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August 23, 2011

News Vacation!

News Vacation!

By Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Images-2 In case you have no idea what is going on in the real world, we are on Day #2 of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert 2-week vacation.  When I lamented that my only sane source of news was MIA, a certain genius who will remain nameless (okay, it was Ramona) suggested a News Vacation.  Genius!  After due consideration (okay, five seconds) I decided to try it.  No 'official' news for a week.

This does not mean I am going to plug in my Dr. Dre headphones (no kidding, it is like you are THERE) and crawl under the desk. Although, it is nice and cool under there and sometimes when people look in they don't know where I am.  Anyone who has spent any time under desks can tell you that it's not a bad place to be, assuming you have a good cleaning crew.  Moving on.

What it means is that I am not watching anything that claims to be news.  I'm not just talking Brian Williams and  Diane Sawyer here.  I am talking all of CNN, MSNBImages-1C, Fox, the whole segment.  No newspapers.  Which is no big deal because we cancelled the local paper a couple of years ago when we found out they out-sourced all the support jobs.  No online news sources - NYT, HuffPo (home of the most misleading headlines on the web), People (yes, I know it's a stretch but they claim to be news).

This experiment will not work for everyone.  Hank, for example, cannot just stop watching the news. It's tough to read the teleprompter if you don't look at it.  Also, rude to just walk out while the rest of the news team is doing their jobs.  Same with our friends in the investment banking sector, whose fortunes can rise and fall based on a single news blurb.  You get the picture.

I am confident that I will find out the really important things without subjecting my brain to the garbage dump that contains the real news, albeit covered in crap. Weather?  Please.  I can see that there is a thunderstorm out my window, but thanks for the timely (not) emergency (not) warning. This weather news business has become a real life boys and girls who cried wolf.  Sports?  In this town?  You can tell by the flags and banners on the houses what is going on.

471859865v_200x200_Front Politics?  Good grief. I am already exhausted by Undecision 2012 and we are only in the third quarter of 2011.  World News?  Wars.  Economic crises. Anyone who doesn't think those two are related needs to take three big steps back and look around.  Local news?  It's a full time job just keeping up with my extended family and friends.  I do love my Regent Square Patch News, but there is a big neighborhood event this weekend, so I will catch up with Stephanie Rex and see what I missed. (Seriously - find your local Patch news - it's a great development in online communication. Here is the link to ours: http://foresthills-regentsquare.patch.com/)

In real life events, we are approaching the 10th anniversary of September 11th. I have mixed feelings about the upcoming media coverage.  I understand the 'never forget' concept - I have both the music and the t-shirts - but there is not a chance in hell I could forget.  But then, not everyone had friends and family in the towers or the Pentagon, or even in an airplane, that day.  Hell, some people weren't even born.  BUT-  I fear that we are going to see a lot of hate and fear-mongering masquerading as patriotism for the next five or six weeks.  Before you label me as a pinko-commie bastard, I must tell you that I wasn't kidding about the music or the t-shirts.  Or the donations to survivors and memorials.  I still get teary when they sing "God Bless America" at baseball games because I remember the time Ronan Tynan did it at the Yankees game in September 2001 - you could hear the anguish in the crowd's voices as they sang along, their grief slowing parts of it down to a dirge.  Hell, I get misty watching the Clydesdales tribute, and that is just photoshopped horses!  But I am also older and wiser enough to know that emotions are easily manipulated, especially by people with political agendas and tricky methods.     HPps_0401 I defer to the great Hagrid and remind you that "Not all wizards are good."

So that's my plan.  A week's vacation from talking heads and inflammatory headlines and useless dreck that pretends to inform and enlighten.  I feel refreshed already!

Want to join me?




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I'm in!

Except that I have to read everything the school sends home this week in the kids' backpacks. Does that count?

Hmmm, would I be able to resist turning on NPR as I drive? I don't watch much TV news, and I don't read any papers regularly. Thanks for mentioning Patch--I had no idea!

Will there ever be a time that a significant event or anniversary such as 9/11 is safe from hucksterism and from jerks who style themselves journalists while merely invading emotional privacy? Sadly, probably not.

But, a week's vacation? Sure would be nice.

I'll be there, but first I have to wean myself off my hometown Patch. Wow! Thanks for the tip on that! We don't have nything this good in Arizona. I am now conected to the Marblehead Patch and headed for Salem right after.

