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August 07, 2007

Dead Ex is out today!

Dead Ex is out Today!

By Rebecca the Bookseller

Today, Dead Ex, Harley Jane Kozak's Third Wollie Mystery, is on sale!

If you've read the first two, Dating Dead Men and Dating is Murder, I know you are excited to buy and read the new one - believe me, it's superb! Wollie is better than ever, juggling a boyfriend with secrets he can't share, a best friend accused of murder, bad dates, bad hair days, and, of course, that dead ex- boyfriend. I read the ARC and trust me, you don't want to miss this funny and engaging read. I could not put it down! In fact, I'll be reading it again as soon as I get my hands on the hardcover.

If you haven't read any of the books, you are in for a treat! The first two are out in paperback.

So let's all support our Harley and get out there and buy this book. Mention TLC and get free shipping on Dead Ex from Mystery Lovers Bookshop - use this link: Send me Dead Ex!

Harley is going on tour, and we hope to be posting photos of her various appearances - if you live in or near any of these cities, please go see her and make sure you tell her that you're from the blog - it's such a thrill to meet the people we know only from cyberspace.

August Tour

7 DEAD EX on sale Everywhere!
9 Mystery Bookstore, 7pm Los Angeles
14 Book Passage in Corte Madera, 7pm San Francisco
15 Murder By The Book, 6:30pm Portland
16 Seattle Mystery Bookshop, time tk Seattle
18 Mysterious Galaxy San Diego
20 Books & Books, 8pm Miami
21 Murder By The Book, 6:30pm Houston
22 Poisoned Pen, 7pm Arizona
25 Lee's Booksellers, 2pm Lincoln, NE

I'm on vacation, so I probably won't be here to share in the discussion, but I know you'll all join me in sending good vibes to Harley as she goes on the road with her new book!

THIS FROM SARAH: I just finished DEAD EX and though we often tout our books (including our own) I have to say that this one is so unbelievably good I'm surprised that anyone who could write something like would agree to be my friend. That's how good it is. The premise of a murder in a soap opera community of actors is excellent on its own. But that line doesn't do the book justice. Every single character, from the victim to the crazy prima donnas scattered about, is anythng but cliche. We are taken on a ride into a subculture and captaining the boat is Wollie who is lovable without being saccharine. Plus, there are plots, more plots and subplots. Cocaine snorting in the closet. Outrageous architecture. Greeks galore! A sexy FBI love interest. Drunken friends. I mean, not a paragraph goes by where I didn't say, "Whoo! Wish I had written that." DEAD EX got a starred review in PW because it's fantastic. Please, run out and buy this book TODAY so that we can discuss it next week. Harley....great job. I'm going to order three for three people I know who will love this. Thank you for the best read of the summer.


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DEAD EX Rules.

Harley Jane Rocks.

Any questions?

I can't wait to add this book to my Wollie collection and to see all the great pix from the tour. Congratulations, Harley!

Also, I'd just like to note that this book can easily stand on its own. I've read Dating is Murder and Dating Dead men, but I didn't have to in order to enjoy DEAD EX!

Congratulations Harley and good luck with the book tour.

Can't wait to pick up my copy....

Way to go, Harley!


Yay, Harley! Best of luck.

To what Sarah said, I'd add that this should be in the "Mystery" section, not the "Chick Lit" or "Women's Fiction" shelf.

Nora Charles would be proud of Wollie...:)

Greetings from hot and humid South Carolina.

I hope everyone reading will be sure to go out and get Harley's new book. The first weeks sales are very important for many reasons, including re-orders.

For Harley's existing fans, this book was totally worth waiting for. Introduce a friend to Wollie, and you'll make more than one person happy.

By the way, how do people LIVE down here?!?!?

Greeks, divas, sexy feds and drinking. I'm sold. Can't wait to read it, Harley!

Just ordered mine. Harley, Rebecca, and Mystery Lovers rule!

Yay Harley! I just got back from Portland (Willamette Writers Conference...great stuff, including Lee Lofland) and want to tell you Murder By the Book has your signing announcement prominently displayed...I could kick myself for pre-ordering, but I may just send my daughter over to get another one so you can sign it :o) Mine should be here today or tomorrow if B&N does its stuff right! I already read a review in Crimespree that says this is the best one yet...
Have a great time at MBTB( and sell lots everywhere!)!
Now I have to catch up three days of work in one...

I can't wait to read it--I have read the first two and just loved, loved, loved them. Harley is a magically good writer, isn't she? Everything about Wollie's character and voice are wonderfully appealing to me--I've always been especially fond of first-person-narrated suspense novels in the Mary Stewart-Dick Francis sort of vein, where your enjoyment of the book partly depends on the appeal of spending the time in the company of the narrator, and Harley's books have exactly that quality.

Harley's books are like nothing else on the shelves these days. So funny in a unique I-see-the-world-differently way. Full of surprises. I can't wait to get my hands on it!

I wandered into Barnes & Noble last night. (Air-conditioning on the way to the grocery store!) And what should I see on the front table, but our own Sarah's SLEEPING BEAUTY PROPOSAL! Selling like hotcakes, too.

Yay, Tarts!

Oh, frabjous day,
Calloo, callay!
Wollie Shelley
Is on her way
(and so, again, is Harley J.)!

What kind of watermelon is appropriate for Publication Day? Miss Manners doesn't cover some modern concerns.

Congrats, Harley!

Ooh. Murder at a soap? That's right up my alley. I'll have to have my wife push it on Soap Zone. I ordered it, too.

You guys! I just turned on the computer and feel like I'm late to the party -- and now you've made me cry. Good golly.

