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January 08, 2010

2010 Calendars

2010 Calendars

By Kathy Sweeney

Blog moller-flying-cars  Can you believe it's 2010?  I'm calling it Twenty-Ten.  It seems like it's the real future, doesn't it?  Not all is well, as we know.  To echo the great Lewis Black: "Where the hell is my flying car?!".  We were promised cool stuff in the future, like flying cars, and kitchens that serve exactly what you want via voice command.  Hey, I saw "The Jetsons" - I know it can be done. Sure, you can compromise with take-out, or better yet, delivery from good restaurants - and if your town doesn't have something like "Wheel Deliver" and you have an extra couple of thousand bucks to start one, do it.

One of the cool futuristic things I do have is my iCalendar.  I can input from my phone or from my computer, and if it's a regular thing (like a birthday) I can tell the calendar to repeat it every year.  I can create calendars for all different things on one master one - categories like Work (blue); Home (Green); Medical and Other Appointments (dark pink); Fun Stuff (purple); Book and Blog stuff (bright yellow).  Each family member has his or her own color too.  All very cool and I can print any combination by the day, week, month or year.

I can access the calendar on my computer, my phone or online.  Gives me constant immediate access to all the information.  Amazing.  Also a mitzvah because my memory has turned to a combination of a crap shoot and mush.  I barely remember phone numbers (perhaps because I don't actually dial them any more - they're all programmed in to my phone).  Have I mentioned how much I adore my iPhone?

One might think this fabulous technology means I no longer have wall calendars.  Bazinga!  Wrong!  I even have more than one.  Not sure why - maybe old habits really are that hard to break, but I need to see that grid on the wall.

Here are the ones in the house so far this year:

 blog 30rock-wall_calendar_2010  

  • The Family Calendar (located in the kitchen area): 30 Rock.  We love that show, and there is no Modern Family Calendar - yet - so it was an easy choice.  Last year it was an Obama Calendar.  I figure we need the laughs more this year.
  • My main work calendar (on the wall right by my desk): Signs of Peace Calendar - "There is No Way To Peace; Peace is the Way"  love that.
  • Hall Calendar (outside my office): Lost.  This is usually a TV calendar, and in past years it has been Seinfeld, Grey's Anatomy and NCIS.
  • Kid's Calendar, Teenage Male: Chuck Norris (example from 12/09: "Chuck Norris sleeps with a pillow under his gun.")
  • Kid's Calendar, Teenage Female:  World of Warcraft
  • Mom's Calendar - on the stairs where I see it every time I come and go from my office: Psalms.
  • Blog 2010 calendar DespairMisc. Calendar - may change locations depending on the message: Despair.Com. (example from 1/10: Accomplishments:  You Can Fool All of the People All of the Time if your Effects Budget is Large Enough.)  
  • We used to have a calendar in the family room, but we replaced it with a lovely plaque that reads:  "Sarcasm Society.  Like We Need Your Opinion."  Good stuff.  

That's a lot of calendars for someone who doesn't really need any.  Some were gifts, but I have to admit that I did buy three of them.  Calendars that did not make the cut (in addition to the Obama one) include the Superbowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, Gone With the Wind (this year's had too many goofy sketches and not enough Rhett and Scarlett), Ellora's Cave (I missed RT and there is not enough Purell in this world to get me to enter a store that sells that kind of thing - besides, I only used it when we had parties to see who used the master bathroom when they weren't supposed to - believe me, I could tell.)

So let's take a break from the cold weather - hey - I signed up for winter - I love this town, but people in Florida and Texas with freezing temps?  Hell to the No.  

And let's take a break from all the news that hurts the brain.  I'm not even going to mention it.  Just tell me about your calendars for the first year of this new decade.

Unless you have a flying car - then I want all the details.


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Kathy, like you, I love my electronic calendar on my cool smart phone (ok, it's a Droid, but let's not have any of that iPhone-killer nonsense here), but I also love the process of sitting down with a cup of tea with honey and maybe a celebratory snack, probably this weekend, and transferring, by hand, all the birthdays and other significant dates from my increasingly tattered master address book, to a wall calendar that will most likely hang in the kitchen. I have proven over the years that neither love nor money nor planning nor calendars actually succeed in overcoming my faulty memory in time for gifts/cards to arrive to the celebrants on time . . . but I keep the tradition of aspiring to it via calendar, year after year. Doesn't hurt that my beloved neighbor finds the most gorgeous calendars each year to make sure there's one under my Christmas tree.

