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March 29, 2011

I Enjoy Being a Girl...Or Not.

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By Sarah

Lately, I've been paying particular attention to women's breasts.

I know what you're going to say - there's nothing wrong with that. And I agree because I live in Vermont where we openly embrace - and marry - couples of all sexualities. But there's a downside Real housewives to living here - it's isolated, rural, cold and extremely fashion challenged.

Which brings me to breasts.

My latest obsession began during two three-hour flights back and forth to Florida on Jet Blue where
I watched back-to-back episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County. I don't know if you've seen this show, but if you're stuffed in a plane with 37 toddlers rehabbing from Disney World and/or you're recovering from a frontal lobotomy, this is the entertainment for you.

At first I couldn't keep the housewives straight. They all had long blond hair and they all appeared to be about the same age. Thirty, uhm, maybe fortyish. Their lips were grotesquely inflated, like they'd just been socked in the mouth. And then, of course, there were those breasts.

Flotation devices was more like it. After six hours, these poor mishapen circus freaks turned into a whirling blur of cat fights and tossed white wine and puffy lips and bobbing boobies. I thought, surely no one looks like that in real life.

Two weeks later, I went to New York and realized I was the freak, not them. Granted, the Three babes signing/party I attended for my absolutely favorite author Emily Giffin was not your usual affair. It was 89% pure estrogen and for me, who'd been stuck in flannel and red plaid doping out on wood smoke, being suddenly immersed in a sea of fluttering femininity was like plunging into a deep turquoise Caribbean bay. Refreshing and inspiring.

I'd forgotten what it was like to be a girl, to wear a cute dress and high heels and bare legs and jewelry. I'd forgottten how much fun it could be. The women with whom I stood in line for over two hours - gulp! - may have had some things "done," but they were hardly ditzes. Nor were they the Real Bitches of Orange County. Far from it. They were smart and funny and way independent. They were too good for any guy who snuck in to Pranna hoping to take advantage of the math.

Note on that: Don't be a single woman in New York City if you want to get married before age 35/40. As far as I can tell, any guy a tad more fit than John Goodman at least a part-time job can pick and choose from women with Ivy degrees and Ford Model features. If she so much as dares to ask for a commitment, or that he pay the tab,  he can drop her toot sweet and hook up with someone even better within five minutes.

My advice for those who want to get married: move to Cleveland. Lots of guys with jobs looking for wives. But you have to live in Cleveland. I'm just saying.

Anyway, back to my point and I do have one. When you get to my age - 48 - it's no good walking Litvak around with the twin set God gave you. They've lost their luster, their bounce, their joie d'vivre. I have only to glance a few generations back at my oppressed Lithuanian ancestors to know where they're headed.

So should I get them done? I mean, I'm not dead yet. I was a relatively young mother and with my kids grown and out of the house, I have a lot of living yet to do. Isn't 50 the new 25? That's the rumor. I figure as soon as I get this latest rewrite of my YA novel done, I can devote myself to working out, hydrating, starving, peeling and waxing.

Okay, so no one will appreciate me in downtown Montpelier upon the approach of mud season - not the good kind you smear on your face. The bad kind that swallows your car.

But there are trains to New York. And five-hour flights via Pittsburgh. There's incentive, right? Is getting a little of this done, a lift here, a tuck there, a boost in between so wrong?

Or will I end up a Real Housewife, tossing wine and sharpening my claws?






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No, you should not get them done. Your husband loves you just the way you are, like Colin Firth. (One of the RHOOC was a Playboy centerfold and ZZ Top video vixen when we were in college. My roommates and I still remember her. I've never watched the show, and don't know if she's had work done, though.)

And Cleveland isn't necessarily the place to go to find a man to marry. Sure, that's where our we got married, but she had to move 400 miles from Cleveland to find the gem that I was. And she was one of those 2x Ivy Leaguers.

Oh, Sarah, what have you done? You have flung us into a fantasy for a day where we could all have big lips and big breasts.
Shaking off those pesky children and running to our famous plastic surgeons of body geniuses we could temporarily infuse our lips and our boobs with collagen. When we finally arrive home to be met with what have you done or Darling what big boobs you have or what big lips you have you can answer "The better to smother you with, my dear."
But high maintenance and suppressing my brain power seems like a giant leap for me. I do not think that I could live in the world of spilling drinks or bitch slapping but this might be today's answer to the former game show "Queen for a Day". Oh, golly, where is June Cleaver when you need her?

