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March 23, 2008



By Sarah


Lilies Whether you believe the story of Jesus's resurrection or not, Easter at its most metaphorical sense is a celebration of hope. Of life overcoming death, of light conquering darkness and joy triumphing over despair. And for that reason alone, it's a wonderful excuse to stop, take a deep breath, find the croci or the daffodils or, in our case here in snowy Vermont, the determined reddening buds on the maple trees and rejoice.


It's been a horrible year for some of us - divorce, illness, health scares. The winter has been interminably long and violent with floods ravaging the Midwest and blizzards isolating whole towns. But it can't last forever and that, to me, is the message of Easter. Spring will come. Flowers will bloom and the snow will melt. That green grass will not be denied.


Two long protracted wars. A disastrous trifecta of economic woes - mortgage scams, credit crunch, oil prices - threaten to plunge not only our country but the whole world into a recession not seen since 1929. These are reasons not to give up but from what I've learned, this is exactly the moment when Newtulip hope is most important. This is when we have to trust that those running for President are doing so for the right reasons, to bring change and instill peace by next Easter and Easters to come.

My hope for all our readers and wonderful backbloggers is you stick with us for another year and chime in about your hopes for the upcoming year. Because you guys have made the dark days so much shorter.

Happy Easter!



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Amen and Hallelujah! And I mean that in both the religious and metaphysical sense for all.

Here in Pittsburgh, the sun is out - and although they are calling for a bit of snow (not unusual for an early Easter like this one) - people are out buying flower seeds as well as candy (do anyone else's teenage kids still expect the baskets?)

Amen, Sarah.

I'm about to hide chocolate eggs around the house. It's a nice metaphor, that behind every favorite book or alongside the First Aid kit or atop the fire extinguisher lurks a plastic egg with Reese's pieces inside.

Snow here in St. Peters (St. Louis) also. Pretty, and I hope not enough to hurt the little buds. Flood waters are receding in the Merramec River area but still serious.
My friend wrote that she is assembling baskets for her college student son and his girl friend. What a gal!
I took an egg and a bit of chocolate to an aqua-aerobics friend who is recovering from knee surgery. She liked it so much that I'll take more later in the week in a little Chinese fortune cookie box left from a friend's birthday. (Re-using is the best recycling).
When the ground dries a bit, they should start digging my basement . . . I mentioned the prospect of a mortgage payment, and the director at the Y said he always needs people to open the Y at 5 a.m. I can actually imagine crawling out of bed and walking over to have my morning coffee at the front desk. We'll see. . . . this is indeed the season of possibilities.

Good morning! Happy Easter! As someone who was born on Easter (it's never fallen on Easter since) and whose firstborn son was also born on Easter, I love the sense of hope and wonder that Easter and spring heralds. Thanks for such a great post this snowy morning (I live in St. Louis, too).

I just ate my first chocolate marshmallow bunny and finished putting together the Easter baskets for our kids ages 18-23. Peeps, Pez, and plastic eggs with ten dollar bills inside. Oh, and lottery tickets (there's hope for you!)

Happy Easter and a Lovely Spring to all!

It's a beautiful, sunny, not-a-cloud-in-the-sky, 41 degrees on my side of the Chesapeake Bay. The forsythias have just started to bloom, and I noticed the buds on my maple trees are getting bigger every day.

I just finished putting together Easter baskets for my 17 yo son, my 26 yo daughter AND my husband. Jelly beans and chocolate (plus a little gifts for my kids) are the treats for today. I get some of the chocolate too...my favorite.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Happy Easter! What a lovely blog, Sarah.

Yes, my 19-year-old daughter got a basket with candy, an iTunes card, and an Enchanted DVD. Hubby also bought chocolate bunnies for his 25 - and 27-year-olds. They're never too old. No hiding chocolate here - too many dogs.

After a dusting of snow yesterday, the sun is shining brightly today here in SE PA. My first daffodils are blooming, and my flowering tree is getting geared up to burst. My favorite time of year.

Now cooking for an early dinner (noon!) so step-child can get back on the train for Brooklyn. Spiral ham, cheesy potatoes, deviled eggs, and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. Well, OK, I may slip some broccoli in there. Come on over for leftovers later.

Wishes to all that your hopes come true!

May Easter and spring brighten your life.

Some Peeps to make you smile --

Love and Peace (& sunscreen and big hats)

Happy Easter all! No baskets here, but the sun is out, the birds have been singing like crasy and it's a grand day all around! I had my Peeps yesterday...more today, and I think I'll watch Easter Parade :o) Nothing like a little Fred Astaire and Judy Garland to brighten things up even more.
My hopes for the coming year are few but ambitious: our troops home(with at least some peace to follow), our country on the mend with a new (and qualified) leader, health and happiness for those I love. (And I'm just selfish enough to hope I get my mystery polished and sent off with positive results.)
Bless you all :o)

Happy Easter to all. I'll walk around the yard to see if any of the crocus are blooming yet.
Snow showers this morning, but it can't stick to the flood waters!
I can't believe I forgot to buy any Easter candy last week! Oh well, it will be half price tomorrow LOL! I have everything to make tiramisu, so I'll make a batch and pig out on it.

Rita, tiramisu is the BEST! I'll be thinking of you at the Rep and dining at Zinnia's . . .and hoping they have it on their menu . . .

