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July 16, 2007

Thrillerfest Post-Op

Thrillerfest Post-Op

Well, several of the Tarts and Friends of Tarts spent a terrific weekend at ThrillerFest in New York City.

To be honest, everybody is still recovering, in one way or another (it's one of those "What happens in..." snow clones, if you know what I mean). So we all decided to write a little bloglet about it, and catch up with the real stories later. So anyway, that was what we all decided, and then, uh, most people were too fried and forgot, but here is a start.

Here is what you really need to know: New York is a great city. ThrillerFest was a great time. OK. Moving on.

From Michele Martinez:

For me, ThrillerFest was like one of those dreams where you're trying to get somewhere important and events continually conspire to keep you away. I wanted so much to see some of the great panels, but I was lucky to make it to my own. What was I doing instead? One meeting after the next, catching up with colleagues, even a photo shoot. (I was photographed in the Ramble in Central Park, where the victim's body is discovered in "Cover-Up," for a piece on setting in mystery for Spirit Magazine -- fun!) Oh, and hanging out with Nancy, Harley and Rebecca, of course. And cornering some great guest bloggers and interviewees for your entertainment. Stay tuned for a sizzling interview with Lee Child next week. How hot is it? Let's just say Margie stopped in, asked a key question or two and things took off from there.

From William Simon, Guest Blogger and FoT:

Thrillerfest was terrific. This was my first time, and I had the singular experience of meeting Jon Land, author of some very well done spy thrillers back in the 80's and 90's. At the Hollywood panel, chaired by TLC's very own Harley Jane Kozak, Jon was kind enough to autograph a copy of THE ALPHA DECEPTION for me. All this, plus meeting Nancy for the first time, and hanging with the Tarts....well I'm already looking forward to next year.

From Margie:

I LOVE New York. Every time I'm there, it's a little different - in the last ten years or so, it's better in the big ways - it's cleaner, it's safer, people are nice - and brace yourself for this one - the CABS actually defer to the PEDS. I don't know what the hell Rudy and Bloomie have been putting in that water up there, but it's working. Or maybe it's a mass hypnosis project. Hey - I think it is and I think I just figured it out, too. I'm good at that, you know - figuring stuff out. I'll talk more about it on Friday.

Anyway, it's a great city and the convention was - okay - it was a Con and in some ways, if you've been to one, you've been to them all. It doesn't really matter if it's Thriller Writers or the Future Farmers of America. Don't start with me, you know it's true.

The diff is the people there. A lot of these people were cool. Some of them were total tools. Big whoop. You can ID the tools in about 2.5 seconds, and you find the cool ones. More on that Friday, too, except just let me say that if you are ever at a Con with me, Margie, and you act like such a Tool that I see it more than once....well, I'd be very, very careful about getting into a crowded situation. Anything can happen - you know, like a rugby scrum or something. NOT that anything DID, yanno, happen. So chill. This is more like a little lesson at the end of a fable or something.

As usual, I am really the only one working here, so I guess I'd better catch up on all the office stuff. But I'll be back Friday.

From Rebecca:

First of all, no comment on Margie's comments. None. Don't ask me, I don't know anything. Call me Sgt. Schultz on this girl.

I thought the best thing about Thriller Fest was getting to actually meet people who post - or Guest Blog - right here on TLC. Blogs are a new thing, but believe me, when we mentioned The Lipstick Chronicles, people knew what we were talking about!

From Nancy:

Huh? Wha--?  Oh, I'm awake now, really.  Totally fried, yes, but awake.  I enjoyed meeting the diverse group of people who attended T-fest.  "Thrillers" seem to loosely define such a range of books!  I got a kick out of re-connecting with my longtime romance-writing friends who now write very successful romantic suspense and female-driven thrillers.  Interesting how everybody had a different "take" on the role of sex in the books.  I was especially amused to hear the men still talking in terms of high school jokes while the women could intelligently articulate why and how a sexual relationship could function in a plot.  Kudos, girls!

