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February 27, 2009

Stuff That is Flat Out Wrong

Stuff that is Flat Out Wrong

By Kathy Sweeney

First, bear with me.  Lent started this week and I am on my annual quest to quit swearing.  The first several days are a living nightmare.  But by this time of year (Lent), I really have to go cold turkey or risk dropping one of the big bombs in front of my mother.  That would be bad.  Really bad - really, really, wrong.

That's not the only thing that's wrong.  Want to know what else?  Good thing, because that's what I'm talking about.

Blog Lenox peeps Take Peeps, for example.  Who doesn't love peeps?  Me - I open them and let them get a little stale.  Peeps used to be just for Easter time.  No more.  Now you can get them all year 'round, and they even come in different flavors.  The chocolate ones are good to mix it up.  The peppermint ones?  Not so good.  And while I had no trouble biting off the heads of chicks, I did pause a little before I did the same to an elf.  Like many things, people can always go too far.  And thus it is with Lenox.  They make china.  They also make decorative stuff made out of - you got it - china.  You see where this is going, right?  China peeps.  I don't mean Chinese peeps, which I'm sure people in China love just as much as we do.  I mean peeps made from ceramic stuff.  Wrong, people.  Just wrong.

Then there are the TV shows cancelled before we get answers.  I'm looking at you, ABC (still steaming about "The Nine", and now "Dirty Sexy Money") - cancel them if you want, but at least air the remaining episodes, you eyesores.  Teeth-gritting wrong.

I know we talked about this before, but the dropping a litter of eight kids at a time?  Wrong.  If God wanted Woman to have that many babies at one time, he'd have programmed Man to be attracted to women with big uteri, rather than big tits.  I mean breasts.  Wrong.  Weird and wrong.

18-year old kids are getting expelled from high school if they get caught with tobacco products.  Did you know this?  Even if you are old enough to smoke, if you bring them to school, you get kicked out.  Doesn't matter whether you are a convicted felon or Susie Freaking Sunshine.  Out.  Hey - I don't like smoke, but that kind of draconian stuff can really screw up a kid's future.  You want zero tolerance for bringing guns to school - you have my blessing.  But cigs?  Wrong.  

People who weigh, like, 450 pounds.  On TV with no shirts.  I consider myself fat enough that I wouldn't run around shirtless just out of sheer consideration for other people's vision.  And I'd need to start eating HoHos with full bore chocolate milk, 'round the clock, and not stop for a year to get to 450 pounds.  I applaud these people for trying to lose weight - but hello?  How does anyone - especially a teenager - get that big?  Wrong.  Big Time Wrong.

People using guns to end problems that used to be handled with discussions, yelling or fists.  What in the Sam Hill is up with this?  In PA, an 11-year-old kid shot his Dad's pregnant girlfriend in the back of the head, shoved the shotgun casing in his pocket, got on the bus and went to school.  It was his own gun.He was mad at her.  Can I tell you how many ways this is WRONG?!

Blog Barbie Cougar Barbie is 50.  Which would be fine, except someone one sent me a "Cougar Barbie" video, which was just not right.  There was poor Barbie, still wearing those Candi slides, smoking a cigarette, drinking a Cosmo, bad highlights and spandex, trying to pick up the college boys next door.  Wrong in so many ways.  And what ever happened to Billy, the anatomically correct answer to the Ken Doll?  Billy had some great outfits - like sailor whites, a police uniform, and a jumpsuit with a zipper that went the whole way around.  Ouch.  Plus, wrong.

Blog LuckyCharms Finally, Lucky Charms with hourglass shapes.  Hearts, moons, stars and clovers.  That's it.  Those are the charms.  The luckys are the cereal part.  Everyone knows this.  But I looked at a box, and there are all kinds of things in there, masquerading as charms.  Hourglasses?  Is this some kind of tribute to Marlena and John, who got booted from Days of Our Lives (wrong!) or some kind of snarky reminder from Death?  At halloween, they put skulls in there! And I'll tell you another thing - that cute leprechaun is looking very creepy in his updated cartoon version.  Don't kids have enough to worry about in the morning without a couple of reminders of their own mortality in the bowl?  Wrongo, bongo.  