OK listen to this. Cuz this is really good stuff, and I don't know how I managed without it. Oh . . . you haven't started yet, right? Good. Here goes from my hometown via the Marblehead Patch:

This is so cool. Where else in the world do these things happen? Okay. Okay. On Tuesday, a former employee of a local business called police to report she'd quit her job but was keeping the keys to the store until they paid her. Police report that the keys are being held at the front desk of the Marblehead Police Station.

OK. OK. Here's another. This one's the best. Really. On Tuesday afternoon, an employee at a Washington Street Inn called police to report that there was a man acting suspiciously. The man, described as carrying a backpack, wearing a cowboy hat and having tattoos! He walked in and out of the Inn and was making guests uncomfortable.

Wow! I am seriously thinking of moving back to Marblehead for all the excitement. I'll start the news vacation right after I read the Salem Patch.

Oh. Oh. You gotta hear this from Salem! Things have not changed much there in a few hundred years, so you gotta love it. OK here goes.

Salem Police were dispatched to a home at 9:02 p.m. Sunday when a man reported that a neighbor threw a clay pot over the fence into his backyard and was swearing. The man who allegedly threw the pot was not home, so Police spoke to a woman, another neighbor, who told them that the other neighbors have chickens that cluck loudly. Woah! The neighbor agreed to take the chickens in the house. They didn't say which neighbor was taking the chickens in. Maybe the guy came home. Or maybe the woman took them in. They might need the help of Judge Deborah Knott, don't you think?

That chicken story sure beats our story about the rattlesnake that I would have reported to the Tucson Patch if there were a Tucson Patch. We have NaNoWriMo but no Patch. Anyway . . . the snake slid under our living room door Friday night. We called the fire department and a guy holding a backpack, wearing a cowboy hat and had tatoos came to get the snake out. Holy crap. I should have been suspicious, like the Inn people in Marblehead. He was good at snake wrangling though. He picked the snake up and said he was going to let him go somewhere else. I'd tell him to stay away from Marblehead, but he's never been outside of Pima County before, except for that one time he went to Nogales to do a little . . . um . . . shopping.

I don't know if I'll ever catch up with my hometown Patch, Kathy. I don't think I can do that news vacation thing after all. This is too fun!

Just one more from the Salem Patch:

A Leavitt Street caller reported a missing apartment door at 3:30 p.m. Saturday. Police said the caller reported she came home and found that her apartment door on the second floor was no longer on its hinges. The third floor tenant told police he needs access to the second floor to use the kitchen and bathroom, but the locks had been changed.

Kathy you cannot ask me to give this up. Are you out of your ever lovin? This is great stuff. Very therapeutic.

Everything's in the tank. Washington, D.C., has turned into a playground for a Measurement Contest between little boys. Weather patterns have changed, leading to 23 consecutive days over 101. No rain our way, not a drop. 85 at night is now considered 'chilly'.

The economy is still sinking, people are in serious trouble. There's a hunt for a vicious child predator less than 50 miles from here. A mother threw her three month old from a third story balcony. Another mother killed both her children, then tried to kill herself. Two bad guys robbed an adult novelty store, and beat the clerk for absolutely no reason other than they could.

Businesses are shutting down left, right, and sideways, employers are publicly announcing if one is not currently employed don't bother applying. Job fairs are getting attendance in the tens of thousands for perhaps 1500 jobs. The U.S. has lost credit, and credibility, across the globe.

I'm sorry... someone asked why I spend my time on Turner Classic Movies???

Well, I'm packing this week, so I'm checking the NY Times and Salon online SLIGHTLY less often. Already can't watch the news on television, other than Hank. I scream at the screen too loudly and scare people.

Hank is a genius, though. Edward R. Murrow, only way hotter.

I haven't been actively seeking out news in a while. I come across it sometimes, and can decide whether I want to listen/read, or just turn it off.

I have found that if anything significant happens, someone will post about it on their Facebook status, and I can go look for more info if I'm interested. That's how I found out about the London riots and the stage collapse in Indiana, among other things.

I love the Patch thing! We have a guy around the corner who sends out a "Sanatoga Post" (our little hamlet) email every day - it's far more interesting than the local newspaper.

