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March 03, 2008

Hey, Babe--what's your type?

Hey, Babe, What’s Your Type?
by Harley

I’m taking an online class. I knew it was my Destiny, because it began on Saturday morning, exactly one day after I turned in my current novel. The second reason I knew it was my Destiny is that the instructor asked us to play a little game to get to know one another. She asked us to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality inventory.

Myers-Briggs! Why, by strange coincidence, in my current novel I created a guy who likes to Myers-Briggs everyone he meets. So I’ve had Myers-Briggs on the brain and happen to know already that I’m an INFP. (As I'm sure you've guessed.)

The test, FYI, has been around since 1942, but I first heard of it when my big sister Mary was in graduate school studying psychology. Mary tested the whole family one Christmas, thus giving us a scientific excuse for losing at Scrabble, or eating too much stuffing. Prior to that, we’d had to rely on the old, “I can’t help it, my Moon’s in Capricorn.” Or it could be that I'm confusing the Myers-Briggs (MBTI) with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), which Mary also liked a lot.

What’s the difference? Allow me to enlighten you! (Blogging as a way to use up research leftovers.)

The Myers-Briggs simply tells you which Jungian personality type you are, in a “nobody’s better than anyone else, we’re all just different, so group hug” tone. It defines how we absorb information and reach conclusions. Ever wonder how you can watch a presidential debate and think, “I wouldn’t trust that moron to open his own breakfast cereal box” while your next door neighbor is out putting up yard signs with the moron's picture on them? Myers-Briggs can explain it. Plus, the short version can be done in minutes, which makes it suitable for picking up people in bars. (“hey, baby, what’s an ESFJ like you doing in a place like this?”) The questions are simple and to the point, as in, True or False: It’s difficult to get you excited.

The MMPI, on the other hand, takes hours and will tell you if you’re a sociopath. It can also diagnose mental dullness, brooding, interpersonal suspiciousness, gastrointestinal complaints and being misunderstood (all of which happen to me when I need a nap.) The MMPI is not so good for hitting on people in bars, because hearing a “yes” answer to the following questions will often discourage flirtation:

“I see things or animals or people around me that others do not see.”
“I commonly hear voices without knowing where they are coming from.”
“At times I have fits of laughing and crying that I cannot control.”
“My soul sometimes leaves my body.”

To me, these tests are simply a more scholarly version of the old Cosmo Girl Quizzes, like, “Are You in The Right Profession? What Your Hair Tells You About Your Secret Passions” or Dr. Phil’s “Ten Ways To Know If Your Husband is Cheating.” I cannot resist them. I even want to take the free Scientology Personality Test, but I fear being told I have none. (Catholics don’t require personality tests).

Okay, and not to brag or anything, but I share my INFP status with Mr. Rogers, Princess Diana and Homer (not Simpson; the other one). Also Shakespeare, Mother Theresa and Saint Luke. Apparently we all answered yes to the question, “I feel involved when watching TV soaps.”

So, babe – what’s your type? To find out, go to:
Typology Test

(Oh: what online class am I taking? Can’t tell you. I'm an introvert.)

Happy Monday!


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Huh. INFJ. A 'counselor' -- something like only 2% of people... further proof I am weird.

I'm an ENFJ, hmmmm.

ESFJ - a Guardian. Me and Terry Bradshaw. Maybe after I sleep, I'll try to figure out what the other ones mean.

I get E: Extroverted and I: Introverted.

S is for sensing, F is for feeling and J is for judging. What's the N stand for? And the P?

Cool test, Harley! I'm a sucker for these things too.

I don't like this test. It says I'm an ISFJ. I am "unappreciated, at work, home, and play...notoriously bad at delegating....treated like doormats...deserve more credit than they're getting..." and my personal favorite: "It's somehow wrong to WANT any sort of reward for doing work, which is supposed to be a virtue in itself." (Nancy Martin, not a word.) My job choices are health care, child care, and real estate agent. Yeah, right.

AND, to add insult to insult, my fictional soul mate is Melanie Wilkes, from Gone with the Wind. Sadly, my comment on that one is, Ain't it the truth.