Help me out here.  I just wrote a ton of words with no cursing.  I'm exhausted.  So please tell me - what do you think is wrong?

Coming this weekend on TLC - yes - we're here for you seven days a week, kids!  This weekend we have two of our favorite authors - a double scoop of fun.

Saturday - Marcia Talley's "The Princess and the Pee"
Sunday - Donna Andrews "Nuke the Shark"

Don't miss either of these two terrific and funny women!

Also - due to e-mail and comment requests, the link for the Cougar Barbie vid is on the second page of the comments. Wrong and disturbing, but I'll bet you at least crack a smile!


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I think Billy May is wrong. His voice makes me want to howl at the moon. I'll never buy a thing he's selling because I'm afraid it will lead to more jobs for him. Need insurance? Billy's your guy! How about Oxi-Clean? Let Billy show you how. Want to take a dent out of your car? Billy and a plunger can handle that little problem for you.

Snarky HGTV hosts.

The relatively new pop-top rings on canned vegetables. I'm always afraid I'll cut my hands on the razor-sharp edges.

Ice crystals on the ice cream in a brand new never-opened pint. Or quart. Or half gallon.

Water added to ham.

Toddlers and Tiaras and Little Miss Perfect. These shows are like watching a train wreck. I can't figure out how these middle-class families afford to spend $1000 on an outfit for a 5 year old to wear on stage for 10 minutes. I can't figure out why these parents can't see the boredom on their children's faces. I can't see why these parents allow their cities and homes to be shown given the number of pedophiles out there.

Phone calls from butts and roses from Mr. Mop.

People who say "No problem."

What I think is really wrong is that show 'How to Look Good Naked'--if you looked good, you wouldn't need a TV show to tell you how--I'm embarrassed for the people standing there in their near nakedness. Soooo wrong!!

The clinic that let octomom get pregnant with another set of multiples--licensing pulled, Doctor--thrown out of the AMA, babies removed from the home. WRONG!

I'm sure I'll think of more later.

Reality shows all of them--so wrong. The studios look at them as a way not to have to pay good writers for creative entertainment.

All the police officers killed in Philadelphia this year--so very, very, horribly wrong.

The Sham Wow guy...OMG he grates!

The Pittsburgh Pirates. Very wrong.

Any person who still thinks that George W. Bush was a good, nay, adequate, president.

People who blame Clinton, Carter, or Roosevelt.

People who think that "everyone thought that there were WMD's." Those of us paying attention didn't think that. And since we KNEW that there was no nuke program and no connection to 9/11, the WMD thing just had to be a total lie.

Years ago there was a short-lived magazine published in the Boston area called GRUMP. It contained only (very short)articles naming things that were very wrong. Isaac Asimov had a piece on the trash collectors in Newton, MA. The piece de resistance for me was from a fellow who grumped...

(Wait for it)...

...Urinals that splash back.

You can't get more wrong than that.

Kindergardeners who kiss their classmates getting charged with sexual harassment. Teachers who hug or comfort a student getting charged with molestation.

Judges who get their bench because Daddy Knows Someone.

Companies that accept bailout money because they've gone broke, and Top Management still receive their go-zillion dollar bonuses.

Company VP's who flat out lie to government investigators when said investigators have miles of paper trail proving otherwise.

"It has no heart, it has no soul, it has no care for the damage left behind.... it's either a vampire or an investment banker"....

It is Wrong that Bond Girls are always tall, gorgeous, sexy and voluptuous, instead of small, plain, smart and spunky, like Jane Eyre. Jane Eyre kicked ass.

The assumption that just because my child wants to be in a school play (or team, or a band, or whatever), that I will automatically want to "support" him or her by selling tickets, selling flowers, applying make-up, organizing a party, etc. This, when I'm already rearranging schedules to accommodate rehearsals, driving people hither & yon, and doing the chores that the kids no longer have time to do because they are overwhelmed by rehearsals/practice/etc.

And the fact that the high school's MANDATORY play rehearsals mean that my high schooler can't attend his brother's middle school play.

It is also Wrong when two consenting adults who love one another, be they beautiful or plain, cannot get married.