Gee, it's only 7 a.m. and already I've been called a genius. :-)

You know I can't join in a total news blackout because part of my raison d'existence is to find errors in husband's paper. But TV and news streams, I can do, no problem. Except I would miss the stories I like about soldiers surprising their wives and kids when they show up at baseball games and such. I'm a total sucker for those.

You do know that, to some degree, you control what news streams across services like Yahoo news. If, for instance, you click on a headline like "Christine O'Donnell Walks Off Talk Show Like Big Crybaby" then you'll be fed headlines in that vein. So, don't click on "Christine O'Donnell Debuts 'I Am Not A Hobbit' Ad" unless you want more of the same. If you see "Christine O'Donnell Walks Off the Face of the Earth," do click on that, though.

Just an example.

Too late. A big part of my daily routine involves, in a certain order, the NYT headlines on-line (I'm paying for it, so I might as well use it), the local Delaware and Philadelphia news on-line, one or more of the local sports teams on-line, at this time of the football season, Rotoworld.com, and, of course, FaceBook, which gives a certain degree of news, even if it is in the "I just got to the airport" vein.

You picked a good month because Washington basically packs up and moves to the beach in August. Which is traditionally the month that psychoanalysts go on vacation, too. Coincidence? Of course not.

I can't join you. Our neighbors--good friends--are from Libya (they bring the BEST food to the block parties---if you don't like lamb, wait for the baklava) and they are glued to the phones, televisions, radios, internet to learn any scrap of info about their families. It's contagious. We're all watching for any development in the neighborhoods of Tripoli.

Reine, your snake story totally creeps me out. I have to leave my desk now because I'm imagining what might be hiding underneath it. AGGHH!

Reine, I do believe you may have a problem!

Since I rarely read the newspapers anymore, except to check out the headlines on-line, I may be able to handle this, Kathy. (Okay, I do read full articles if the headline appeals to me.) I haven't watched TV in over a year, except occasionally to check out the news while I'm at the gym. If I'm listening to the radio and the news is depressing/sad/grim/gruesome/frightening/concerns celebrities behaving badly/is about people abusing children or animals, I shut the radio or switch to music. If I'm with people who start talking about any of those topics, I tell them to whisper; I don't want to hear it! They give me a strange look.

I do love my local Patch! I think I can give it up, though. Kathy, does it count if I read the heading on the emails I get from Patch and other news sources? I promise you that I already only read full articles on rare occasions. Except if it involves important matters, such as the bull that has been on the loose in my town since around the Fourth of July. He was nicknamed Waldo by the local animal control officer. For some reason, the police, etc, have not been able to corral him. Waldo is in my neighborhood and I do need to know where, exactly, he has last been seen so I don't accidentally run him over on my way to or from work. A friend sees him in her backyard every couple of days. Oh, yeah: we live in the suburbs, NOT the Country. Waldo commuted here from a nearby more rural town. Patch has done a great job covering this important matter.(Am I getting carried away? I think I understand Reine a lot better now.)

I am in!!! Hell I don't have time to read, watch, or take time to pee, I am too busy feelig sorry for my self! Ha!

I'm new to Patch . . . can't wait to check it out. I'm going to have a lovely excuse to ignore ALL news from Sept 1-11 . . . I'll be in Italy. No TV, no papers, very little internet (except to update FB photos).

I've cut back on the news this summer because I found myself getting all stressed/depressed/enraged . . . I have enough of that in my day-to-day life, thank you very much.

My favorite source for intelligent (and intelligible) news, next to Jon and Stephen, of course, is Uncle Jay:


Always leaves a smile!


So glad some of you are discovering The Patch. Great stuff.

As far as the Surprise homecoming videos go, no need to wade through the news dreck - there is a website. As soon as I find it again, I will post it!

Here is the link. http://welcomehomeblog.com/

Not me! Withdrawal symptoms start after 12 hrs. Usually need my fixes every couple of hours. Don't worry, if there's a natural disaster, The Steelers move to Los Angeles or free cash being distributed I'll let everyone know. P.S. You're no longer blocked at work.

Jack - obviously, your new boss is a genius.

Cyndi - Uncle Jay Rules! How could I have missed this?! Just signed up for e-mail updates. No worries - I won't get one until next week, after my news vacation is over.