Also--the parties!  Whisking from one festive gathering to another took up most of my weekend!  Except I never managed to catch Margie at any of them.  Puzzling....


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All right, now...Margie was THERE? And I missed her? How could that happen? Seeing Harley, Michele, Rebecca again was terrific, and meeting Nancy was an experience, but how in the name of all that's Holy did I not meet Margie?

Although, now that I think about it, there was one incident on Saturday; while I was chatting with Raymond Benson (author of 9 James Bond novels, and the classic "James Bond Bedside Companion) five NYPD officers came in and immediately surrounded a woman. I heard her yelling at the officers "Don't TOUCH me, you goons....well, you can, you're kinda cute" as they led her out of the hotel. Was THAT Margie?

I loved hanging out with William, too!

Speaking of Raymond Benson, I was there for the meeting and had a long conversation with him about -- what else? -- Clive. He said the first time he ever saw Clive, he thought, "Bond!" He also said every serious die-hard Bond fan DREAMED of Clive as Bond. The problem, apparently, was that Clive made it clear he had other things on his agenda, and that Bond wasn't in his life plan. Clive, how could you? I feel so betrayed.

Oh, and Benson thought Blond Bond did a fine, adequate job. Which made me see the whole thing in a new light. One must make the best of the situation, I suppose.

Sounds like a great time was had by all...and here I was buying kitchen cabinets. Isn't Raymond Benson a cool guy? You should hear him play the piano(maybe you did?)...especially his own medley of Bond themes...he did it at LIM last February and brought the room to their(its?) feet! (This February we get to meet Lee Child...I am a Reacher fan, so I will be bringing a book or two with me...and hopefully taking his master class)
Recover quickly and give us more,please :o)
Happy Monday!

So, Michele, it takes this Benson nobody to make you see the Blond light? What, Harley and I mean nothing to you?

Ramona, wishful thinking, hon. I haven't seen the Blond Bond light, not hardly. I've grown up and gotten sadder and wiser. Sometimes we just have to accept what IS instead of hoping for what can't be.

Maryann, if you love Reacher, you MUST pay attention next Monday when I blog about the following fabulous Trifecta -- Clooney, Blond Bond and Lee.

Did I say Blond Bond is fabulous? Oops.

July 16, 2007. 9:06 a.m. Just noting, for posterity, the exact moment Michele Martinez revealed her true feelings and said Blond Bond is fabulous. In writing.



Some things in life are constant.

People love New York.

Friends who meet, whether for the first or hundreth time, have a blast.

And Michele and Ramona are all about The Bond.

Life is good.

Michele...I'll be here :o)

Hello all-
Raymond Benson here. Yes, this "Benson Nobody" (ahem, how many of you have a Wikipedia entry?) may have convinced the lovely Michelle that Daniel Craig was a good Bond. Maybe not. Bond is such an icon that he has become an individually subjective experience. Whatever that means.

Sarah, do I know you? I saw your post about Odessa, Texas. I grew up there. The "Friday Night Lights" high school was *my* high school! I was always a fish out of water (or rather, a horned toad out of the desert), and skedaddled as soon as I graduated. I call it "Odessalation." :) (And I have a couple of novels set there, too.)

Great. I be facetious and the facetious-ee reads it. I don't know why I post here. This blog is nothing but trouble.

Sorry, Mr. Benson. BTW, did you know that the feminine form of Raymond is Ramona? Just a little factoid there, while I suck up in apology.

Ramona, it seems to me that Michele acknowledging that Blond Bond was "adequate" is hardly a conversion along the lines of Saul on the road to Damascus. You and I must continue preaching, 2 lone voices crying in the wilderness.

Hey, Raymond! How'd I miss you?

Sorry to be AWOL from this post, but I was on a 6:50 a.m. flight home on Sunday and missed all the post mortems. Just as well. I'm still recovering from the costume I wore at the Awards Banquet, the show-that-went-on-longer-than-it-takes-to-read-most-thrillers.

Welcome, Raymond, to the Circus That Never Ends!