I usually get my daughter one for Christmas; last year was Johnny Depp, other years, puppies. This year she said she didn't want a wall one, but a pocket month-at-a-glance type, so she got one with a sleeping black puppy on it.

I usually get an Ireland calendar for my desk at work, so I can look at it and pretend I'm there. Didn't buy any yet this year, so I have one I got free at work, of the Campbell's Soup Kids. I also have a year at a glance poster-size that I hang behind me at my desk.

No house calendar yet. I haven't gotten there.

I usually get hubby a golf course one for his desk at work, but this year a co-worker gave him an Eagles calendar, so he's covered.

And we both have iPhones, and computers, and don't really need wall calendars, but we get them anyway.

I could use a flying car this morning, since it's currently snowing here, and even though it shouldn't amount to much, it will make rush hour a living hell.

I've got a Horror Movies Calendar on the wall behind my desk, and a Sci-Fi Movies Calendar in the lab. Posters from really really bad drive-in stuff from the 50's and 60's (ATOM AGE VAMPIRE! THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE!, et al), but the really cool thing about these is that enclosed with the calendars were four DVD's each, with all twelve movies.

For an Old Movie Fanatic like myself, these are absolutely perfect....

Kathy, brace yourself to be shocked, but with all the calendars out there this year, there was not one single Big Bang Theory calendar! I was outraged. Something must be done.

I still use one of the big flat desk calendars. Black ink for personal notes, red ink for work, blue ink for appointments. It works for me. Just when it becomes completely covered in coffee rings, the month changes!

Great choices!

Laraine - my son got a Droid for Christmas - he likes it but I haven't had a chance to check it out. I do like the real keyboard, but it adds heft to the phone. Now there is a Google one. Enough variety for everyone.

Laura - SNOW DAY here! Both kids are snug in their beds and I am looking out the window at how beautiful it is before I go out and battle the stuff.

Ramona - I KNOW, right? I looked everywhere. I'm hoping if they win some awards this season, we'll get one for next year! (And thanks for getting the reference!)

William - why am I not surprised that you managed to add to your DVD library while buying simple calendars? Were they gifts or did you find them yourself?

*Sigh* Hubby gave me YET ANOTHER Harry Potter calendar, even though I CLEARLY HINTED MANY TIMES for something more "girlie" like teapots, or B&Bs or something like that there. No, I have to look at death and distruction and lives being ruined for another 12 months. It's all dark colors and not at ALL cheerful. But I'm too wimpy to hurt his feelings and toss it. Although I did actually come right out and say NO MORE HARRY POTTER CALENDARS. Still, that doesn't mean he'll get the message. After all, there are still two more films out there waiting to be released. (P.S. I gave him a French advertising arts calendar. He loves them. I know, because I asked him, "are you tired of getting these?" and then added, "because I'm tired of Harry Potter." (The message still may not have sunk in.))

My sympathies, Lorriane - all the calendars are on sale now if you want to send a more direct message!

Got two e-mails from friends who are stunned one of my calendars is not from the Star Trek movie. I totally spaced on that one. ouch.

I have a French-word-a-day calendar, which is going to be terrific because at the end of the year, I will have learned 365 new French words! And how difficult can that be, one a day? I'm so excited. I can't wait to take it out of the shrink wrap, I just haven't had time. So for a few days, there's going be two words a day. Tres facile.

Off to get a haircut. (I found the appt on my purse calendar. I hadn't put it on my desk calendar, or the wall calendar in my office (just a printed-from-the computer one), or on our at-home calendar by the phone which is a beautful series of photographs of...well, more on this later.

Sheldon gets me every time with bazinga.

How weird is this? Yesterday I went into my neighborhood grocery (more of a conveneince store, I guess, except they get bread from the city's best "artisan" bakery) run by Russians. And they gave me a calendar! With recipes! The January recipe is something called "chicken and ham pie" which is white and lard-y looking, but includes 6 ounces of creme fraiche, which sounds good, but not on the Cinderella diet.

Like Hank, I can't keep multiple calendars because they all have different appointments written on them.