I like the idea as a news junkie, I know I can't do it. It just that way with junkies. Just when you think you are in recovery, it pulls you back in. Between stock market gyrations and our new Hurricane threat, I have to take a pass. With Curry now directly in line for Hurricane Irene (Wilmington, NC), I just can't help it. Good luck though - no peeking through Facebook - one of my new news outlets.

I had already joined you. Tried it for a weekend earlier this summer when a certain Sarah S. suggested we turn it off for 24 hours. Seems the plan was to ignore the high paid kids in DC who couldn't decide something about playing nice in their litter, er, sandbox. Best weekend of the summer for me. However, that said, I know I'm in trouble because a friend's FB status yesterday was: "Go Libya". At first glance I was trying to figure out who Libby was, since her daughter is Anneke. So I put on my blended bifocals, which created more confusion. Was I missing World Cup soccer? I knew something was up: never in my life could I have anticipate such a headline, tee shirt or Facebook status to state "Go Libya". So, I did what any Glady Kravitz wanna be would do: I glanced over someone's shoulder at a newspaper. Ok, I peered. Holy Ghadafi! With all due respect to Nancy Martin's neighbors and others who are concerned about the violence, I was pleased to see that the murderous criminal was ousted. I prayed for the people of Libya that they end the violence and find peace. And then I got back on my lenten-like abstinence of the news. Just in time to ignore the wedding of some large assed alleged celebrity whose reason for fame has been a mystery yet unsolved. I did however figure out she must have been the inspiration for Sir Mix A Lots "I Like Big Butts".

Kathy, I started taking news vacations about ten years ago. First a week at a time. Then two. Then a whole month. I just finished a news vacation and am still only watching a few minutes of the local news each day...just enough to make sure the world hasn't ended while I was busy doing something else. It's quite freeing. And avoiding the news keeps my blood pressure levels in check.

Besides, as Laura in PA mentioned, if anything huge happens, you're going to hear about it on Facebook or Twitter anyhow.

I just remembered that back in the seventies when I took a Continuing Ed course (Intro to Journalism)the instructor told us that he had taken a year off from his journalism job to write a book. He found that he had to give up TV and radio news, newspapers, magazines, etc, because they distracted him from his writing. He said "if something really important happens, someone in your life will make it their business to inform you."

Count me in. How many people does it take to win the Iowa staw poll, 37? I've already started turning off primary news, Arab spring news, and the new depths of silliness from Jefferson City. Is there any state that has a functioning state government?

Patch is great. The local news told straight up. And being an online paper that understands how online works, I was able to get my pictures of a school district event published a day (yep better than 24 hours) ahead of the district's PR office. Wasn't anything big, just the opening of a brand new from the ground up school.

There was one story that I did like. Peter Kinder (GOP) currently the lt. governor and likely will be the next governor needed ten visits to an Illinois strip club to decide that such things are not the Christian thing to do.

I love The Daily Show. I call it The Real News! How sad is it that a comedian does better (and more hard-hitting) interviews that the "real" journalists.

And we seem to have forgotten what "real news" is. But just in case...it is NOT coverage for a Kardashian wedding.

But I to admit that I'm always relieved when I watch the national news and there are no stories on wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. I figure the wars are over and our guys are on the way home but alas, Kim Kardashian is more important.

Getting news from a friend on Facebook does NOT count. That's like a friend calling you on the phone.

I'd love to have Patch for my little corner of Western PA, but it seems we're too small of a patch for them to consider our under-served neck of the woods. Not a single town in Lawrence or Beaver County is listed nor the neighboring Ohio counties of Columbiana or Mahoning.

I've had an on again/off again project for the past 5 years researching and photocopying news columns written by correspondents in our little town to the newspapers in the neighboring town in Ohio from the 1870's through the first half of the 20th century. Depending upon the correspondent, the 'news' printed ranges from Miss Sally Smith and friend went to East Palestine to shop, to Mr. and Mrs. Brown awoke to an intruder who took items from their home and fled. Tracking hounds traced the culprit to homes over a mile away, but no trace of the person or items was found.

It amazes me when I read some of the crime stories within these columns. They could be talking about today's crimes. Counter jumpers, robbers who jumped the counters at local stores to rob the till; home invasion, etc. No murders in the columns I've researched and copied thus far, but plenty of dead bodies found along the railroad tracks of men, of whom it was assumed, were jumping trains while drunk.