PS - Kathy, my sheet says I should hang out with more of the "charismatic Es." That's the only part I liked.

ISFJ here, along with Mother Teresa, Dubya, Jimmy Stewart, and Czar Nicholas II. None of the professions to which I am most suited appeal to me. 67% introverted, 50% sensing, 25% feeling (the teenager will agree I have no feelings), and 22% judging. I can most identify with the judging...when weighing the pros and cons of going out for burgers or going out for Mexican food, I can't judge my own feelings, and end up going home and having a bologna, mustard, and potato chip sandwich.

PPS - Harley, I picked up the new Writers' Digest. Great interview! You look beautiful, too.

INFJ, but not by very much.

Your Type is INFJ
Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

22 38 50 11

Ooh - I love this stuff. Former Psych major, here.

I too am ISFJ - Protector Guardian. I didn't get the same description as Ramona though. I'm I-22; S-12; F-50; J-50.

These particular descriptions hit home with me:

"However, their shyness with strangers is often misjudged as stiffness, even coldness, when in truth these Protectors are warm-hearted and sympathetic, giving happily of themselves to those in need."
"Protectors are quite content to work alone; indeed, they may experience some discomfort when placed in positions of authority, and may try to do everything themselves rather than insist that others do their jobs."

But MY question is, how many of us said Yes to rather staying home and reading a book that going to a party? Or is that my Introverted side coming out? Because I'd totally rather do that, almost always.

Great start to the week, Harley!

"But MY question is, how many of us said Yes to rather staying home and reading a book than going to a party?"

I said Yes, Laura, but I might have been lying.

INTJ...definitely (89, 62, 75, 67).

I first took this test as part of a committee with a group of elementary school teachers (not a good career choice for me!) When the facilitator plotted the group results, I was the only one waaay over on that side of the chart. It explained quite a bit.

"A very strong will…rather rare, comprising no more than, say, one percent of the population…will adopt ideas only if they are useful… supreme pragmatists… approach reality as they would a giant chess board…organizational structure and operational procedures are quite malleable and can be changed, improved, streamlined… the most open-minded of all the types. No idea is too far-fetched to be entertained-if it is useful… can be quite ruthless in implementing effective ideas."

No wonder my kids keep telling me I am in the wrong career and should have picked a different major.

Alan Greenspan, Stephen Hawking, John Maynard Keynes, Ayn Rand and Sir Isaac Newton are examples of Rational Masterminds.

I learned to administer this test when I was in grad school to become a reading specialist. (Hahahahahahha!) Mostly, I gave the test to juvenile delinquents who had never learned to read. One of my fellow grad students left her husband and 2 kids to run off with an incarcerated kid 12 years younger than she.

I've always wondered what *her* score on this test would have been.

Me, I'm ISFJ. And Ramona, I'm not sayin' a single word, now, am I?

Nancy, I think we should start a Melanies' Club. All doormats welcomed.

That sounds like a good book title: The Melanies' Club.

INFJ here...I didn't check out the details, but it looks like I'm in good company. :o)
I'm not a great fan of testing, maybe because this stuff deals in absolutes and I like to think of people as various shades of maybe. You know, maybe I give good advice or maybe I'd rather stay home with a good book but because I like my friend and he (or she)wants to go to the party I will. However, in the age of e-Harmony and Match.com pigeonholing seems to be the way to go. And who am I to judge? Anyway, I'm taking my introverted little self to the kitchen for some tea and biscuits before I head out in the Monday rain. Good post Harley. I felt like I was taking a pop quiz :o)

Has anybody here taken an eHarmony test? Because, wow, that could make a great guest blog. Or maybe we should all spring for the dough for Hannah to join and see what happens. Not that I would toy with anyone destiny or anything. But in the interest of science. (I'm still smarting over that question abut following scientific methods.)

Well! We seem to have more than our statistical share of ISFJs here at TLC. And Ramona: could Melanie Wilkes hang onto Blond Bond the way you do? I don't think so.

Listen, Sue, how can Mother Teresa be an ISFJ when I was clearly told she was an INFP? No: I cannot believe we're expected to share Mother Teresa. First Blond Bond and now this!

