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May 13, 2009

Tagline Contest, Part Deux: The Finals

Tagline Contest, Part Deux: The Finals

By Me, Margie, Chief Justice

Guess what?  We got so many good entries for the new TLC Tagline Contest that we're having a Semi-Final!

Yeah, I know it's Wednesday, but Elaine is busy WRITING (duh) just like Nancy was busy WRITING last week, so guess who has to pick up the slack?  That's right, Me, Margie.  Because when you work for artiste types, you just don't know when the muse is going to grab them or put them in a full nelson or whatevertheshit it is that muses do.  By the growling and gnashing of teeth coming out of the offices, I'm guessing it's nothing real fun.  On the other hand...  Never mind.

So here is the word:  The panel of judges (that would be Steve, Me, and Steve) will judge the entries. I will be the tiebreaker, or final judge.  (I prefer the term Madame Chief Justice.)  We will take all comments and new entries into consideration, even though FBI Steve says it should be too late for that.  Me and UPS Steve told him to lighten up it's not a gawddam murder investigation.  

Lipstick blog 1 And because I am nice and you guys are so cool, here is some top secret insider information:  I like the lipstick smack and TLC is keeping it.  Do I care what the authors think?  Not so much.  Okay, I DO care, in a way.  In fact, I, uh, came up with the following on Saturday night:

"TLC:  When our lips start moving, you don't know where they'll end up."

See what I did there?  It can mean so many things, right?  And if you think I'm too modest to pick my own tagline, well, you must be new here.  Plus, Steve thought it was the best thing ever.  I am going to be fair though, because some of these other ones totally kick ass.

And another thing.  Hot Flashes mean one thing to some people and other things to other people.  For example, to me, a Hot Flash means something I do at Mardi Gras.  But to most people it means some fucked up consequence of being a woman.  Which sucks by the way.  You men don't have to do any of the hard stuff.  I mean after you come up with the hard stuff, that is, which is totally fun and really isn't fair so watch it bub, just saying.  Any how, we're not going to use that term because it freaks out fabulous young people (that would be me) and lots of men, who think the whole blog is going to be about tampons or something.

One other thing - we're looking for something that says we're funny, edgy, smart and (at least for some of us) sexy.  

Enough chatter.  Here are the semi-finalists.  Voice your vote or come up with a new one.  Now.  I mean, I can't do this all week.

The Lipstick Chronicles: Kissing off diplomacy

The Lipstick Chronicles: From the Mouths of Babes

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.

Hot Authors. Hot Topics.  Hot Damn.

Smart Women. Funny People.  But IOCHFTS.

Give us your lip... or else

From our Lips to your..whatever

The Lipstick Chronicles: Writers of Wrongs

We think; how about you?

Real Smack Talk

This ain't just Lip Service

The Lipstick Chronicles:  Saving the World Daily with Friendship, Humor, Advice and Love

Just keep reading and no one gets hurt

We talk, we laugh, we kick some ass.

Smart Women Write Life.  

Read My Lipstick (with a drawing of a backside with the lipstick print)

These lips are made for talkin'

We give good lip.

James Bond?  We'd fuck him.*

*Yeah, that last one was mine too and obviously a joke even though it's totally true.  

Let's hear from you, TLC Community.  And remember - there are free books on the line here for the winner!

By the way, if one of the Tarts wins, we'll be putting everyone who made the list into a hat and giving the books away to that person.  Or something like that.

P.S.  I just found a post-it note on the (empty, of course) coffee pot that says:  remember to wish Josh Happy Birthday.  Naturally, the person who wrote it forgot, so let's do it: Happy Birthday, Josh!  


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I feel terrible that my alliterative and retro slogan wasn't at least considered as a finalist (and besides, I'll grovel for free books) --
Sisters of suspense -- write on!!

I like The Lipstick Chronicles: Writers of Wrongs, too -- whose is it?

Trying to think like a publisher, I don't see how you can beat "Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here."

'Cuz you don't want - no, not even You, Margie - people to think you're making promises, like, oh, maybe . . . "You Want Us To Give You Some Lip."

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.

I'm with Lynn: Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.

Read My Lipstick.

Read my Lipstick.

