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January 02, 2006

National Holiday

National Holiday
by Harley

Hey! I did it again. I woke up and thought, "Holy Toledo! It's Monday morning and I didn't post my blog." And this time I actually had one written, days ago (but only a first draft, so I couldn't possibly post it).  My problem is that Life, which generally starts on Mondays, is starting in this year on Tuesday, (i.e., my children go back to school TOMORROW)(!!) so please forgive me.

I'm not only out of whack in a calendar sort of way, I spent six hours yesterday watching episodes of LAW & ORDER, and a British Series called WIRE IN THE BLOOD, trying to come up with the Best TV Episode of 2005 for the Edgar Awards Committee. This represents the last of some 60 or 70 hours of TV I've watched in the past several months, I, who gave up TV when I began writing books. So my head is filled with images of child pornography and serial killing. I have to say this, though: anyone who complains about the state of TV isn't watching the stuff I'm watching. Some of it's not pretty (my au pair and my mother-in-law bailed out on watching with me weeks ago) but there's an abundance of great writing and equally great acting going on. I can't imagine narrowing it down to 5 nominees. I haven't felt this kind of pressure since I judged the America Junior Miss Pageant in the early 80's.

We at the Lipstick Chronicles never really made clear our policy on National Holidays, did we? Sadly, you're not going to get any clarity from me this morning.

Happy Monday!


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Harley, I totally sympathize. This is a very confusing weekend -- Saturday felt all isolated because Sunday wasn't the last weekend day before a work day. Sunday felt like a Monday just because it was the last weekend day of a long (albeit lovely) holiday break. Today feels like Sunday because it's a drizzly sort of stay-at-home day, and because life (in the form of the hell week before the new semester starts) begins tomorrow instead of today. Tomorrow is going to feel like Monday, except it will be a martial arts day instead of riding day. And I'm pretty sure that, by the end of Wednesday, I'm going to be wishing for Friday again (oh, wait -- I'm going out of town on Friday, which will make that whole weekend feel strange . . .).

Calendric confusion reins.

Oh -- and I totally agree about TV. I watch very little of what's current, but catch some great stuff on DVD. I watch sci-fi and fantasy, so I see not only good writing and acting, but great music, photography, costume and set design, cgi, etc. I just wish there were more of the great stuff out there.

Thanks, Kerry. I'm so pleased not to be alone in my calendric confusion.

Not that I didn't enjoy the holidays (mostly!), but they always throw my internal calendar out of whack, too. Going out on "school nights," seeing friends and family during the week instead of on weekends when they are usually around, you know how it is. By this point, I'm usually ready for things to just get back to normal.

To top it off, my dog is out of sorts today, because her mailman didn't show up. Somehow, she doesn't expect him on Sundays, but, by God, on Mondays, he is supposed to be here between 11:30 and noon. So she's been hanging out by the front door today, making disgruntled dog noises full of vowel sounds. LOL, poor girl!

Our dog Jinn had a birthday yesterday. Since she's a rescued dog, who came into the world on an unknown day, we gave her the arbitrary January 1 to celebrate, like a race horse. She too was upset about the No Mail thing, because she was expecting a lot of birthday cards.

60 hours of TV? My brain would be bleeding.

After a week's vacation, my internal clock is out of whack. And my normal TV shows, which I often use to get it back in whack, aren't on.

Plus, my brain is still on vacation. It's going to be a long four day week.


I just wonder how these awards are getting picked, like do you have to watch from a list you get or is anything you choose that was on this year is ok.
Personally I think that the best episode that was on this year is "three stories" of "House, M.D."

Orly: FYI, shows have to submit 5 DVDs plus scripts in order for us to consider them. But I sent out a lot of letters letting people know we're here and we're just itching to broaden the playing field. Oh -- and it helps if they have some mystery element, as we're the Mystery Writers of America.

Thanks for the info Harley, I had no idea.
I also had no idea what the Edgar Awards Committee stands for (I'm not from the USA, does that excuse hold?) and that the series has to have an elememt of mystery in it, as it turns out, "House M.D." has that in its own way, as in almost every episode, they concentrate around one patient, that the usuall doctors could not figure out what illness caused his strange symptoms and House and his team try to do it, using usual and unusual methods, like searching the patient's house for unhealthy influnces, or finding out what the patients are lying about as like House puts it "everybody lies".
I've even saw people making comparisons between House and Sherlock Holmes, but of course I don't know if that is enough to make this series a suitable candidate for this award, I'm guessing you haven't received any House's dvds, right?

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