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April 12, 2007

Thursday Update on Elaine

Thursday's Update on Elaine:

Elaine is looking good, according to her friends Kris Montee and Barbara Parker, who visited with Elaine and Don last evening.  As of today, doctors are optimistic about a full recovery.  It's suggested that we not send flowers at this time, but cards are most welcome.  Rather than post her address here---and if you don't have access to it on one of the membership lists of organizations Elaine belongs to--why not send it to us, and we'll forward your card to Elaine?

Send to:

Elaine Viets
c/o Sarah Strohmeyer
45 State Street, Suite 210
Montpelier, Vermont 05602


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Excellent news - and I would thank you, Tartly Goddesses, whatever news it was.

Guess we're gonna go kill some trees and ship 'em to Sarah to ship to Elaine and Don . . .

A full recovery sounds wonderful! I am so happy to hear that.

I just heard yesterdy about Elaine's stroke. I was so sad and now so glad to hear good news. She's one of my role models (tall, thin, funny, and nice). Love goes to Elaine from Cindy and Peter Silberblatt

Oh dear -- I got so excited that the news was good that I forgot to thank all the Lipstick Chroniclers for keeping us posted. Thanks to you all.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Elaine for a full recovery. Thanks for keeping us updated on her progress.

Teresa Inge

Thanks for keeping us updated. I know Elaine will come out of this stronger than ever. I was so upset about this terrible event that my blog on Writers Plot is all about her ... and how something small that someone does for you--like she did for me--can stay with you a lifetime. I believe our blog is linked to Lipstick Chronicles, but not vice versa, so our URL is www.writersplot.typepad.com
if you'd care to read how much I admire her.

Checked in for an update on Elaine, and thanks for having one here...re Imus...why anyone expects that a trash-talker won't talk REAL trash, or go TOO low, I don't know...Imus was a creep who jumped onto the "shock jock" wagon to mine bucks for CBS and NBC from Advertisers...there's no TOO LOW TO GO in that greed-driven world...but Miss Manners will be pleased that Americans actually stood up and said "enough! Shut up!" Society's snubbing of creeps still does hold power...with advertisers anyway...
Cheers to the public forum!
Hugs to Elaine and Don!
Carol Jose

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