People who think that WMD's just mean nukes - wrong...sometimes they refer to chemicle weapons, components of which were found (as well as mass grave of the victims) sorry Josh

$20,000 plumbing estimates. Two of them now.

I'm still mad at ABC for The Nine (we never did find out what happened in that bank).

Grossout advertising on TV. Stuff like that commercial I keep seeing with the super long armpit hair. That is not going to make me use your service or buy whatever it is that you're selling. Knock it off already.

OTC medications that are so safely wrapped in foil packaging that I have to perform all sorts of gyrations to take my prilosec every morning (and still end up cutting my fingers at least once a week).

Weather people who become practically orgasmic when giving the forecast . . . and refer to "rain events" or "snow events"--huh? It's a rain storm. Or better yet, just snow.

Commercials that yell at me.

Reclassification of my prescription medicine as OTC, so instead of a 90-day supply for $5, I have to pay $3/day. Or switch to a less-efficient alternative.

Medical insurance companies. Do they even have them in civilized countries?

The woman who cut me off in traffic while screaming into her cell phone, only to arrive at the SAME relaxation yoga class I was driving to a whole ten seconds before me. Wrong.

Also: cheese in a can. Wrong.

Josh, I thank God when my Rx go OTC. Although, I've never had 90 days for $5 on anything...

In my experience, new OTC meds do go up in price, but fall drastically a few months out. Seems that they loose their patents soon after, and generics drop the price to next to nothing. For me, Zytrec was $1.10 per pill WITH Rx coverage, to $0.50 right after OTC, to something like $0.05 generic!

Hang in there!

Let me congratulate you, Kathy, for restraining yourself and writing a whole post without cussing. I understand the pain of this, since I am in the process now of writing Tattoo Shop Mystery No. 2, and neither No.l nor No. 2 has any cussing. Sometimes I just want my protag to say "oh, fuck." But I don't let her.

And what's wrong? So many emails about "offensive language" in a book series that causes the author to conduct an experiment and not put any in her new series.

Turning on CNN in the morning to get the news and being subjected to 54 (yes, I counted) commercials between 7 and 8 AM.

Drug prescription commercials where the list of side effects is much more serious than the condition that calls for the medicine in the first place.

People who run into each other at the grocery store and stand right in front of the door and/or the carts while they gossip and catch up with each other's lives.

People who let small children who can't even see over the top of the grocery cart push it and who smile sweetly in apology when the child runs the cart over your feet or into your side.

People who make comments about mutual friends. "I heard Joe and Sue both lost their jobs and took a beating in the market. Now they're on the verge of foreclosure. Bless their hearts. I'll take them a dish of creamed corn. I just want them to know we're thinking of them." So. Give them a job or make a mortgage payment. Or shut up.

People who let their dogs poop in your yard without cleaning up after them.

People who let their kids knock on your door to try to sell fundraisers for their schools: stale popcorn, truly horrid pizzas, flimsy gift wrap, grapefruit, cookies, fruitcake, candy bars, Christmas cards, magazines. Can you tell it's fundraising season around here?

Hey I like Bond Girls that are always tall, gorgeous, sexy and voluptuous. I hate the drivers that think 1/16" of snow means drive 3 mph and ignore traffic laws.

One of my wifes Rx was $15 copay for 30 days, no problem. Or 100 days $18.00 cash. Had to tell the pharmisist to not do the thirty day on every refill. That and one day the pharmisist took a bottle of the pills from the shelf, broke the seal, counted out 100 into another bottle and then put the three remaining pills back in the original. Bottle. When she handed me the little bottle I made her get her boss and recount. Sure enough, not only was she dumb enough to open a bottle of 100 pills and count them, she also could not count to 100 with the aid of a machine.

Personally, I think non-cussing Kathy is a bit wrong. :)

People who let their dogs run free and don't watch them, so that when I pass their house with my small, bite-size dogs (on leashes), I have to fend off the galloping horse of a dog that wants to kill them.

Dogs that have a larger clothes and shoe collection than I do.

The fact that chocolate and wine are bad for me, and brussels sprouts and liver are good for me.

Clam shell packaging that you need a chainsaw to get through.

The fact that we are off two days a week (if that) and have to work five - instead of the other way around.