I think this was the wrong group to ask... And I found my husband in Boston... Of course, we were in college...

Second picture in this blog, the one with three women. Would it be chauvinistic if I said the One in the Middle is *HOT*?

Yeah, it probably would. But it IS me, and I've recently gotten in touch with my Inner Sexist thanks to a DVD collection of Sinatra's TV specials over the years, with special guest appearances by Dean Himself. One could make the argument the 1960's are alive and well!

Both men stated more than once neither could stand 'broads with fake [breasts]'.

Apply The Rat Pack Checklist: smart, funny, cute, kind, talented, takes no crap from anyone, what do we end up with?

Easy: The Blonde In The Middle is *HOT*!

Well, you know, Elizabeth, partly my question is a joke.
On the other hand, I think my years in New England have stunted my view on the new feminist. I grew up old school believing that girls who were pretty and thin couldn't be intelligent. But look at Emily. She could be a rock star.
She's also a UVA Law graduate and her books are deceptively chicklit, but her themes are complex, her pacing perfect and her humor injected effectively. Plus, her writing is clear and crisp. It immerses you into her world seamlessly without vanity or look-at-me prose.
Does the NYT review her? Not really. But she's a more accurate observer of women's lives than Franzen, that's for sure.
The women who lined up to see here were, for the most part, much like her. Successful in their own fields while being fit and attractive. And...yearning for real men.
I find it all very fascinating. As someone who didn't go to her high school prom, who never wore an evening gown and who was "off the market" so to speak at age 25, I feel like I've missed out on a whole swath of youthful femininity.
Sexist? Retro? Maybe. But I notice Gloria Steinem is still a babe. And smart, too.

William - I'm cutting out your post and framing it on my wall. You know how to get to an old girl's heart. :)

Sarah, I love your posts.

Do I want to have my breasts enhanced so they'll be big and floaty? no.

But I sure wouldn't mind having my tummy tucked so IT wouldn't be big and floaty.

The older I get the more out of control this belly gets. Seriously. What do you guys DO to keep your belly from becoming the body part that precedes you into a room.

Regarding Emily Griffin - I think she rocks!

Regarding the fact that there are some women who do still want a man in their life. I'm confused (and obviously, out of touch). Is this wrong? Are all women these days supposed to not want a man in their life? How come? Is there something wrong with enjoying having a partner to share the ups and downs with? I know it's not for everyone. I do. But I don't understand this new veneer of independence which allows some women to sneer at other women who admit to wanting a man in their life. Is that the new feminism? As I said - I am soooo out of touch in this. truly. I'm not of the mind that a woman needs to man to complete her life, but I do believe it's O.K. for a woman to feel her life "might" be a bit fuller with one. I'm rambling. But, you know what I mean?

Kaye, you made me laugh out loud about the floating belly!

I must be just thismuch older than the rest of you, because all my friends are talking about the Quick Lift. Our eyelids are covering up our eyelashes these days, and the saggiest parts of us are (after the aforementioned belly!) those little jowly things behind our chins. Argh.

Those "Real" housewives have no souls. No souls whatsoever. If that's feminism now, I'm going to go watch a little Frank Sinatra . . . .

I try to be supportive (pun completely intended) of women who choose to surgically alter their bodies. Some are healthy, intelligent women who just want a little boost (here we go again!). Unfortunately, I wonder how many more let that external feedback drive their self-esteem. I work with a woman who had a boob job a few years ago. She dresses conservatively at work, but they're hard to miss. Last week she had another surgery because one of them sprung a leak. Instead of simply repairing it, she chose to replace both - she was afraid she'd be lopsided. When asked if she was going bigger, she said no, she was just going "higher." After some discussion, she revealed that she was actually increasing the volume by nearly 25%! She's already rather astonishingly large, and it saddens me that she feel it is necessary.

Short answer - first try to find something that makes you feel sexy that doesn't require someone cutting open your chest and stuffing a couple of bags of salt water or silicone inside.

