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April 22, 2009

And the Winner Is

And the Winner Is...

Karen from Ohio.

Blog Killer Cuts The Tarts asked Me, Margie, to judge the break down contest.  Although the competition was stiff - Jerry and the Pancakes - whoa - the winner has gotta be Karen from Ohio.

Because it's not every damn day that a car break-down leads directly to a marriage break-up.  Just sayin'.

Karen wins a copy of Elaine's new book, Killer Cuts.  Way to go, Karen - you can contact Elaine directly to send her your address.  Because I'm telling you, ya just don't want to post it up here for everyone to see.  There are freakazoids out there.

Congrats and thanks to everyone for all the great stories!


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Congratulations, sis! that was quite a story . . .
I'll be buying my copy when Elaine comes to the Ladue Borders May 9!!!

Good advice about not posting your address, Karen, because we'd all be at your house, trying to read over your shoulder ;-)

Congrats Karen!

Good choice - I had to read yours twice, Karen, to get the full impact! Yowza.

I called it!

Congrats Karen. Sometimes happiness can come from pain, lol!

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