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October 09, 2009

Fall TV Roundup

Fall TV Roundup

By Kathy Sweeney

SPOILER ALERTS - if you have one of these series in your DVR and don't know what happened since the Fall 2009 Season started, and you don't want to know what's happened so far - do NOT read that part.  Okay? Here we go.  I asked for help on this one and got some great stuff from our backbloggers- I may have paraphrased a bit. Cut me a break.  I have the kissing disease and I haven't kissed anyone but Tom.  Okay, there was that Jack Nicholson thing in LA but I didn't think that counted.

Blog NCIS NCIS:  As expected, I was approached during my trip to LA to replace Ziva.  We could not come to terms because the producers refused to accommodate my blog schedule.  I understand Gibbs and Tony are still having tantrums about it.  But it's okay because - that's right - the original Ziva is back.  That Jag Vance is still playing games.  Tony, Gibbs and Tim (f/k/a Probie) risked their lives to save her.  Especially Tony.  Sexual tension?  You need a knife from Crocodile Dundee to cut it, baby.

NCIS: LA: Still in the DVR.  I got sick so I can't tell you but what a cast! Jodi says the jury is still out on this one but Linda Hunt is wonderful. Maybe she will accidentally shoot Vance. Besides, LL Cool J is built like a brick house.  Just saying.

Also from Jodi:

TheMentalistCast01 The Mentalist:  I love Simon Baker and this year his Patrick Jane started the season off with a little conflict between the team of CBI and him.  Plus the new, apparently ongoing interaction with the newly assigned investigator of the death of Jane's family and others by Red John.  I enjoy this show.  It's fun to see how the writers have used a heightened sense of awareness of all things, big and small, to let him solve crimes without making complete monkies out of his co-workers.  (Note from me: I am catching up with this - there is something jinky between new guy and Lisbon, and could Cho be any more like Joe Friday? And if Rigsby doesn't kiss Van Pelt pretty soon I'm going to have to go back to LA; maybe they can borrow that knife from DiNozo and Ziva.)

From Laura (in PA):

Glee is terrific.  If Jane Lynch isn't nominated for an Emmy, there may be blood. (Note from me: I agree - just started watching this show and love it.)

Blog flash_forward_cast-12 FlashForward: I think it will be a keeper. Everyone in the world blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. During the blackout they have visions of a certain time on a certain day in the future - April something of 2010. One guy has no visions at all, and wonders if he'll be dead then. They all have to go on with life to deal with the consequences of the blackouts (plane crashes, car crashes, etc.) and wonder if there is any way to change the glimpse they got of the future (main character's wife, a doctor, sees herself with another man, and is worried about their marriage). The main guy is played by Joseph Fiennes, Ralph's brother. Sweet. :)

The Good Wife: Julianna Margulies' new show about one of those wives who had to stand next to her husband while he had the press conference about his misdeeds (in this case, a State's Attorney who slept with hookers and did some financial shenanigans) - husband is in jail and she has to go back to work as a junior attorney in a law firm, competing with an ambitious young buck for a permanent position. It looks pretty good so far. My favorite part of the first show was when she got backstage with the husband (played by Chris Noth) after the press conference, and smacked him across the face. :)

From Ramona (who doesn't watch much other than The Big Bang Theory, X-Files, and her Old Faithful --) 

Masterpiece Theater. This fall, the Inspector Lewis (excellent) Mystery series ends mid-October, and then a Contemporary series starts for a  couple of weeks. Called Endgame, with William Hurt and Jonnie Lee Miller. 

From Annette:

Blog house cast-0003 House: Last season ended with House checking himself into a psyche facility to overcome his drug addiction and the resulting hallucinations. This season’s opener showed him getting clean during the first few minutes. The rest of the episode showed him trying to get out. Even without the drugs, House was his same manipulative, scheming, obnoxious self. The big change is that he seems to have met his match in his therapist, Dr. Nolan. By the end of the two-hour episode, House was sprung from his Cuckoo’s Nest leaving me wondering A.) How interesting can a sane House be? and B.) How long before he falls off the wagon? 

Criminal Minds: wrapped last season with one of the most surprising and shocking finales I can recall. Did an escaped serial killer shoot Hotch or didn’t he?  As the story unraveled, Hotch was located in a hospital, driven there by the very sick-o who hadn’t shot him, but who had stabbed him multiple times, and then stole the page from Hotch’s address book containing information on his wife and son. This episode launches us into a season where Hotch has become haunted rather than hunted by this deranged killer. Separated from his family for their own safety, Hotch’s only hope of seeing them again is to catch a fugitive who lurks in the shadows of the agent’s nightmares. 

