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August 29, 2011

Sleepy Camp

by Harley

Last month my Book Group e-mailed everyone about the August meeting and I said I couldn’t come because I’d be driving my 11-year old to sleepaway camp. 50416_16554191852_1696533_n
Except that I was e-mailing from my smartphone, which changed “sleepaway” to “sleepy” without me noticing.

 And then came the e-mails from Book Group:

“Sleepy Camp?”

“Are there activities, or is it just sleeping?”

“Can anyone go?”

“I’m in.”

Book Group is moms who met when our kids were first graders. Most of us have 3 children. One has four. One has a singleton, but she does visual effects for films, which means long months on location. One’s in a master’s program, another’s working on her Ph.D., one has a husband who works on the east coast (we’re in L.A.), one’s surviving cancer. What we have in common besides 11-year olds is: zero spare time. It’s wildly optimistic of us to even have a book group.

When moms have no time, what’s the first luxury to go? Sleep. Flu-bed.jpg?w=300&h=300

Dads too—although sleep-deprived females are at greater risk, health-wise. But we’re all tired.

Back in my acting days, the only way I’d wake up at whatever godforsaken time I had to crawl out of bed in order to be on set an hour before sunrise was to promise myself naps. Which usually meant sleeping through lunch.

Siesta I’m a fantastic napper. I know it’s un-American; I believe I was switched at birth and am actually Mexican, or Greek, that my people were People of the Siesta. Anyone who knows me (Heather) will tell you I’ll sleep anywhere. Under a banquet table. Onstage, with an audience watching. At parties. My dream job is sleep-study research subject.

 If deprived of naps, I find myself doing small things over and over, like staring at the TV Guide channel, trying to understand this:

Xanadu:  Movie, Fantasy. (1980) Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, Michael Beck.  A mythological muse helps an artist and a former big-band clarinetist open a roller disco.

 Or pondering Celebrity Mugshots. Sorting socks. Studying the Costco coupon book. Eating chocolate.

People who sleep less than 5 hours weigh more than those who sleep 7+ and gain more weight over time. How is that fair? It's not.

Which is why the world needs Sleepy Camp.

Here’s the curriculum: First, everyone gets 10 hours of sleep a night, minimum. You return home with a sleep surplus, which will see you through until Thanksgiving if you’re very frugal.

Not that you must sleep at night. Sleepy Camp accepts all circadian religions. Nocturnal types can wander the grounds, practicing moonlight Wiccan rituals, or hang in the Lodge, where the Reschini Room features all-night Trivial Pursuits and singalongs with the cast of Glee. When sunrise comes, it's off to bed, with black-out curtains straight from Vegas.

Whenever you wake, there will be breakfast.

For those with insomnia and/or hot flashes, there is Sleepy Camp Cocoa, containing estrogen and melatonin with a splash of Xanax.

TempurPedic-017-776047 Beds are California kings, with a choice of TempurPedic or pillow top, water beds for the hippies, futons for the ascetics. Pratesi sheets for all. You share your bunkhouse with people you’ve dreamed of being close personal friends with, dead or alive, from Gary Cooper to Anderson Cooper to Alice Cooper. Dylan Thomas, Thomas Hardy, the Hardy Boys.

Everyone thinks you look cute in your p.j.s. Bunny_pajamas

Because of the extra sleep we’re getting, everyone goes home 15 pounds thinner.

There are no hurricanes.

No outhouses.

No mosquitoes.

Proposed Sleepy Camp activities:


    Cookie Time


    Lake Fun (everyone thinks you look cute in your swimsuit)

    Library Hour


    Let’s See What’s Going on in the Refrigerator

    Campfire Rituals:  Camp songs by Stephen Sondheim. Ghost Stories with Stephen King. S'mores Julia-child by MFK Fisher and Julia Child.

    Other: ____________________[fill in the blank]


 Who’s in? Please specify roommates and activity preferences.




