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May 19, 2010

It's Our Birthday!

It’s Our Birthday! Birthday banner

By Elaine Viets

Break out the cake, the Chippendales and the virtual champagne. The Lipstick Chronicles turn five today. We’re old enough to register for kindergarten, though we don’t always act that mature.

Blogs have short lives, thanks to writer burnout and reader boredom. Since blogs are measured in dog years, TLC is really a seasoned thirty-five. Wrestling with our cranky blog host, Mr. TypePad, for five years has taken its toll.

TLC was born during a romantic weekend and has survived on a steady diet of crime fiction, women’s issues, a dollop of sex, a soupcon of politics and a lot of attitude.

Cake TLC is a St. Louie woman. Founder (foundress?) Nancy Martin said, "We started the blog at the Romantic Times conference in St. Louis. Me, (i.e. Nancy) Sarah, Harley, Susan McBride."

One of the earliest blogs in the archives was written by Sarah for May 28, 2005. "Ladies, get out your rusted clippers . . ." she begins, "because there are some men who need a prunin’. And I ain’t talking about hair cut."

A woman was dumped by her husband of 17 years. A doctor she put through medical school. The rat.

That set the tone for many TLC blogs.

Nancy blogged about using her treadmill while watching TV.

Harley wrote about Aerobic Housework, "a perfect union of one’s Inner Jane Fonda . . . . and Hazel."

Nancy suggested it should be Nude Aerobic Housework. Josh, one of our earliest backbloggers, mentioned Harley’s Where Are They Now interview in Soap Opera Digest.

Susan McBride reported on her tour of North Carolina.

TLC was off and running, a conversation that good friends have over coffee.Pow

Today is our 1,783rd post. You, dear backbloggers, have entertained us with almost 58,000 comments.

TLC has changed in five years. We’ve added Kathy Sweeney, official TLC deejay, who can produce a cool song for any occasion. Michele Martinez joined us for a while. Lisa Daily did a stint as a Book Tart. Susan McBride moved on but still visits. Me, Margie moved into the office and declared that the UPS man definitely delivers. The Mancini Cousins stop by and sound off on everything from guys to grooming. 

I joined TLC and so did Hank Phillippi Ryan.

TLC backbloggers have become guest bloggers and good friends. Sarah had a movie "Lying to be Perfect" on the Lifetime Channel. Nancy started a new series. We cheered for Rachel, Kathy’s friend, on the Jeopardy Teen Tournament. Harley told us Hollywood secrets.

The Lipstick Chronicles has turned into The Lipstick Community. We have our own language, including IOCHFTS – I Only Come Here For The Sex. Some of our backbloggers’ phrases have entered our personal language. When our cats take over the entire bed, we call them Expand-O Cats, thanks to a backblogger.

TLC has become my virtual family. We blog sisters comfort each other in personal, family and financial crises. We turn to our backbloggers for advice. William gives me private eye information. Tom and Mary Lynn helped me when I wiped out my printer driver. HollyGee does our look and Nancie the Gun Tart posts invitations on FaceBook.

You were pulling for me when I had a stroke in April 2007. I saved your 400-plus letters, cards and postcards in a suitcase. Not everyone has a "case of good wishes." I have the music Kathy put together for my recovery. I teared up when I re-read the comments you wrote.

I’m cured after three years. I have no cane, no coumadin, just good memories that got me through a bad time.

Michele did a survey of our backbloggers in 2007. Here’s what she wrote:

"We’re a brilliant lot. Some might say freakish. Just look at all the things we can do: ‘Able to speak Maine Coon feline dialect.’ ‘Kickboxing.’ ‘Drinking a beer standing on my head.’ . . .‘Roofing.’ ‘I can tie that cherry stem in my mouth. Really.’"

Don’t ever leave us, backbloggers. We love you. You keep us entertained and energized. We have surprises for you – New Tarts! And Tart book giveaways.

Stick with us, baby. We promise we’ll make it worth your while.    End


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Oh Happy day........Thanks for each and every.......as the bookstore online here......we appreciate your orders and love the challenges of your special orders too.

Celebrate y'all as anything lasting this long is a cultural icon!

Love you babes.

This blog community means a lot to me. It is an ongoing conversation that helps me through my day. People willing to stand up and have an opinion and to let me have mine. I miss it when I go on vacation, it makes me laugh, it makes me sad, it causes me to think the occasional big thought.

I found the blog about 3 years ago and it is still one of the best things about the internet for me.

I will toast you all my lovely blog friends today with a bit of chocolate and look forward to all the comments to come!

Celebrate good times - come on!!!