From Mary Alice:

Blog Robin Hood Robin Hood, year three is back and it is far and away the most beautifully acted version with the greatest cinematography. Nary a sequin in sight but sword fights and good deeds aplenty. I know this because I have seen every other version there is available, even the 50's one with the jingle "Robin hood, robin hood riding through the plains,,,,,,,,". That one was made in England and later shown on Saturday TV here. Interestingly, the writers were all blacklisted writers from Hollywood who were living in England and working........makes for some very interesting plots and dialogue.......worth renting from Netflix.

The rest are from me.

Grey's Anatomy:  George died. Izzy lived.  Everyone felt guilty. Meredith and McDreamy got married by Post-it. The Chief has to cut staff.  They worked in Meredith's real life pregnancy leave by having her donate part of a kidney to her biological father.  Bailey is divorced.  Izzy and Alex are living in McDreamy's trailer because M&D were having post Post-It sex all over the house.  Lexie moved in with McSteamy.  Same reason.  Callie came back to Seattle Grace and is still with Arizona.  Yang and Hunt got shrunk and got bunked. Next week there will be a crossover episode with --

Private Practice: Violet lived. Crazy chick from Felicity was caught and they got the baby -a boy - back.  We still don't know who the father is.  Everyone is messed up and mopey.  Seriously.  Also - they use the same exterior for their offices as they use as the police station in --

The Mentalist: I know, we already talked about it.  But I had to point that out.

Big Bang Theory:  The boys are back.  Penny and Leonard are doing it.  Sheldon is priceless.  Love this show.

Blog Modern Family Modern Family: New show about a blended family.  Loving it.  Single camera with a set up similar to The Office where the characters sometimes speak directly to the camera.  Anyone who has ever dragged their husband into a Costco for the first time will love this week's episode. Plus, remember Ed O'Neill?  He was Al Bundy, and Peg Bundy is back on TV too in --

Sons of Anarchy: Not my usual fare (see above) but the cast is terrific.  Reminds me a bit of Deadwood but the swearing is more R than XXX.  The woman who plays the Doc used to be on--

Mad Men:  Blah.  That's it.  Blah.  Can I please have one likeable character?

Brothers and Sisters: Kitty has cancer.  Nora pulled a scene straight out of Steel Magnolias.  Sarah is in France with that guy from the Shower Scene - Gilles.  Tommy and family are still MIA - good riddance - he was an ass. Scotty and Kevin are talking about babies.  Justin and Rebecca are engaged.  Saul seems to be the only one not having sex.  Poor Saul.  He stayed in the closet too long.

Wisteria_lane_desparate_housewives Desperate Housewives:  Mike married Susan.  Kathryn is going bonkers.  Bree is having an affair with her lawyer, aka Susan's ex-husband. Lynette and Tom are going to have another set of twins - because the first set was a real dream team.  Carlos' niece moved in and she's a tramp - but she's not fooling Gaby.  Adriana from The Sopranos moved into the neighborhood. Edie? Still dead. Know why I still watch this show?  Because we were on the ACTUAL Wisteria Lane on a Studio Tour and I saw the real houses.  I expect this will last another two weeks.  Then, unless Kathryn goes funny psycho, I'm done.

Castle: Beckett forgave Castle for opening up her mother's murder.  Castle is back solving crimes and writing books.  His mother finally got a job, but shows no signs of moving out, which is good. I was skeptical about this show, but now it's one of my favorites.  Sure, it's the typical wiseass guy opposite the smart female cop. There is a reason they keep using that combo: it works.

Whew!  Your turn - what's good, what's bad, and what is ugly this fall on your TV?


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AM Update:

Our President won the Nobel Peace Prize! What a proud moment for our country!

Also, they are shooting stuff at the moon this morning to see if they can find water. I guess this is the high tech version of a divining rod..

Kathy, I saw the Nobel news and actually had tears come to my eyes.

I am a newbie to the Big Bang Theory, but I am so addicted it is not funny. Somebody needs to buy me the first two seasons on DVD, stat!

Wow! I've just dragged my backside out of bed and hadn't heard the news about the Nobel Peace Prize. I have chills.

Hopefully, it's not the flu...

I think I'm giving up on Desperate Housewives this year. And I love Mad Men, if only for the clothes, and looking at John Hamm, and Roger's (John Slattery) irreverent comments.

So far, I've only watched the first NCIS LA - I enjoyed it. I always enjoy Linda Hunt.

Big Bang Theory this week had me laughing my butt off. (if only) Two words: squirt bottle.

Oh, and awesome news about Obama!

I had tears in my eyes reading the Obama news story as well. Such good news!

Kathy, I am sorry you are so sick. I had that in high school (with no fun getting it, either). Depending on how bad you have it, it does take a while to recover. Hang in there.

*LOVE* NCIS. Sometimes I wonder how they are going to back down from all the blatant innuendos. As much as I would like Ziva and Tony to acknowledge it though, I don't want another Moonlighting fiasco. Anyway, I live for DiNozzo!