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For some reason the past year, no matter what time I go to bed, I wake up at 3:30am; eyes wide open, cannot get back to sleep awake, unless I use meds (which I hate doing, but have to sometimes.)

Single cabin, DVD player, 90" widescreen, far enough so cigars won't bother anyone and movies won't keep anyone else awake.

Pizza would be good, too!

I'm in for sleepy camp. For activities, please put me down for espresso adventures in the morning. Um . . . make that afternoon. I intend to have sleeping be a major activity. Drinkies, dipping, and stuffing opportunities later with chilled fresh asparagus and multiple dipping sauces. Salmon stuffed endive. Pressed duck with fresh mango chutney. And Calvados cheese with a fresh baguette. For a midnight snack I want Kraft Dinner. Don't ask. I have no idea. Just makes me feel better when away from home. Auntie-Mom always makes it for me. And Auntie-Mom knows all things good.

For a roomie, I must have Nancy Scheper-Hughs so we can talk about her book SAINTS, SCHOLARS, AND SCHIZOPHRENICS, especially. And if we have to stay an extra week to discuss her 2009 investigation of an international ring of organ sellers based in New York, New Jersey and Israel, that would be okay too. Because I love when the FBI finally came around to not believing that organ trafficking was urban legend, and how did she do that? How did she not get herself killed off and how did the FBI manage to make those arrests . . . gotta talk to her.

If we get to choose roommates, I'm calling Blond Bond, but then we'd probably have to change the name to something-else camp.

Okay, the auto-speller thing. Not long ago on Facebook, my brother wrote a birthday message to our older sister, but the auto speller changed "sister" to "duster." So it came out, "Happy Birthday, Big Duster!" Which he thought was funny, so he left it. Which I thought was funny, so I wrote "Does that make me Little Duster?" Which my cousin Jennifer thought was funny, so she wrote "Does that make me Cuz Duster?" Which her mom thought was funny, so she wrote "Does that make me Aunt Duster?"

So now we are the Duster family. So I know from Sleepy Camp.

Ah, all becomes clear now, Ramona!

Love the idea, Harley. No roommates for me, and I also don't need a lot of food, except maybe popcorn when I elbow my way into William's room for movie night. (Door left open, natch. I'm not ready to go to Ramona's something-else camp!)

Love that menopause cocoa. The Reschini Room will take two vats, to go, I suspect.

Oh, can I come? Please? I love sleep. I just don't do it well. Can you promise the phone will never ring when I finally fall deeply asleep? No kids will come in to tell me they are home safe circa 3 a.m. then reheat hundreds of different snacks in the microwave?

Can I ignore all news while at sleepy camp?

I am so excited . . . I've already started sewing name tags into all my jammies.

This is an adorable blog, Harley,and it looks cute in its pjs. Even its spam is adorable, the way it plagarized Reine. Spam with good judgment!

No roommates for me, either, thank you. They don't call us "Onlies" for nothin'.

I'd like to take your courses, esp. the Refrigerator one, and also:

How to Pick the Right Pillow
Pillows: Bunched up Under Your Head, or Flat?
Cats, Dogs & How to Share a Bed With Them

This was fun. Thanks for a cheerful Monday, and now I think I'll go back to bed.

Big soft lounge chair, please. With a stack of pillows so I won't get a crick in my neck when I fall asleep with the book I intended to read. On wheels, so I can roll it into William's room for movies.

Judy! I forgot a very important detail. Thanks for reminding me: the Left Behind, be they children, pets, plants, ailing relaticks, or significant others will be cared for by highly competent Mary Poppins/Mr. Green Jeans/Florence Nightingale/Jeeves -type professionals so they need not keep us awake from afar.

Knowing they're safe, we can happily turn off phones and internet service.

Also, our books will write themselves in our absence, so our agents and editors can sleep.

Yes, and it's actually 5:36 a.m. here in LA and I got a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep last night.

How are our Hurricane Friends doing, I wonder?

