Jerry's new flavor
Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls ice cream is too hot to handle for some supermarket chains. While the new limited-edition flavor has brought chuckles from fans of the "Saturday Night Live" skit on which it's based, some supermarket chains aren't laughing and have been giving it a cold shoulder.

and on a lighter note, Halloween fun stuff, Ben & Jerry's Spooky Halloween Site page.

I'm with Harley on the Lindt truffles. I toured the Lindt factory in Cologne Germany a few years ago and almost needed an extra suitcase on the way home just for the chocolate. Needless to say the tour ends in the gift shop.

My mom made the best divinity and taffy. One of my favorite memories is helping her pull the taffy when I was a kid. She made fudge almost every weekend I was away at college. My hometown roommate went home all the time so she would bring it back with her on Sunday evening.

I'm always torn on Halloween. I love seeing the little ones all dressed up but I draw the line at the carloads of teenagers and adults who don't live in our neighborhood and bring 2 or 3 pillowcases each. Always for the "little brother" etc at home. Most of them don't bother with a costume and god forbid that they would say thank you.

As far as I'm concerned, if it is NOT chocolate, then eating whatever it is is a major waste of time! I have loved chocolate for my entire 62 years of life. As a kid, I especially loved anything from Hershey. I lean more towards dark chocolate now, although I still really enjoy milk chocolate, especially Hershey's. I keep a candy jar on my desk at work and try to keep it filled with chocolate for the various holidays. Halloween is an important candy holiday for me! I have never developed a taste for Tootsie rolls - not chocolatey enough for me.

A birthday cake is NOT a birthday cake if it is not a chocolate cake covered in chocolate icing - don't let anyone try to tell you that it doesn't matter!

Believe it or not,I DO watch calories, fat, cholesterol, etc. I make sure that I have room for chocolate.

Yeah, trick or treaters who are too old--are scary to adults.

Chocloate cake with chocolate icing.. yum. It;s lunchy itme ,that;s maybe whiy it sounds os good.

Is it Ice a cake with icing? Or ice a cake with frosting? Or frost a cake with frosting? Or...ah..

Another fan of dark chocolate, and wasn't it a gift to the world when they decided that it was GOOD for you?

Even though I don't have xena's South American memories to associate with it dulce de leche could easily become an obsession. If someone made something like a malted milk ball with dark chocolate and dulce de leche, that would quite likely be my downfall.

Elaine! White chocolate = glorified lard?

Them's fightin' words, sister.

After writing about the candy I like, then reading about what y'all like, I'll point out that as of Sunday, I'm on a rather severe diet that completely cuts out cany, pastry, ice cream and...my lip quivers as I type this...booze. It's much like the diet Alton Brown went on to drop 50 pounds in 6 months, except I'll be looking at dropping more weight over a longer time. Walking 3-4 miles a day helps speed things along.

I've promised myself a pint of Ben & Jerry's and a cold beer after each 25 pounds. With any luck, that'll be aroung my birthday at the end of January.

Yeah, I must say, I line up with Elaine on the white chocolate. What's the point of making it white? And it's too..creamy/sweety/yucky.

Oh, making taffy! That was so much fun! Was it--too hot, was that the problem?

My ears! My ears! My own peeps, dissing white chocolate, my drug of choice!

Doc, we are all rooting for you. As my birthday is also at the end of January, let us have a virtual meeting for a birthday pint (I'll take the Ben & Jerry's and skip the beer).

Good luck, Doc. I can't think of a candy I don't like; in fact, I am drooling as I write. Unfortunately, I'm a diabetic so I'm allowed only a very little amount of cheating. Yesterday, I had a Halloween size orange York patty. Yummy! I had a client who was a baker, and she would bring me her homemade truffles. She spoiled me, but then again, I couldn't eat those now. And sugar free chocolate, yecch!

A friend from Germany brought us some white chocolate with some kind of nut or other in it. It was so delicious, and my kids didn't like it. Lucky me! White chocolate is hit or miss with me, that was definitely a hit. She also brought some very thin squares of milk chocolate. Apparently people put them on toast. I've never seen those in any import stores. They were amazing.

Oh, what a yummy post!

I love chocolate. Milk chocolate, chocolatier's chocolate with 65-70% cacao. M&Ms of all varieties except the pretzels. Lindt chocolates. Ohhh, yum. I just had a chocolate tootsie pop.

I make the world's best, from scratch, double-chocolate decadent brownies.

The candy in straws are, I think, Pixie Stix.

Candy I don't like: Godiva, anything with raspberry, marshmallow peeps.

Favorite specialty chocolate: Bissinger's out of St. Louis. Recipes came down from chocolatiers in the Court of Louis the XIV.