The writers of these columns assumed the reader knew what was going on in the outside world and today's reader of these columns, if they know the historical timeline of events, can extrapolate, my little town's response. Examples include ladies of the town's churches packing barrels of clothing to send to the survivors of the Galveston Hurricane in 1900. The writer never mentions Galveston or hurricane, but the dates correspond to each other. Other examples include the gold rush to the Klondike, Johnstown Flood, etc.

When we got a DVR a few years ago, I learned that if I kept it set on the local channel I prefer, and left the power on, I could rewind the morning news and fast forward through all the crap. Most mornings I'm able to knock down an hour's time to 10-15 minutes which includes the time spent rewinding and fast forwarding. I won't bother to restate what you already know about how 'news' is broadcast these days.

Facebook Does So Count! So there!

Wait. The hurricane is heading for Wilmington? My sister lives in Southport...

See? Who needs the news?

I'm approximately in, as I've been trending that way for quite a while anyway. I don't read the local paper, and even Rachel Maddow is too depressing to watch these days. The NPR website is my browser homepage, so I usually skim the headlines, but only actually read the really weird stories, the book reviews, and the science stuff.

Like the song says - "I can gather all the news I need from the weather report . . ." And I don't even really need that in Norfolk in August .....

I live in a bubble most of the time anyways.
Hurricane? You mean we might get one? I'm with Kathy. When I see the wind picking up I'll move my hanging plants and wind chimes inside.
Actually it would be a good thing if there was some roof damage on the house I live in as my Mom tells me because we haven't had it replaced since Andrew the insurance company is canceling our policy.
Since when do you pay someone for 19 years "just in case" and they can walk away without even a kiss goodbye?
I don't need no stinkin' news!

BTW...I'm thinking of sending a photo album to my ex-boyfriend's son of all our happy times together over the last ten years.
I'd kill (did I say that?) to know what he told his family happened.

See? All you really need to do is check TLC and the comments a couple of times a day.

And Facebook messages do NOT count as news, Josh! My vacation, my rules. So there! ;)

I just realized how heavily I rely on TLC for my news, especially if it's a day I'm not in the car without the kids. Without the kids, I listen to NPR. With the kids, it's Katy Perry, Rihanna, Eminem, Lady Gaga, Ludacris, Taio Cruz, etc. etc. etc. (insert hip hop beat here) . . . I know, up until 3 years ago, I'd never heard of any of those people either.

Ah, but TLC! I remember the time Nancy M. e-mailed me to ask what the heck was going on with Mel Gibson (as if he's my next-door neighbor) and that was the first I'd heard of anything going on with Mel since his drunken Hitler rant. So I Googled him, and there went three hours out of my life, that I shall never get back.

Count me in Kathy!

I'm an avid news junkie and missing my newsy clips (and daily chuckle) from Colbert & Stewart in the morning on 'Way Too Early' with Willie Geist! Well...there's always Conan (but who the heck can stay up that late?...not ME!) Remember, I have to get up at 5a.m., get my coffee, let the dog out to pee and then watch 'Way Too Early.')

Well, HLN, MSNBC AND CNN have me flippin' the channel constantly as I can't stand to miss a thing. If there's a commercial on...OMG, I'm missing SOMETHING! My daughter & I were glued to the Cassey Anthony trial, I mean, that was LIVE news! Sweet! We both felt withdrawal symptoms when it ended however. :(

BUT,since my daughter became engaged 2 weeks ago, I am now on a news vacation of my own....hence the constant watching of "Say 'YES' to the dress"! Yes, our TV is on THAT channel and at first I was groaning inside(cause I was MISSING MY NEWS) but then I realized that since my daughter already found her dress (amazingly the first week and first time looking) that I wanted to see how badly these mother's behave...(tee-hee)...I, on the other hand, behaved quite well and let my daughter choose what she loved. Oh, don't kid yourself into thinking I didn't voice my opinion along with the bridesmaids, however, we were all in agreement on the final dress. Ultimately, it was my daughter's decision and with that, I was pleased. Now I am not missing the news so much. :) (and mother's of the bride, learn from my example.)

As for Patch, I am new to this and will def check it out...and you are correct, FB does not count!

I was basically on a news vacation earlier this month. But more because of personal issues as opposed to a lack of interest. It wasn't until somebody asked me about something, and I was clueless. Sigh.