My mom's sister is visiting, and has been for a month. I love having her here, but it means that she has my bed and I'm sleeping on a futon in the basement. I am not built for futons. My sleep camp absolutely requires a large, firm mattress with high thread count sheets and a room temperature of about 60 degrees. And, while I love my cats, they cannot come to sleep camp with me. There will be an extensive library and large, comfortable chairs on shaded porches overlooking a quiet lake. Activities include kayaking, and tai chi outside in a park-like setting. There will be no bugs, and I will be good at these activities (hey, it's MY fantasy). No one will be offended when I hibernate for 12 - 15 hours at a time. The kitchen will be well stocked, and guest will be allowed to play chef if they wish.

I adore sleeping. Adore it. Probably because I had mono when I was 18 and have needed a solid 8 hours ever since, which made having infants Very Difficult.

I am a student of mattress covers. I want a firm bed with a soft top, so I like those foam pads---not the eggshell variety, but the 2 inch thick-------wait, I'm sounding obsessive, aren't I?

And pillows! I am on the quest for the perfect pillow, and it doesn't come for $5 at TJ Maxx, unfortunately. If Lexus can air-condition my husband's car seat, why can't I have a cool pillow?

Sleep obsessed in PA.

I’m a big sleeper in the soul but insomniac since I’m 29. I remember people who called me at 9 a.m. drove me crazy because they were waking me up and I finished up by putting the phones away from my bed-room as far as possible so not to hear them ringing. Now you can call me at 5 a.m. every day, I’m awake but still don’t have phones in the bed-room.

I think chocolate will be the best room-mate because if you put the ones I want, you’ve got to change the name of the camp.

And oh yes, I did gain weight since I don’t sleep well. Well, it could be that I eat more too. It could also be that I’m getting a bit older.

No, Paulina. You are not eating more, and you are not getting older. It's the sleep thing. Period. And Sleepy Camp will fix it.

It's my blog day and I get to say that with authority.

I'm a champion mapper, too. My mother put me in morning kindergarten so I would not miss my nap, and I have had one most everyday, since,

Count me in for sleepy camp. I want lots of outdoor activities like hiking and picnics and a super soft bed with lots of pillows. Also 60 degrees, yes.

Ooh, high thread count sheets, Nancy. Definitely. Once a year I buy another set on sale (Macy's) and recycle the old ones, usually to the farm. And I found out that you can take your old down pillows to a *good* cleaner and have them cleaned. They empty out the old feathers and replace them! Can you imagine? But if you don't want to do that, putting them in the dryer on "fluff" once a week is really good for them. As are zippered cotton pillow covers. Keeps those nasty dust mites out.

To sleep; perchance, to dream.

Oh, Harley, I'd give so much to sleep the way that you do! I'm jealous. But, yes, it's true, I'll never forget the time we panicked, looking for you, and found taking a little snooze under one of the banquet tables! But, I am totally jealous. The more I worry about things, the less I can sleep, and I get up earlier and go to bed earlier. Sleep Camp must come with some non-addictive and non-narcotic method to get those wide-awakers-stare at the ceiling in the dark people to get to sleep!

Yay! Finally a camp with activities I can handle :o) I'll share my tent with anyone who doesn't snore, but I want to watch movies with William and Margaret. And Nancy, I bring my pillows when I travel...squishy and cool and not at all good for me (which may be why I don't sleep well). I can also be designated late night driver since I cannot sleep in a car (or other moving vehicle). Don't know why...so we can do road trips in the wee hours. Thanks, Harley...I wonder why no one else ever thought of this...send me a registration form and a map!

As much as I'd love a decent night's sleep, it's been so long since I've had one, I'm having a hard time envisioning my own sleepy camp. Big beds and staring into the fridge sounds fine, but it sounds lonely, too, even with my ideal roommates, who shall remain confidential because I still have SOME pride.

I love this blog!

I'm a good napper and bad sleeper. Hot flashes every two hours have become my way of life for the last fifteen years. Now two Benedryl before bed let me sleep through them most of the time. It has made such a difference.

