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September 03, 2006

Links O'The Week

Wow!  The success of our first book club was amazing. And the magaritas delicious. Thank you, loyal readers and the hundreds of new visitors who came to check out the Tart action.  Now we're really looking forward to next month's Heart of Tartness Book Club adventure--and wondering how it can be topped!  We owe Rebecca the Bookseller bigtime for organizing and for keeping the discussion flowing. 

The festive air of this holiday weekend (or maybe it's just some wind leftover from Ernesto) prompts the Book Tarts to supply our loyal readers with the pleasures of two links of the week for your enjoyment. Sometimes the good stuff just cries out to be doubled.

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Check 'em out:

http://www.angryalien.com/  (Tell us which one you choose!  Is Orson Welles rolling over??)

And http://www.glumbert.com/media/cattoilet.html  for the animal lovers among  us.

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Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  It's back to work on Tuesday.


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The first time I got a link to the 30-Second Movies as Re-enacted by Bunnies (that's the angry alien website) it was for Titanic - which is hilarious. My current favorite is Caddyshack. Fabulous time waster -thanks!

Thanks, what a hoot. My favorite 30 second movie is Rocky.

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