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October 22, 2006

Link of the Week: Nora Ephron

  This has been around all week, but if you haven't read it straight from the keyboard of the incomparable Nora Ephron, go here for our link of the week.

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Nobody does it like Nora.  We prostrate ourselves before her.

Here's the painting in question.  And, yes, that's a penis, isn't it?

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If I were not a nicely-raised southern girl, I might say something like, this painting gives visual meaning to the term dick face...

Instead, I will propose that the TLC-ers take a group field trip to Vegas, to see if Nora is right about that buffet....

Road trip!!!

Okay...we just ran through the slang terms for female breasts in another blog. Anyone want to kick off a list of slang words/phrases for the Mighty Sword of Manhood?

The Hammer of the Gods.
Or Mr. Happy when I'm feeling whimsical.

That was my first impression, too. Not hanging in the Ashcroft wing, that's for sure. All I know is that for awhile when I used it, I would say "Surrender, Dorothy!" at an opportune moment. I hope that Harley is not the only one who gets that.

HAH! I prefer the simple term: Johnson.

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