I haven't had breast ever so I did the $25 boob job--new and slightly bigger cupped bra from Target ($10) and inserts ($15). It made me feel better & a bit more feminine since I now was able fill out my tops. Plus they didn't sag! "-)

Sprung a leak - Bwah! I'm sorry. But it sounds funny.

I think we need to have a universal conference about what's up with women. We're all over the place - getting boob jobs and tummy tucks in one world. Ordered to walk 5 paces behind men and quit schooling in 6th grade at another. A woman runs into a Tripoli hotel lobby and screams that she was beaten and raped for two days by Qadaffi's men and the world's finest western journalists can't help her. And, yet, the daily headline on Yahoo! is which female celebrity changed her hairstyle. (Can't stand those.)
Single women are making up an increasing # of mothers. And Snooki's sleeping around on the Jersey Shore.


Sarah, you're so beautiful! You were NOT asking for compliments, but you'll just have to take some. :) Even if you injected plastic, you could never *be* plastic, so no worry there.

But those women on that show? The problem for me is that THEY'RE NOT ATTRACTIVE! Are they? I mean, really? Aren't they hard-looking, and don't they actually look a lot OLDER than they are? It's such an irony--get work done so you can look as if you've been aged in brine. I use the word "you," not meaning you. English sucks sometimes.

Nope. I like my boobs medium-small. I like running and kickboxing and I don't want to be bouncing all over the Santa Monica mountains. Not that there aren't a lot of enhanced chests at my gym. I suspect I live in one of the top ten most surgically enhanced neighborhoods on planet earth.

Ah, but those jowly things? That's another story. And the neck wrinkles! But I don't have the time, patience, money or determination to do anything about any of it. But I have to admit, it does cross my mind.

Oh: I lived in Cleveland for 4 months and the only men I met were the ones onstage with me. Not the kind you'd marry, but we sure had fun.

Listen, I love the twins. They have provided two kids with magic nourishment and provided me with untold hours of fun.

But having bigger ones is not always a pleasure - they get in the way of little things like seat belts and make riding roller coasters an actual health risk. Water parks? Fugeddaboutit! I almost suffocated myself on a water slide once.

Yin and Yang. Just saying.

Oh, you always make me laugh. Yeah, get whole body makeover. Why not, right? Let's ALL do it! Together!
Then we can be The Real Tarts of the Internet.

May I get boringly pedantic for a moment? (Flee, while there's still time!) Remember a few decades ago when all the talk was of "The Feminine" principle bursting back into the world after centuries of repression? Well, I think it's still happening and we still don't know how to deal with it, or what to do with it, with our power, our authority, our whatever, our boobs! So some go to extremes of "femininity," some get all sexual, some go all extreme earth mother, etc. Meanwhile, it scares the shit out of some men and they go to the other extreme of even greater repression. It may take us another five centuries or so to get the balance right.

When I think of it that way, as part of a huge on-going picture with millions of moving parts, I feel real sympathy for those women--and for all of us, male and female. This archetypal shifting business is hard, baby.

My daughter is blessed with Double-Ds, and I wouldn't trade places with her. She can't find clothes that fit, especially when she was a teen and all the junior clothes are made for stick figures; nobody looks her in the eye; and she hasn't stood up straight since she was 14.

I have thought about the eye tuck thing, because I feel like my eyes look just like our turtle's - just folds that drift down now and then. But I'm not sure I'd risk an end result that would make me look permanently surprised.

I agree with Sandi, that it's sad that many women feel cosmetic surgery is necessary to feel good about themselves. We had a situation here in Philly a couple of months ago, where a couple of women flew from England to have butt injections done by someone in a Hampton Inn at the airport (!), and one of them died. How desperate do you have to be to do that?

So, I'll deal with what I have. Sarah, I think you're gorgeous, for the record.

I also have to admit that I've never read Emily Giffin's books. My daughter has them all, and loves them. I need to rectify this oversight on my part.