I'm up to my eyeballs in sending out snail mail invitations, begging people (from my Christmas card list) who live withing a 750-mile radius to come to the book signings. And I'm looking at maps. Because I don't know beans about geography, so my question now is, is Bozeman, Montana anywhere close to either Portland or Seattle?

Anyhow, thanks everyone. You all are the best.

I don't know where Bozeman, Montana is, Harley, but if you come to Delaware, I'll e-mail Daniel Craig and invite him to the signing. He hasn't accepted any of my other invitations, but I'm certain he'd show up for this one.

Shoot, Harley, come to St. Louis! We'll be there will bells, whistles, New Year's Eve noisemakers, and even bottle rockets left over from the 4th!

I will definitely be picking up my copy of 'Dead Ex', although on Friday, when I have time to loiter at the B&N.

And I am with Ramona on this, Harley, ya gotta come to the east coast!!! SE Pa is a haven of not-so-silent book lovers! :) I could even be coerced into baking in the midst of a heat-wave if you did!

Harley...As a note on the side, my dad and I were watching a movie last week called 'The Favor', and my dad thinks that you are hot! LOL!

Harley -- going to be anywhere near Raleigh, Durham NC?


Yeah, is the Philadelphia area chopped liver? I don't think you come within 1,000 miles of here.

And, have you sent comps to the people at Soap Opera Digest? They did a "where are they now" feature on you a couple of years ago, and there are a couple of columnists where a mention could help sales. After all, people still remember you from GL, and you haven't been there for 25 years or something.

I have said it many times, but I'm going to say it again WHY DONT MY FAVORITE AUTHORS EVER GET TO MIDDLE AMERICA!!!!! Denver anyone??? I promise it is a great place, plenty to do. What do you think we do during snowstorms???? Ok besides what your thinking we are doing, think reading instead.I only leave 63 miles from Denver and I promise if any of you EVER had a signing in the Mile High City ,I would be there in a flash!! Ok, I am only one person promising but you post it and they will come !!!

Well, here's the deal: the authors (unless they're superstar authors) don't generally get a lot of say in where they're sent (if they're sent anywhere at all, which, believe me, is like Christmas -- an actual book tour paid for by the publisher!) And the determination of which locales get which authors is based on mysterious factors. So how come Coral Gables, Florida, but not Denver or Philadelphia or Saint Louis?

I don't know. It's kind of like the Army. We go where we're sent.

Well, my book should be here tomorrow and I can't wait to start reading. The boy starts high school on Monday, so I'll have loads of free time. Harley, come to Atlanta. We'd love to have you here, if you can stand the heat and humidity. It's 91 with 56% humidity at 1pm.

Thanks for your orders Kerry and Rebecca. Don't forget when you order to mention TLC for free shipping. Why not send one to a friend or library? They'll thank you bcause it is terrific.

Mary Alice at Mystery Lovers

I'm in the middle of reading it now and loving it! (And what William said at the top. Ditto.)

(I'm freaking annoyed that I had to stop for work. Damned clients, expecting you to actually do stuff for them. geez.)

I second the call to St. Louis!! I've loved the first two Wollie books — really, it's impossible not to love this character — and can't wait to read Dead Ex. I'm really looking forward to more interaction with everyone's favorite FBI agent — he's loads better than a certain former teacher we might name. Although having him come back in the next one to compete would be interesting ... Anyway, here's to a successful first week Harley! And seriously, come to St. Louis. I could do St. Louis.

Actually, didn't we already establish that he wasn't FBI, Wollie just kind of assumed it and he let her? I don't remember. Now I'm going to have to go re-read. What a hardship. Sigh.

Hi, it's me, Margie!

Wollie is cool and everything, but it's worth the read for Simon, a total hottie who carries a big gun.....plus the one in his holster.

So go buy the book, catch up with Wollie, and steam up with Simon.

Harley, who does Simon look like in your head? I think he looks like Goran Visjnic, who is a stone fox and was almost...oh, geez, I went blank. You know who I mean, that English guy, runs around doing all that stuff for Her Majesty.

Just sayin'.

Hey, Harley! See you in Seattle! I was so glad to see you're coming here.

-Susan S

Oh, Bozeman is quite the little drive, btw. My guess is 12ish hours by car.

I second the St. Louis Proposal!! Come and be adored!

Also, a friend sent a self-defense Haiku!! (I knew you'd want to see it)
Mother’s knowledge shines
Daughter’s safety is in words
Self-defense with poetry
-- Margaret in Illinois
>As a solution for scary situations, nothing can beat my mother's accidental creativity. As we walked to the Arch parking lot late at night, discussing my sister's keys and my umbrella as self-defense weapons -- Mom said, "I'll just tell them, 'Watch out! I know Haiku!'"

Hey there, I will see you in Seattle, too.

BTW - who arranges your publicity while on your road trip?

You might want to mention to that person that you might want to see about appearing on local Seattle afternoon television on the "NW Afternoon Show" on KOMO-TV channel 4. It airs daily from 3-4 p.m. (and is recorded earlier on the same day).

This local daily show has a daily 20-minute segment about soap opera shows - and it would be a 'great fit' to have you be interviewed for this book since you are connected with soap operas yourself. Check out Seattle's KOMO-TV website for the NW Afternoon Show - do a google on it.

Best wishes!

Hmm - I have a birthday this weekend. What a great present for myself!

Love Wollie. Can't wait to read the newest.

Congrats, Harley, and good luck!

(PS - Yes, Philly would be wonderful!) :)

The question about Simon in my head: I don't really picture real people, just vague faces. Do most writers do this? Or do they base them on real life people (or actors, who are of course not real at all)?

I can't wait to get my copy this week. I am disappointed to see you will not be coming to Ohio. Maybe with the next book. HINT HINT HINT.

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