I'll say it now and say it aloud: Mr. Benson's knowledge of the World of 007 is actually superior to mine. No small feat that one.

I think he'll fit in here JUST fine....:)

Bummer on the missing blogs. I noticed June 30 never returned to the archives . . .gremlins, perhaps?
I'm now suffering the fatigue of post-conference slump -- all those nice people returned to their own areas to continue telling their stories (and some, as in your group, write the books) -- necessary if we're to get anything done, but I miss them.
I also think it's going to take a month to catch up on lost sleep. I'm going to see the new HP movie today, and give my niece orders to shake me awake if necessary.

Hi Raymond!

Thanks for coming to TLC!

I can confirm that Mr. Benson's Bond knowledge does, in fact, exceed Williams'. Hard to believe, but Raymond did actually write the book, as they say.

Plus, he is a very cool guy. He also has a great sense of humor, Ramona, so chill.

Now, Raymond, about that Guest Blog we discussed in New York?

As you can plainly see, any and all subjects are prone to lead to Bond discussions, so whatever Bondish subject you choose would be terrific!

Michelle, I dare you to print the "off the napkin" parts of your Lee Child interview. :)

Kris, I won't even go to press with half of what's ON the napkin. Not everything said at midnight in a hotel lobby is meant for posterity. (Unless Lee decides to post on this blog and tell me he wants me to. Or maybe not even then.)

I wonder if D. Craig reads this blog, too... just, you know, wondering.

Welcome Raymond. Will you help us lose this 'G' rating when you blog?
Margie and I can't do it all! (and with me, it's just memories!)
Did Margie make it back or is she getting a 3 day vacation in Bellvue?

Damn, sorry to be AWOL as well.

I saw hints of Margie. Well, I think it was Margie, it was kinda hard to see who exactly the woman was at the center of all the men with their jaws on the floor and their eyes bugging out, but I'm pretty sure I heard a definite Margie-ism. Or two. And I'm not entirely sure many of those men recovered.

I had a blast meeting so many from here - Harley and Nancy and Michele and William and Rebecca and *of course* Blond Bond is the only viable Bond. So make that three lone voices.

You know, there is one other possibility. It would be odd, but think it through. Let it resonate.

We were watching an re-run ep of BBC's 'MI-5' last week, and there was a Special Guest Star (not then so well known) in the role of a nasty and supercilious spymaster from MI-6. Quite stole the show, he did. Even made jokes about Wagner operas while he did it. Cheeky sod.

Oh, who?

Not who.


Hugh Laurie.

We've also addressed Sir Guy of Gisborne as Bond. Don't think anyone on MI-5 would do it. They are too, how do you say, real.

As Bond?
Nah! But he is the perfect House.
I'd let him check me for ticks!
(remember that episode?)

Hi again--

Harley, sorry I missed you! I did see you around and I attended the panel you moderated on Hollywood hijinx (it was my favorite panel of the weekend!). I will admit, though, that my wife and I skipped out on the banquet. At $200 a pop for the banquet, it was too tempting to spend that money on dinner and a Broadway show. We saw the hot ticket--"Spring Awakening"--and were somewhat disappointed. (I'm a theatre snob because that was my major and I worked in New York theatre for years before giving it up to become a writer). The show was like something MTV might have put together, thinking they had to pull in a youth audience to Broadway (which seems to be the trend lately, a la "Wicked" and such). The "Spring Awakening" music was good, staged well, but the book was totally vacuous. Like an MTV reality show. Feh.

So how is it that this blog has the six lovely ladies' pictures at the top? Please enlighten me as to the history of this place.


PS to PJ -- I forgot to say this up above, but congratulations on your award! So well deserved.

Hey ladies,

It was great meeting everyone in New York. I put up some amazing photos on my blog, including ones with me and Lee Child, James Patterson, Heather Graham, Lisa Gardner, Jeffrey Deaver, and a bunch of other incredible authors.

Check out the photos and blog here:


I had a blast!


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