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May 08, 2009

A TLC Contest!

A TLC Contest! No Kidding!

by Nancy        Go to fullsize image

"You're not welcome here." That's what the British government said to a list of 16 people who are now banned from setting foot on the Queen's shores. The "name and shame" list includes, "a Hamas lawmaker and a Jewish extremist, as well as anti-gay protestors and a far-right US talk show host," known on US soil as "Michael Savage." (I do not include a link to him here, because I don't have to.) Also some Russian skinhead types and a US "pastor" with a reputation for homophobic ickiness. (Ditto.)

Here at The Lipstick Chronicles, we occasionally attempt to be more open-minded than those stuffy Brits. Let everyone say what's on their mind--that was the tolerance line we gave a lot of--er lip servce to once upon a time. But now? Fuggetaboutit.  We're fussy about jerks here, too.

Which brings us to our current dilemma. And a real live contest! See that tagline up near the top of your screen? It says this blog is about "love, laughter, laundry and the mysteries of the writing life." At least, that's what it's supposed to say. Recently, avigilant regular visitor here at our virtual water cooler politely pointed out that we're missing the "the" before "writing life," which is a typo that escaped our notice, lo, these four happy years. Whoops. Well, as long as it's wrong and needs to be fixed, said a caffeinated Tart, why not take the time to change the tagline to better reflect what our blog has evolved into? 

And at a recent company committee meeting, somebody suggested that if we're updating the tagline, we might as well change a lot of things. Like the banner, which is totally out of date. And a bunch of stuff I don't understand--yet--but you're going to love. The motion passed. So behind the scenes here at the offices of TLC, we're abuzz with activity.  Uh, well, our receptionist Margie might be buzzing with something else in the supply closet, but the rest of us are hard at work on our makeover. In a few weeks, you'll see the new, improved, high tech results.

Meanwhile, we need your help. And we're prepared to use bribery to get it.

We need a new tagline. And who better to help us come up with a pithy, amusing, perhaps edgy, and certainly entertaining line that describes who the heck we are and what in the world we're doing here every day. We're smart, right? Most of the time. Sexy? Now and then, yeah. Edgy? Sure, except on days when our children read the blog. Do we talk about books? Do we examine the lives of women? Couples? Families? Desperate writers pounding their keyboards long into the darkest night? Do we go overboard once in a while? Yeah, okay, all of that. Just keep in mind that the word "bitches" and "trashy" are overused.

So how do we say who we are? How do we brand ourselves going into the future? Let's hear your ideas. (Before Margie hangs up a sign we will surely regret.) We're prepared to award the winner tagger with a load of books--our books, other books, whatever books we can scratch up. All going to the person who can best brand The Lipstick Chronicles.

If that subject bores you, I'd like to hear about any other people you think we should ban from the United States.--Just in case anyone asks us to make up a list.


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Let's ban Philip Nolan. Or me, but only not on ships all the time.

It's too early for taglines, but for photos, I like the ones at BitchPHD (http://bitchphd.blogspot.com/) and Feministing (http://www.feministing.com/). Given the purpose of this blog, though, I don't know if those would be appropriate.

How about photos from, like, third grade? Or pictures of bookmarks with your pictures on them? Or photos of your husbands, but not you?

Like I said, too early to be constructive or even witty. I am putting in an early vote for whatever Ramona chooses, based on her knock-'em-dead marketing idea for Harley.

The Lipstick Chronicles:

Imprints on your mind, not on your collar.

Out to save the world one book at a time.

If THESE women were in charge....

First of all, I love that that dildo website has a reminder of Mother's Day.

Like Josh, I'm not sure I'm awake enough to be creative.

It would be something along the lines of: Good Friends, Great Books, Lotsa Laughs, and Sometimes We're Just Pissed Off

WWA--Writers With Attitude

Chick Lit Images and Tales Writers’ Blog.

I won't spell the acronym, but it would be sure to get you lots of hits.

Josh, we knew you'd come through.

William, however, I'm disappointed. No Bond quote to suit us? Spenser? Emma Peel??

Since somewhere in the office we have that Proctor & Gamble disclaimer, where it says, "employees and their immediate families are not eligible to win prizes, etc." I'll move on to Part 2 of the Friday Challenge.

I really like to have a very big tent, but mine may not quite big enough for skinny little Ann Coulter. She's someone I'd like to ban, but that's not very charitable and the truth is, I'm working on it.

Sorry, Nancy. I'm not real clever pre-coffee. I'll work on it!

