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April 01, 2007

Synching Up

Synching Up

By Rebecca the Bookseller

Last month, I went through computer hell. My Mac crashed - a couple of times - and even the Mac Geniui had to keep it for three days to figure it out. During that time, I had to - brace yourselves, kids - go back to my PC. It was a nightmare. Control-Alt-Delete? What the devil is that anyway? And it took forever, even though it's on the same DSL line as my Mac. No room for a bunch of different applications, so it was opening and closing the windows. Tedious.

But the worst was my music. I play music all the time and so for several days, I had to take a leap back in time and - ready for this? I had to play CDs. That's right. I actually had to find and then play actual CDs on an actual stereo system. I mean, what was next, making my own soap?

And the keyboard had a different touch, the monitor screen was at a different angle, even the chair was different, since the Mac and the PC are in different offices. It was a big adjustment all the way around, and I was really off kilter.

Then - oh happy day! Got the Mac back (OK, it was after spending six hours at the Apple Store re-installing the software and data, just in case) and started synching everything back up.

Synching is a big part of my day. I sych my Palm Pilot/phone. I synch my mail and data with .Mac. I synch my personal date books and address books. And I synch my iPod (a pretty new white one with 80 GB - thank you Apple Store). Because with 18,000 songs in the library, that is something I don't ever want to have to recreate.

Syching, for anyone who doesn't know, is short for sychronizing. It's the process of getting all the information coordinated so that there are no gaps or inconsistencies.

When you think about it, we synch everything in our lives. And if you are a woman, it takes on a whole other meaning. As a matter of fact, as of last summer, my daughter and I are synched up. I've worked in offices where the majority of the women synch up. I am even syched with most of the women at my favorite salon.

Gentlemen, if you are not aware of this phenomenon, and you spend time with women, you need to pay attention - and getting out your calendars would not be a bad idea either.

This is not something unique to my experience. If you ask most women - and by the way, there's a great ice-breaker on the bus - they will tell you it has happened to them. Some people will tell you it has to do with the moon and the tides. Some say it's all about what planet your zodiac sign was born under - and chart it all out to prove it. There have even been medical studies done that confirm the phenomenon.

Know what I think? I think women are, at their core, builders and keepers of homes and communities. I think we connect to eachother. I think our innate desire to nuture and protect goes beyond the emotional and transcends the physical.

But what do I know? And, uh, don't ask me about it next week either.


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My daughter and I both work with a lot of women. Some months we are synched with each other, some months with work. It can be frustrating, especially when you are in the first stages of menopause. You never know who will be responsible for the timing.

My mother-in-law raises dogs. They are all in synch. But they don't have the screaming fights most mothers and daughters do when they're...uh, synching.

From iPods to making your own soap to women building communities in one blog--all tied together by female hormones. Classic TLC stuff. My hat is off!

I've experienced this phenomenon in offices where I've worked. My daughter and I have only managed to tag team, which means hormones rage around our house most of the time!

Rebecca, it is a testement to you that I even read this whole thing, but now, as always, I thank you.

So THAT explains it.

I grew up in a house full of sisters.

Where were you 10 years ago with this vital information? All Dad and I knew was that there were certain times it was better to stay outside.

Forget the warning labels on cigs - this ought to be given out to every man alive.

Rebecca - catching up on blogs, and Friday's was something to be proud of.

Trust you to put a funny *and* a touching spin on this.

This blog just keeps getting better. Don't know where you Tarts (and your wonderful guest Men of the Blog) keep coming up with ideas, but you've become a part of my day.

Michele - Cover Up is amazing.

Elaine's is next, right? Don't want to miss one!

This happened to me in college. It was always a fight about who hd to drag themselves out to the grocery store to re-stock the supplies.

I'm an iPod junkie too - CDs? What are those? hah.

Regarding "synching," one of the remarkable details in _The Red Tent_ was that the women of the family spent "that time" together, away from responsibilities, talking. What a great concept!
I want an iPod!! As soon as I can find out if it's latex-safe. (latex allergy) For some reason, the folks at Apple can't (be bothered to)tell me.

Our whole department is synched up.

We finally got a female VP, and she schedules regional meetings around it.

Rebecca, can you plug your iPod into my ear and synch me up to your music? Because I happen to know you have excellent taste.

Okay, back to stirring up another batch of soap.

I was synched with a roommate who, most unfortunately, got perimenstrual migraines. I always knew to check my own supplies the day she was flat on her back in a dark room. Interestingly, now that I think about it, I have no idea whether or not my Mom, sisters, and I were synched. I guess we just didn't talk about that stuff. My daughter and I never had to worry about - by the time she was eligible, I no longer had the requisite parts. Which could help explain why her teen years were merely annoying as hell, rather than purely hell :)

Funny blog, Rebecca. I don't live with any women, but I do remember that phenom from back in college. One of nature's little jokes.

Thanks, Sue L, I'm thrilled you like it!

I went to an all-women's college! Think of the repercussions!!

Rebecca, I agree the "gentleman" should at least try to understand this part of women's life style, yeap...their diary will work!


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