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January 01, 2006

Book Tarts' Resolutions for 2006

Book Tarts’ Resolutions for 2006

Ever on the cutting edge of what’s hot and what’s not (okay, more like what we’re hot under the collar about), the crew here at TLC has decided to share our New Year’s resolutions.  And, please, we don’t want to feel alone in this, so let us know what your resolutions are for 2006, if you have any.  We’d like to know, too, if anyone has ever actually checked off all the things on his or her “gotta do in the New Year” list.  If so, we will happily hate you.

In alphabetical order, here goes:

Harley’s Resolutions:

  1. To say “yes” to my kids more often than I say “no” to them.

  2. To forgive everyone faster (including myself).

Nancy’s Resolutions:

Susan says we can't include weight loss among our resolutions, which I applaud, but somehow that's still managed to make it to the top of my list...again.  (No, that wasn’t me!  It was Harley!)

  1. After reading Carolyn See's book, MAKING A LITERARY LIFE, I vow to contact more writers--especially when I enjoy their books.  Every writer needs to feel more love.

  2. I vow to write my 10 pages a day without whining because no matter how hard the work is, it's still easier than having a Real Job. 

  3. I vow to stop pasting Save the Rainforest bumper stickers on all the Hummers in the country club parking lot because sooner or later somebody's going to catch me, and my husband hates bailing me out of jail.

Sarah's Resolutions:

  • Um, I didn't get any resolutions from Ms. Sarah in Vermont, so I'll make a few up for her, like, knitting herself a new bikini and finally making that trip to Lego Land with Josh.

  • Susan’s Resolutions:

    1. Learn how to say “no” so my life doesn’t get so overwhelmingly crazy.
    2. Stop with the people pleasing, because it always seems the people I try hardest to please are the ones least worthy of my attention.
    3. Create more time for writing and for living my real-life.
    4. Spend more time with the people I love.
    5. Read more books by authors I’ve never heard of in all genres.
    6. Continue eating well and working out.
    7. Keep flexing my literary muscles and trying new things with my series as well as other projects.
    8. Stay positive.
    9. Focus, focus, focus!
    10. Keep my perspective, because there is far more to life than the numbers on Amazon.

    And because y’all asked for it:

    My Grandma’s Cowboy Cake  Recipe (provided by my mother):

               1 cup white sugar

               1/2 cup light brown sugar

               1/2 cup crisco

               2 cup flour

               1 t  ginger

               1 t  cinnamon

    Mix all of the above and take out 3/4 cup of crumbs.  Then add to remaining mix: 1 egg, 1 cup sour cream and 1 teaspoon baking soda. Spread batter in two round cake pans and sprinkle crumbs on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

    Don't forget the baking soda or the kids will make fun of you and rename it "tortilla cake” or "unleavened coffee cake."  You can cut the recipe in half to make one coffee cake--but you have to be good at dividing one egg. 


    Happy New Year!  Mazel Tov!  Cheers!


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    Happy New Year ladies!!

    thanks for the great reading every day.

    Great resolutions, one and all. In no particular order, mine are to
    1) find the right way to be supportive of my living-at-home adult kid while she figures out what comes next in her life while still encouraging her to get on with it;
    2) keep working on the best ways to balance work, hobbies, family, and health (mental, physical, spiritual);
    3) work on developing new friendships;
    4) get my finances back under control after the fall's unplanned (but extremely wonderful) horse purchase;
    5) try to remember the joy of teaching and what I can do instead of letting politics and financial constraints make me bitter about what I can't do in my classes;

    and, most importantly of all,

    6) keep enjoying my Mom for as long as she's around and to embrace the healing her illness has made possible.

    Happy New Year's to all!

    Love the resolutions. I'd like to "ditto" Susan's #4,#5, and #8. The rest of my resolutions are on my blog www.lisacoutant.blogspot.com and on www.galleycat.com (a better link to the Galleycat posting is on my blog.)

    To be honest, many of my resolutions are more so part of a wish list. Kind of like, "If I ever had the chance then I'd do it in a heartbeat." When you read them, you'll understand what I mean.


    Oh and Susan, thank you for the recipe. Sounds divine and amazingly fattening. :)

    Legoland with Josh? How did you know? And the knit bikini - of course!