GENIUS!!! I am already creating new trivia categories for the Reschini Room!

I am also very anxious to try that Hot Chocxanax mixture.


Kathy, once you drink it, you will no longer be anxious!

I think we better patent Hot Chocxanax, quickly. Kathy, can you handle that? Or do we need a patent attorney?

Maryann, we are fated to travel together, as I cannot NOT sleep in a moving vehicle. The second I'm on a plane with my seatbelt fastened, I am dead to the world. I never hear the safety announcements. I can't ever be in an exit row because they have to wake me up to ask me the "Will you be any good at all in an emergency?" question.

I figure my son owes me about 10 years of sleep. He's 21 now but I still wake up if a mosquito sneezes.
My favorite sleepy time at sleepy camp would be in the morning. I call it "dessert sleep" because it is so delicious.
NOT having to wake up is the best sleep. Your camp sounds like the no alarm clock heaven to me.

Harley, what a great blog.
I'm afraid that I might be the nocturnal type..surfing television channels, reading one more chapter of my latest novel and genuinely thinking that I will be missing something once my head hits the pillow.
Lately, I have been accused, mind you, of checking updates on the Internet. Can you imagine that?
A person who sleep walks and fires up the computer just to see the latest? Moi? Maybe..LOL.

Sleepy Camp! I'm laughing so hard I can't even yawn.

CAMP SONG: (With apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein and Liza Doolittle)

We'll get to SLEEEEP all night
Hurray we'll SLEEP all night
And then we'll beg for more
We will have cud-dled in
With tea and as-pir-in
To get what we adore.

We never thought that night was so---exciting
We do not care, if bugs are biting

We only know that we
Love sleep so bril-liantly
That we could sleep, Sleep, SLEEEEP all night!

(The bugs are because it's camp, after all...)

I love it!! I'll water the plants, pack lots of chocolate, and come ready for talks, fun, and SLEEP! -- and bedtime stories, of course.

Sign me up. I used to be a night person but 15 years of education work cured that. Teachers seem to like getting up before farmers. I still remember hearing the time for my first school staff meeting. I think they were going to start around 7:30. I figured I would just stay up for it.

Still debating ice cream or Scotch for snacks. Maybe both, not in the same dish.

Roomie? I will leave that to the camp director.

I have done two sleep studies. They are not for the bashful. The one good part was that the Washington University Sleep Center is in the old Chase Park Plaza Hotel. The rooms are nice. Being hooked to an EEG. EKG, Blood pressure, pulse OX, respiration meter and a few other things means sleeping with about 20 wires and needing two techs about 30 minutes to get you hooked up. Oh, and the room has video/audio surveillance, so don't think too hard about the college age tech that doesn't wear anything under her scubs.

Alan, we'll be sure to put Naked Under My Scrubs in your bunkhouse. And no video/audio surveillance at Sleepy Camp. No, no, no. Because how are we going to get Blond Bond there for Ramona unless we guarantee him a media-free experience?

Oh, and Hank? Whenever Stephen Sondheim is taking his own sleep shift, you're taking over the sing-a-long. You've been holding out on us in the musical talent dept.

NO, no, I've Stephen is awake, I wanna be awake. He's my idol.

Is there a sleepy camp outfit?


Hurricane survivor here. :) Had no power for about 18+ hours, so greatly appreciated the generator keeping the fridge cold, and the microwave working. Also had tornadoes in the area, but luckily no injuries in my county. My friend who lives 5 minutes away from me just got her power back, tho.

I love the idea of Sleepy Camp, and the possibility of taking a course in the best way to share a bed with cats and/or dogs. Since Bonnie just died, it is only Bella-cat now...and she has taken to sleeping plastered up against my side lately.

For that matter, I could lay my head down on my desk right now and take a nap. Ahhhhhhh.....

Oooh, oooh, if Stephen Sondheim is there, can we have an Into The Woods singalong? Please????

