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April 11, 2007

Elaine update....


ELAINE UPDATE.............. 5:45 p.m.

Word this afternoon is that Elaine continues to show amazing signs of improvement. While stroke is very tricky to predict, every indication is that Elaine is coming out of this faster than expected. She is regaining consciousness and showing signs of her old self. (Watch out, docs!)

We at The Lipstick Chronicles are deeply touched by all the wonderful, thoughtful and obviously heartfelt best wishes for Elaine's speedy recovery. We can't wait to show them to Elaine and Don. We know they will be as moved as we are.

We love this blog - but we love our readers more. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, one last word. If you've been thinking of sending flowers to Elaine's hospital room, we understand it's better to hold off until she's out of ICU. That might be in a couple of days.


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Than you so much for the update. My thoughts have been with Elaine all day, probably because I am an RN and you can take the girl out of the job, but you can't take the job out of the girl. Girl is a broad term. Yes. Bad joke. But I needed to smile again and now I am, thanks to this good news.

Thank you for the update! I've been thinking of Elaine all day, and hoping like hell that she pulls through and comes out her normal hilarious(and healthy) self.

Oh, I'm so glad to hear this hopeful news! Thank you for letting us all know. I adore Elaine. She's such an amazingly super person. She absolutely has to get well soon. My love to her and my very best wishes to Don.

Thanks so much for the update. I would like to send Elaine flowers and a card. However, I don't know where to send them, and of course I want to respect her privacy. Is there someone who can let those of us who would like to send something to Elaine where to send it.

Thanks, MF. That's very sweet of you. As soon as we have the All Clear to send Elaine cards and flowers, we'll try to get the information out.

For now, though, my guess thoughts and prayers are just fine.


My first response came straight from one of your essays: Oh shit.

Hurry up and get well! Besides, I owe you a cup of coffee and have plenty of material for our political "joke" collections,

Take care,
Jan (your recurring character )


My first response came straight from one of your essays: Oh shit.

Hurry up and get well! Besides, I owe you a cup of coffee and have plenty of material for our political "joke" collections.

Take care,
Jan (your recurring character )

One of Elaine's favorite charities is PAWS. It might be a better idea to make donations in her name: www.paws.org

This is the charity that Elaine gave $1.00/book while on tour for Murder Unleashed when the hardcover came out last year.

Excellent news! Thanks for keeping us updated.

Thanks for the PAWS information that sounds like a wonderful idea.

I have never met or corresponded with Elaine, but I have bought & enjoyed her books. I was shocked and horrified to hear about her stroke and sincerely hope she enjoys a speedy recovery. It is so great to hear that she is showing signs of improvement. I would love to send her a card and tell her how much pleasure her work has given me over the years -- something I now wish I'd done earlier!

I am so happy to hear she is recovering so quickly. I am praying for her and look forward to hearing more great updates on her recovery.

Elaine and Don,
My love to you both. You've weathered a lot these last few years, including that damn hurricane, and knowing Elaine, she'll be back on a Malice panel displaying her amazing wit and warmth in record time.
Diane Plumley

Here is the PAWS branch (Broward County) that Elaine worked with:



Elaine, my heart is with you and your family. Be strong, have hope, and love each other.

I was completely dumbstruck by this news and so incredibly glad to hear that Elaine is showing signs of recovery. Please please please let it happen NOW.

I tried so hard to think of the right words to say when I read the news this morning, but somehow couldnt write a thing. Shocked and dismayed that anything could happen to one of our Tarts made me sit and stare at the screen for a very long time.All I can think of is, Please know my family is thinking of you and Don in the (short) time it will take you to recover. Please keep letting us know how she is doing, and ALL TARTS ARE UNDER ORDERS TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES, WE NEED EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!!! SusanCo

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Hmm...knowing you, I'd better add your docs and nurses as well--take it easy on them, they're just doing their jobs.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


My thoughts are with you and your family, and I wish you a very speedy recovery.

I had a stroke about two and a half years ago. If you ever want to talk, I'm here.


I'm so saddened by the news about Elaine--have been away from computer for 24 hrs. and just read about her condition.

Wishing her a very rapid recovery, hopeful thoughts and healing prayers going out to her and all who love her and are loved by her.

This update is wonderful news... I hope the outlook gets better and better. Elaine, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

Get well soon, Elaine. You are in my prayers.

Elaine, get well soon! love and hugs, Janet

We wish you well Elaine! Get well -- immediately!

Chris Grabenstein

Don, how are you holding up? I haven't even met you, but I love you.

This Ohio Sis wants you well and happy. I know you will fight this and win.

Thanks for the update. That's great news. Elaine, please know that my thoughts are with you and your family.

Thanks for the update on Elaine's condition.
Elaine, we all love you and Don. Prayers and good thoughts continue your way.