Actually, I suggest we modify Read My Lipstick to Read OUR Lipstick.

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.

2nd place: We talk, we laugh, we kick some ass.

From the Mouths of Babes

Dropping in briefly to say hi and thanks to all the TLC regulars who came to my Saturday signing in Ladue. Mary Storyteller, Lucy, Alan and Molly and the beautiful princesses. There were many more, but I'm so fried at this point KFC is scouting me.
Thanks to Margie who gave me a day off.
Now the ankle chain is being attached again and I'm going back to my desk to finish the rewrites.
Elaine Viets

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.

Love it.

I love "Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here."

I also like Me, Margie's line, but I might revise it to:

"TLC: When our lips and fingers start moving, you don't know where they'll end up."

Read My Lipstick (with a drawing of a backside with the lipstick print)

Argh! My brain really is mush. How could I forget Rita Scott, who brought drugs for my cats -- organic catnip toys that produced two flipped out felines. Harry fell over his metal food bowl and woke us up at midnight. Mystery, our usually dignified gray cat, began yodeling. If there's a cat DEA, we're going to be busted.
By the way, if you want to give your cats a little organic fun, the address is www.catshigh.us
Oops. Here comes my keeper with the leg chains. He sees I've escaped.

I have to say, I loved the "Keep reading and no one gets hurt" one. Cracked me up.

"Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Read Our Lipstick."

Alternately: "Where else can you read about yodeling cats?"

Hot Authors. Hot Topics. Hot Damn.

Smart Women. Funny People. But IOCHFTS.

But you have to change 'yodeling cats' to
'Drugged pussy' to keep the guys interested!
Alan P & Molly! We wanted to get a pix with all the TLCers in it! Don't be shy next time!
thanks Elaine!

I gotta say I didn't get a big wow out of most of these but liked

"Just keep reading and no one gets hurt"

I like the last one and would be happy to take one for the team, IYKWIM.

Happy birthday, Josh!

TLC: There's Only One Way To Shut Us Up

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.
2nd choice:We give good lip.

combining several ideas from above:

Write Here: Hot Authors. Hot Books. Hot Topics. and most importantly Hot Lips.

I like "Just keep reading and no one gets hurt" and "We give good lip."

It was great to see you again Elaine. I had a copy of "Fifteen Minutes of Shame" placed on hold and managed to leave without it. We did buy a total of 15 books. Yael has her Grandfathers book gene. Sunday night I read her "Speedy Justice". Probably the only time "The Viets Guide to Sex, Travel..." has ever appeared on a 1st graders reading log.

Happy Birthday Josh.

Okay, Danny, whoever you are, you made me laugh out loud!

Josh? Many happy returns of the day.

Margie, are you paying attention to all this? Or are you and UPS Steve still in the supply closet?

Everyone else? Carry on.

Just keep reading and no one gets hurt

We talk, we laugh, we kick some ass.

Those are my two favorites.
Josh...Happy Birthday!!!

Yeah, I'm getting it. Don't know why you were checking the supply closet since you *never* replace any of the supplies, just saying.

Steve was just nice enough to help me move some things around.

Thanks for the votes and the suggestions.

And Danny - y'all come back and see us sometime, hmmmm?

Me, Margie

Hijack: Just saw this and thought you might be interested.

"Move some things around", eh?

Good one.

Happy, Happy, Josh. and Peach!!!! Wow!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Josh, Sir.

Thank you, all. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Ciao Bellas!

Josh - Buon Compleanno! 100 di questi giorni!

As for the entries, I like Margie's, of course, but for regular people, I like the Hots.


Happy Birthday Josh!

Just keep reading and no one gets hurt, gets my vote.

Happy Birthday Josh!

1.Just keep reading and no one gets hurt

2.Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.

I have to admit I do agree with Me, Margie on that James Bond comment......any of them!

Soooo....I'm with Rocco but I think you should add Hot Pants for Nancy!
The King of Hearts he made the Tarts and the rest is history.
Nancy and her Charles. Me, Margie in the supply cabinet. Just what is going on up there?
I expect you all to be on The View next!
Just saying.
Happiest to Josh! And Peach! You never did tell me about your Mother/Daughter dinner.

