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January 06, 2007

The Good News

Sometimes you need to toot your own horn. 

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So today we're announcing that Hispanic Business magazine has named our own Michele Martinez one of the top 100 most influential Hispanics of 2006.  Way to go, Michele! Watch for the second book in the Melanie Vargas series, THE FINISHING SCHOOL, on January 30th, when it comes out in paperback.  USA Today calls the book "smart and gritty."

In other good news, Nancy Martin's HAVE YOUR CAKE AND KILL HIM TOO was named one of the best mysteries of 2006 by Deadly Pleasures magazine.  YaaaHooo!

Elaine Viets was surprised to discover her MURDER UNLEASHED was nominated for a Lefty Award.  Nice surprise!

Sarah Strohmeyer was nominated for an RT award this year. Which she is downplaying, but it's nice to be recognized, right?

And Harley Jane Kozak's trade-size paperback of DATING DEAD MEN has appeared on various bestseller lists!

And just to clarify any misunderstanding, Susan McBride reports that her Debutante Dropout mystery series is going strong.  Susan's also writing some YA books, but she wants to emphasize that her mysteries will continue. As she puts it,  "I'm embarking on a new and exciting path of my career, but still treading more familiar turf with my Deb Dropout books."

Margie reports that she--uh--got a blue ribbon (someone who saw it says it's really a thong with a ribbon for the front) for one of her modeling ensembles at the Victoria's Secret Holiday Men's Night Fashion Show.  She has it in a box with all the wet T-shirt trophies and other various honors.  She also won an award at the Texarkana FCI, but her lawyer has asked her not to talk about it.

Let's hear a round of applause!

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*standing up and clapping loudly* Congratulations to each of you. You all deserve the recognition and more.

Congratulations all around!

WOW Ladies! Way to go! Very impressive.
Whistling and stomping!

And since Nancy hates to promo herself(!), she's having a contest on her yahoo loop to win one of three ARC of CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED DEATH. Just started yesterday, so go join up and play with us!

Way to go, ladies!! May 2007 bring you all much success!

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