This is the first year I didn't get wall calendars for all 5 kids--it was always my not so successful effort to encourage them to be organized. But, I did get my husband a Family Guy desk calendar, my step-son a 365 Sports Facts Desk Calendar, and my older son a St. Louis Cardinals desk calendar. I also got new iPhone so I'm enjoying filling in my iCalendar and syncing it to my phone (along with apps and iTunes and etc.) But, my favorite calendar for me is a lovely weekly planner calendar I picked up at Barnes and Noble--like Laraine I love the process of writing, by hand, all the dates and appointments and birthdays. This one is deep blue with pale gray quills on the front (perfect for a writer!) and even has a snappy orange elastic thingie to keep it all held together when I start stuffing papers and receipts in the back.

Stay warm everybody--we got another snow/cold day today!

Nancy, I want that "chicken and ham pie" recipe. My birthday's coming up.

Russian recipes seem perfect for this time of year.

Hank - with your schedule, you really should switch to an electronic calendar that you can sync with your calendar.

Judy - my calendars used to have folders and elastic bands too. The theory was that I would record all those slips and notes and file them. HAH. By the end of the year, it looked like a partially-open pinanta...

Calendars were never a big deal to me until I became an insurance agent. Then suddenly my time was super precious, and I had to learn to schedule and remember appointments! Yikes. so for many years I made an annual ritual of buying just the right Daytimer-type calendar for my desk and/or briefcase, just so I would know where I was supposed to be.

When we got married we had two insanely busy schedules to merge, plus a lively social life, so we had to keep a master calendar on the fridge. When we had kids we also had to keep track of their doctor/dentist appointments (five rounds of braces), practices, student council meetings before school, games, and performances, and then appointments and trips related to college. Looking back on those calendars is like taking a stroll back into time.

I've also at various times kept track of my periods, miles run, miles walked, hours exercised, miles driven, and romantic encounters, all on my calendar.

My husband is a wildlife photographer who specializes in birds, and he and his dad, then he and his brother, have taken photos for a bird calendar for about 40 years. Every year they get boxes of them to send out as their annual holiday greeting, and the calendars have become wildly popular with friends, many of whom depend on them as their own master calendar. In fact, friends (wrongly) measure their popularity with us by whether or not we sent them a calendar. If they only knew how capricious we are about this! We've struggled for the last couple of years to merge our mailing lists, but we still didn't get it right this year, either.

The bird calendar has nice roomy spaces on which to write, which is part of its appeal. One year the calendar publisher changed the way they format the calendar which made the boxes much smaller. There must have been a protest because the next year the larger dates were back.

I used to buy Attila-the-Husband a N.E.Patriots calendar every year... until I realized that he never opened them. Last year we used the Castaway Critters calendar, mainly because our "new kid" was Mr. April and Mr. June. If you need a calendar and want to help a good cause, I suggest www.castawaycritters.org. Just click on the calendar to order. Lots of cute dogs and cats...no flying cars. Sorry Kathy

Karen - sounds very cool! You should put some of the photos on Facebook!

I just read that actress Jean Smart, age 58, has adopted a baby from China. I'm thinking the Chinese officials didn't consult any calendars.

You can find some photos here, Kathy:


Franklin covey's system is to have ONE calendar that contains everything. Which works well, as long as you want to lug your one big calendar everywhere. I use that system, but need to have wall calendars at work, and home, or I can't remember what day it is!

I didn't get one for Christmas, so I am waiting on my "1000 places to see before you die" calendar with tons of photos. If I can't go, at least I can dream at my desk. New Moon, eco-art, and Bob Marley were my daughter's gifts....

I have not had any calendars since I was a child. The only one I have now is the one that my adorable secretary gave me but drawing something on it is the only use I make of it especially when I’m on the phone.

For years I was very proud of myself because I had to write no appointment, I remembered them all even though when I was doing litigation and had many different deadlines to respect. And I never failed but since recently my memory (or my head) doesn't work very well any more and I started forgetting appointments: I forgot a doctor appointment for my daughter, missed two dentist appointments for myself. I’m asking myself now if I shouldn’t buy an agenda for me or turn to the electronic calendar that I don’t know how to use. My husband makes fun of me saying that I’m reluctant to the modern technology as a 100 year old. Under penalty he made every person he works with switch to the electronic calendar. Luckily we don’t work together.