Hang on. By camp, do you mean camping, as in tents and woods and stuff? If so, count me out. Not even for Blond Bond do I do the tent thing.

Sleepy camp sounds wonderful, especially guilt free pleasures, and Harley teaching us how to nap immediately...Glad that the hurricane is mostly over for those of you affected.

I just woke up from my nap, no kidding. Sleepy Camp uniforms might be cute footy pajamas in the brochures, but the best kind of sleep doesn't involve jammies at all, does it?

Sarah, you there? Not flooded in Vermont, I hope?

Sleeping, ah, my first love. My nickname as a kid was Granny Grunt because I hated getting up in the morning and was barely verbal until lunch time.

I can easily still sleep for 10 hours a night and nap in the afternoon. At Sleepy Camp I could give sleep lessons. Room must be dark, quiet and just the right temperature. No roommates, really if Blonde Bond were in the room would I be sleeping? No.

We could all train for Olympic Sleeping. I will be going for gold.

Brunch always ready whenever you get up.

Can I watch movies with William and Margaret? And gossip with Nancy P? And I like room service breakfasts,too, with fresh fruit and real tea. Maybe a noon massage, followed by an afternoon nap.

Ten hours of sleep? I am SO in, Harley! And please add foot massages to the curriculum. And old b&w movies at naptime (they relax me so much I immediately nod off.)

Seriously, where do I sign up?

NO, Ramona, she couldnt possibly mean CAMP camp. She means, like, spa camp, with electircity and nice things.

Nancy - I was plagiarized for spamming purposes? Oh yeah . . . no hot dog roundies in the Kraft Dinner. Hah! Dead give away.

Could I just have a view of the lake, please? And a little porch where I can see the fish jumping? And I have to have burnt marshmallows. Oh, and I'd like to bury a potato in the campfire coals at night, so I can have it for breakfast. I like Laura Scudders Peanut Butter spread on the graham cracker part of my smores, but I can do that myself, as long as we have the makings. Julia told me it was okay, and she wouldn't be insulted or anything, but I should never expect her to indulge. I told her that Auntie-Mom calls it peanut paté, so she said, "Oh! Peanut paté! Oh . . . well that sounds delicious!"

Oh and may I have plenty of room for Kendall, Buffalo Thunder Paws, and She-She Marie-Rie on my bed, please. That would be perfect.

Harley, naps are not un-American. In fact, I'm pretty sure that napping was included in those unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe the Declaration of Independence draft in Jefferson's handwriting said that we are endowed with certain inalienable rights, including Life, Libery, Napping, and the Pursuit of Happiness. When John Adams copied it over and supervised the actualy printing, he inexplicably deleted napping at the same time that he switched "inalienable" to "unalienable".

I cherish a good nap and, honestly, what nap isn't good? Like you, I can doze anywhere, which is particularly useful and restorative on long airplane flights. My mother wasn't much of a napper so I must have inherited the ability from Dad. Every night, we did not sit down for dinner until 6:30. When Dad got home at 6 from final rounds at the hospital, he stretched out on the couch for a 20 minute power nap.

I make it a point to nap on weekends because it's good for me and because I can. I'm also trying to get to bed earlier at night. Earlier = before midnight.

Please sign me up for Sleep Camp. I'd like facials added to the list of activities. I can catch 40 winks in 15 minutes while the hydrating mask seeps into my skin. I suppose I could also kayak with a partner. While one of us paddles, the other can nap.

Oh, what about a cooking class featuring Crock Pot classics? Think of it! We can prep our ingredients and dump everything in the slow cooker, then go off and catch up on our sleep while the machine does all of the work!

Yep. Sleep Camp is definitely for me!

As far as a roommate -- anybody who doesn't snore. Scratch that. I can bring earplugs.

If Sleepy Camp could help me to wake up free of back and neck pain and not totally stiff,you can put me on the list!