Happy Birthday! You ladies of TLC are never less than great to read and the backbloggers are just as entertaining. I hoist my green tea with no sugar (I'm on a diet...only 1 beer a month) and wish you at least 5 more years of blogging!

Happy Birthday, Tarts, and TLC, and lucky backbloggers who've been here since early on! I want to believe that Me, Margie will be appropriate and elegant in her gift(s) and toast on this special occasion. Or, not.
In any event, I feel so lucky that reading Harley's first book made me curious to see where she hangs out, and I thus stumbled across TLC and the many additional reads and rewards thereof.
Thanks, Harley! Thanks, Tarts! Many happy returns!

I came to TLC as a neophyte
I met all the TARTS and said this special blog seems so right
I learned all about the birds and the bees
Me, Margie taught me well
So convincingly, I must tell
Nancy and Sarah shared so much
I laughed and I cried
Harley and Hank shared their glamorous side
William has the knack of picking perfect links
Makes the topics seem even more succinct
Elaine is the favorite of all my favorite authors here
Her novels led me to the party that we share.
Elaine is true and blue and brave and all the rest
My hat is off to you, Elaine
You simply are the best!
Kathy shares her legalize and Holly her art
Without their skills we would be out the door
Happy Birthday and many more!

happy fifth birthday ladies, you always cheer me up , even when i have had a rotten, day ......love kim, adelaide , south australia

Happy 5th Birthday TLC!

Let's PAR-TAY!

Five years. Holy Toledo... I don't even remember how I found TLC, but it's a daily ritual, and one that's missed if for whatever reason I don't get here in the morning.

The thing I value here most is the mindset, the brain power. Both Tarts and Back-bloggers can, and sometimes have, strong opinions about a subject, and brisk, lively discussion happens. As opposed to other areas of the Internet that degenerate into Flame Wars, Name Calling, etc. Your opinion may be radically different from mine, but that doesn't make it wrong or invalid. The spirit of open minds and hearts is what makes TLC work.

That, and our shared love of books and reading.

SO.... as it was mentioned.... well, sometimes, one just cannot resist:



It's been fun.

Happy Birthday!

Ha[[y Birthday! When I first found you guys, I was a lurker. I was so nervous to post my first comment. But now? I feel like I get to sit and talk with the cool kids every day at lunch. This is truly an amazing community . . . one of the best ways to start my day!

Um, yeah. "HAPPY" not "Ha[[y".

Clearly I need more coffee.

Congratulations and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. May there be many, many more.

Thoughts in Progress

Did I just read that Kelly Preston is pregnant?? At 47?? Now, that's doing something constructive at your age! But . . . jeez.

Congratulations, ladies! Thank you for this blog.

Happy Birthday Tarts.
I've been mostly lurking around here since the beginning and I've enjoyed it immensely. At one time, TLC and Miss Snark were the only blogs I read every day. I cried when Miss Snark folded her tent. (I'm sure that says something interesting about my mental health, but I don't think I want to pursue that train of thought.) Glad TLC and the Book Tarts are still keeping me company all these posts later. Celebrate!

It's the blog's birthday, and it's also Nancy Martin's birthday! (Coincidence?? I think not!)

Happy birthday, Mom!

My, my, my. Happy Birthday, Nancy!

(Thanks for the tip, Cass!)

Happy Birthday, Nancy!

Congratulations, ladies!

This blog truly is a highlight of my day, and I will second William's comments - the brain power, thoughtful comments, and open hearts here are truly unique these days.

Happy Birthday, TLC, and Happy Birthday to Nancy, too! Many happy returns of the day to both of you.

Another amazing result of this blog: The Help Me Out Here weight loss group, which is still going strong (since January 5th), still communicates daily (do we ever), and have lost a cumulative 75 pounds. Last week we did the equivalent of 26 DAYS of exercise! I'm the slacker in the group, and I've still lost eight pounds.

Everything Gaylin says applies to me, down to toasting with chocolate. Love you all!

Here's a birthday gift:


Five years of Blond Bond Sisterhood.
*happy sigh*

Thank you, backbloggers. And remember, TLC is nothing without you.

You've set the bar high for all writers who blog, and you've improved with time, like a fine wine. Keep it coming!

Happy Birthday, Nancy!!

William, once more..a great link

Happy birthday ladies!

"Case of Good Wishes" I like that.

Since William, Josh, Rod and me aren't really into hot guys reading, here is an almost workplace safe hot girls reading. http://egotvonline.com/2010/04/06/gallery-hot-girls-reading/

Although, I am sure that we are all hot guys and I know we all read. Maybe I have some pics taken.