I am so out of my league trying to think up a clever slogan!

BUT, PLEASE give Harley her way and ban Ann Coulter.

DO NOT use the words "chick Lit" anywhere on this site. I beg you. :)

For some reason I like vaguely threatening tag lines:
"Prepare yourself: we're going to tell you what we think -- about love, laughter laundry and the mysteries of the writing life."

"We don't have all the answers, but we've got quite a few of them."

"We think; how about you?"

As far as barring people from entering, Robert Mugabe springs to mind as do the rulers in Myanmar. If we are tossing people out: I go along with Ann Coulter, Joe the Plumber, Rush. You know there are just too many to name.

I seem to be in kind of a rasty mood, this morning. I'll get coffee and see if it helps.

I'm partial to the "If THESE Women Were In Charge ..." one myself, but just to toss out some more:

Love, life, and everything in between.

Brains, beauty, and bodies.

Smart talk from fast women.

(oh lordy, someone stole my creativity gene this morning, I swear.)

I'm back from my mammogram & feeling inspired.

Tits in a Twist?

Wait, that's panties, isn't it?

The Lipstick Chronicles: "Saving The World Daily With Friendship, Humor, Advice & Love"

Tits in a Twist? Bwahahaahahaha!!!!!

How about:

Smart Women. Funny People. And IOCHFTS.

Wait, I'm revising my previous one :

Smart Women. Funny People. But IOCHFTS.

Hey, all of you writer people who are saying I Only Come Here For The Sailors, hands off! They're mine.

First of all, I noticed the "typo" a long time ago, but really liked the idea of a blog about "writing life." I think that's exactly what happens here. Unfortunately, my end-of-school-lack-of-brains means I can't figure out how to combine that with kris' idea :) The only thing I can come up with is too long: "Smart Women Write Life (the rest of us OCHFTS)".

I'm with Harley on both the big tent and Ann Coulter and really, just about anyone from Fox "news."

Hollygee, is that your website link? Love the crisp and colorful look.

I'm not very good at this, but here goes:
- Quirky beauties seeking lively discussions
- Goddesses of love, laughter and lyrical prose
- You want 'em, we got 'em
- An opinion for every topic - a thought for every occasion
- Where our opinions matter

More later, maybe...

We talk, we laugh, we kill a few bad guys.

Hi. It's Me, Margie.

First off, fucklarious on the link there, Nancy. Hope you liked your coffee this morning. Not that I object to toys - toys are great. But I can think of, oh, four or five other people in this office who need them. I happen to have live companions thank you very much.

Plus, I'm entering the contest. So what if Steve, Steve and Me are judging it? We can be objective.

Rita, honey! You're back! How was the cruise?

Becky, thank you. As you can tell from the complete change of style, my site is under renovation. It must be the season for it.

Sarah, someone on your facebook page came up with a good one...(and I can't find it now...)

Read My Lipstick (my addition-with a drawing of a backside in shorts, with big ol' red lip prints on it)

Wait! Another revision!

We talk, we laugh, we kick some ass.

Okay. I think I'm done.


Ohhhhh, that. Yeah, I was on a cruise. Ha ha.

Sometimes, Margie, you are so innocent.

Paging Steve. I'm going to need a, uh, lunch break. Bring booze too.

Me, Margie

I also like the phrasing of "love, laughter, laundry and the mysteries of writing life" and didn't realize it was a typo. A good writer does "write life." I like William's "Out to save the world one book at a time." and "If THESE women were in charge...." because things would get better if you were . . .
I just remembered a wonderful statement my niece made when I complimented her five-year-old self on some clever housekeeping idea, "I may not know it all, but I know some things." Perhaps a version of that would serve.
Josh, those links wouldn't work, perhaps just as well . .

The Lipstick Chronicles: Where the sweet tarts of writing are talking, laughing, and building frienships.

The Lipstick Chronicles: The beautiful sweet tarts of writing discuss life, love and laughter.

The Lipstick Chronicles: Where the beautiful tarts of writing discuss life, love and laughter.

The Lipstick Chronicles: Where the beautiful tarts of writing discuss life, love and laughter with friends.

The Lipstick Chronicles: Where life is like lipstick...once in a while it goes perfect, but sometimes you need a do over.

Oh, and if we're voting people out the island, I'm all for Ann Coulter...is that a nose job or what? Or maybe she is perfect and everyone else isn't.