A workplace that won't let you take naps or read a book while at work.

How I love you guys!!

I thought maybe it was just me. But no, here you are to validate my frustration and fed-upness. (When half your vocab is off limits, it's acceptable to make up words the first week).

The whole Rx thing has gotten completely out of control.

Yes, the big Pharms need to make money so they can fund R&D - that is absolutely legitimate. But no pill should cost the kind of money that makes it impossible for people to actually take it. Do not get me started on our two-tiered health care system.

And AMEN, Ramona. I was going to put that in my original list, but every time I tried to write a sentence about people who oppose marriage, I ended up swearing like a trucker. So thanks!

Blue M&Ms. In fact, any color other than the originals (what ever happened to the tan ones??).

A culture so driven by "success" that we expect folks to go to work when they're so stoned on cold meds that Blue M&M's are the only "wrong" thing they can think of, even after coffee.

Laura, you are so right about the chocolate and wine!

Karen, I MUST HEAR MORE about the Tattoo Shop mysteries!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butthole bleaching. So wrong it's not funny.

Paying $6,000 for an operation for a dog who will die in 30 days anyway. Why put the poor thing through it?

The US Tax Code. Ridiculously wrong.

Celebrities who are famous for nothing. Paris Hilton, for instance.

Most of the nonsense sent down the runway in Fashion Week. Like this:

Laura, my workplace lets me take naps and read books, but I also don't get paid. Tradeoffs, so wrong.

Rush Limbaugh, who said the other day that he wants to have a panel to find out why he isn't as well loved by women as he is by men. Clueless, and wrong, on so many counts.

CEO's who ran their companies into bankruptcy and then took multi-million dollar bonuses.

And I want to see Cougar Barbie. I think that sounds hysterical.

Karen, you're kidding about the bleaching right? I'm still trying to figure out the sudden obsession with bleaching teeth . . .
" He'd have programmed Man to be attracted to women with big uteri, rather than big breasts."
Additionally, wouldn't He have provided more than two if we were meant to have eight??
The fact that I still own my condo seems wrong -- just had a call from my insurance company asking if I still own it and if it's "secure." Yeah, the neighbors keep an eye on it, but why would anyone want more than one home? Maybe McCain would answer that one for me . . .

Ask and ye shall receive. I give you Cougar Barbie:


And I warned you - wrong! Funny, but wrong.

I'm sorry, but I've got to include Joe the Plumber as wrong, just saw him on Fox News (also wrong--never was an actually news agency) at some political event spouting knowledge like he's some kind of pundit, he also growing a goatee, sorry Joe, two wrongs don't make a right--Just oh soooo WRONG!

Nancy--So sorry about the estimate--it is Wrong -- the part that's really irritating is that they have the nerve to smile while handing over their bill/estimate--that's wrong as well.

Josh--Bush--Wrong--no need to say more.

Our economy and outsourcing, and those who kept saying the economy is just 'contracting' -- WRONG

Alan P., we need to have a Talk.

Fourth graders with cell phones and iTouches.
Secret/invitation-only sports leagues for children (whatever happened to the YMCA and rec leagues?)
Helicopter parents.
Sugar-free Girl Scout cookies.
Coke Zero.
Abstinence-Only sexuality education.
Fees for checked baggage and soft drinks/water on airlines.

Ewww!! Karen, say it isn't so --- Wrong!

Anyone who is favor of taking away the rights of others to marry, to be insured, or visit when sick and lying in a hospital bed --Wrong

Great blog Kathy!

Mary, unfortunately, I'm not kidding. There was a Sex in the City episode about it, a couple of years ago. It goes hand in glove with the unfortunate trend of girls showing their nethers on the Internet. Also so very wrong. And shaving their pubes. Aiyiyii.

Caio Bellas!

Heard you were discussing my current #1 "Topic that will make my head explode" - Marriage.

Who do these judgmental pricks think they are? If my very Italian, very Catholic family can accept me, then everyone can. What we need are MORE people in loving, committed relationships, not less.

Also - I have to reveal a salon secret - booty bleaching is as old as time, sweets. It's not just girls. In fact, more boys than girls. And do NOT try this at home. You can burn yourself and when I tell you it takes a long time to heal, you'd better believe it.