Alan, since the Tarts are all female, and since it's their birthday, I thought it was safe to give them a hot guys present. ;-)

Actually, that photo is not the best, or the hottest guy on the site. Here's a much better one:


Happy Birthday, Nancy!
Happy Birthday, us!
In honor of the day, I may have to run out and buy a new lipstick.

Happy Birthday, Nancy!
Congratulations, TLC!

I am so grateful to have found TLC.
I am so happy also that the TARTS have been so generous in introducing us new to authors. It has opened up a whole new world of reading to me.
Karen, I must stealthily open your hot reader site as DH is lurking, lurking. lurking..LOL

Happy Birthday TLC!

Happy Birthday Nancy!

A day without reading TLC is like a day without sunshine. Over the past 3 1/2 years it's become a part of my morning routine and if for some reason I'm unable to read it my day just feels a little off kilter.

I lurked for quite a while before I said what the heck, I'm not going to die from writing a comment on the blog just because I'm not an author. I'm just an everyday woman who likes to read, has opinions, stories to tell, and sometimes advice to share.

Nancy once told me, in a conversation held at the Festival of Mystery a couple of years ago, that only a very small percentage of those reading the blog actually comment each day. Some number in the thousands was given as the number of hits per day, but I can't remember it now.

Now come one lurkers lets get the number of comments up there today. Remember writing a comment on a blog is just like learning to ride a bicycle or having sex. Every time you do it it gets a little easier and a lot more fun!

It should read come on lurkers. Adequately proofing my writing is a major failing. Once when typing the announcements for the church bulletin I typed:

The Women's Ass. will meet... instead of Assoc.

Peach, I wonder how many people never even click on the "comments" link. I read some blogs where I never read the comments. TLC is different, though.

Happy Birthday, TLC!!!

Happy Birthday, Nancy!!!!

Many happy thoughts to all the tarts, and bloggers and us for this lively site.

Hmmm, wondering if a cake would survive my bustrip to Pittsburgh this weekend??? LOL!

Happy birthday, Nancy! Now you're old enough to go out and get knocked up. And Happy birthday to TLC. I think a party is in order. Bellagio, anyone?

StoLat -- which is the Polish greeting for good health, long life, and many happy returns -- to TLC.

I absolutely adore this blog and it is respectful, bawdy, thought provoking, humorous and just plain delightful!!

I have also found new authors to read and follow and just love the mix of it all.

It is an oasis of sanity (sanity being loosely defined) in an uncertain world.

Bring on the cake and champagne and chocolate! Happy Birthday and here's to the next five years.

Peach said, "Remember writing a comment on a blog is just like learning to ride a bicycle or having sex. Every time you do it it gets a little easier and a lot more fun!"
Come out, Lurkers, and post for our birthday.
And speaking of birthdays, Happy Birthday Nancy!

Hi. It's Me, Margie.

Guess who had to remind all the autures it was TLC's birthday? That's right - ME. As usual, I have to do everything.

So all week boxes have been arriving that are not addressed to me - we even had some new drivers. One was a woman. She seemed nice, but I think you all know that won't happen again. I mean, I am a true VIP at UPS and FedEx and when they get a call from me, they all stand up and take notice, unlike some people around here just saying.

Five years - can you believe it? And Nancy's Birthday too (which I already knew because you'd think certain people would master the basic calendar thing that automatically repeats every year but whatever).

I am sending big birthday kisses to everyone. But no tongue or anything. I mean, I've never even met some of you people. And brush your teeth. Those tictacs won't cut it.

Buon Compleanno!

Happy birthday to TLC & Nancy!
My link to the outside world.

Celebrate one and all.

I've added chocolate dipped strawberries to the buffet over there. The chocolate fountain will be setup right after lunch.

Happy day Nancy!

Happy birthday!! I'm so glad to have found you all . . . lovely new friendships!
BTW, Lucy says Elaine's book is like her teddy bear in the hospital. She can't track plot right now, but she reads for comfort -- and comfort is very good!

Happy birthday, Nancy & Blog. Karen In Ohio or anyone else doing the weight loss thing - please e-mail me. I need you!

Happy Birthday TLC! Got my foil-covered pointy hat, my noisemakers, and my bottle of bubbly.
I too stopped being a lurker on this blog. It's such a wonderful community. The only problem is the major damage done to my allowance and the stacks of books piled everywhere.
Here's a wish for many, many, many more anniversaries of TLC.

Wow! I've been lurking, once in a while posting since mid 2007. The blog and all the Tarts and back bloggers and now part of my daily routine. Can't get my day started properly without all of you. Thanks and happy birthday Nancy. Remember you don't have to count them, you just have to celebrate them.