We use a beautiful Jewish calendar in the kitchen. The are is beautiful and the spaces are large enough to write stuff on.

About 2 days after buying my first PDA, if it wasn't in the PDA, it didn't exist. It is still like that today, except the PDA itself doesn't speak Vista, so I print the calendars out. There is a neat website that will print an 8 page, credit card sized booklet called PocketMod (http://pocketmod.com/). I print my calendar to a Pockemod and have a "paper PDA".

The next cell phone will have the calendar in it. It is just a matter of convincing Molly we need new phones or convincing Sprint we need a really good deal on phones.

I'm behind on getting a wall calendar this year. Think it's the first year I haven't gotten one for Christmas. My problem is I hate to throw calendars away at the end of the year. Most have beautiful photos or zany pictures and sayings. So I started making envelopes out of the photos. Put an address label on for the sender and the receiver and you got a unique envelope. Now my problem is I don't write letters or notes I like I use to. Oh well, I want a ride in that flying car when you find it. :)

Karen, how lovely and beautiful these pictures are!

I love, love, love ical on my phone. Don't know what I would do if I didn't have my phone beeping at me to remind me of appointments, etc.

Cars have been unintentionally flying around here what with all the slick spots on the highway, but I too want one that can hover :o) Three calendars this year...one in the kitchen. Cats. Two years ago it was Alaska since we'd just cruised there, but I'm a cat person and this one has great pics. In the bedroom, a cats box calendar...Kittens and Friends. Who knew cats and dogs could actually get along? I'm waiting to see if it gets any more exotic than bunnies :o)
By my PC hangs an Edward Gorey calendar. There are days when his macabre sense of humor just tickles me. On other days, I just stare at the drawings. Those were what really hooked me on PBS Mystery back in the day.
And I third (or fourth)the motion that Big Bang Theory deserves...no, requires...a wall calendar.And some awards!
Minor hijack...have you heard about the Washington couple collecting cans to recycle and pay for their wedding? Seriously. They figure 400,000 cans should neet them around $5,000.00 and even have a website,WeddingCans.com. Something new every day!
Happy Friday all!

People are so creative! That wedding cans idea is great in so many ways!

Lots of pet calendars in this group - which should be no surprise.

Karen - fantastic photos!!

Janet - I am former Franklin Planner person - have beautiful monogrammed binders and everything. But once I started using the iPhone, it was just too tempting to leave the binders at my desk. I still use them for legal calendar control.

Maybe we should start working on a 2011 TLC Calendar. People could submit photos and we could put everyone's special days on it. Hmmmmmm.

For those of you who haven't seen The Big Bang Theory - you should. William is the one who got me to watch it - I missed most of the first season, but caught up over last summer. Fun Fact: Sheldon Leonard is a comedy writer - worked with Bill Cosby, among others, and is an icon in the business.

Speaking of marking calendars - this years' Festival of Mystery is May 3, 2010. For other great author events, check out: http://www.mysterylovers.com/books/events/index.php

My doctor's office just called to reschedule my routine appointment set for this afternoon - apparently there have already been two accidents in the parking lot!

William Wegland Puppies for the cube at work! I have gotten his calendar for 10 years now. I love Weimaraners and my Weimeraner loves me. Great pics every year!

Classic Comic Book Covers for the kitchen at home(Marvel). January features Thor! The boys love it. I am not wild about it but they were all out of TROY Polamalu calendars when I went to make the purchase. Darn shame!

By the way, all calendars should have the lunar phases. If a calendar doesn't have lunar phases, I won't buy it. Which is part of the reason I bought the Comic Book Calendar.

Flying cars. Hmmmm. Just glad my car still starts every morning. But would entertain buying one if they ever came out. It would really cut the commute.

Our library gives away calendars after the first of the year -- patrons donate their overflow. We take three: upstairs (whoops -- I have to remember to pick one up), downstairs (Marin water conservation), and Stephen's purse (printed-out from on-line blanks). Me, I use the google calendar on my homepage.

Libby - always great to see you here! I just started paying attention to the Lunar calendar about a year ago and the New Moon is always a jinky time for me. I forgot to mention that as a calendar - I have a sheet on the wall that shows just the phases of the moon.

Holly - what a great place to donate extra calendars! Not mentioning any names, but if a certain person gets yet another Harry Potter calendar next year - there is a place for it!

