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July 12, 2009

Great Motivational Posters

Great Motivational Posters 

By Kathy Sweeney

Blog demotivators clueless First off, if you've never seen the original De-Motivator posters, head over to Despair.inc after you read this. One is funnier than the other.  One of my original favorites (I have it in postcard size near my desk) is on Cluelessness.  It says: "There are no stupid questions. But there are a lot of inquisitive idiots."  Truer words never spoken, especially for anyone who answers a lot of questions for a living.  I personally think everyone in every IT department every where needs one of these.

Naturally, the original site - where you can even make a custom calendar with these, spawned a lot of imitations, and recently, I got a whole batch of them from Tom.  Since it's a July Sunday, I thought I'd just try to entertain you with a few of the best.

Love this one because if you know anyone hooked on video games, this says it all: Dedication: Because you're too close to Level 70 to give a fuck about visiting grandma.

Blog poster level 70

Here are a few more, a couple especially for those of you who OCHFTS:

EDUCATION:  Yes, it's that Important
BUTTONS: And now we play the waiting game
SOME HABITS are hard to break
A DIRTY MIND:  If you've got one, you'll see it

Blog posters coke or diet Blog poster buttons Blog poster marco Blog posters dirty mind

And finally, here is another favorite from Despair.inc on potential.  Got this one on a T-shirt for a friend last Christmas.  Potential:  Because not everyone gets to be an astronaut when they grow up.
Blog demotivator potential

Happy Summer Weekend, everyone!


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Kathy, I almost choked on coffee this morning! Classic stuff.

It's reached the point of this:


Not that we have any Trek fans here, but some of these posters are genuinely funny....

William! Those are hilarious! Love the Red Shirt one the best.

Too funny!

I like the Dedication one best. My son (and husband, actually) would relate.


Love it. My middle daughter got at least three of the real motivational posters when she graduated from high school. As if someone who had straight A's from kindergarten needed more motivation.

Hijack: Did anyone mention Dr. Lyle's interview with Harley?


And if you want to make them a handcraft:

Hollygee - Classic! I became a fan on Facebook. Haven't done needlework in decades, but I may have to find the old hoops and order a couple of these.

I had to Google to find the link http://despair.com/
probably will comment once I have coffee to
"Be alert: lerts are very popular."

Funny! Not from Demotivator, but I have a framed greeting card near my workspace that says:
Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it.
(Maura Stuard-Age 8)

And there are times I do just that :o)

Great post, Kathy (aka Rebecca) :o)

Mary, a friend used to say "Be alert. The world needs more lerts."

Maryann, I'm a big fan of naps, at any age.

I used to put my version on the blackboard in my classroom. Sometimes I'd also draw a circle and write TUIT inside . . .

My favorite t-shirt, nearly worn out now, says "Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult." Wireless used to carry them.

I also liked the "Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty" sweatshirt (but sweatshirts are too warm for this stage of my life).

William, thanks! I've forwarded that link to fellow Trekkies -- and I'm going to check out the 5-minute versions http://www.fiveminute.net/startrek/

I can't get anything done today because I'm laughing too hard.

I understand, Harley! I'm now blaming TLC for my housework not getting done. Spent an afternoon last week going thru Cakewrecks & alot of time today at Despair.com! I'm just furthering my education tho! LOL
I bought a t-shirt years ago cause it reminded me of Elaine. When I broke my elbow, I wore it to the dr.s office, cracked them up.
"My next big break in life will probably be my hip"

I've just spent what is a glorious Sunday afternoon outdoors, sitting indoors at my desk . . . trying to find a co-author for a writer who really, really, really needs some help with how to write a real novel instead of the 900+ pages of fact-oriented detail he has put together. So, I needed a laugh, and here are many, courtesy of you wonderful folks at TLC!
[if you know of a woman writer/editor with a lot of patience, a strong stomach for a male scientist's descriptions of sex, who lives in or near Orange County or is fluent with Skype . . . shoot her info to me at lcrampton at verizon dot net, and I'll talk with her before putting her in touch with him]

Ah, I'm so glad other people 'get' despair.com ! I'm on my 2nd year with a Despair calendar in my office and still have the occasional person who comes in and reads it (check out Ambition, Pressure, and Tradition) and looks slightly offended that they're not nice. Isn't that the point?

I knew I'd found the right church when the pastor brought in the Tradition tshirt he got as a gift and used it during his sermon.

I also invested in the Pessimist Mug - makes me smile each time I finish a half cup of coffee (they were on sale last looked, if you need enabling).

Now, the IOCHFTS versions - awesome! Must go check those out. But where would I put them? I have two young kids at home and they might be over the edge for the office?

I used to have the Mistakes poster in my office at work. The bosses did not share my sense of humor :)

Having stopped over there recently, I'm tempted to buy the social media t-shirt, but I don't think the members of MMA would appreciate it much :)

Thanks for some laughs this morning

I think my favorites are "goals" and "compromise." Hell, I love them all....and such nice quality!

Thanks for this, Kathy.

I have a server to fix and a printer to install so I couldn't find the demotivator poster from the Rams Superbowl. The last play of the game. "When your best isn't good enough."

Then there is this set.


Love the first one! Especially as I work in IT support..and talked to a ton of those users today.

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