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February 14, 2009

The 2009 VDCD

The 2009 VDCD

by Kathy Sweeney

Yeah, it's Valentine's Day.  Some people hate this holiday with a passion normally reserved for discussions on Prop 8.  It does tend to set up unattainable expectations, and if you are single, it can make you feel bad. Which is odd, since the overwhelming majority of couples spend much of their time wishing they were single.

I started making VDCDs several years ago.  Now, with iTunes, I don't even have to burn them any more.  I just create a new Playlist.

This year, I really tried to mix it up - as you will see (or if you care) in terms of styles and vintage.  Take a look, and please share a song you think belongs in this year's collection. 

Lucky (feat. Colbie Caillat) byJason Mraz: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
1, 2, 3, 4 by Plain White T's: Big Bad World (Bonus Track Version)
Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson: Some Mad Hope
This Time by John Legend: Evolver
No One by Alicia Keys: As I Am
Love Song by Sara Bareilles: Little Voice
What Love Can Do by Bruce Springsteen: Working On a Dream
A Love Song by Loggins & Messina: The Best: Loggins & Messina Sittin' In Again
Have I Told You Lately by Van Morrison: Best Of Van Morrison
It Only Takes a Moment by Various Artists: Hello, Dolly! (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture and featured in the movie Wall-E)
Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale: Wanderlust (Bonus Track Version)
I Will Be by Leona Lewis: Spirit (Deluxe Version)
By Your Side by Sade: Lovers Rock
Let Me by Pat Green: What I'm For
Feels Like Love by Vince Gill: Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye
Take Me There by Rascal Flatts: Still Feels Good
Amen Kind of Love by Daryle Singletary: All Because of You
Make You Feel My Love by ADELE: 19
Giving Myself by Jennifer Hudson: Jennifer Hudson (Bonus Track Version)
At Last by Beyoncé: Cadillac Records (Music from the Motion Picture) 

A word about "At Last" - a fabulous song, and up to this point, I would have only included the Etta James version (it is, in fact, on the 2007 VDCD).  But Ms. James announced that: (a) Beyonce was going to get her ass whupped for singing "Etta's Song"; and (b) Our President is "the one with the big ears - not MY president."  Fair enough.  She's entitled to her opinion.  I am entitled to delete her from my iTunes.  And by the way, the song really belongs to a couple of songwriters named Mack Gordon and Harry Warren, who wrote it for a 1941 musical called "Orchestra Wives".  Before Ms. James recorded it twenty years later, it was a hit for both Glenn Miller and his orchestra and Nat King Cole.  Just sayin'.

Happy Valentines Day!  Eat some chocolate.

And if you'd like to take a look back at a TLC Blog on Anti-Valentine's Day songs, here it is: http://thelipstickchronicles.typepad.com/the_lipstick_chronicles/2007/02/the_fu_cd.html


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I am always in awe of these playlists. You have an encyclopedic mind for music! Thanks for the list, babycakes.

And, Etta? Way to alienate the fans.

Thanks Nancy, but it's not my mind - it's the genius of iTunes.

Second to indoor plumbing, it may be my favorite invention ever.

Etta was also deleted from my playlist for her asinine statement.

iTunes ranks really high up on greatest inventions in my book too.

Another great list Kathy!

Try Raul Malo's cover of At Last.

Thanks for the list, Kathy.

And Etta? What cha be smokin', gal?

Thanks Nancie - we are kindred spirits in this category. Now if I could just brush up on my gun skills...

Holly - LOVE his voice - I bought his Christmas CD (Marshmallow World) in 2007 but did not know he covered "At Last".

Best jazz/instrumental cover of "At Last" - Kenny G and Arturo Sandoval on the Duets CD. The lyrics are so great, though, that I rarely listen to it. Maybe some day I'll do an instrumental VD CD.

Someone last year recommended Bobby Caldwell- might have been William - or else it was Baltimore Jack. I found it on his 1995 "Soul Survivor" - close to Etta's style and arrangement.

Best Duet of "At Last" - Lou Rawls and Dianne Reeves - now those are some pipes - her voice is as strong as his in the lower registers! More soulful than the other renditions, and their timing is wonderful.

Now that Etta has left the building, it's great to appreciate these other covers.

Oh, my God -- it's like Etta is this administration's Dixie Chicks. What a wacky thing to do. And I can understand if she'd written the song, feeling proprietary about it, but honey, get a grip. There are a lot of gorgeous voices in the world.

Kathy, you are an encyclopedia. Thank you!

Soooo....great list. Wish I could recognize all of them. Remember I do live in a bubble.
At Last I choreographed for a bride and groom wedding dance so I know that one.
Etta and all...it's a romantic song.
I said something about Barry White to an old timer the other day (okay 64 is the new 50 for menfolk) and he said he never heard of him.
How can anyone over 50 have never heard of Barry White? That's like having never heard Elvis! And I think I live in a bubble.
I'll be checking out the tunes. Maybe I can get one of the Karaoke Cowboys to sing the duet with me down at Holliman's! YNK (You never know!)
Happy Valentines Day Tarts!
The kids at church had a car wash. I took my Isaac Dog.
Dog wash. How romantic is that?
Just saying!
Chocolates, heart shaped box from a gentleman caller or not, will be consumed!