Ditto with waxing the entire area. Like they say in commercials - professional driver - do not try this at home.

I know - Wrong! But real.

Okay, that whole butthole bleaching thing (Ew. Yuck)? Whoever the "technician" is who does it (I mean I think it'd be pretty hard to do yourself)? That job just shot to the top of my list of worst jobs.

Judy, sweetheart, you have no idea.

We Stylists don't get near the credit we deserve. Which is another Wrong thing - people who don't tip. If you have a problem with my service, tell me - but tips are part of how we earn a living.

There's the timer- gotta remove foils or Mrs. Habbersham is going to end up looking like Lucy Ricardo. Talk about Wrong!

I am NOT getting the bootie bleaching. Can someone explain that???? Why in God's name would anyone bleach his/her butthole???

That I need a fucking MBA to reserve the conference room three doors down from my office.

And that my position at my new-ly acquired company permits me to have a 6x8 cubicle rather than the 12x12 window office I've had for years. (Well, at least they haven't cut my pay nor fired me yet, and my manager is 1,000 miles away.)

Oh, a new manager who doesn't tell you that your department has January 2 off, so you come in to the office on that Friday and don't find out that you had the day off until after 2:00 that day.

And a company that makes you pay for your professional licenses and required education classes AND makes you take vacation days to take the classes. When that stuff has been paid for by 20 years of employers. Since you aren't required to have the licenses for your current dead end position.

All WRONG (except the getting paid the same for not working too much part).

Cyndi - hopefully, Rocco will be back with more information, but I learned of it in college from girls who were bleaching everything (mustaches, arm hair) plus other places normally covered by underwear. Remember Jolen's (Jaden's?) Bleach in those turquoise containers? It seemed like every dorm room had one for some reason.

They said it looked better and therefore made them feel better. I asked no further questions.

The closest I ever got was using "Sun In" on my hair - on my head. It looked like a million bucks during the summer. By October, it was Halloween orange and I had to cut it all off. That was wrong.

OTOH -- so very right! Sarah's Barbie Unbound: A Parody of the Barbie Obsession

All these years, and I had no idea that people were using bleach for that purpose. Who knew?

Josh, that is wrong. At least you have a paycheck, though.

Rocco, I so agree. As if straight people had a lock on loving, committed relationships that don't end in sorrow. As if. With a divorce rate of 50 percent (!), you'd think the authorities, at least, would go for at least one demographic with a better track record.

Kathy-tried 'Sun In' on my hair, the spray on kind, not the gel stuff they have now. I looked like a pumpkin was shoved on the shoulders--never the lustrous blond locks shown on TV--that was stupid and wrong--on my part. (I try to admit when I'm wrong or stupid, thank the Lord it doesn't happened too often!)

CEOs (who do not start the company) making more than $1 million a year.

ED and birth control commercials. Basically, all Rx commercials.

And I'll second nomination for the fees for checked baggage and soft drinks/water on airlines.

School districts not fully supporting their teams, bands, choruses.

The View's Elizabeth. I used to like the girl when she was on Survivor:Australia, but since she got on The View she is just another lock-kneed ultraconservative.

Politicians/the fanatical religious who think they know my body better than I do and can tell me what I can or can't do with it.

Anybody who tells me that I couldn't spank (not beat...although I use the word & have been tempted even though she is now 24) my daughter when she desperately needed it. Even Dr. Spock admitted he was wrong in saying kids shouldn't get a spanking.

The way that Sean Penn treats Princess Buttercup. Wrong.

Harley, couldn't you help with an intervention?

Yeah, what's up with him not thanking her in his acceptance speech? Boo, hiss.

Pam--100% agree with the nix on Elizabeth--never saw her on survivor (it's on my wrong list, sorry). Also agree with those religious right fanatics. Please don't tell me who I can love or even be friends with, what is right or wrong for my body or for my kids, and please don't tell me I'm going to HEdoubletoothpicks (Kathy-trying to abide by your lent decision, okay probably not going to happen, but...trying) because I don't believe the same as you or have different beliefs. Just saying...wrong

Yeah, Robin was sitting there with tears in her eyes, and Sean didn't even say 'you are my light or my love, and I thank you--love Sean but there was so very wrong.

