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May 27, 2007

TLC Advice-a-Thon: Maryann's Travel Tips

TLC Advice-a-Thon: Maryann's Travel Tips

By Maryann


1. Always take one extra of essentials, including cosmetics
2. Pack at least one uncrushable outfit (Citiknits or Travelsmith have some great, and stylish, mix and match)
3. Pack a pair of shoes in each bag (half my luggage got lost once and I had no dress shoes)
4. Pack a mini-first aid kit...hotel rooms don't have band-aids
5. Get some Hollywood Fashion Tape. Great for patching hems and sticking bra straps to the shoulder
6.Travel-size sunscreen and repellent come in handy.
7. Get a small rolling tote...great carry-ons but not so hard on the shoulders.


1. Do not drink any liquid for three days before you get on the plane.
1a. Do not trust any airline food covered by foil.
2. Know the location of all lavatories on every airline.
3. Try to get aisle seat closest to one of the above.
4. Bring exact change for in-air purchases. The attendants will love you. And they don't take VISA.
5. Do NOT scowl at anyone remoting resembling a TSA or other security officer. They are allowed to make fun of your purse, your luggage, and your shoes.
6. Practice several ways of flagging down a taxi (or city transit bus). Sometimes a hearty wave (like guiding in aircraft) is the only thing that works.
7. Overtip...especially if you're in Scotland. It works wonders!
8. When in the UK, stay to the left...always the left. Arggh.
9. Look both ways before taking one step into any intersection... and then look again.
10. Visit a bookstore...and mention loudly how great the latest book by (say Elaine Viets) is.


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pack at least a day or two's worth of clothing and shoes, pjs, etc. in your carry-on for when they lose ALL of your checked luggage, as you are moving to a new country for at least a few years and the boxes upon boxes of the non-essentials you mailed yourself the day before you left won't make it there for at least another week or so and all you have is what you've literally got on, which is not weather appropriate, and your laptop in the carry-on. it makes for a lovely few days until the airport finds your luggage as I have unfortunately experienced. When you're in a strange place, you want your 'stuff' with you. it makes all the difference.

Fashion tape works on hems?

That one piece of advice is worth the whole weekend!

The one thing I NEVER travel anywhere without is something to read, books, magazine, school newsletter anything. You never know how long you will wait at the airport, transportation to your hotel, checking into your room etc.

Now, see, I have to disagree with the not drinking before traveling by air. I live in fear of a DVT, so I guzzle plenty of fluids. The trick is to use the loo *early* in the flight before it gets too disgusting.

Well, the not drinking thing was facetious...I just try to limit what I drink before a flight. Once I'm on the flight, it's a different story. I think it's the bathroom on the plane fear :o) At any rate, I'm getting better. And I still make sure I know where the loo is before I sit down :o)

This is indeed informative.. however, I am wondering... why should we not drink any liquids 3 days (is this really days? or hours maybe? just asking..)?

Other than that, this post provides helpful tips for women who travel a lot. Certainly a good read.

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