I want a pillow that is not too thin, not too thick, and that bounces slightly under my head or face. Give me a room that is slightly cool. Not sure I want a room mate unless the person promises not to snore. At all. (I mean it! I suppose I coudl be a little flexible about this, depending on who the person is, but I also do not want to be tempted to murder someone simply for snoring!)

If I can't sleep,I will join the movie watcers. They had better be watching old comedies, though! Or old, good quality situation comedies. I'll bring a stack of humor books with me, and fellow campers can feel free to borrow any of them!

I will share warm milk and milk crackers, too! Oh,I almost forgot: we could watch old Buffy episodes!

I survived the hurricane. I returned to my condo around half past six this morning. There were lots of trees down in the complex. As far as I can tell, no buildings in the complex were damaged. Lots of oher people in town had serious property damage,though. I am especially thinking of those whose homes were filled with water. I am on vacation so I was not going to the office this morning , but I did have a PT appointment followed by a dentist appointment scheduled for this morning. On Friday I was instructed to call before showing up, because neither office knew if they would be able to open this morning. Both of them DID open this morning. Getting to them was challenging, because of downed trees and power lines.

I'm sitting in the living room, listenng to tree crews removing the downed trees and branches. A neighbor told me that about sixty percent of the condo neighbors found shelter elsewhere. In my building, the ones who remained decided to check up on each other throughout the storm.

I am so glad the whole thing is over! So sorry for the typos and bad punctuation - I love reading this blog on my kindle but am not good a typing on it!

Would love to have a witty reply to add to this blog, but I 'm too sleepy and have to go nap.

Just please make sure I get an application to sleepy camp. I'm willing to teach classes, should they be necessary for anyone.

Deb, it goes without saying that there will be BUFFY episodes playing 'round the clock in the Buffy Salon. Check the schedule for what season it is that day.

Hank, you are so right and Ramona, you are not to worry. There will always be those among us who need the whole Girl Scout, pitch-a-tent, sterilize-your-water, hide-your-food-in-the-trees-so-the-bears-don't-get-it experience. These people will be given a map and shown the trail and off they'll go, their knapsacks on their back.

The rest of us will be in lovely bunkhouses with central air, polished wood floors, and bathrooms so beautiful they will make you weep.

While the idea of sleepy camp is absolutely brilliant, I think that having that many interesting, fascinating people in one place might interfere with the main mission of the camp.

Hank, I feel that if Oscar Hammerstein III was still among us, he would not be able to hold a candle to your lyric writing abilities.

Off to take a nap.

Harley! A Buffy Salon, I am so there!

Beautiful bathrooms with soaker tubs and steam showers. Sigh.

How many people have I put to sleep today with this blog, I wonder?

Funny that you mentioned "Sleepy Camp" with Gary Cooper. According to cinema academia, Cooper was reknown for being able to sleep anywhere on a movie set. Imagine Cooper snoring during "For Whom the Bell Tolls" or "High Noon." For some reason Harley, I can't see you sleeping on the set of "Aranchnophobia."

Oh Harley, a BUFFY Salon! You think of everything! I am getting sleepy already. Think I'll . . . [yawn] . . . take . . . [yawn] . . . a . . . [yawn] . . . naaaaaaaap . . . . [YAAAAAAWN!] And I am not kidding.

I did in fact sleep on the set of ARACHNOPHOBIA.

As did the spiders, whenever they got cold. Just curled up and refused to get to the set when called.

One of the all-time ‘no chit, Sherlock’ moments of my life came recently. My pulmonologist and I had been arguing over the sleep meds that my Primary Care physician was giving me. To placate him, I had a sleep study performed and was trussed up much as Alan described, but that’s not the moment.

When my Dr. reviewed the study results, he looked and me and with an odd look on his face and tone of puzzlement in his voice, said “You don’t sleep!”

Sign me up for sleepy camp. No roommates as I use breathing equipment when I do go to bed. I guess with all the friends there to play with day or night, you can take away my internet access. I have traded more than one 3:00 AM email with both Sweeney and Viets.