Castle is next on my list. Then the Mentalist. I seem to be watch shows with hot men......Hmmmm.......

Did anyone catch the copycat plot between Castle and NCIS? They both had 'Strangers on a Train' plots within a week of each other...

I really like LL and Chris in NCIS:LA, but I'm not thrilled with the show so far. I will give it a few more weeks!

Kathy, I'm so proud of you, and impressed, at your taking one for the team, getting off your deathbed to write the blog. You rock, babe. I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the updates. I've barely watched any nighttime TV this fall yet, we've been so busy running back and forth between home and the farm, and having houseguests galore. Doesn't sound as though I've missed much, though. I haven't even watched Dancing with the Stars because of Tom Delay. Now that he's left the show it might be safe to tune in.

What amazing news about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. I'm busting with pride at having a President who has already made such strides in diplomacy, something we have sorely lacked in recent years. The US may be getting our mojo back.

Another show I am liking is Lie to Me. Again with the little details thing, but it is interesting to see how our facial expressions and body language no matter how minute can give us away. Just needs the right person or persons to be there to read them. Several minor story lines going on while the main plot unfolds.

You people make me want to watch TV!

I'm still stuck on Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Season 3 of OZ. But I'll catch up and comment on this blog in the year 2018.

CASTLE rocks. CRIMINAL MINDS is winding down, in my opinion. Not too impressed with the new shows this season....

I've felt the same way about Criminal Minds, William. The emphasis on Hotch ticks me off; he's always so irritated with everyone and is a much less sympathetic character than Mandy Patinkin's was. In fact, the show has suffered since he left, I think.

I actually didn't like Mandy Patinkin, and like Joe Mantegna better. But Hotch is definitely a downer. So I just look at Shemar instead. :) And I do like Matthew Gray Gubler's character too.

Mad Men - don't watch.

NCIS-LA - so far, boring. Not liking it.

Flash Forward - love the premise. But not sure if I'll stay with it.

Eastwick - getting better but don't see a long term future for it.

Survivor - Russell is really an a$$ but he's been the only fun to the show so far.

Grey's Anatomy - First episode dealt with George's death. Tear-worthy. Another good season under way.

NCIS - The crew is back and as good as ever. Love that show.

Ghost Whisperer - Season opens having aged 5 years from finale (new baby at end of season is now 5 y/o). About the same. Misunderstood ghosts, blah blah blah

Star Gate Universe - 2 hr premiere last week was a tad boring. A storyline that combines SG Atlantis with Star Trek Voyager. Needs to pick up

Yes, I watch too much TV! LOL

Watching season 7 of Monk and it's stellar. Shows how far behind I am. Thanks for dragging me into 2009.
And yes, I'm proud for America today. Terrific news.

Mary Alice, I think it's "Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen (not plains), so it can rhyme with "his band of men." Sigh, I remember that one, too.

Big Bang is the best sitcom on TV, hands down. Jim Parsons should have won the Emmy, but at least he was nominated. Watched the first season on DVD with my hubby over Christmas last year and haven't missed an episode since.

I'm also loving So You Think You Can Dance (much better dancing than DWTS), Project Runway, Amazing Race, Medium, Lie to Me, and Glee (great music, over-the-top stories). DVR'd The Mentalist and Flash Forward but haven't had a chance to watch yet.

Love the fall!

Wow - now I have some new shows to check out! I don't get to watch a lot of TV but am always looking for those few gems to DVR and/or watch on my iPod. Glee is awesome and getting better every episode. I just started watching Robin Hood and am liking it a lot. I'm peeved that In Plain Sight is on hiatus until Spring. Sanctuary starts again soon (if it hasn't already), and that's nice.

I heard about the President on the radio on my way in to work and was so excited! I can't quite find the right words to express how I felt -- just that I hadn't felt that happy for my country in a very, very long time.

I was just commenting to one of my coworkers today that I rarely get to watch what I want to watch on my tv as my father seems to have had the remote surgically attached to his hand. *sigh*

Ghost Whisperer ~ I do enjoy this show, but often miss as it is on a Friday night. But I did catch the season opener, with the time jump. Makes sense, so now to the rest of the season.

Top Chef ~ am rooting for the Philly girl! :) Nice attitude and good cooking, as opposed to some of the jerks who sit back and complain.

Eastwick ~ caught the first episode. It was okay, but I really appreciated how they had Veronica Cartwright in it...she was in the movie version as well!!

NCIS ~ love it, but guess what...I still haven't seen a single episode from this year. Only the repeats from last season.

Medium! I forgot all about it. Since they moved from NBC (the all-Leno, all the time channel, sigh) to CBS the show is much better. It's amazing seeing how much the young girls who play her daughters have grown up since this show began. The oldest daughter is quite an actress, and the middle one always cracks me up.