The sun peeked out a bit, and the snow has melted. I can see that the little jonquil has a half-opened flower --spring is asserting itself again.
These little jonquils keep coming back from the potted plant from four (?) years ago that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away. "It won't grow," I was told, but I figured even if it didn't, burial in the earth was more respectful than tossing in the trash. The respect has been repaid with flower after flower. When I move, I'll take some with me and leave some behind -- the same with the irises and the mint, and the bamboo from my dad's garden that we transplanted to Aunt Yoko's, and the frog plant from a Sunday-school present to my mom that Jill and her mom brought me from their plant in Kansas. A friend once said that giving cuttings of plants was good insurance, so if anything happened to her plants, she could get cuttings back from friends.

So right about the cuttings Mary. My 2 friends and I have been keeping each others plants going thru a lot of moves. The turkey foot begonia has been going for 20 yrs and Fran's grandmothers iris are flourishing in several states. Hmmm, I need to ask if anyone still has the weeping violet, if not, I know someone at the vet's office has one.
The tiramisu recipe is one Patricia Corrigan published in the Post years ago. I tweaked it to use amaretto instead of kaluha, and putting a layer of grated milk chocolate on top of the cocoa.

Happy Easter! Lovely blog, Sarah.

That's an Easter message even this old heathen can say AMEN to.

In eastern PA we were fortunate to have a mild winter. I spent this afternoon cleaning out some of my gardens. My crocus are in full bloom, the daffodils are about to pop open, and my bleeding hearts are peeking through the mulch. The pussy willows are sleek and soft, day lilies and iris are coming up, the grass is green, and all the shrubs are beginning to open their buds. The thermometer on my shed read 63 degrees. Happy spring everyone!

Ah, Peg. That's how I remember it in Bethlehem, PA.....what a spring feeling!

Sarah, Bethlehem is just down the road a piece from me. ;)

Beautiful blog, Sarah. Happy Easter to all.

Happy Easter, everyone, and thanks to Sarah for such a hopeful message. It's extra welcome here.

We just got back from my oldest daughter's home, where we watched our little 3-year old grandson's joy and wonder at the first Easter morning he's been aware of. He received mostly small toys, and was delighted to open the plastic eggs to find a chocolate egg or two and some wooden tops. Then my daughter and son-in-law made a delicious traditional English Sunday roast for midday dinner, while hubby and I took a nice walk. It was a great way to spend Easter.

For the coming year, I hope the bad stuff is all behind those of you who have had the hardest challenges, and that we can somehow spread the easy camaraderie of this blog to the rest of the world. Wouldn't that be wonderful? But my most fervent prayer is that we can end the war in Iraq and regain the respect we once enjoyed with the rest of the world. Whoever becomes our next leader will have a steep uphill climb to achieve this.

Karen, from your mouth to God's ear. Peace, please.

Probably not PC, but maybe . . .I do like remembering the common roots and similar aspects of religions.
I can’t resist — one of my favorite short joke/stories --
A man goes to his rabbi, very upset that his son went to university and now wants to convert to Christianity.
The rabbi says, “Funny you should mention that. My son also came home from university and wants to convert to Christianity.”
“Rabbi, please, I came for help with MY trouble.”
“Let’s pray about it,” and they do. “Father in heaven, our sons. . . .”
From above comes a Voice, “Funny you should mention that.”

Today is also my birthday. I think it's the only time this century 3/23 is Easter.


Happy Easter & Merry Spring to all.

My daffodils are just coming up and should bloom in about a week. I am getting the itch to go to Lowe's or stop by a garden stand to pick up some trays to plant in my pots. I love the change of seasons and the hope of spring!

My stepdaughter's stepfather got out of the hospital today and prayers are always welcome (and needed in this case). He has congestive heart failure and there isn't a whole lot they can do for him except experiment! He is Papoooo to the grandkidlets and at 5 & 6 are just becoming aware when things are wrong. So we all are praying that , whatever the outcome, it is nandled and accepted with love & grace.

Love & Peace!

Happy birthday Jeanne. Prayers for the stepfather, Pam.
Driving home from the Rep in Webster Groves, snow started making the narrowed lanes of the highway even trickier. Sometimes one drives and prays.
The play was _Ella_ and wonderful! The singer playing the lead did wonderful justice to Ella’s style, and the patter about her life brought me to tears. The woman was initially refused a place on stage because she wasn’t pretty enough — unbelievable! (except we have to believe it because we’ve seen it too many times with our own eyes). Guess we have to keep on being the change we want to see in the world.

Thanks for the great post today. I'm so not the hymnal type person, but after a funeral yesterday, I remember the words "Morning has broken...." and realize that not only does it apply to Easter, but how it applies to the coming of Spring. I'm sick of the winter, I'm sick of this phase in my life, and I'm ready to welcome some sunshine in my life!
(not only that, but I'm a Realtor and dang....it's tough right now in WA state!)

Sarah, I think I found your book "The Cinderella Pact" on a table at my local library and fell in love with your writing. I'm currently done with that one, the Sleeping Beauty one, and almost done with all the Bubbles. I love her character!
Thank you for sharing your talent with us!~

Thanks, Christina. Good luck on the Real front. It's gotta start picking up soon, right?

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