The Lipstick Chronicles:
From the Mouths of Babes

The Lipstick Chronicles:
From the Minds of Babes

The Lipstick Chronicles:
Reflections of love, lit, loss, life, and friendship

The Lipstick Chronicles:
A community for your True Self

The Lipstick Chronicles:
Looking inside lit, love, and life

The Lipstick Chronicles:
Dispelling the Myths of Women and creating New Ones

How cool to hear from new people as well as our favorite TLC-ers.

FYI, my sister just sent me an e-mail. Apparently, the last of the 'Wizard of Oz' Munchkins - Mickey Carroll died. He was 89.

I told her: We prefer 'little people.' End of an era, kids.

Kathy, Mickey wasn't the last of the Munchkins. Meinhardt Raabe (the coroner) is still alive, as are a handful of others.

The town next to me, Chittenango, was L. Frank Baum's birthplace, and they have a big Ozfest every year - costumes, as many living Munchkins as they can get, etc. I will never forget the Sunday I turned around to say hello to the person behind me and found myself face to face with Meinhardt. What a treat that was!

Thanks for the clarification, Kris!

I feel younger now. Not much taller though.

The Lipstick Chronicles: Where talk is not so cheap and the tarts are on the case with love, laughter and life lessons.

The Lipstick Chronicles: Where the babes of book writing are talking about love, life, laughter and things that make you go Hmmm?

The Lipstick Chronicles: The book writing babes are on the case talking about life, love and laughter with friends.

Mickey Carroll was a wonderful and giving gentleman, making many public appearances for charities. (and he had a sister named Mary . . . ;-)
May we all have such long and well-spent lives!

I don’t know how this works, but I love it!
We sent this video out on Wednesday, and the response has been amazing. In just two days, it's been sent to over a million moms!
Mother's Day is just two days away. If you haven't gotten gifts yet for all the moms in your life—and even if you have—send them each a personalized "Mother of the Year" video today. They'll love it.


The Lipstick Chronicles
Hot Topics. Hot Authors. Hot Flashes. Write Here.

Jeez, Gaylin, that's terrific. Really terrific.

Soooo.... If I had a vote I like the Gaylin Hot Topics. Hot Authors. Hot Flashes. Write here.
TARTS: The tasty, artistic, romantic, transforming sisterhood of published mystery writers. Lipstick optional.
Just saying.

Sister of suspense -- write on!!

OMG, you guys are great! I've been AWOL after drinking that coffee Margie made for me. Now I get it. This Could Be War, except you are nowhere to be found on a Friday afternoon. Of course.

Hollygee, let us know when your website is ready for potential customers.

Gaylin, your blurb says it all...particularly the flashing stuff. LOL

Gaylin, that is great!

Don't know where the "s" went . . .
Sisters of suspense -- write on!!

The Lipstick Chronicles
Hot Topics. Hot Authors. Hot Flashes. Write Here.


"Stiletto SWALK...from the kiss to the knife, and everyday life..."

PS: SWALK (sealed with a loving kiss)

This is fun,

PS: I don't comment much anymore, because Temperamental Mr Typepad will only let me sign in once in about ten times. Sigh.

Could it be amplified a bit, Gaylin?

"Hot Topics. Hot Authors. Hot Flashes, Flashes of Wit, Flashes of Insight. Write Here."

It was by dint of aluminum-foil-strength self-control that I left out the part about "Sometimes She, Margie, Flashes." 'Cause some things are better left unseen. Errrr, "unsaid." "Unsaid" is what I meant. Yes.

Gaylin, you're brilliant!

Wow, thanks for the compliments.
you like me, you really like me


The Lipstick Chronicles: Words are the best things that pass between our lips. Not the only things. But the best things.

CilleyGirl, you're about to provoke a war with the Chocolatarians. You know how they get.

I think she's safe. I love chocolate as much or more than anyone I know, but I did survive (barely) the several years when I couldn't have even that much caffeine (one can live without chocolate, but is it really Living?)
I doubt I could go a day without words . . .

uh, Tom? I think me, Margie would be thinking of something besides chocolate!
I'm brain dead today, but have seen many good ones on here already.
I dunno, IOCHFTS!

Gaylin, I agree that you should be the winner. I like it better without Tom's add-ons, though.

Now, can you fly across Puerto Rico in a habit? Then, I'd really like you.

now i really laughed out loud

I'll work on that flying thing but the habit, hmmmm, so what not to wear.

Real smack talk.
Women changing the world, one shade at a time.
Who says there's not enough time to read in life?

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