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January 16, 2010


TLC welcomes Misa Ramirez, author of the Lola Cruz mystery series: Living the Vida Lola and Hasta la Vista,HastalaVistalola   Lola!. A former middle and high school teacher, and current CEO and CFO for La Familia Ramirez, this blonde-haired, green-eyed, proud to be Latina-by-Marriage girl loves following Lola on her many adventures, from contemplating belly button piercings to visiting nudist resorts. Misa is hard at work on a new women’s fiction novel, has developed a middle grade series for girls, is published in Woman’s World Magazine and Romance Writers Report, and has a children’s book out.  Visit Misa at http://chasingheroes.com



By Misa Ramirez

Fairy Wishes aren’t something to be done often.  Or taken lightly.  I know this because I’ve made Fairy Wishes, and well, they’re kind of magical.  In a The Secret kind of way.

Now I don’t know how many of you tartletts are believers in The Secret, but Fairy Wishes are just as powerful.  The difference between Fairy Wishes and The Secret is the magic in the believing.  They’re both about putting your wishes out into the universe.  Kind of like an alcoholic who can’t get help until he admits he has a problem.  Unless you know what you want, how can you achieve it?

A few years ago, I was an unpublished writer.  I had drive, ambition, talent, and dreams.  Now it’s impossible to say what would have happened had I not made my Fairy Wishes, but I like to believe that putting my dreams out there in a tangible (via an abstract means) way made a difference.

Maybe it didn’t, but since we can’t prove it either way, I’ll stick to believing  in magic.

I made my first Fairy Wishes quite a few years ago.  There was a truckload of family drama going on in my life at the moment, so I drew stick figures of all my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and encircled them with peace signs. My son was two months into his type 1 diabetes diagnosis, so I drew a syringe and insulin bottle, dollar signs, and the word CURE. I drew something for each of my children, my husband, and then focused on what I wanted: for Lola Cruz Mysteries to sell, and for people across the globe to read them and fall in love with Lola.

I drew books, scribbled stars, wrote “Great Reveiws”, and then drew a smiley face to show my happiness with the book deals I was going to get.  I drew happy readers reading my books.  And I drew myself at a computer, happily writing.

Finally, when I was done with my artistic endeavors, I sprinkled the Fairy Wishes with Fairy Dust, said a little incantation http://www.fairyreadings.com/incantations.htm from the card on the Fairy Dust bottle, and took my wish paper home (I did this with my critique group). The clincher is burning the paper, which I did in our outdoor fireplace.

I did get that book deal a short time later (still waiting on the cure for diabetes, though we’re hopeful a cure or a better treatment will happen soon).  Lola Cruz Mysteries sold to Thomas Dunne Books / Minotaur Books, St. Martin’s Press. http://misaramirez.com/  There are two, so far.  The first, Living the Vida Lola, came out last January and got GREAT reviews.  The second, Hasta la Vista, Lola!, comes out on February 2nd, got 4 1/2 stars from RT Book Reviews, and a killer review from Publisher’s Weekly.  http://misaramirez.com/the-countdown-is-on/

Do I believe it was the Fairy Wishes that did the trick?

Not entirely, but I  definitely believe in the power of positive thinking. I believe in making my own destiny. I believe in luck. And I believe in hard work. Mainly hard work, which I do, everyday, and in everything I attempt.

Here’s what you need to make your own Fairy Wishes:

Large sheets of blank white paper (one for each person making wishes)

New box of color crayons

Fairy Dust: if you don’t have access to the real thing, or a fair approximation via a novelty store, glitter will do                           

A Fairy Wand

Spend some time drawing pictures and writing words of things you want in your life in the near future. Though my mother and brother are artists, my artistic skills are mediocre, at best, but I was very specific and crammed a lot of wants onto my paper, stick figures and all.  Say some sort of incantation aloud (this can be like writing and saying your own wedding vows...just make it come from the heart!).  Then burn the paper, sending the wishes into the fairy realm, the universe, or whatever you want to call it.

That’s all there is to it. 

Here’s my question to all of you: Do you make Fairy Wishes?  Leave me a comment to be entered into a drawing to win a a Lola Cruz t-shirt.  (Just a side note: you really MUST do Fairy Wishes with a group--in fact, I’m dying to know if the Tarts have gotten together and done them!) 



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Misa, this is so weird, but I was late posting this guest blog on your behalf because last night I was having a . . .well, I didn't call it a Fairy Party, but that's what it was. 9 girlfriends over for collages and candle rituals because of the new moon and the solar eclipse.

Man, those fairies are powerful. Do not mess with them.

Welcome, Misa, to the Show That Never Ends!

Personally, after reading this, I'm calling Mulder and Scully.....

What a cool idea. I've made a dream board, years ago, and found it a couple years ago. Every single thing on it had become reality. I guess it's time for a new one. Thanks for the reminder!

Harley, your candle rituals are cracking me up!

Thanks for having me here, Tarts! What fun!! I love the idea of a dream board, though I've not done it myself. That's next on my list.

Misa, I believe in Fairies. I am already in the wish mode way of thinking. Now, I need to get the crayons, board, glitter and start making some of my dreams a realty. I read somewhere that the only reason that we procrastinate is fear and Now,all I have to do is override that feeling and begin to live as is something good will happen for me and all others who want their dreams fulfilled. I am anxious to seek out your novels..they look geat! Congratulations on all your success!

I have quite a lot of leftover glitter if anyone needs some.

Great blog, Misa. I have a wand, fairy dust and a new box of crayons, so I guess all I need is the Wish.

I think I need to wait a little while, though, because I was at Harley's last night and one mustn't be greedy. I've just wished for puh-lenty.