Having had the girls since sixth grade...and NEVER an A cup BTW...I'd say treasure what you have and forget the silicone or saline or whatever in favor of a great vacation with lots of good food and memories. Hey, have you ever seen an octogenarian with perky boobs? The thought of it is kind of frightening. Besides, Victoria's Secret can push you up and out for a pittance of what you'd spend...and no little itchy incisions to make you crazy either.
I look at the wrinkles every morning and wonder if I want to spend lots of $$ on getting them smoothed out. And then I think...y'know, a lot of the ones I see are from laughing. Maybe a few sad lines, much mostly lines from sharing joy. Why would I want to erase them? I'll just do a Stefanie Powers and use flowing scarves around my neck...but not Isadora Duncan length...strangulation by elevator door is NOT a pretty thought.
PS. I can't watch the Housewives, Desperate or Jersey...it just seems wrong somehow.

Nancy P. I love you. Charlie and I were having that discussion just the other day - I don't know what's going on with him, btw, doing dishes, bringing me cups of tea, encouraging me to take bath instead of making dinner. Affair?
But I digress. He wondered what it's all about, the way certain cultures of men freak out over women. And it's not just Fundamentalist Muslims, if you get my drift.
To me, we women seem so ... overworked. With kids. With jobs. With running houses. Right now I don't have the time - or energy - to be a threat.

Affair, lol! I'm guessing not. :) He sounds like such a sweetheart. Tell him to read (or re-read) Carl Jung. Esp. on the topic of the "Anima." And I love you back.

"Lately, I've been paying particular attention to women's breasts." Gee, I have been paying attention since the '70's.

The 'hood where I deliver pizzas is the land of trophy wives and the originals trying not to get replaced. Both visit the plastic surgeon.

If you don't want guys drooling and forgetting how to speak, avoid "stripper boobs". On younger women, you look like I should tuck a dollar in your shirt. On older women, when the boobs are from a 22 year old but the neck, shoulders, arms and hands are from a 52 year old, you really do look like a retired stripper. Either way, I think the doc adds to the boobs from the brains sometimes. Maybe it is that stereotypical guys expect girls with big ones to not know what stereotypical means.

Should you get a pair? I would need to see some photos, and I will let you know. (Sorry ladies, I had to.)

Since the topic is boobs, I want to know this: If you hang them out, and I stare, am I wrong?

Alan: you're on shifting sand here. I'd duck and cover.
Can't win for losing, can you?

It's always something! When I was twenty-four, living in Manhattan, and looking pretty damned good (or so I thought), a photographer friend said to me: "You have a wonderful face: great cheekbones, skin, mouth, eyes. If you just fixed the tip of your nose it would be perfect." I have not been able to look in the mirror and see anything but the tip of my nose since! Even now, when the Lifestyle Lift would be much more appropriate, I'm still thinking about that nose job.

Good grief, the last thing I need is a butt injection. Why would anyone do such a thing?

Laura, I just saw a sign the other day: "Eyes of March special: Eyelids, $1,500 each". And then we had to have that tiresome conversation about the ides of March. Why is that so hard to remember? It's the middle day.

I've been wondering recently why so many women seem to want to look exactly like everyone else. This is really distressing, in particular to someone like me, nearly 60, who has spent an entire life trying to be considered on an equal par with men. Why trivialize ourselves by turning our bodies into flesh and blood versions of Barbie dolls? It defies sense to me.

Sure, I'd like to have a bit less tummy, and more jaw definition, but I'm absolutely not going to jeopardize my health and life by having a surgeon "fix" any of it. I'm aging gracefully, and if my husband doesn't like it, well, he needs to look in the damn mirror, is all I'm saying.

Here's the article. You can't make this stuff up.


Maryann, it sounds like you and I have a lot in common!

Sarah, let me be the first to offer to donate my excess "boobage" to you! I've been living with these hefty girls since I was eleven years old. The women in my family are all over-endowed; doesn't matter how thin or heavy. One of my sisters and I were joking recently that we would just LOVE to have our doctors advise us that we must have breast reduction surgery. I'm not one for having surgery but if I could have breast reduction done as a medical necessity, I'd be jumping for joy! A few years ago I lost a lot of weight - everywhere except up on top. It's not easy to find clothing that fits just right. I can't wear the kinds of dresses or tops that I'd like to wear because they're made for AAA cup people, and look downright obscene on ME, and I stopped wearing button-down blouses because it was just too hard to get them to STAY buttoned.

Yeah, I know there are worse problems to have! In my dreams, anyway, I am well-proportioned!