But, I am in. After I do one more check to find out what the heck was happening on Sunday night at Christ's Home....

Great thing to do now and then! It's a news colonic! I'm not going to join you this time because I'm in Florida watching to see what Irene is going to do, but I have done it before. I don't ever watch the news anyway, I only read it. If I had Hank on any of my stations I would watch, absolutely, but alas, I don't, and a Hankless news station is all hat and no cattle, all banana and no peel, all hair and no dog, all. . .I think you get it.

Actually, I have plans to look through and recycle a stack of accumulated newspapers today, but I'll be skimming . . .
I don't watch of listen to news much -- far too upsetting. I listen to books on CD in the car, much better for me and for the other drivers on the road. If the book is good enough, I don't even mind red lights as much.

After News Vacation, can we plan some other Vacations? Like, Paying Bills Vacation? Shaving My Legs Vacation? Staying Sober Vacation?

And, despite the fact that I know this will be shot down instantly, Football Season Vacation?

Sorry. I need a vacation.

I LOVE THIS IDEA> News make me SO unhappy -- I don't trust any of it, and half of it seems to be about J. Lo and serial killers. The whole thing makes me a wreck. Me and Dr. Pangloss, we are just tending our garden in this best of all possible worlds.

Can't go on news vacation this week, Kathy. Not with a hurricane heading for the East Coast. But I'm watching and reading less news because my next novel is due Sept. 7.
We don't have the Patch here in Fort Lauderdale, though they do good stories on my events in other cities. Don's newspapers, The Eastsider and the High Riser, are the Lauderdale version of The Patch and darn good -- and not just because he's my husband.

Um, Debby . . . "After I do one more check to find out what the heck was happening on Sunday night at Christ's Home...."

I'm intrigued . . .

I find that if I listen to the news in small doses throughout the day then I can usually swallow the big gulp of the evening news.
The evening news has become pathetic since it has been usurped by the twenty four hour cable and other outlets. Even the Internet smacks you in the face with the tragedies or ridiculous news items of the day.
I can now inform my DH of a breaking news flash before he sees it on television.
The most riveting item of the weekend was the Kardashian wedding where the four hundred guest were told to give up their cameras and cell phones.
Ha! If these unsuspecting guests agreed to do this they were probably lulled by a sense of wanting to be a part of an overblown event that ignored all the people who can't rub two quarters together to buy a cheap cup of coffee. And there you have it. Twenty four hours of news, teases interrupted by ED, allergy medicines, leg cramp help and dry eye aids.
Do not worry..there won't be a dry eye in the house when the news becomes the only entertainment on tv.
And that is why I sneak a peek at QVC and lull myself into wondering why gold pieces are still available on easy pay.

Over the years I've gotten less and less interested in anything but listening to NPR, and skimming headlines online. Most of the time you can distill the actual news items down to five minutes, once you ignore all the celebrity bullshit that passes for news, and 99.99% of the commentary, which is just propaganda passing for opinion. We stopped taking the local paper years ago, because the front page--the front page!--was mostly sports. I mean, come on. In order to find a handful of AP items about international or national news you can to search the paper; those items were usually three or four pages back, buried in department store ads.

Luckily, we don't get cable, so I'm not tempted to park my butt in front of the tube with a headline thingie running along the bottom or top of the screen. As William said, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, and it's best to just not think about it. Our blood pressure thanks us, I'm sure.

Signed into facebook first thing yesterday morning. Found out the NDP Leader here in Canada had died.
That is enough news for me for the month. He was a pretty cool guy.

I don't watch or follow much news. For celebrity crap I watch half of a TMZ show about once a week, during which I think "Who the hell are these people?" and go back to regular programming.

I would rather watch repeats of Buffy than current news. Last nights rerun - she kills Adam! Go Scoobies!!!!!

Speaking of TCM..I bow to William..
The classic movies have always had a field day with the newsmedia and reporters.
It all started with the movie "It Happened One Night" starring Clark Gable who was looking to break the story of a runaway heiress, Claudette Colbert.
Who can forget "The Network" when all hell broke lose with revelations of how a network really manipulated viewers?
"Broadcast News" was a classic piece outlining the angst of newscasters on camera.
Early on "The Front Page" was another classic editor vs reporters.

