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January 30, 2007

The Finishing School

Finishingschool_mm_c   Hi Tarts and F.O.T.s --

Just thought I'd mention that my second Melanie Vargas thriller, The Finishing School, went on sale in paperback today.  It was called "smart and gritty" by USAToday, was a Booksense Notable Pick, got a starred review from Library Journal and (as Sarah so kindly mentioned) just got nominated for a Romantic Times award.  You can read an excerpt here.

  XOXO --Michele


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Just finished the book this weekend and it was a wonderful read. It was a very well layered story, with so much going on that tied together beautifully in the end. Congratulations to you.

Thanks, Cheryl!


Congrats! Loved the book!!

I'm waiting for the third of the books. I will be taking the first and second AND third with me on an extended vacation. One of the exasperating things when I finish a book is that I want more...and I want it right now!! So I will be rereading the first two and transition into the third to be one long story! (I guess I'm quirky...but I really do enjoy the seamless read...)

I've made my girlfriends buy their own copies (because since we're like sisters, they think they can keep my copies as theirs forever!)

Diana - I do the same thing!

P.S. Oops - hit post before I added my congrats to Michele - and if you do go to RT, take your camera. No one will believe the stories without proof.

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