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December 26, 2006

Happy, Oh, Happy Dec. 26th!!

By Sarah

ISleeping_babyn the words of Bob Cratchit, I apologize for being late, we were making rather merry last night. Translation: I slept in.

Granted, I slept in to only 7 a.m., but that's a far cry better than the 5:30 a.m. I've been waking to for the past week, not to mention the sleepless nights wondering how I was going to get off gifts to various members of my extended family in far-flung parts of the country or if my kids had been treated fairly by Santa.

The presents have been bought, wrapped and unwrapped. (Wish I could say they were paid for - but that's for another sleepless night and another blog.) The grocery shopping is done. The roast cooked and consumed, the cookies and Christmas bread baked and eaten (partially.) The house decorated. The tree trimmed. The relatives entertained and sent off sated. The three or so fresh new pounds added to my hips.

Yes, it's over. And now the real holiday can begin - December 26th. Get your bubble baths ready!Bubble_baths

Because as soon as this blog is done, that's where I'm headed - to the bubble bath, taking Philippa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance with me. After that, I might - though no promises - stagger downstairs to begin the big cleanup from last night. (My guests thoughtfully rinsed my china and then...fled!) But that's a day-long project and I have no intention of pulling a repeat performance of yesterday when I hopped off the couch, gathered up all the wrapping paper and began to organize madly, setting the table, whipping the cream, cutting the brussel sprouts and beans, peppering the roast. Nope. I'm done.

This is the beauty of December 26th, the unofficial holiday of mothers - or anyone who puts on the dog at Christmas. This is the day I hold out for as, nearly blind by weariness, I stick my finger on a bow and see that the clock is striking 1 a.m. and there is still a mound of presents to wrap.

This year, I had a double whammy - a book deadline and Christmas. My book, The Sleeping Beauty Proposal was due to my editor December15th but my agent, Heather, insisted on perfection. (How dare she!) Having read and loved the manuscript, she suggested that I not turn it in until it was polished to a T. This prompted me to have a tiny silent tantrum. My inner child stamped her foot and stuck out her lip. I had Christmas to put on - didn't Heather get it?

The thing is, Heather was right. (I hate when she's right - and she's ALWAYS right!) Which meant that I spent the week before Christmas, a time when for sure I thought I'd be happily baking and shopping, humming carols as I strolled down the street loaded with sugar plums, furiously rewriting. Or, rather, polishing. (It sounds so much more refined.) When I finally pressed the Send button (with the support of my blog sisters, the Tarts) it was December 20th and I'd purchased approximate five gifts total.

Which is why this will be an extra hot bath. Also, an extra long nap. I'll be taking one of those, too.

Last night, as my mother in law left, she reminisced how she and her good friend Nancy would end the night of December 25th sitting by the fire, an extra strong drink in their hands. Not because they were so filled with Christmas cheer but because my poor mother in law had four children, three of whom were born three under the age of three, and the annual insanity was finally over - until next year.

Which proves that I'm not the only one who looks forward to December 26th. Now, how about you?

Gotta go....my bath runneth over....



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I love this! I am still in my PJs and may remain in them all day.

At Midnight Mass, Fr. John reminded us that Christmas is really an Octave celebration and that, even though the gift giving and unwrapping was over, and the radio stations went back to their normal formats, we were still entitled to bask in the joy of the holiday.

I for one, move that we all join Sarah in some serious basking.

As I type this from my PC at work, I glow green with envy for those who bask and bubble today. :o) I'll have to wait until I get home to do such lovely things, but there is a glass of Pinot Grigio with my name on it and the latest Jane Austen mystery right next to it on the table (or there will be by 6PM). Hope everyone's holiday was wonderful, full of warm friends and family and conversation around the table.

Woohoo! Even my dogs, who usually get me up no later than 7:15, slept until after 8 this morning, so I am one happy puppy.

Sarah, I have to tell you, my brain is fuzzy this morning and my dogs looked at me extremely oddly when I read "three of whom were born three under the age of three" and lost it, thinking of how terrible it would be to have a three year pregnancy...and to give birth to a 2.5-year-old. I was sitting here all by myself cackling (and thanking goodness that we all to Xmas at my parents' house so I didn't have to clean anything up) and they were going "huh, mom's lost it again. She does this every year, doesn't she?"

Hee hee

--Laura, who is still in her PJs.

This was the first Christmas I haven't worked in 10 years, and I even have the week off. Today I'm going to take my daughter to see Charlotte's Web, but that's the only plan. We will lounge the rest of the day.

Relatives still here. Today is the excursion to the museum before delivering them to the airport. The insanity continues. Pray for me.

Nancy, consider yourself prayed for. Today is an in-between day for us, too. Although my husband and I are technically off until the day after New Year's, we'll both be working in the interim, starting tomorrow. Today we're going to putter. He already helped me clean my truck and in a bit we're going to mosey up to the shopping center to look at books, CD's and DVD's (gotta love those gift cards), then probably lunch at the little Turkish place up the road. Yum. That's my idea of basking . . .

Nancy :o) Bubble bath and wine and alone time with your honey are what I presrcibe for this evening after everyone leaves. Until then, my thoughts are with you.

Gee...while everyone is getting bubble baths, we were dealing with some alcoholics walking into walls and neurotic mothers who decided that their children needed to do their homework TODAY!

If I could find a tub big enough, I think I would take a bubble bath. Any one got a rubber ducky???

Oh, Sarah, Sarah, you are so right. I'm late commenting today because I . . . slept in.

I'd rather be polishing the silverware for the relatives (or relaticks, as my sister Ann calls us) than polishing a manuscript for my editor. You have my deepest sympathy and congratulations for surviving it.

Had to comment on this. You are soooo right; December 26 is the most glorious day of the year. Although I think the day the kids go back to school after the winter break may run a close second. Our other important family tradition, which we will indulge in tonight after hitting the mall to make (ack!) our returns, is to order out for food that is totally non-Christmasy. I'm thinking Thai. No dairy. No chocolate. No concentrated pounds of protein. And, most importantly, I don't have to cook it!

I love this! I'm in a post-holiday haze but it's okay.

December 26th is totally a holiday. I thoroughly enjoy my day after Christmas each year. Thanks for this post.

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