Like Ramona and Laura,i'm an ISFJ,too.
i'm not sure if that's the case,at least i don't want to be so introvert as the test shows me to be...on the other hand that description Laura got,tells a lot about me too.

Protector Guardian:that sounds a whole lot better than introvert and i think that's what my real profession is all about.(to those who don't know it yet:i'm a teacher)

Thanks for the link,Harley!i love these tests!

Yes, let's make Hannah our TLC dating mascot. Force her to go into eHarmony undercover.

*hands Mother Teresa over to Harley*

I'd rather be like Fredreeq, anyway. Or if not her, then maybe Locusta of Gaul who was a professional poisoner employed by Roman nobility. Gal made a fortune disposing of members of the royal family. Then again, if I could be reborn as Matthew McConaughey's shower sponge......

I've taken this test quite a few times (a couple of times as a student and I use to administer it to graduate students). My results changed depending on where I was in my life.

As a student (and now), I test out as a ISTJ. What changes is the I and E. I am either a weak I or a weak E. But ESTJ description fits me much closer.

How fun to see how everyone scores

ENFJ, which is the same result from the last time I took this, sometime in the late 1970s.

"The Teacher", only 2-3 percent of the population. Always knew I was an oddball, although it seems I have some interesting company: Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Nader, Margaret Mead, Pope John Paul. Er, yeah. Thanks for a fun way to start the morning, Harley.

Nancy, I posted a possible solution to your onscreen text size issue last night, under the Tart News blog comments. Hope it helps. And congratulations to all y'all Tarts, by the way!

Okay, is it my imagination, or does nearly every description say, "and only 2 or 3% of the population falls into this category"? Because if there are only 16 possible combinations . . .

Not that I'm a mathemetician. I'm guessing this is a question for the ISTJs. Paging ArkansasCyndi.

ISTJ. I get a 1% on thinking. Hmm. I'm an Inspector/Guardian. I should be a tax attorney. Ha.

Bothered by that 1%. But Queen Elizabeth II and Warren Buffet share my profile, and they think, right?

Would be interesting to see serial scores on a test like this--from adolescence to adulthood. Let's all agree to take this test next year--perhaps it can be our own Ides of March tradition--and see if we get the same results.

Harley--Mine is 10% of the population. Royalty, billionaires, and me and Arkansas Cyndi (unless you are a duchess or something, Cyndi?).

If GWTW were real today, Ashley would take out a restraining order against Scarlett and Rhett would get hit with a PFA order for the staircase business. Melanie might have been a wimp, but she would probably be the only one not in jail.

I think it's time to embrace my Inner Melly.

Bea, I'm an ISTJ too! I was beginning to worry that I was the only one!

I'm an ENTJ or "Field Marshal." Fun test, Harley, although it doesn't know what to do with someone who both likes to talk and likes to read. Sure I'm not the only such person in the world.

Ramona, I think there may be a separate personality test for people who lie on personality tests.

I have been preparing a whole blog on Which GWTW Character Are You, and now it's completely spoiled. Maybe I'll do it anyway.

Karen, I think you saved my life. You and my daughter and William provided invaluable info. Except William's big advice was to buy a different computer. Hm...

Michele, I said "might have been lying" because the question was too absolute. Sometimes I feel like reading a book. Sometimes I feel like partying. There is no "sometimes" option in the answers.

I don't know why I care. I don't need no stinking personality test to make me feel bad about myself.

Nancy, I'm glad that helped you. I don't have Vista, so it's good to know it works with that version of Windoze, too.

Oh, Nancy, what a fantastic blog topic! I'd like to be Rhett, please.

For the answer to "what if people lie on the test?" question, please see the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

I notice that everyone's all willing to embrace their Inner Melanie, but no one's raising their hand to say they're a psychopath.

Oh, and Michele, I think we very much need a field marshal around here.

BE Rhett? Step off, Michele. I think the verb you're looking for is 'taken by'.

All of you can keep your Bonds of multi-colored manes. I'll take Rhett, you know, for variety when he's not taking me. A switch up is good every now and then.

I'm going to take this test now. It'd better not be dumb.