My girlfriend felt that she needed augmentation at 24 years of age. So much went wrong. One of her silicon implants did spring a leak -- think of all of that material floating around in your body. The other one hardened. That's what we were all looking for, hard breasts. She got them replaced with saline, but for the rest of her life she has to occasionally get scar tissue squeezed out, and as she is allergic to pain-killers, she does so unanesthetized.

The only way I would consider breast surgery is to make those babies smaller and move them back up my chest to where they once were. I am not looking forward the day where they might get caught in my slacks zipper. But I have had too many necessary surgeries and will not be signing up for any that aren't medically necessary.

I know they exist...I know there is a show about them on TV. I know there is a new show in Miami now.
Watch it?
I'd have to be trapped in a plane with screaming disneyfied children to even think of it as entertainment.

It is amazingly soporific, Xena. I could go through a whole root canal w/o anesthesia, if I had this show to watch.

Deb, clothing is manufactured to fit women with B-cups. I learned to sew out of self-defense.

A friend's sister had breast implants put in 30 years ago or so, because after her three kids were born she was flat as an ironing board. She jogs (without a bra) still, partly so the jiggling will help keep the implants pliable, and she has to lie on the bed and have them pounded on periodically. What a price to pay for a bit of a figure.

Laura, I know it's done; I just can't imagine why it's done. But then, a lot of things make me scratch my head and wonder.

Craziness! I'm with you, Karen! I am content with my own self (though I'm often surprised by photos because I keep expecting my self of some years back, short term or selective memory disconnect ;-) I had a tiny bit of reconstruction done near my upper lip after removal of a spot of basal cell, needed to prevent a permanent sneer, which would not have suited my personality. It hurt! -- not "discomfort," PAIN! I cannot fathom people enduring recreational surgery. Add to that the risk . . . and the expense, in a country with so many real problems left unfunded.
As to men/no men -- open to possibilities, but not declaring my life a failure if there is no man (especially considering how many men of my generation were lost in the Vietnam War).
A friend put it so well when students asked her why she was single -- marriage should make one's life better (otherwise why?) and with an already good life, it's not easy to find someone to make it better. That doesn't mean I wouldn't make room for another toothbrush . . . shoot, I'd even give up half the closet! Meanwhile, I'll keep living my life in my own body. "A fish without a bicycle" doesn't hate bicycles, but isn't going to stop swimming either. BTW, that t-shirt used to be so good for picking up guys . . . (mine was cuter than any I found today)

I observed true beauty yesterday when my daughter's poor golden retriever limped over to her and she said comforting words. Both of her dogs and cats came over and rubbed up against me and wanted some loving.
After running around the mall for baby items and maternity clothes and observing many types of beauty I feel good about inner beauty. I am a candidate for the kick fix tuck at lunchtime, but I have more to do than take a chance on doing a procedure. If I play my cards right both my husband's eyesight and mine will dim at the same time and we will both remain ever young.

And Sarah, you DO look beautiful in that picture and we know that you have a great personality. William said it better that I can.

If I looked like, say, Daniel Craig, I'd insist that all of my women have lush full lips, well rounded butts and big firm boobs.

However, I look like a fat hippie/biker that is closing in on 60 at about Warp 7, so I'll take my women (well, ok, woman) the way time has sculpted her.

And Sarah, if you did get some work done, then your husband would feel the need to get some work done and pretty soon you'd be in the middle of a cosmetic surgery arms race. Also, the dog wouldn't recognize you and might start peeing on your shoes.

Karen, I think I was a B cup for a whole day and a half! I can barely remember it! And it's hard to believe that people(those B cup folks, etc) are willing to endure what Storyteller Mary so aptly described as "recreational" surgery to grow a couple of cup sizes larger. I had to re-read what you wrote about what your friend's sister goes through to keep her implants pliable. It's just mind-blowing!

If I could change anything, I'd be about three inches taller. Can't do anything about THAT surgically...To my disappointment, I've lost an inch in the last eight years or so. Oh, well.

Sarah, you are lovely the way you are. I bet Anna looks just like you when you were the same age. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Doc, you're on a roll today!

"Eyes of March special: Eyelids, $1,500 each" --how many clients go for a single eye, I wonder?

I am with Kathy and Laura (or MK, her daughter), as I was one who was well-endowed. For my 30th birthday present to myself, I had a reduction, and it was the best.