And of course, "All the President's Men" which chronicled the events that led to a president's downfall.
I believe that people are still fascinated by what make print or network or cable news tick.

I couldn't do it. I really couldn't. I'm eager to hear, at the end of it, what you missed, or if it felt as if you missed anything.

The "someone will tell me" theory--I'm not so hot on. I always think there are little news time bombs, stuff no one would mention, but that you need to know.

Although in the mornings when I am reading the NY TImes, I often gripe: there's way to much news for me to EVER know!

And the winner of Carla Neggers' book from yesterday is: Mary Rickson!

Mary, email me via my website http://www.HankPhillipiRyan.com

and tell me your address!


Because of Facebook, I just heard about an earthquake that was felt clear down to Maryland, up to New Jersey, and over the Parkersburg, WV.

Tried to post this a few minutes ago - an earthquake hit near Richmond, VA and the impact was felt here! I got a bunch of texts, e-mails and calls.

I rest my case - who needs the organized news?

Hope you all are not to shaken up. I'll admit-I turned on the news and there it was an earthquake in D.C. This is really a surprise. I'm on an Internet news vacation. Just reading my friendly mystery blogs.

Lil in California

Yeah, we heard about the earthquake from a friend of a coworker who felt it in her office a couple of towns away from us. We felt nothing at all! A visitor to my office, who lives not too far from my office, felt it at his house before he left to come here.

Yep, Kathy: we don't need the news as much as we think we do! I've noticed that I don't always know about locally important matters, depending on which local newspaper I have been reading.

Kathy, if you don't turn on the TV to watch earthquakes news, you are hardcore!

I will try

Yes Cynthia, I too am tired of the Kardashians. It is like a train wreck. Just when you think it cannot get more outrageous IT DOES. GOD help us

Lil, I'm so glad to hear from you here, I missed your voice.

Sorry, Kathy, I cant wait to hear what the Tea Baggers and their spawn have to say about the DC quake!

I am telling you - I don't need no stinkin' news show. I may, however, need to increase my text message allotment...

And I must share the best earthquake joke of the day (so far) from Facebook:

"This earthquake was a lot like my ex boyfriend: lasted seconds, not that big and I barely felt it"

Since Jon Stewart and Colbert are on vaca, and any news gotten on Facebook doesn't count—I'm in! I wish we had done this last week to avoid the Kardashian Konstant Kountdown to nuptials. That story went right on the top of my Things-I-Never-Will-Care-About pile.

But hmm, I'll need a replacement for the morning TV news as I'm getting dressed. Blissful silence, Law And Order rerun, or does ESPN Sportscenter count as news? I could easily let guys in uniforms wake me :)

Hi all-so it was a big one for the East coast; we wouldn't like it either. I found the info about the differences between East and West coast quakes really interesting. For Reine, thank you for your kindness. I was hospitalized with chest pains, but all tests were negative(blood, angiogram, etc.) So I'm fine, although really tired-who sleeps in hospitals? But I'm back now.

Lil, I'd been hoping you were on vacation, but it's good to know you are well and home from the hospital. I can't sleep in hospitals, as I've read too many mysteries set there!

Sorry I am a full news junkie.....tho' the real news is The Daily Show......just have to ck the locals, Patch (Huffpo owns it), Wash Post, N Y Times, Al Jazera, BBC and a few others. The fact that I beat the comupter at Scrabble in 23 minutes on my Ipad might suggest I am slaking, however, on the news thing. Good luck.

Hank, those 'little teeny news bombs'--too true! Years ago, when I read the LA Times daily and the NY Times on Sunday, I happened upon a little report from Atlanta or thereabouts, about a trial of a drug kingpin in which the money trail led into the pockets of one George Bush (Sr., not W). Riveted, I tuned in daily for weeks, finding not a single follow-up story until, some weeks later, the reporter who wrote the story turned up dead under very mysterious circumstances, as did, one by one, the key witnesses. The trial and story went away. But, that original story is on microfiche somewhere in Georgia, unless, of course, it, too, turned up dead under mysterious circumstances.

Lil, glad you're ok.

We've been lamenting the absence of the Boys too! They are truly the only people we trust to tell the truth via "fake news," and they make you laugh while doing it.

Like you (and everyone else here) we're on a news vacay too, so keep us up to date with your progress!

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