I admit it, I'm cheap, mostly we use the free calendars given to us from the bank or the insurance company. The bank gives us lovely landscapes and the insurance company gives us puppies and kittens. They are used to write down appointments and work schedules. I have a Presbyterian Planning Calendar given to me by my church which I use at the computer for all my church related work (newsletter editor/writer, bulletin, church rentals).

The best calendar by far I've seen this year is one given to my parents by brother and his wife. It's title, "The Year of the Black Sock". Here's the back story:

In late October my daughter asked my father what he wanted for Christmas. He told her all he wanted were black dress socks. She ruminated on this for a few weeks and then the emails went out to Aunts, Uncles, grandchildren and nieces. Everyone was to buy him a pair of black socks for Christmas.

When he opened the first pair he was really happy, but by the final pair (#18) he wasn't so enthusiastic. When he opened my brother's gifts he received a mug with a picture of my brother's feet in black socks, a photo puzzle of my brother's feet and legs in blacks socks and a hanging monthly calendar with the photo for each month having the abbreviation for the month spelled out in black socks.

I don't know if they used Snapfish, Walgreens Photo, or some other service, but now I want to make my own calendar, using my daughters photos.

Off to make soup for supper.

Peach - the Black Sock calendar may win.

Let us know what they used in case we decide to move forward with the TLC Calendar!

Peach, that is freakin' hilarious. I bet he's much more specific now about what he wants!

Big Bang Theory is wonderful, and makes me laugh harder than anything I've watched since Will & Grace. Love smart comedy.

I'm waiting for flying cars, too, but not for the same reason. I figure that when everyone is flying around in their newfangled car the roads will be a lot easier to drive on.

Here's another date for your calendar - registration for the Penn Writers Conference in May starts Monday - our own Ramona is doing panels - yay!

http://tiny.cc/zL4GP "

We have two wall calendars. I always put some kind of impressionist art calendar in our bedroom. This year it's Monet. The kitchen gets a Corgi calendar (they're the Queen's dogs, you know). My son (17) doesn't want a calendar - he relies on me to tell him what day it is. The best thing about wall calendars is buying them on January 2nd: they're 50% off! Just because you didn't use the first day! I can live with that for $6.99 instead of $13.

Karen, thos pictures are stunning!

He really should do just a Cardinal calendar. I know quite a few people in St. Louis who would buy one. He should send it to the StL Cardinals...I think they might like it, too. You can always find pictures of cardinals in the winter (the contrasting colors is too good to pass up) but the singing shots are great.

My work calendar is a Graphique de France Barbie calendar. The illustrations are by Robert Best (he has been a Barbie designer for a long time and was on Season 3 of Project Runway) and they are beautiful.

My home calendar is a Mary Engelbreit. I have used past calendars to frame some of the months. Its on my fridge and 'sometimes' its used as the family calendar.

I love my Day-Runner. It used to go with me wherever I went...mostly for the phone numbers. But with my cell phone, not so much. But I have to write down everything. If I don't, I miss everything. I'm surprised I don't have to write down I work every day.

Love the black sock thing...that'll teach him, lol.

Even though I use a word calendar that I create myself, I do enjoy wall calendars.

First...please be sure to advise me of important dates! My 2010 calendar was already filling up mid-2009. LOL!!!! Holidays. Choir. Meetings. Red Cross. Book signings. It's all there, and constantly getting updated.

Also at work, our print shop has provided year-at-a-glance calendars, showing us which holidays we do get to celebrate free of charge. LOL!!

My regular calendar is a Magic-Eye. I do prefer this or Esher, although last years was Maxine. But yeah, got my Magic-Eye again....and this month is a gondola in Venice. :)

My calendar I rely on is my work calendar linked to webmail at work. However I have a fun one, the Tattooed Ladies of TLA http://www.txla.org/temp/tattoo.html

I still get a weekly appt. calendar, but that's more my diary (I've always told my kids - just look at the calendars & photos for the story of my life since I've been married).

Our main calendar at home (in the kitchen by the phone) is from the National Geographic Society.

I have a free realtors calendar up at work and a free calendar on the wall at home from my credit union. Not so creative of me I know.