Played volleyball two weeks later, and was able to jump and spike finally.

Actually grew an inch, as I was finally standing straight instead of stooping over.

Do I sometimes wish they were larger? Not really, maybe a smidge. But at least now I can wear the cute and sexy bra's and keep them looking good that way.

As for Emily Giffen, I have all of her books. Two are still on Mount To-Be-Read. I met some other authors (ahem, Sarah, Nancy, Harley, Toni, etc) who kind of distracted me.... :)

I am thankfully in the just under the B cup range and wouldn't trade up for love nor money. I had a difficult time adjusting when I went from just under an A and grew to a B! I felt huge. I can understand why women have reductions and/or lift-ups but implants, no freaking way.

And those Housewife women with all their recreational surgery all look WAY older than their ages and I can only stand to surf onto the show for a minute or two and get creeped out and watch something else. Their faces for from plastic placidness to sneering, hard, meanness in the blink of an eye. I will take my single, unadulterated life over that brittle life any day.

Not looking to start any fights here, but if women tried to legislate men's bodies the way men want to legislate women's, would they stand for it? Just asking.

No they would not. There have been many pithy statements about what would happen if men had the babies . . . but since they can't, in the words of my dear sweet mother, "Those people need to keep their noses out of other people's bodies."

I love Debby's "Mount To-Be-Read."

Margaret, dream on! To those people legislating women's bodies, women don't count for shit.

Hi Sarah, Boobs? I dunno. I never really liked them much. But boys did. And that was fun. My mother had memorable breasts, and died long before they could no longer be memorable. All these years later, though, that's what everyone remembers about her. I went to visit an old school friend in Marblehead recently. When the topic of my parents came up, the only thing she said was, "Your mom had a rack!"

5 years ago I had my girls done. 4 breast fed babies, each breast fed for a year, did a number on them. I debated the subject for a year, then decided I was doing it for me, not to be the next Housewife of Orlando. Now this may be TMI but I did over the muscle, and saline. Why? Because as I got older, I wanted them to sag somewhat; I didn't want to look like those old ladies with with their high perky girls under their chin.

I have been very very happy with them. As the years went on, they did sag, got a little lopsided, and generally weren't perfect. And that was ok. My main concern was being even. I had a little bit of boob to go with my butt. (thought about telling people I had my butt done, but was afraid that I would destroy my surgeon's business because really, I'm just a little too saggy)

I have a few friends that have had the girls perked up a bit, and for the most part, you would not walk past us and wonder. Because none of us did it to fill some pie-in-the-sky idea of feminine beauty. We did it to fill out what Mother nature took when we fed our children. No double DD's or higher. Mostly b and c's...just to make us a feel a little better. In fact none of us suddenly started wearing cleavage popping clothing, or displaying our new investments. Before this year, the only people to see the new girls were my husband, my doctors, and one or two curious friends. My bathing suits still went up to my neck. I still wore sweaters buttoned up, very little cleavage. It was enough to know that they were there for me. I didn't need anyone else's approval. and during my last mammogram, the tech said, "Oh those are implants, I did not realize, they look real! " Which I considered the ultimate compliment to my surgeon.

Now I have lost one of the new girls due to breast cancer. And 2 of my friends that have had them done? They did them because they had to have totally mastectomies. One friend (40 years old) came down with cancer in both breasts and then tested positive for the BRAC gene, and another (36 years) went ahead and got tested for the BRAC gene, because her mom had it. Neither of those ladies were looking for traffic stopping boobs, and neither got them. Just a dose of femininity.

(Interestingly enough, one of the first comments out of my surgeons mouth was that, in the state of FL, if you have one breast reconstructed due to cancer, your insurance may not turn you down if you decide to make the other match! Woohoo Florida! )

Not to put a bummer on your "Do I or Don't I?" but this is my theory...if you are doing it for you, not because you want to look a certain way, or want to make someone happy, then go for it. If you are doing it because you want people to look at your breasts and think "Wow", or because having big boobs will suddenly make you happy, get some therapy first. Because it doesn't matter how big you go, if you are getting them done for the wrong reasons, they will never be big enough to fill that empty spot in your self esteem.

Even if you are the boyish type, there are days that you'd like to enjoy being a girl. Definitely a confidence boost. Everybody should try it!

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