Here is what the test says about Me, Margie:

E: 100% F: 62% S: 25% J: 11%

I'm a Provider. But some things were confusing - like what the hell does "tranquil family atmosphere" mean? That's an oxymoron.

Plus, I'm way more judgmental than 11%. But I am totally E, no kidding.

It says I should own my own business or move up to a position of influence. Duh. Who do you think runs this place?

YIKES! This is what I get for coming late to the party.

I'm an ISFJ "Protector/Guardian".... big major league shock THERE, huh?

Although, I am getting mellow in my dotage.....

When I think of "Margie" and "position" in same sentence, I do not think of business.

Jesus, did I just write that?

I'm also an ISTJ and glad to see that I'm not the only one here.

ESFJ. Like Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh. I've always wanted to be like Rabbit. Better than Eeyore.

Harley-- happy to be TLC dating mascot :)

we can make it our common project here:"Let's find a guy for Hannah!" All ideas are welcome...

See Ramona - YOHFTS2.

Okay, Hannah. First we have to find out if an ISFJ girl should find an ISFJ boy, or go for a contrasting boy. William, would you mind pretending to have a date with Hannah here and see if you two are compatible?

And then Josh, you're up. You and Hannah can have a virtual date and see if INFJ boys and ISFJ girls are a good combo.

Then, Hannah, I'm afraid you'll have to date Margie.

INFJ, here, which always surprises me a little bit -- somehow I keep thinking that a scientist should end up more of a T than an F. But Counselor Idealist is me, no doubt -- I'm even in the right profession. And I share my type with Ghandi and Eleanor Roosevelt.

I'd be fascinated to see what the eHarmony-type personality tests come up with :)

Add me to the ISFJ group, as a protector guardian. Makes sense to me.

Protectors find great satisfaction in assisting the downtrodden and can eal with disability and neediness in others. They are not as outgoing and talkative (shhh...Laura!), I am shy around strangers! Quite content to work alone (damn straight), not a leader or delegator.

Career...social work, education, or child care management. Almost. I had plans on going to college for music therapy, but dad refused to assist towards the financials (and claimed I had no talent). Health care? Mwahahahaa....does working for a pharmaceutical company count?

Harley, don't you know any decent guys you could introduce Hannah to?

Plus, sadly, The Boss has strong views on my dating; after 22 years together, I guess she's entitled. But damn, it cramps my style....

if I got 1 percent on Sensing what does that mean or is it just Monday morning. At least I got 50 percent on thinking.
Can't say I have ever wanted to be in the same league with Queen E II . . . 78 percent J
The introverted part I get, if you all keep writing such good books, of course I would rather stay home and read!
The romance part of this was hilarious, I should be meeting my man at the door in his favorite outfit, with dinner on the table - blah blah blah. Yeah cause that's going to happen!
interesting way to start the day.

OK, you're right, I'd rather be Scarlett, but Rhett had more fun.

Harley, I'm an INFP too. I like it that James Taylor & Annie Dillard were on our list!

BTW, for all the Blond Bond fans, yesterday was Daniel Craig's 40th birthday. (I actually thought he was older than that, but please don't tell him I said so.) ;)

Hey wait a minute, Nancy! I thought I provided you with some great help on the font size issue, too. What am I? Chopped liver? :-)

William, you're asking if I know any decent men that Hannah can date? Please. I live in Hollywood.

Ramona, did you catch that? Lynn says not to tell Daniel about looking older than 40. (Lynn, tonight's Ramona's turn with him.)

Posted by: bea :Arkansas Cyndi (unless you are a duchess or something, Cyndi?).

not a duchess. Sorry. Hubby says I act like I'm a princess though! LOL

Not surprised to see many of us sharing MB Types. We are drawn to similar likes and dislikes.

To give you an idea of where you stand in the US population (by MB type)

ISTJ 11.6%
ISFJ 13.8%
INFJ 1.5%
INTJ 2.1%
ISTP 5.4%
ISFP 8.8%
INFP 4.3%
INTP 3.3%
ESTP 4.3%
ESFP 8.5%
ENFP 8.1%
ENTP 3.2%
ESTJ 8.7%
ESFJ 12.3%
ENFJ 2.4%
ENTJ 1.8%

I flip-flop between I & E because I'm not strong in either (I see it being flexible to my setting!)