Cyndi and Harley - I know, right? At least the Chicks didn't come out and personally impeach the man! I love how some people who were part of a nearly decade-long decline of our economy are now screaming because Obama hasn't fixed everything in three weeks!

Xena - amen on the chocolate - and you are in Florida, right? Because I love Karaoke Cowboys - take photos tonight!

Also, anyone who does not even recognize the name "Barry White", let alone can't at least start the intro to "First, Last, Everything" should be questioned to determine whether they are human. Just sayin.

What a great list! Thanks, Kathy.

Happy V Day to all.

Good love songs all...call me old fashioned, but Nat King Cole's Unforgettable is right up there with the best. At for Miss Etta...that's like Barbra and Carol fighting over who gets to sing "Hello Dolly"...geez.
And laugh at me if you want, but Manilow's Could It Be Magic makes my knees rubbery :o)

"As for Miss Etta...that's like Barbra and Carol fighting over who gets to sing "Hello Dolly"...geez."
I think I did see a later interview in which she said she was just joking . . . (Does that ever work?)
This dustup reminds me of similar attempts by some storytellers to lay claim to a "signature story" as their own, much to the amusement of others who know that folk tales belong to the folk -- and at least one wonderful parody using the framework of "The Golden Arm." Now, a personal story developed and crafted by a teller is a quite different thing, or as a few have put it, "Tell stories about YOUR grandmother; leave mine alone."
Somehow you've made me want to find my tape of "Finnian's Rainbow" for "That Old Devil Moon."

An entirely different Valentine -- a beautiful video and letter to the California Supreme Court asking it to strike down Prop 8, reject Ken Starr's case, and let all loving, committed couples marry.

I've not been able to make it play -- maybe too many people clicking in right now . . .I hope! With love so very hard to find and make work, why do so many feel compelled to tear apart any couples who have managed to find happiness?

No Sinatra??? "Fly me to the Moon", "The Way You Look Tonight", "Let's Fall in Love", "Nice and Easy Does It"......am I the only person who likes Sinatra??

Thanks for the comment storyteller Mary, it has always been my personal opinion that government should stay out of what consenting adults are doing, is it necessary to have the constitution of any state, let alone the federal government, to limit or take away rights? Personal Pet Peeve!

As for my play list, it would have to have Our Time Now by the Plain White T's, saw them in Decatur and they were fantastic.

storyteller Mary, the link is up and working now.

Happy Valentine's Day to all...by far my favorite holiday...gotta go get my apartment to look like Paris for the dinner an movie "Paris, Je T'aime"...should be easier than the train I did for "North by Northwest"!

Thanks for another terrific list.Dump Etta and take a listen to Bettye LaVette of the Lincoln Memorial "A Change is Gonna Come" duet with Bon Jovi.

You all can make my day sweeter by taking advantage of the mysterylovers.com free shipping week-end!

I don't know if it was last year or the year before, but Hallmark puts out a cd at V-day & Christmas ($7.95 if you buy 3 cards) and Martina McBride did At Last.

All I can say is WOW!!!

Dot, I'm glad it worked for you, but when I try it, it's very choppy and the images don't show up until the end. Very odd -- technology is very odd . . . .

Probably too late for this year, but Ranger Rick site has a flamingo craft with a heart for the body -- reminded me of Elaine's South St. Louis mystery!

Kathy, just come on down to Phoenix and I’ll get you up to speed on your gun skills in a jiffy.

Mary Eman, I (heart) Sinatra!

a good bumper sticker!

Take your Ex out tonight
(one bullet should do it!)

Rita, you crack me up!

iTunes? I hate iTunes. I've just spent 3 hours and $27 on iTunes.

Sadly, I was buying songs like "Forest Lawn" and Goober Peas" with a little Phil Ochs and Tom Paxton thrown in for fun. Well, I did buy some music by Asleep at the Wheel, too.

My fav love song is anything that Tom sings to me. He used to sing "Bess, you Is My Woman Now" to me-live-on the radio-at 6 o'clock in the morning.

Mary E- I adore Sinatra, and he's on lots of my previous VD CDs - I'll try to remember to put him on the 2010 list.

Mary Storyteller - THANK YOU for the terrific link. I signed the petition and will be forwarding it along to others too. Perfect day to do it!

Mary Lynn- what a great way to wake up! Too bad we don't have audio on TLC - any chance we can find you and Tom on YouTube?

Thanks to everyone for the input - Happy VD!

I don't think he has ever sung to wake me up. We were doing the radio show together and had been up for at least a couple of hours by then.

That was 20 years ago. At one time there was film but I pitched all over our videos in a cleaning frenzy a couple of years ago.

I'll have to think about what can be done. My friend the audio engineer got a sex change operation and moved to Hawaii so I'm not sure where/how we can get a decent recording now. I only know of one commercial recording with Tom and I don't recall a solo.

"Through the Fire" sung by Chaka Khan....I absolutely love this song. "Everything" sung by Michael Buble; "And I Love Her" The Beatles...among the many great VD tunes.

Etta James should stick to singing. Talking just gets her in trouble.

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