Soooo....I thought you all had been here forever! I guess I found you at the conception or birth or whatever you want to call it!
I don't always have the time to comment and sometimes I think you all like it better if I don't but it is fun AND the only place I go after I read my e-mail.
A day without TLC is like a day without sunshine.
To write a book is my dream so you all are my idols! Lots and lots of love going on here.
Happy Birthday TLC and a special birthday wish for Nancy!
Just saying.

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Five years!!! I can't believe it. Six years ago most of us didn't even know what a blog was - and now we have a whole crew of "Friends We've Never Met".

I have made real friends through this blog and it has become an important part of my life.

I said it before and I'll say it again - if I ever hit the Lottery, we are all going on a big vacation together!

Cupcakes for everyone - okay, maybe the little ones - there are a lot of us!


Oh, my gosh!! HAppy Birthday, TArts! And to Nancy, the Queen of Tarts.

Why does this bring tears to my eyes? YOu all are so wonderful and such lovely friends and I feel as if every day, I'm having coffee with my dear pals. Thank you all for making newbie me feel so welcome--and thank you to our fabulous poet Marie, who called me glamorous! Whoo hoo.

Amazing surprises in store here..watch this space. Well, not exactly THIS space, but you know what I mean.

BLowing out the big five candles...hurray!

Kerry: done. Check your email.

JodiL -- Glad to see your name among the posters. And Tarts Friends Old and New.
What a terrific celebration you gave us today.

Dear Tarts,

This is one of my very favorite places to come everyday. As was said above, while we may not always agree on everything (and wouldn't THAT be boring!), we can disagree with love, not hate. Thanks for all you do to open our minds and hearts.


Michelle from Texas


Happy Birthday to TLC and to Nancy!

And to everyone at TLC: Congratulations on the creation and perpetuation of a wonderful place.

Happy birthday from a lurker who enjoys the articles and comments.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Nan-cy,
Happy Birthday, T-L-C!

Bea! Dee! Tom!
Good to "see" you all.

Happy Birthday TLC and Nancy!

Xena - no way! We love your comments.

Plus - my son has a question and you are the only one I know who might actually know the answer.

Is there a special term for the plumes on top of Spartan's helmets? Notice I did not say Trojans. Because seriously, if my son asks me about those I'm not telling him anything other than use them - several years from now!

I'm not Xena, nor do I play her on TV, but…

I visit several blogs, but there's a distinct difference in the community here. I read Waffleizer whenever he posts a new one, but somehow I've never been interested to see what his readers say in response. I look at Cakewrecks when I need a laugh, but I don't even know if there are people commenting, 'cause it isn't relevant to me. You guys? Relevant!

Happy Birthday TLC and Nancy!

I love this blog and all the comments. I also visit several blogs but this one is by far my favorite. May you have many more good years!

I'm a faithful lurker since I'm a better reader than writer!

Happy Birthday TLC
and Nancy too!

Oooh, yes, what Sue in PA said about lurking and reading and writing...

Happy Birthday to all!

Wow Elaine, you provided TLC some Fort Lauderdale Flavor and we were able to sell some books from our local community.

Of course, if it weren't for Harley, I would not known about this long running blog.

Then again, I still have psychic scars from the Romantic Times Convention in Daytona, circa May 27, 2006, Romantic Convention of the Vanities`

Happy 5th Birthday TLC! I'm so glad I found you! You keep me entertained and laughing through out the day. I can't wait to see what's next each day.

Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes! I have been out and about all day, trying not to think about the number. But you are all so kind to think of me. Just sayin'.

I'm late today but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TLC!!

SUe in PA! Paula! Bev! Lovely to see you...
and all of you...

Cupcakes, champagne, do I see a cookie table? . . . and all the Men Reading Books -- I found TLC when I went online looking for updates on Elaine -- we've come a long way!! Glad to know you all!
Cream puff, anyone?

Happy Birthday, Nancy and TLC. This is the only blog I visit, not just daily, but several times a day. I especially love the humor here. I've been visiting here since just before Susan McBride left.

Looking forward to the new stuff coming up, whatever it is, and I hope that TLC continues on for a long time.

Ah, Viets, you know how to throw a party!

Party on Dudess.....

I am really late to the party, but I wish TLC a Happy Birthday, and the same to Nancy! Elaine, I glad you're well and writing. I've become addicted to you guys, and your books. May you all thrive.

What more can i say than "keep the brilliant work"... most time i read your post, Its always interesting and educative.. good job

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