Rocco, darling, you are so right - not tipping is definitely Wrong! Especially your stylist (don't people realize what could happen to them next time?).

Where's She, Margie? I, for one, am very interested in her views on this one.

Me too, Rita, are you out there? Me, Marge--we need your input!

Ramona--so agree about the bond girs--should be real girls instead of plastic, ah but think how many people would no longer tune in and pay bucks to watch, I of course just go for the great story line.

I thought the same thing about Sean Penn. I believe the only thing that kept him from the same destructive path as Mickey Roarke was Princess Buttercup. Wonder if he just forgot to thank her or if their reconciliation is not going well?

I can't watch Elizabeth. Can't watch most of Fox news either, or listen to wingers on the radio - regardless of which wing they choose.

But - Amen and Hallelujah! How RIGHT to have a President who speaks clearly and eloquently. And a Vice President who is tough as nails but happy - Joe "How YOU doin'?!" Biden is having the time of his life and it shows.

Another Wrong: People who say the grass is blue just because someone in the other political party says its green, and vice-versa.

Fox News has nothing else to complain about so they pick on the fact that the new White House dog is not a shelter dog, i.e. mutt. Did they not hear the word allergies?

Kathy, your wisdom abounds!!

Can you image all the other world leaders getting together, deciding how to explain something to Bush Jr. I mean, if you stumble over your words because you don't know what you're talking about, can anyone take you seriously? Apparently, Americans did for two election cycles--scary huh.

Thank you Mr. President for your eloquence and Mr. Vice President for your tenacity--definitely a BIG RIGHT.

Hi. It's Me, Margie.

Rocco says he's got his hands full with clients this afternoon and I need to answer questions. Like I'm not busy trying to do all the work around here.

Booty Bleaching/waxing/hair dying goes way back. Cleopatra, for example, developed more than the eye-shadow thing. And yes, people do dye their hair - the best brand is called "Betty" - as in Brown Betty, Blonde Betty, Black Betty, etc. Same reason people dye the hair on their skulls.

The reason? Because some people spend quality time in those areas, and they like a clean work space. I mean, which playground would you choose - one with old, rusty swings and monkey bars with peeling paint? Or a clean, shiny bright playground with cool things to climb on? Duh.

What would you people do without me?

Rita - call me. Uncle Tino wants you to bring bread tonight for dinner after Stations. Rocco says see if your sailor du jour has a friend. What am I, the damn family switchboard?

Oh my gosh, I almost forgot one of the biggest WRONGS--Sarah Palin and the you betcha wink. Makes me want to run, not walk, to get my waders, because the sh** (trying) is getting deep!! I'm all for woman vp or pres, but come on, can't we do better than that!!

Rocco, Rita, and Me, Margie--what would we do without you?

My aunt who constantly talks about how christian she is, but also constantly sends out forward about how much Obama sucks. Now does that sound like a very Christian thing to do? She's so wrong..on more than just that account.

The fact that zyrtec is the only allergy med that works for me, and they decided to go over the counter, so instead of costing me $20 for a 90 day supply, it cost me almost $20 for a 30 day supply. So wrong...

and I pretty much agree with almost everyone else! haha!

I'm a little late coming to the party, but the bleaching stuff reminds me of a favorite joke (and my apologies in advance if I offend anyone):

Two women are having lunch, chatting about this and that, when one says, "I'm giving some serious thought to getting my a**hole bleached. Do you think I should?" Her friend replies: "You know, I just can't see your husband as a blonde."

HaHaHa LOL HaHaHa!!

I'll tell y'all what's Wrong.

Everybody in the Me family being so wing-danged impressed because Rocco has his own place to twirl and curl, and Margie has a fancy-schmancy job with a desk and all.

Y'all think it's easy keeping the Fleet happy?

Rita, I feel your pain.

Dot, I can tell you are a Kindred Spirit.

Hey, you happen to know where I can get one of those Billy dolls, in the sailor outfit? Or the cop one? Because guys in uniform--Not Wrong.


You are the comment queen! I always look forward to see what you're going to talk about next because you get us all going. I check back all day long to see who else has joined the party. You go girl. Or, proceed apace, woman!