The best ever calendar in my family. My mom's best friend & his wife took pictures during different seasons and on vacation etc of Ray in various nude photos, okay, none of the bits showed but 12 different photos, all were hilarious (think strategically placed christmas stocking!). My mom cracked up when she got it, proudly put it up and showed it to everyone. Then when Ray turned 60 she had one of his photos scanned and put in the newspaper . . . Ray didn't think that was too funny!

I have also started putting everything on iCal (this morning had to wait for iTouch and computer to wake up to make an appointment), but I do have a Humane Society free calendar on the wall by the computer -- a good place to tape reminders of things I need to do. I also have on the refrigerator a lovely calendar my nieces made as my Christmas present, with photos they selected, walked to Walgreens to get printed, and then pasted on to pages they printed out on their computer. I smile whenever I see it!

I love art calendars including Monet and others. I receive a city pride calendar which I really like. My appointments seem to revolve around health maintenance (oh joy) and our lifestyle seems to be include getting up close and personal with doctors.
I do love The Bing Bang Theory. I laugh out loud too which is difficult to do with so many tv shows these days. I watch Modern Family and Cougar Town which includes some realy funny characters.
My favorite line in The Big Bang Theory is when Sheldon knocks at Penny's door and keeps repeating "Penny, Penny, Penny." Sounds simple but it works for me.
Karen, your husband's pictures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

I'm slipping this year. Used to, on New Years day, I set hubby chopping veggies while he watched football games & we made a 4 gallon batch of vegetable beef soup. Once I got it together & simmering I would sit down with the calendars and transfer birthdays & such to the new ones.
I've only made the soup one year since he died. Too much work for just me (and neighbors here never return gladware containers grrr)
Danyelle always gets me a cat calendar, free one from DAV & Humane Society (haven't been to Mike's Place to get Bob a girly calendar yet) Betty Crocker always has nice ones with big spaces to write in, food pics & recipes, haven't gotten it yet tho, so the cats will go in the kitchen & DAV at puter.
One relative 'dumpster dives' and found hundreds of calendars in bookstore dumpster the 2nd week of January. She sold them for $1 a piece at a flea market & made some bucks!

My uncle makes a calendar every month and emails it to as many family members as he has addies for. It includes everyone's birthdays, plus cute little sayings to encourage the grands and great-grands. It's corny as hell, with goofy clip art pics, but I love that he spends his time on it. He has advanced leukemia, but you'd never know how much pain he was in, he has such a great sense of humor.

Thanks for all the compliments on the photos. Having 40 years of experience makes a difference! And Pam, they don't make the calendar; they sell the photos to the company that does. We've sold thousands of cardinal pics. Did you know cardinals are the state bird of either seven or eight states, including Ohio? The most popular state bird.

People overestimate my attention span, let alone my wits.

I have a 'Shakespeare's Insults' desk calendar from ML, and a 'MENSA Puzzles and Riddles' desk calendar from my boss.

Thanks to Nature Conservancy and World Wildlife I have beautiful wall calendars for keeping track of the household and birthdays. Daughter-in-law makes calendar with family photos from Shutterfly that are too precious to mark up with appointments.

My stepdaughter always sends us a snapfish (or something) calendar that has month by monthj photos of our adorable grandson Eli...but I can't write on it because it's too cute.

OH, Peach, the sock story is wonderful!

Kathy, I'd love to have a snazzy electronic calendar, could you help me?? We'll chat in Oakmont?

Four calendars this year. Despair.com in the kitchen. Love that calendar. World of Warcraft for my husband's office and a free one from the insurance agent in my office. Plus the pocket calendar I carry in my purse to keep track of all my appointments. I need to upgrade to one of those Smart phones, I'm jealous :)

Karen, the photos are great!

Karen, love the photos. I'm bookmarking for whenever I need a nature break. Rita, don't your neighbors know that they are supposed to return containers, with a bit of a treat inside? Shame on them!

Husband: Buster sent me a Hoosters' calendar

Me: 2010?

Husband: I don't know. I didn't look at the date

I have at least 7 calendars. I don't know why I love them so. They're mostly fantasy action adventure dragon wizardy stuff, but I also have a Harry Potter -- and a Simpsons calendar that a lawyer friend sent me for no particular reason.

I am really excited to see the world cup games, I think this world cup will be full of good players, good celebration, culture diversity and I would like to be there.

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