Alan, how did I not know you were there, or was it that you didn't want the princesses exposed to the IOCHFTS shirt? It was a super-fun gathering. Elaine, you are too funny, and I loved KILLER CUTS so much that not much got finished here until I got to the wonderful ending!

Hoppy birdie two ewes, Josh! I thank your mother for her gift to us all.

Happy Birthday Josh! Many Happy Returns!

I like Read Our Lipstick - Hester from Atlanta

I will stick with my original offering:

Hot Topics. Hot Authors. Hot Flashes. Write Here.

And Happy Birthday Josh!!
And many more.

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here!

Happy Birthday, Josh!

Josh, may your next year be the best of your life. Rock on, dude!

I never got back to the comments for last Wednesday and wasn't aware you'd asked about my dinner. My daughter and I were in charge of getting the program, decorating the tables, awarding door prizes, and at the last minute getting the kitchen organized.

Our theme was butterflies, as our program for the evening was presented by a local Butterfly Farmer.


My daughter and I made butterfly magnets for each person attending. And our door prizes, Diamond Frost Plants, were decorated with butterflies on a stick. All our colors were in spring pastels.

Our dinner is traditionally a covered dish. No different last week. The men serve and then clean up afterward. I ended up taking care of the kitchen as well as the dining room because our kitchen chairperson had family problems.

I can say that the Butterfly program was the most interesting program we've ever had. There are only 3 Butterfly Farmers in Pennsylvania and only 100 in the USA.

It should read Xena there at the beginning. I had a heck of a time getting this to post. So cutting and pasting made me drop the X

The Lipstick Chronicles: Saving the World Daily with Friendship, Humor, Advice and Love

"Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here." gets my vote.

But, I also really like, "Read our Lipstick" and "Keep reading, an no one gets hurt."

Obviously Margie's is the winner but I also like "Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn".

Dang, I'm so late here today. Getting a new computer at work - had to wait for it.

I like this one:

The Lipstick Chronicles: Saving the World Daily with Friendship, Humor, Advice and Love


I'm on the Read My Lipstick bandwagon. And happy b'day, Josh.

Just above the snake story was a link to a video about a CA AT&T office sickened by fumes from the cleaning of the office refrigerator -- so be careful out there, especially if you are going to be around refrigerators.
Speaking of appliances, thanks to all in last summer's discussion of the vagaries of newer appliances -- you helped prepare me for dealing with lights, washer, smoke alarm, and now microwave. I think that factories no longer inspect anything, so installers come back to finish their work.
BTW, I just spent $400 to rent furniture for the empty condo, to help any potential buyers who can't imagine it with furniture -- please let it help! (I suppose they could even arrange to continue renting the furnture from McGuire's if they wanted).
Elaine told me we should pray to St. Anthony for help in finding the lost St. Joseph statues (my neighbor lost one, too, and her house has sold; it's time to bring him back home ;-)

It can only be "Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here." Does that not say it all?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Josh!!! And many, many more!!!

Hot Topics. Hot Lips. Hot Damn. Write Here.
We Talk. We Laugh. We Kick Some Ass.

So Me, Margie, what were you and UPS Steve REALLY rearranging in that closet. I can bet it wasn't copier paper or paper clips.

Yoo hoo, Kathy Sweeney. I didn't know you were friends with Carmen Webb. See you in three (acckk) weeks at AHS graduation!


Wait -- I forget -- are we allowed to vote if we work here?

I vote to have sex with James Bond.

My favorites:

Hot Authors. Hot Topics. Hot Damn.

Just keep reading and no one gets hurt.


Happy Birthday, Josh!

I vote for sex with James Bond. Big surprise.

Sorry. I posted twice. Forgive me. Technical difficulties.

Harley, I just assumed you were really excited about Bond . . . ;-)

I'm arriving late, but if polls aren't closed, I'd cast my vote for:

Just keep reading and no one gets hurt
From our Lips to your... whatever

or, something like
The Lipstick Chronicles: Truth, Laughter, and the Occasional Rant

This is really crazy I must say. Nice posting though! :D

My vote is for "Keep reading and no one gets hurt."

Though, you might need a disclaimer to go along with that to cover if someone falls off his or her chair due to laughter, etc.

It's a dangerous world out on the other side of the computer screen.

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