I had the exact same reaction to Sean and Robin. I'm so sorry. What was he thinking? He's a genius, but jeeeeeeeze.

Ann Coulter: wrong.

People who report gossip to a person whose feeling will be hurt, with no more justification than "I just thought you should know." Wrong.

Kris, my husband has to take 3 zyrtec a day and he goes to the pharmacy and they pull out from behind their counter generic zyrtec called Cetirizine Hydrochloride tables in 10 mg 100 in the bottle and pays about $40 for it. Now I realize that's more than the $20 you were paying for 90 days but it is certainly better than $20 for 30 days. Ask your pharmacist to get it for you if they don't carry it. It's certainly cheaper then what they stock on the counters outside the pharmacy. Good luck. jodi

I am so tired of them f**king around with psuedoephedrine. First it was prescription, then it became cheaper & generic was available, they made it OTC. It is one of the main ingredients for meth; they make you sign your life away. NOW they are talking about putting it back on prescription since Missouri is #1 in the nation for meth lab busts. (remind me to tell you my meth/police story sometime)

I'm sick of being made to feel like a criminal/drug dealer because it is the only thing I can take for my sinus trouble.

My goodness, see Kathy what did I tell ya, I just searched the Cetirizine Hydrochloride hubby takes to see if it had psuedoephedrine that Pam mentioned and found this stuff, 100 tablets, 10 mg on Amazon.com thru Health Warehouse for $8!!!! It doesn't have that "D" to it which is the part that Pam is talking about, I think but don't take that to the bank. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to be sure.

I have found that if it doesn't have the D in it...it won't work for me. I tried the Suedefed PE and had a migraine within 1 hour. I can't take antihistamines and that, evidently, is what the PE is.

The saying around here is...If you move to Missouri & never had sinus trouble, you will have it in 1 year. If you move away...you won't get rid of it. Great marketing slogan, yes?

I have the same problem with pseudophedrine. I have to take Claritin D (Zyrtec puts me to sleep) and feel like a criminal every time. The kind without the pseudophedrine doesn't help me.

Wrong - asshole drivers (hey, I didn't give it up!) who think they're more important than everybody else.

Sorry, Kathy -- Peeps...so wrong. They taste like styrofoam.

Telemarketers that call at 7:30 in the friggin' morning on the day I want to sleep in. Get another life, people!

Stupid celebutards that get more front page news than important economic and political happenings. AND the stupid people who prefer to read about their pantyless antics than keep up with what's going on in their country or the world. pitifully wrong!

Which leads me to Sarah Palin for Vice President? WRONG...SO SO WRONG!

(My sister emailed me the Cougar Barbie link two days ago. I love it!)

Drivers who think because they are in an SUV, they are immortal -wrong!
Kathy - I haven't heard 'Sam Hill' since my Mom died. That was her way of cussing.

Just had the hubster watch cougar barbie, he had to cover his eyes -- heh heh

--Little girls dressed up like JeanBenet ('nuff said!)
--People who think use of their automobile turn signals are OPTIONAL
--Your religious views FORCED on me (not going to happen......I promise you!)
--Smoking in public places (stay in your home and pollute yourself if you must)
--Talking loud in public places ESPECIALLY on your cell phone
--Rudeness of any kind to anyone
--The first 20 to 30 minutes of The View. Elisabeth--your naiveté actually frightens me. And Joy, you would be better served delivering your opinion a little more toned down"
--I agree about Sean Penn--a wonderful win, but Hello??? Sean? Robin took you BACK, sat there and listened to your acceptance speech and got NO public thanks? So WRONG!

Oh, but do you know what is RIGHT? This blog. So many intelligent people, talented writers and varied opionions continually make my day!

P.S. About the Peeps---While I do not share the love of Peeps I will share with you that our local newspaper has an annual Peeps diorama contest. Very creative and funny! Here's a link to the 2008 contest held in March....something new will happen this year. As the Ann Arbor News says, take a peep at this:


Lynn, the St. Louis P-D has a Peeps contest, too. those little candies are so popular. I love Lord of the Peeps as well . . .

Those peep dioramas are hilarious!

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