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December 26, 2005


It's 3:57 a.m. in Los Angeles. I awakened from a dead sleep, thinking, "I FORGOT TO BLOG." Yes, the phenomenon of Christmas/Chanukah falling on the same day knocked it right out of my head. I think it's A Sign I'm to take the week off. Plus, my in-laws are coming in about three hours and my husband informed me six hours ago that they're not going to like the present we got them. I wonder what time Bloomingdales opens.

Happy Monday!

Sleepless in Topanga . . .


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I thought we *were* taking the week off! Well, hmm, I may have to blog about doing dishes, since I seem to have done about six months' worth during the last five days.....

Merry Christmas from Santa and his little helper, Ms. Kozak!

Was Santa good to you? Were you naughty....or nice?



And he couldn't have told you this at some other time????? And he couldn't have suggested, oh something they might LIKE?

This is why I don't understand um, what? Men? People? HUH?

Happy post thing to you my sweet. Hope the little ones had fun - that's the point, right? Er, RIGHT?

yer ever-lovin Andi

Yes, Andi, there WAS a Santa Claus and the little ones were in ecstasy. I've decided 5 is the optimum age for Christmas. No longer finding Santa sinister, but not yet casting him aside in favor of rock star heroes.

Sorry, Nancy -- I think you must be right and we ARE taking the week off. Next time I waken in the middle of the night, I'll call you first.

Wull, for ONE thing, it's WAY easier to find posters of rock stars than it is of Santa.

Harley - don't call Nancy, call me. I'm probably up. (3:57 am? Um, why yes I was. Don't ask!) Let's let Nancy sleep, otherwise she might have to tell us about dishes and are ANY of us ready for that? (oh the guilt, the guilt)

Andi, I never sleep. Call anytime. (Anyway, 3:57 Pacific time is quite civilized here in Eastern Standard.) No word from Sarah yet. Must still be elbow deep in all those cookies she baked. And Susan?? Wonder what's in her stocking today? Hm....

Nancy, I believe it's a guy named Ed.

Well, I for one wasn't expecting you guys to be blogging this week (and I know you were just holding your respective breaths, waiting for me to weigh in). But since we're on the subject of family holidays, there's just one thing I've been really wanting to say for a couple of days now:
Thank you, that is all.

Daisy, I feel your pain.

Sinister Santa -- now that brings back a memory from when my daughter was 3 or 4. We were living in a "student ghetto" neighborhood near the University of New Mexico and her bedroom was at the front of the house with a window facing the street. It was close to Christmas and we were talking about Santa. "I don't like Santa Claus", she told me emphatically. "Why not"? I asked in surprised. "Because he peeks in my window", she answered.

At which point, naturally, I started (internally) freaking. Was some crazy homeless peeping Tom creeping up to her window at night????? Although my mental Mom was hitting panic buttons with every finger, I managed to keep my voice level as I asked "What do you mean -- have you seen someone looking in your window?"

"No", she answered in that "Mom, you're such a dope" tone of voice that only children under 6 can manage. "But he sees me when I'm sleeping."

*rim shot*

I did not make that up.

Harley, go back to bed. Everyone else, stay out of Daisy's kitchen. If Sarah has leftover cookies, please do not send them to our house -- we have way too many already. Um, was Ed supposed to be in Susan's stocking, or Margie's??

I'm usually way up by 3:57 PST, also :)

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