Doris Ann

Thanks for the update. That's great news!

Praying like crazy for you, Elaine!

Elaine, my thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery. God bless you.

Take care and feel better soon. My thoughts and good wishes are with both you and your family.

Everyone at B&N Plantation sends their best wishes to Elaine and Don. Elaine made one of her first south Florida appearances at our store and she has been a favorite of our staff ever since.

She is also a friend and I was stunned at the news of her stroke. We've both lived through a lot of illness and trials since we first met. We always survive, and I am sure she will come out of this one better than ever and with more material for a new book!

Get well soon, Elaine! I am so sorry at what you and your family are having to go through, and I am sending all the positive energy I can muster your way. I had a 44-year-old friend who had a stroke last year, and while I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone, he recovered fully, and I know you will, too.

Such good news to read this morning! I thought about Elaine and Don all day yesterday and made sure her books were nice and orderly at the store last night :o) Also got two I haven't read. A good thing. More good thoughts from me to both of them...and PAWS is a great organization. They always give 110% (at least the ones I know of) to care for the animals.
Hang in there Elaine, and take care. You too Don.

How great to wake up to such news! I had a sneaking suspicion that "Elaine Viets" was a pseudonym for Diana Prince (aka Wonder Woman), and I now I know for sure. Rock on, Elaine. You have to get back to Houston soon -- I'm getting hungry for some good TexMex. Don, hang in there!

Dear Elaine

Like so many of your fans and friends, Tara and I here at the Florida Center for the Book were caught by surprise at your news. You name brings a picture of zest, health and stamina to mind - we hope those natural instincts of yours will kick in very soon and bring you back to health. Sending good thoughts your way, Eileen McNally


Your South Florida neighbor and friend wishes you a speedy recovery. Wishing you the very best.


Hope you get well soon. Please forward to Elaine, thanks. :-) ;-)

Shocking news followed by what sounds like very hopeful news. Elaine, you are in the thoughts of so many today. Sending blesssings your way >>>>>>>>

Elaine - I had a stroke a few years ago. Yes, it was awful and changed my life. Recovery is not easy, but you're a strong lady with will, spirit and intelligence and I know you will work to recover. I am happy to hear of your improvement, and if you ever want to, please email me and I'll be glad to share some of the stuff that helped me. I'm pulling for you (a little one-sided)and rooting for your recovery!
Best wishes,
Kate Thornton

Good to hear that Elaine is doing so well in such a short time. Please let her know we all wish her the speediest of recovery.

A speedy, speedy recovery, Elaine!

A speedy, speedy recovery, Elaine!


I attended your panel at Bouchercon on opening day (Thursday) and was immediately impressed by your sense of humor and grasp of what your readers are looking for when they pick up one of your books. I wish you a speedy recovery. I suspect this setback will be a minor blip on your radar screen of life. You seem like one tough lady.

All the staff of the Vero Beach Book Center are here, cheering you on! We send our love and all best wishes for wellness.

Greetings from "Beaver Cleaver" Kirkwood and wishing you lots of get well kitty love. I'm sure Thumbs will produce a super duper hairball just to speed your recovery.

To Elaine and Don - All the best and be sure our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Love, Maureen Collins (Chesapeake Chapter, SinC)

Elaine, I'm sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way. I'm also looking forward to being your escort when you come back to Dallas for book signings! If there's anything I can do for you, please let me know. Don, I don't know you, but you're in my prayers also.


Sending healthy wishes your way...hurry and get well so we can share some White Castle Pate! Elaine, my thoughts are with you and your family.

My thoughts are with you, Elaine. I just got word about the stroke and I will pray for a speedy recovery. No more cleaning hotel rooms for you for a while! The Holiday Inn Express staff in Highland, IL also expresses their concern and prayers for you and for Don.

Why am I not suprised that you took the hardest possible route to prove you really had a brain? What an experience-junkie! Setting things up to have a stroke, indeed! Can't do ANYthing the easy way, can you, girl?!

Love you to pieces, as always, and can't wait to again hear that wicked rumbling throaty-purring laugh... but I know from painful experience that it'll be a good long while before your throat recovers from the medical appliances. Will wait forever, and the longer it is before we speak again, the better! You know what I mean.

Prayers from your permanent pal who needs nothing beyond the knowlege that you're still doing that thing you do so well:

Jim Brennan

Dear Elaine and Don,
Everyone in St Louis is thinking about you and saying prayers. We know you'll be fine, but hope it happens fast. Don, hang in there. Lisa and Kathy both called when they heard and send good wishes too.
Love, Jinny

This is now October and I have not heard a recent update about Elaine. I pray she is doing well. We miss you in St. Louis. The Post has gone down the tubes in the few years. Your column was always uplifting. I have saved several of them and re-read them when I need a good laugh.

Prayers for your full recovery

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