BONES! My niece got me hooked on this one, so I need to keep up so she can discuss without spoiling. There was rebuilding and emotional backtracking from the dream sequence. "I love you, in an 'atta girl' way" may become one of my new favorite phrases, like "all will be well, I don't know, its a mystery" from Shakespeare in Love.
The crazy Amish teenagers were fun, and the mystery of the piano savant's death . . . very engrossing. Thumbs up from me . . .

But for real excitement -- Hurrah for the Peace Prize!!! It's so encouraging. Maybe we can move toward peace . . .

Mad Men--Don Draper and Joan Holloway fascinate me, Roger Sterling amuses me, Pete Campbell annoys me and I love him for it, Peggy Olson mystifies me, and I drool over Betty Draper's outfits. I've been an addict since the very first episode.

House--I really wondered where they'd take the show once House flew out of the Cuckoo's Nest. But the twist this week involving Chase, connected to the death of the African dictator, and its ramifications, have tons of potential. It's must-see tv no matter what.

The Office--I was in tears at the end of last night's wedding episode. In a good way. Best wedding-gone-bad I can remember, hilariously so. (But I'm no judge, my own wedding was perfect.)

30 Rock--C'mon, where are you? I need my Baldwin fix.

Modern Family--Clever, fun, loving it.

With out cable, my list is much shorter! LOL
NCIS-LA, no. The N is for Navy, they would dress more professionally & have more structure in the team.
Castle- (but for the humor. Don't tell Lee! The mistakes in forensics drive him nuts! LOL)
Criminal Minds is getting too off track with the personal relationships.
Hero's lost me when they started switching good guys to bad guy etc.
Fringe- concept too weird
Fast Forward- not getting involved trying to keep present & visions straight.
Ghost Whisperer & Medium - will see how they do this season.......

NCIS LA should be called Homeland Security since they've yet to involved in what I see as the Navy Criminal Investigation Service. They've gone from investigations to high tech toys and plenty of bang, bang, shoot 'em up with no real mystery involved. However, I've always adored Linda Hunt and she's what brings me back each week.

I do enjoy NCIS, Lie to me, GW, Medium, CSI and CSI NY (I don't watch the Miami one) Bones, House, Castle (Love Lee's critique of the show each week) and manty of other shows already mentioned.

Warehouse 13 is fun however if you remember the series Friday the 13th... well, there is a slight similarity.

I'm not one who enjoys the (lack of) reality shows, DH doesn't turn on the comedies mainly because he hates half hour shows, and I'm very disappointed with Eastwick the mix of The Witches of Eastwick (I loved the movie) meets Desperate Housewives et al...they started out well but it all went down hill from there. Suffice it to say it's no longer on my must watch schedule.

OOPS! I forgot to add The Forgotten--I'm enjoying this one.

Going on vacation next week, what shall I tape while I am gone??


that's it.

I re-watched _Shakespeare in Love_ last weekend to get this quote right, but this morning I didn't take the time to go to my notes (and I mysteriously lost an apostrophe, too ;-), so here's the correction:
Theater -- insurmountable obstacles on the road to immanent disaster
It all turns out well. How? I don't know, it's a mystery.
Shakespeare In Love . . . (and I do so love that movie!)

Mary, the score from Shakespeare in Love is, bar none, my favorite movie score. Lush, soaring symphonics, so very sexy.

I like "Castle" - good humor and chemistry between the male and female.

I like "Eastwick" because of the actor, Paul Gross. He's so sexy! I love him playing a dark, mysterious, sexy devil-guy. (I, too, wonder about how many stories they will be able to write for a season's worth of episodes...but I hope they succeed.)

I like "Warehouse 13". This got renewed for a 2nd season. Yeah!

I love Castle, Lie to Me, NCIS, The Mentalist and Fringe, I have high hopes for Fast Forward. Not sure yet about Eastwick. The hilarious Cougar Town totally was a surprise. Patricia Heaton's performance in The Middle is spot on and Accidentally oN Purpose is charming but who know for how long. After reading Dan Brown's Lost Symbol I'm noticing a lot of soul searching and symbolism on dramas.
And yes I noticed the Strangers on a Train plot on two dramas this week. Desperate Housewives is otally becoming desperate for intriguing plots. In the new year more show will turn up to try to excite us. Lots of fun!

I like _Ugly Betty_ and I'm disappointed that the listings in P-D showed season premier tonight . . . and it's not! Ah well, so many other things are good in life, I can't stress over TV, not even over the hassles of that danged digital conversion . . .

Monday - One Tree Hill and Big Bang Theory
Tuesday -- sons of Anarchy
Wed. - GLEE
Thursday - Vampire Diaries and Greys Anatomy
Friday and Saturday are whatever days
Sunday - mad men and Three Rivers

I will admit that even though Three Rivers has been getting panned as of late, I love Alex O'loughlin so i can't help but watch him!

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