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December 17, 2006

Fired Before Christmas

It's always sad when a person loses her job right before the holidays, don't you think?  Or not.  Our Link of the Week.

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Well deserved - BUT let's not forget the role that The Man (and I mean that in the authoritative sense as well) played.

Rupert Murdoch gave Regan free reign to publish crap and abuse everyone around her. It appears that as long as she was rain making, she was fine. But HC lost a ton of money on this excuse for a book, and guess who's the only one who paid the piper?

Good point, Kathy. Together, they're characters right out of . . . well, a novel.

Yes, Harley, but who would publish it?

Hmmmm I guess there is a Santa Clause

What bothered me so much about this whole fiasco was that Regan's excuse for why she was publishing this book was as lame as the book itself. She deserved to be fired. Sorry, but no sympathy here for either of them. Let's hope this puts an end to OJ's constant need for attention. I certainly don't want to read anything further about him except possibly for his obituary.

I am glad that Regan was fired.
I think part of this news story is that the development of this OJ book concept came from Regan's side.
This was NOT a case that OJ Simpson came up with this book idea and he approached Regan (and then Regan had the bad taste in judgement to agree to it); but rather it was Regan's idea, and she approached OJ and dangled big money in front of him until he agreed to do it.
Believe me, this book concept did not originate from OJ. He's not that crazy.
Murdoch firing Regan is a good stand against the bad taste to come up with this book concept, and for her spending millions on this without even being aware of the near universal marketing response of revulsion; and for Regan, that AFTER the book was publicly cancelled by her boss, Regan kept on loudly insisting this was a good book concept.

How out of touch from reality can you be? Regan assumed people would spend a lot of money for this ??? Regan did no marketing research on this ???
From all news stories, it seems there was close to a universal response of disgust - from the public, from Barnes&Nobles Bookstores, from Fox TV station managers, etc.
Regan was being highly paid for her expert understanding of the pulse of the reading public - and obviously, Regan did not have such an expert understanding. Regan was out of touch with reality.

Actually, I should send my resume to Rupert Murdoch, since there is a job opening. What did the nuns tell Maria Von Trapp???? Some metasphor about closing doors and opening windows???

Happy Birthday Sarah!

I have a hunch this will turn up soon as an episode of LAW AND ORDER, or SVU, or CI. Big time editor gets fired over scandalous book, then turns up dead, or the publisher who fired her turns up dead, or the celebrity who DIDN'T confess turns up dead, or....well, you get the drift.

Cinema Dave, I love that word "metasphor" -- sounds so sci-fi. May I use it, or is it trademarked?

Feel free to use my "metashor," especially if it pertains to singing nuns from Austria who live on a mountain top with lovely goatherds.

Upon review of my entry - metaphor would have been a better word choice than "metashor."

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