Favorite non-chocolate candy: Fralinger's salt-water taffy from my hometown of Atlantic City. I'm partial to molasses. Also love their molasses paddles which are coated in chocolate, thus eliminating them from the "non-chocolate" category but enrolling them everywhere else.

Oh: I too am a big fan of pralines. Even though I'm a Northerner.

Pixie Stix! Exactly, MAry Stella!

Lil, what's an orange york pattie? (Those are delicious frozen.) Lindt balls are good frozen too.

Not that i care... :-)

And yeah, raspberry. Love fresh raspberries, but in candy? no. Oh, wait, except--remember those little candies that looked like raspberries? ANd had like, gel inside? What were those?

And movies weren't movies without Dots. Dots and popcorn together.

Godiva...the chocolate with the cayenne pepper mixed in it. Marvelous.

Oh, and Bonomo's Turkish Taffy is BACK.

I think Baldinger's outside Zelionople might have it. Need to check now that I'm back in Harmony.

Candy I hate? My husband's favorite, double salt licorice.

Thinking back to candy I liked as a kid, it was Milk Duds, Turkish Taffy, Jujubes, and Mary Janes.

It's amazing I have any teeth left at all.

Me too, Ramona. This could explain all my dental bills of the last decades.

Hank, of course the different colored Necco Wafers are flavored differently. My friends and I once did a group project in seminary on "Theological Selection of Color-Based Preference: A comparison of the Necco Wafer-Pez forced-choice flavor dichotomy as revealed through the influence of flavor or color. I had to cross Mass. Ave. for that project.

PS: Don't you love the giant stack of Necco Wafers on top of their building?

When I decide to indulge my sweet tooth it is always with chocolate. Milky Way Midnight bars with lovely dark chocolate, Yum. I always buy a bag of the mini bars at Halloween and try to make it last until Christmas. I discovered Huckleberry Jelly Beans on a trip to Spokane a few years ago. They so amazing we now mail order them since we can't find them in New Hampshire.

Icing/frosting...doesn't matter what you call it as long as it is CHOCOLATE!

Earlier today I forgot to mention that I WILL dress up for Halloween. Looks like I could be the only one at work this year in costume. Sometimes I'm the only one in my particular office. I'm used to being thought of as "weird" so I pretty much don't care. Nobody is ever too old to be silly, right? I will be dressed as sort of Goth,sort of ghoul. I have to start off the day at PT and I intend to be in costume for my treatment!

Deb, I love that. and fun is never weird. Of course that's me saying that!

Speaking of . . .

A cannoli isn't candy, and a cannoli with a few chocolate chips can be quite delicious, but what's with chewy, fruity candy pieces in a cannoli?

It should not be done.

Just sayin.

Mary Stella, we should have a homemade decadent brownie bake-off, and let our fellow TLC chocoholics decide. I've been called a "brownie savant" for mine!

Harley, I'll try to be as gentle as I can whilst breaking this to you, but white chocolate has no chocolate in it at all. It's just sugar and fat, honey. Rarely, it could have cocoa liquor in it, but I have not seen any that did in many, many years. So sorry.

I used to love Necco wafers! Wasn't there a chocolate one? Natch.

And speaking of white chocolate (ersatz), does anyone else remember those Zero bars with the polar bear on the front? Nougat covered with white fudge, it was my favorite candy when I was in first grade.

Actually, white chocolate is made with cocoa butter, but not with any of the solids, liquor or powder. Sheesh, I must be tired.

I still say it isn't chocolate.

I don't care if you call it white chocolate or white mush, it is this that someone will ply out of my cold dead hands one day. And we have a chain of candy stores around here called Rocket Fizz that my children regard as paradise. It's very retro and they have it all -- including Zero bars.

And what's wrong with cocoa butter?

Quelle que soit la nouvelle direction, Alain, elle sera la bonne. Il n’est pas toujours facile de jongler entre les priorites et les opportunites, mais je sais qu’Ouriel et toi avez les qualites pour faire et faire admettre les bons choix!
Bon courage, et bonnes vacances.

Sorry I didn't get back in time to share in the rest of the conversation here . . . .

For those who want to be struck by the 'candy, meh.' lightning, I believe that it struck me about the time when I was ill and regained my health by a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicines, and a revolution in my nutritional understanding . . . greatly increasing the overall quantity of vegetables in my daily diet at first reduced my chronic hunger and cravings, and may have contributed to the shift in my taste perception.

Mainly, though, I think it was just not having sugar other than occasional molasses, for several years, that adjusted my response to other sugars. Also, root canals? Not fun. My teeth cry out for brushing if I have sweets of almost any kind.

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