Thank you, Marie! I do think that the purpose of a Dream Board and Fairy Wishes is to let go of the fears that stop us. So get those crayons coloring!

Harley's party sounds like FUN! Hope all your wishes come true, Margaret and Harley!!

I was in touch in with a friend this morning who is a brain cancer survivor. She is a testament to the human spirit which encompasses, angels, fairies and a positive attitude that can make you reach for your dreams.

Thanks for excellent suggestions!! I have much to wish for, so I should get busy with that. I did a board once, and my new home may be partly the result -- the rest didn't happen, so time for a sequel?

On another level, I have learned to respond to the signals my body sends. I am skipping a weekend event about which I was ambivalent. My hips began hurting early in the week, making the idea of a three-hour drive very unappealing. Once I canceled the reservation, they began to improve. Someone told me when I first injured my hip that my body was sending a message of frustration, wanting to step forward in a more creative vein. Now I've done two CDs and Cheryl Jett suggested I move on to books . . . a real possibility!
Meanwhile, life is GOOD!

Do we have two blogs going today?

So interesting how your body responds to pressure and frustration. A true connectedness between body and soul. Hope you continue to improve, Mary!

I really enjoyed your blog entry, Misa! I've never done the Fairy Wishes before, but it's a neat idea. Like you, I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking. Thanks for a fun and interesting read. :)

Misa, what a delightful idea. All we need to do is believe, believe, believe and anything is possible. I'm all over it!

Storyteller Mary, because I was so under the influence of fairies last night, I neglected to post Misa's blog until this morning. Nancy, on the east coast, woke early, saw I was M.I.A. and jumped into action and posted a blog.

Yes, here at TLC, we're doing 2-fers today.

Double the fun at TLC!!!

Yes, Sharon Marie, BELIEVE!!!

Glad you stopped by, Cathy!

Hi Misa! And welcome...I must say the idea of "fairies" is very lovely...and I'm all for it.

Have the Tarts gotten together to make fairy wishes? I'm new, so I'm not sure, but we are grateful for the idea. Sometimes things present themselves at the perfect time, don't they? And you're the proof.

Thank you!

I'm going to play! This is right up my strange alley.

We have not done a Group Fairy Communiqué, but you know what? It's a new year. We'll put it on the agenda to discuss at the next meeting.

Oh, wait: we don't have meetings.

You may not have meetings, but you do a great job of providing backup for each other!! I wonder if one could do fairy meetings online. Granny Sue collects problems from all over to burn in her New Year's fire. . .

Soooo....welcome to our little corner of the world Misa!
I suspect it is full of glitter and wishes and dreams and positive vibes as we all support each other. I think Me, Margie has the keys to the fairy dust however.
Just saying.
My artists Way group has boards. Things you like. I wouldn't call them wishes but it is a spiritual kind of visual guideline to what you are looking for.

I haven't done Fairy Wishes, per se, but I do write down and burn what I don't want in my life, and write on yellow paper and burn WITH incense what I do want in my life, particularly at New Year (whether calendar or Chinese or birthday), or on equinoxes . . . totally missed the new moon/eclipse (darn!), Harley; but was just the laziest person on the planet on Thursday and couldn't figure out why until I realized it was the lagging influence of the dark of the moon.

I've had reasonably good results from making lists over the years, in all but one category: LOVE. I have written long, detailed lists about my ideal partner, or more general ones, or short ones (he's breathing, kind, and can pay his own bills), but so far, it seems all I've done is win congratulations from friends for having avoided the abusive guy or the alcoholic guy or the never-will-grow-up guy. Faint reward, I must say. Ideas, folks? I truly believe I'm ready for Mr. Right (or Mr. Mostly Right, or whatever he is) to ride into town, and would like for him to do so really soon. Although those cute stories about ancients marrying in retirement homes are sweet, I'd prefer to make my match while we're both still active socially and in our work and other pursuits! All suggestions welcomed.

Laraine, I'm a firm believer that you need to let go the idea of steering your own life, especially when it comes to love. So many times friends have found Mr. Right when they had totally given up. I'm one of the ones, too. There's a saying: Let go, and let God. It's really true, I think--and I'm not a religious person, by any means. Tell the universe what you want, and then go on your way, with no expectations other than that the universe will do what's BEST FOR YOU.

The other thing is to make sure you're out and about where the right guy might be. It's one thing to wish and hope; it's quite another to leave the comfort of your own home and put yourself in the way of someone whose eye you might catch.

But I sure don't blame you for not wanting to wait until you're in your dotage!

Right now, I'm wishing for a more svelte figure, but wishing and hoping ain't gonna do it. Hard work and an iron will, now that might.

Yea, Karen, that's the thing about it: I've given up many times. I mean, totally, absolutely, completely given up, given in, let go, released all expectation or demand, etc., etc., etc. It seems all that that ever got was several more years of being undisturbed in single-ness, regardless of how active I was in social circles, pursuing hobbies, career, etc. One time, I met someone within a day or two of 'giving up', but I won't describe him in any way here because he turned out to be a twisted, unforgiving, distorted guy who was a good actor in the first months we dated, and still may be busy keeping track of whether I mention him!
I guess the universe has thought what was best for me is to be alone, and alone, and alone. Hope it changes its mind.

I'm definitely a positive energy woman so here's huge good wishes (and Pixie dust which is reserved for special people!!) coming your way

Laraine, I'm throwing some fairy dust your way from LA, where fairies abound.

Laraine, I'll be sending positive vibes to you also. All the Best!

Thanks, ladies! Harley: punning?
Will handle all positive vibes with positive optimism and appreciation.

You are all so great! This has been fun. Thank you ladies of the Lipstick.

I hope all your wishes come true. Karen, your advice to Laraine is right on.

so interesting !cheapsexyshoes

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