    Actually my resolutions are:

    1)To be happy with who I am, warts and all, and to apply the same attitude to those around me. Life is so much richer when we relax, accept and appreciate each other as we are.

    2) To read an hour of fiction every day, no matter what!

    3) To do better on my mailing lists and telling fans Thank You! (Uh, thank you, by the way.)

    4) To knit a bikini and actually have the body to wear it!

    Love to all and happy, happy New Years!


    (PS. Sorry Susan - I had 10 kids sleeping over last night and didn't even get near my computer.)

    I'm not that big on resolutions, normally, but Nancy's Resolution #2 is so perfect for me that I'm borrowing it for my #1. It goes into effect tomorrow...well, maybe Tuesday.

    #2: Learn to make creme brulée at home.

    I'm starting on that one 15 minutes from now.

    Happy 2006 to everyone!

    Well, Sarah, I was hoping you wouldn't get anything turned in before yesterday, so I could make up your resolutions. That was the most fun part of the blog! Happy New Year to everyone, and, Lisa, enjoy the Cowboy Cake. It's no calories. Really. My mom says so anyway.

    To get even better grades in the coming qrts! Susan, I picked up The Good Girl's Guide to Murder, and was all set to read it on the plane when the adorable 85yo sitting next me figured out she had lost her book. I gave her your book because she was 85 and spry as heck and I want to be her in 42 years; and because I knew she'd get pleasure reading it during her 2 hour layover in Seattle. So I did a bit of PR for ya and I'll grab another copy when I finish my next set of finals in March.

    Happy Reading and New Years to all.
    Reading is best when shared. :)

    Sarah, I love your number 1 and am going to add it to my list (it's always been a sort of buried ideal, but it's time to bring it front and center). I've always been hard on myself, which is one thing -- but I do find myself being judgemental about others, which I hate (and you'd think that, at my age, I'd have learned better by now!).

    Susan, thanks for the recipe -- I'm going to try it out soon. I decided that another resolution I'm adding is to cook more (hard when you're cooking for one -- even though I live with 2 other people!) and to try more new recipes. I'm already ahead by one lentil and rice pilaf. Whoo hoo!

    OK, the Resolutions for 2006:

    1. Renew my reso from 2004 and 2005 to see at least one live performance each month. This is anything from The Rockettes to The Rolling Stones to Rent to Michael Buble to the St. Maurice School 5th Grade Recorder Concert. Live music and theater are dying due to all of our electronic multi-media options. Catch it while you still can!

    2. TRY not to engage in arguments when there is no point. For example, if someone at the salon believes that the Russians caused Hurricane Katrina, or someone at the pool believes that "if you're innocent, why do you care if they monitor your phone calls", then no combination of words from me is going to change their minds. I have taken, though, to carrying around pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution and handing them out.

    An exception to this resolution: anyone who thinks Santorum should be re-elected will be talked to until they pass out or change thier minds, whichever comes first.

    3. No matter how bad the day or the news of the day, remember to Celebrate Everything!

    So here's my New Year's Toast:

    Dance as if no one is watching
    Sing as if no one is listening
    Love as if you've never been hurt, and
    Live everyday as if it were your last.

    Happy New Year!

    Janice, that was so sweet of you! I hope your fellow passenger enjoys GOOD GIRL. Can I hire you to do similar PR when you travel in the future? I could pay you in Cowboy Cake. Ha ha.

    Can we go to the one in Windsor? I've only spent a few hours in England, and mostly those were spent frantically looking for lost family members at Heathrow.

    Maybe you could skip the "how would I look in this bikini" routine and just go to some nude beach when we are over there. That day, Charlie and I can take the kids to visit my distant in-law relatives in Oxford--to see the Great Hall and Alice's study. You and my wife can go someplace like this: http://www.studland-nudists.co.uk/index.htm That link is worth viewing for the townies in the upper left corner. See, you would be positively svelte (and tight) compared to the regulars. For an after-dinner contest, we can try to guess which hair dye we all use--you know, what previously only your stylist would have known for sure.

    Now, that would be something to write about.

    Oh, my gosh, Josh...Studland??? That is hilarious! I think you and Charlie should go there, too, after your trip with the wives to Legoland. Then you can get some great pics of you and Sarah to share on the blog. Because it would definitely be something to write about. Hee hee.

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