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December 25, 2006

The First Annual Lipstick Chronicles World Christmas Tour

by Michele Martinez

I'm in Sin City as you read this, celebrating Christmas the old-fashioned way.  That's right -- I'm gonna party like it's 1999, because nothing feels more quaint or more necessary in these troubled times than a healthy dose of fun. 

Which is why I love The Lipstick Chronicles, and why I read it every day.  So, in thanks to all of you here at TLC who made my 2006 such a fiesta, here's something sparkly to put under your tree/menorah/kinara -- the First Annual Lipstick Chronicles World Christmas Tour.  Why get on a plane at peak travel season when you can sit back, relax, click on a link and be there in real time?   Try the great webcams below to visit some of my favorite holiday destinations.  Scout's honor, it'll feel like you're really there.  And if you have a favorite holiday destination you'd love to share, tell us all about it below.

THE TOUR 2006 --

       Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

  The view from the top of Mount Washington

http://www.sunofcancun.com/beaches-in-cancun-mexico.php  A fabulous beach in the Caribbean.

  Or South Beach, if you want the sun but must have the nightlife.

   Lest we forget, Ground Zero.

  And last but not least, the world's most disappointing webcam -- Vegas!  (Look closely and you might just see me waving!)

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight.


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Merry Michelle enjoy Sin City!

Dad and I saw "Rocky Balboa" today, which was filmed in Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

Stallone pulled it off against incredible odds and a sneering mainstream media. It has been a long time since I walked out of a movie feeling physically better than before I entered.

Michele - it's the perfect blog for Christmas -

Thank you and Viva Las Vegas!

P.S. Thanks Dave - I now have ammo to get the rest of the family to go with me!

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