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May 02, 2009

Twit, Twitter, Twittest

Twit, Twitter, Twittest

By Sarah

The hardest part for me in getting on board with Facebook and Twitter is the word "Twit." This is because I am a nerdly Monty Python fan. Die hard. And when I think Twit, I think The Upper class Twit of the Year Twit or The Twit Olympics which you can see here. Not sexy.

Honestly. Couldn't the mobile powers that be, the all-knowing, ever-hip networking gurus, have come up with a better word than Twitter? I mean, they have to be nerds, too, right?

But this is a world gone mobile mad. For example, did you know there is now an iPhone application (App) for the swine flu? A step up, sure, from the discontinued shaken baby app, but come on! Though, I must confess to loving my iPhone. I don't think I could read Salman Rushdie on it, but I did read Robert Parker using the Kindle app. In fact, I've read more on the iPhone than I ever did on the Kindle which doesn't work out here in the woods.

I can see where this is going. If I didn't have to write books or take care of my family or, you know, wash, I could spend hours staring at the 5 X 3" device playing cribbage or Scrabble or Jelly Car. Reading Kevin  Jelly car Smith's tweets (the one celebrity I follow along with David Pogue from the New York Times, though I'm not sure he's a celebrity) and checking my daughter's friends on Facebook.

It comes as no surprise to me that Facebook has soared in popularity among middle-aged women. Yes, it's a way for us to connect. Let's face it, there's a weird boring part of us that is eager to know who's making what for dinner or whether someone got dissed by someone else's boss. Already today I have tweeted about my dog's newest find - turkey feathers I fear he stole from the basketball coach across the street. And there'll be more exciting news. Peas planted! (It's Vermont.) Bishop weed pulled! Another chapter written. Husband serviced. (Well, maybe not that.)

But what's the point? Do the paltry 27 people who follow me on Twitter really need to know that I can't find 245/40 tires for my 1999 BMW M3 - again! - since they wore out after only a year? Won't, at some point, we get bloody sick and tired of reading 140 characters from Iloveharryp along the lines of "Ate ice cream. Gonna puke?"

Kevin Or will we continue in this babble and blather? And maybe that's a good thing. Maybe knowing that Kevin Smith just took a shower makes him - and therefore, every celebrity - a human being and we can stop caring.

I dunno. But if you want to follow my Exciting Adventures as a Vermont Housewife you can look me up at - here's a shocker - sarahstrohmeyer on Twitter.

I'll try to be entertaining. Hey, you never know. I might just find a snake in the garden.

Twit on...


P.S. For some truly hysterical videos, here are two. The first is Drunk History in which a drunk historian describes a major event in history. This is my favorite.

The other is I'm On a Boatby Incredibad....Still a classic.


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Hah! Invariably when studying service of process, some student of my wife refers to a defendant being "serviced." My wife tells them that she thinks that's a different thing then being "served." Ah, law professor/school humor.

I actually enjoy Twitter. Some of the twitters are definitely "twits", and I've started "unfollowing" some people that just promo all the time.

I just "friended" you on Facebook, Sarah. I'm still new there. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Not real interested in Tweeting; I only opened an account to give you one more follower to show your publisher.

On the matter of tires, you can mail-order them, often with good savings. Here's the first company I found with Vredestein rubber for your M3. There are many others.


Tom....what's Vredestein rubber. I need something more durable for these Vermont roads.


Although I'm not at all interested in tweeting, I'd be happy to sign up and "follow" anyone who wants to bulk up your follower ranks. Hey, I can take one for the team. ;-)

Cyndi, I'm going to friend you, too. Feel free to "un"friend if it gets to be too much. Have fun!

Vredestein is a good, good brand of performance tire, Sarah. They're among the well-respected makers like Pirelli, Michelin and a couple others that serve the performance-oriented auto industry.

I guess by now you know, first-hand, that high-performance cars (or boats, or planes, or skimobiles) cost more to operate and maintain. Sorry. I miss our old 320i; can only imagine how much fun an M3 must be.

Best line ever on this from Stephen Colbert, in response to Meredith Viera's question on whether he Twitted:

"I have twatted."

love him

I drive 1997 BMW Z3 all winter in NH under conditions similar to where you are in Vermont. I bought the car new so I have 10 years of winter experience with my fun toy. I recommend what I've been using, awesome all season Pirelli tires that get me through the snow just fine and dandy. ..... Mo

Yes, Mo, I liked the Pirelli P77s I used to have . . . but they wore quickly (granted, this was 20 years ago).

Sarah, promise us you'll tweet from the tire store when replacement day arrives!

Following you now. Lots of good Twitter tutorials out there, and they'll make sense after you read a few. My favorite how-to site is http://www.twitip.com - go to http://twitter.com/AboutThyme to see how author, Susan Wittig Albert, is using Twitter to promote her books and tours. She's got the hang of it.


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Good grief, have we been hijacked by realtors?

Sarah, you DO make being a Vermont Housewife seem exciting; the image of you and your iPhone in the woods, for instance. It evokes a Stephen King novel, to me.

spammers on TLC? This just won't do at all!
(but my quilt group on yahoo had the same problem till we made it a closed group)
Nancie - can we use these scumbags as targets?

If you're a MP fan, you have to see Cleese on twittering... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaEDYMJJRr0

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