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November 02, 2010

Margaret Maron's New Release!

Breaking News!

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Margaret's fine, really, but she's been in a bit of a car accident and unable to get into bookstores this week to help launch her wonderful new book into the world.  She's a little sore, but otherwise fine. What can you do to wish her well?  The Tarts suggest..............buying her book!

Kirkus says Christmas Mourning, "Maron makes you yearn to belong to an extended family, bake Christmas cookies with the Knott nieces and nephews and climb into Dwight's arms. She plots like a modern-day Christie, but the North Carolina charm is all her own."

Here's a recent interview with Margaret.


And, of course, you can order your copy of Christmas Mourning from Quail Ridge Books and Music, by going here.


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Charming interview, Margaret. I bought your book last night and plan to snuggle up with it within the hour. Get well soon!

Thanks for the interview. Sending wishes to Margaret for a speedy recovery. I'm off to buy the book right now - I love Deborah and her family.

Lovely interview. I'm downloading your book tonight.

I'll bet if somebody were to order their copy from Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, they could get a signed copy (or copies) once you get well enough to autograph. What could be nicer than giving a Christmas gift that's a book autographed by THE Ms. Margaret Maron herself?

Be well, dear Margaret. We love you lots.

We're sending hugs from Boone. Virtual hugs so as not to have to squeeze you too tightly!

I finished CHRISTMAS MOURNING and loved spending time with Deborah and the family. It's another wonderful book and I thank you!

Oh Margaret, I hope you feel all better very, very soon. I just watched the video- really captivating- and yes, charming. I have a dear friend who loves mystery novels set during Christmastime and now know what to send her. Of course I will need a copy for myself, too.

Margaret, do take good care of yourself and recover as fast as you can from the accident. I hope it doesn't create too much distraction and distress while you'd rather be focused on the launch and wonderful reception of your new book: I can't wait to read it!!

I'm reading my second in the Deborah Knott series, and have a couple more on order (including the first one), a new-to-me series. So far they've been excellent reads, and well-crafted mysteries. And thank you for the family tree in Death's Half Acre! Very useful for figuring out who's who in the Knott family.

It's great to see and hear you in the interview, and to hear what's next for Deborah. Thank you for this series, and I wish you the best with the new book, and a speedy recovery from your accident.

oh no, I hope Margaret is doing better. Sending hugs and a speedy recovery.

What a beautiful discussion of a beautiful book by a beautiful writer. Margaret, you make me proud to live North Carolina.

I ordered TWO! Figuring it will help Margaret feel better FASTER. xoxo H

Margaret, so sorry about your accident.
Please hurry and get better.
All my good thoughts and wishes are with you.

I bought Margaret's book and am expecting her to GET BETTER SOON. Don't let me down, Margaret!

Sounds like a lovely read. I'm glad that she was not seriously hurt from the car accident. I hope she feels better now.

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