Count me in for Sleepy Camp, Harley! I'll even see if Victoria's Secret has summer-weight footy pajamas for the occasion.
I'm such a fan of naps, napping, sleep . . . and, for those of you who love naps, you'll be glad to know that this is among the standard prescriptions I make for my stressed-out patients.
Please lodge my reservation for a cabin as described in the literature, but, it must have broad windows that open, and roof overhangs so that I can keep the windows open in the event of any mild rain showers (with apologies to friends dealing with Irene's soggy gifts).
Ramona, er, Ms. Duster, you cracked me up. I had to take a break to laugh it out before I could read on.

Oh, roommates: hmmm. If it's a 'sleep' camp, then my friend Jenny is a good sleeper and doesn't snore, so I'd vote for her, if her family will let her go. If Ramona gets to have Blonde Bond, well, then, I'm thinking no one would mind if I chose George Clooney. I think he'd be happy to bring along a few films and hang out with everyone in William's room . . . for a while (but not all night).

Hank, if I ever do a musical and need a lyricist, I know where to find you! Very fun.

From yesterday, re: Horton Foote, for those who love him--he was one heck of a fine man. I had the honor of meeting him and spending time with him and Robert Duvall at a writers' conference in Texas, and his gentlemanly grace and generosity earned him a big and permanent place in my heart. Also, I was a little too shy to dance with Mr. Duvall, when opportunity presented itself. Sigh.

There will be NO spiders in MY cabin/Luxury Suite at Sleepy Camp!

If we have trouble sleeping, is it okay if we sit around rewriting the endings to some Buffy episodes? I actually sometimes have dreams about different outcomes for some of thee more frightening episodes! I guess this proves that at least ONE fan can't get the Scoobies out of her sub-conscious mind!

On one memorable business trip, where I drove a total of about 3,000 miles to three different cities, I ended up with a really kinked up back. The next morning I was in agony while setting for a 9 AM class, and the first student in the room noticed my difficulty. She asked, and I actually let down my guard enough to tell her. She asked if I would like her sister, a licensed massage therapist, to come and give me a session. The sister was called, right then and there, and she came to my hotel room after the show closed that evening.

Two hours later, after one of the best massages I ever had, she left me with instructions on simple exercises I could do in the room for the next couple days. Bless her, I slept like a rock, did not even go out to dinner, and right on through my roommate coming in at around 10, until the alarm rang at 7. Eleven blissful hours. I don't even think I moved a muscle all night.

So, in my sleepy camp cabin, I'd very much like a massage table, soft tonal music, dim lights, and a super duper wonderful massage therapist. Ahhhhhzzzzzz.

I think there should be one masseur/masseuse for each camper. Doesn't that sound like the proper ratio for Sleepy Camp?

And George Clooney strikes me as being a really good sleeper. Excellent roommate choice.

I like the way you run sleepy camp, Harley!

What Karen said! Just tell me when and where, and I'm in. (I'll relay word to George.)

Please count me in, Harley! No roommate, please, as like many od the other commentersn I have a tendency to wake up in the wee hours, usually around 2:30 a.m.
May I please bring my electric kettle and tea- making supplies for those early morning waking hours?

Yes, Marilyn, a belated yes. At Sleepy Camp, no reasonably request refused. No unreasonable requests refused either.

OMG that is hilarious. I'm in! Let me know when it is registration time.

Sign me up!! I can room with anyone because once I am asleep, I can sllep theough any amount of snoring, talking in their sleep and so on. I have have 4 kids so it feels like I am always tired. Maryann, I cannot sleep in a moving vehicle either, but I can totally sleep in any amount of light. All the lights in the house could be on and I'd fall asleep like a champ. I will be requiring the pedicures and the cocoa please! Massages would be most welcome too:) My only real demand is that you keep my teenagers from finding out where the camp is or they will be surely be bugging me for dire emergencies (well, dire to a teenager, not so much to the rest of the world).

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