ESFJ -- I'm in good company with Kathy Sweeney, Karen Olsen & of course You, Margie! But horrors of horrors...I'm also in the same category as Martha Stewart. Don't get me wrong...I like Martha Stewart, but I'm so 180 degrees from her...organized being one thing I'm so totally not! Maybe I didn't answer all the questions "correctly" for my real type. I am, but I'm not. I do, but I don't...

And Michele, I understand the liking to both read & talk. I'd have to say that talking is a trait of mine that most of my friends & all of my family can agree upon. :-) However, I love immersing myself in a good book.

Oh, and add my money to the pot to get Hannah a chance on E-Harmony. I want to see her on those TV commercials saying, "Yes, I owe all of my perfect happiness to my friends the Tarts!"

"William, you're asking if I know any decent men that Hannah can date? Please. I live in Hollywood."

Okay, Harley. Does that men there ARE some decent men in Hollywood? :-)

Yes, Becky, but they are involved with other decent men.

Josh...you are too funny!!!

Harley, of course I knew yesterday was Blond Bond's birthday. Why do you think I wasn't around Saturday and Sunday? But if he looks older than 40, don't blame me. I keep telling him to moisturize.

See, that's Me, Melly, showing my sensitive side.

“My soul sometimes leaves my body.” I swear that was a pickup line I heard once in a bar.

But Cara, you didn't hear it from a decent man, now did you?

INFJ here. And I'm wondering why there isn't a question like: can you ever resist taking any kind of a test? Because the answer to that would be no.

And if only 2 percent of people are INFJ, there seem to be quite a few of them here. Which must mean something. I may be too introverted to figure it out. (How can I be a tv reporter and be an I?)

But--breaking news..Jungle Red Writers is on Carnival of the Criminal Minds today! And we picked our favorite blogs. And of course, I linked to Lipstick Chronicles. (How INFJ of me.)

Check it out at

I am such an ENTJ. I took the test thinking that maybe life and kids had some how changed things. Nope. It was interesting to read the field marshall stuff and it is so true.

Fun blog.

Hank -- thanks for the info on other mystery blogs. And congratulations on your Agatha nomination for Prime Time!

We all thank Hank!
(Hank, I'm sorry. I can't resist a rhyme.)

Your Type is ENFJ
Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
1 25 75 33
Teacher -- with Oprah and Karin --
No surprise there -- born to teach! I do agree that answers can change with circumstances and mood, though.
I ran into a former student and his Lindenwood group of future teachers at the Crooked Tree today. He really liked "The NCLB Murder" by the way . . .
This is a fun test. The MMPI, OTOH, was horrible. Ed. students in MN. took this in the '60's, and an international student put it best, "Those are ugly questions."
eHarmony -- if I recall correctly, it's free to take the test, and it is fairly interesting. I tried it for three months, and that was all the rejection I could take.

ENFP, here. One of the Chmpion Idealists. Elizibeth Cady Stanton, Charles Dickens, Upton Sinclair, Paul Robeson. Cool! Hold on a sec...Phil Donahue?

Steve, meet Hannah.

ISFJ. Bianca from 'Taming of the Shrew'? Nooo. I rather prefer Kate.
(I used to play this role, Kate I mean, at school, amateur theatricals... Not the whole play, just an extract.)
Melanie from 'Gone with the Wind'? Maybe. I rather doubt it.
Ophelia? Worse and worse.

You guys crack me up! which one is going to be first? william,josh,steve...?i'll be waiting...

Gee Harley, thanks for this. I'm also an ESFJ, which seems to be one of the larger percentages there is. Does it surprise you to know I am slightly extroverted (22%)? But I am a VERY expressed feeling personality--a whopping 88%. See why I am such a sympathetic person? Have to give this test to my husband--just judging by the questions, I know a lot of his answers will differ from mine. And it just thrills me to pieces that I am the same type as the fictional Dr Bones McCoy from Star Trek--one of my favorite shows!

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