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December 02, 2005

Nancy's Been Tagged

A friend had to explain to me what being “tagged” meant. I thought I was going to be attacked by a teenaged boy with a can of Day-Glo Go to fullsize imagespray paint, but turns out I’ve been mentioned on Carla Negger’s blog (Girl, why aren’t you writing? Your deadline is when??) which means I must list 15 scintillating facts about my reading preferences and then tag three more bloggers who must do the same thing. This sounds suspiciously like one of those chain letters that threaten to ruin your life, or worse yet that thingie where you send kitchen towels to three people, and who in the world needs six dozen kitchen towels? Plus I’m supposed to be packing for my trip to New York next week (for the big meeting with my agent, editor, publisher, publicist and the New York City Transit Authority, I think, but maybe they’ve been left off the list) not to mention writing chapters of my book. Anyway, if you’re dying to know whether or not I’ve tagged you, just skip the David Copperfield stuff and scroll to the bottom.

  1. I was an English major in college, but have never read War and Peace, Tom Sawyer or anything by Trollope. So sue me.

  1. I read Silence of the Lambs while spending a week on a cardiac care ward (hey, I’m still alive, right?) and hooked up to a heart monitor. I was halfway through the book when suddenly two doctors, three nurses and a crash cart came flying in my door. Go to fullsize image Apparently, my heart was V-tacking so badly they thought I was gonna die.

  1. My favorite Jane Austen book is Persuasion.  It tears my heart out every time.

  1. I let my children read The Babysitter’s Club books. Every single one of them. And they turned out just fine.

  1. I have not read Harry Potter. For no other reason than it just doesn’t appeal to me. Let the flame war begin.

  1. I wear my husband’s worn out, white athletic socks to bed. Which has nothing to do with books, but I wonder if anyone’s read this far.

  1. For every book I finish reading, I start at least three but only get through about twenty pages. Life’s too short, don’t you think, when there are so many great books out there?

  1. My husband will read any book with a swastika on the cover. They just don’t make villains like the Nazis anymore. Me, I’m bored by gotta-save-the-world thrillers.  If there’s a writer more boring than Tom Clancy, please keep that info to yourself.

  1. I started writing romance novels in 1981—before I had ever read one. I’m not proud of that.  Then I read The Flame and the Flower, and I saw the light. The formula, that is. But the Rosemary Rogers rape fantasy really creeped me out.

  1. Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon and Straight Man by Richard Russo are two of my top ten best books of all time.  Altho they're not on my all-time fave list, I 've also recently enjoyed Bergdorf Blondes, the Shopaholic books and Darkly Dreaming Dexter. I think it’s healthy to have an eclectic taste.

  1. To get myself in the mood to write about the Blackbird Sisters, I often read a few pages of Nancy Mitford, Michael Chabon, Jane Austen, Robert Parker or Mary Stewart. Or Diana Vreeland's autobiography, which is hilariously wonderful. Their use of language can always kickstart my writing.

  1. Mary Stewart is probably the author who most influenced me to become a writer. I started reading her books when I was twelve and haven’t stopped. Thank heavens they’re being re-issued, because my copies are crumbling into dust.

  1. I read a book a week. I try to read two. Every year I start a reading diary, but I quit after a while. One year I managed to keep it going until March, which was a record. This week I’m reading a book about polo, which cost me a bloody fortune, and Margaret Dumas’s cozy mystery,  Speak Now, which is adorable.

  1. I collect children’s books, especially those will fabulous art work or stories that bring a lump to my throat. Someday I’m going to have grandchildren. Soon, I hope. Really soon. Maybe really, really soon? (Subtle hints have not worked so far, can you tell?)

  1. I can’t believe you read this far. Last of all: I love Shakespeare. I am awed by how much stuff started with him.  Go to fullsize image

Okay, I’m told it’s no fair tagging the three other Book Tarts, so I’m tagging three other authors I love to read, really respect and hope they’re listening:   Charlaine Harris , Jayne Anne Krentz , Jennifer Crusie and just in case those ladies are working this weekend, I’ll throw in an extra because I think she writes a really great blog, not to mention at least a coupla excellent books:  Nichelle Tramble.  By the way, if you know any of these writers and can drop them a note to alert them, you’d save me the embarrassment of nobody responding to my tag. If nobody answers, it's sorta like being picked last for the volleyball team, right?

Back to packing….



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» tagged from electric mist
Pooks tagged me for a book meme, where the point is to write fifteen things about books. I like this topic. (Imagine that.) So... 1) My love of reading started very early. I'm not sure if it was because my mom and dad were voracious readers and I alway... [Read More]


If your daughers were younger, you'd have read Potter. I can tell you that Rowling ends up on our Mystery Lovers Book Group's "Best I read this year" list mutliple times every time she releases a new one. And we're all grown-ups. Techinically, at least.

Jennifer Crusie got me started reading romance novels (she read about a thousand as part of her graduate thesis), and I was reading about 5-6 a week for a couple of years before I moved on, but not before I read some vintage Nancy Martin - you know, the series that paid for college book. I liked it! And I'll tell you - there is nothing like a Christmas-themed romance novel this time of year to get you into the holiday spirit!

This morning I'm going to a cookie exchange - no time to bake with Santa's Workshop ending late yesterday, so I called my favorite Italian bakery - Moios - and now I don't want to share any of them...

Finally - Nancy - who calls you Pooks? (See Trackback section, above)

Hm, nobody calls me Pooks. That I know of. Wait, I just checked, it's not a tag that came from me.

That series you mentioned---the ones that paid my kids' tuition--Boy, I could tell stories about writing those. One of those books nearly caused me to quit the biz altogether. A very, very bad experience. But royalties may be the best--well, not revenge, maybe reward.

Kathy, I agree that I'd probably have read Harry Potter is my kids were the right age.

What else is on your Best of 2006 list?

I'm working on my list - hey - that might be a good blog topic for later this month, neh? [Have you watched HBO's "Rome"? Loved it. And find myself saying 'neh?' all the time - my Aunts used to say that.]

So listen, Pooks, how about some of those stories? Tell the one about the middle-of-the-book game, please? I love that story.

And now I have to go exchange my store-bought cookies for someone else's lovely homemade ones. I'd feel guilty, but I'm too exhausted...plus I'm bringing a couple of bottles of bubbly - we're having Mimosas, so that makes up for everything, neh?

YOu're "outing" me, aren't you? Bad Kathy. Very bad Kathy!

Okay, a group of us who wrote romances for a now-defunct (insert joke here)category romance line would meet a couple of times a year at conventions, trips to NYC, etc and we became pretty good pals. Lots of fun. Like big slumber parties for young moms who left their kids at home for the weekend. Since we all wrote for the same company and our books were exactly the same word count, we started a little competition. To see who could get the first--uh--love scene exactly on page 100 where the books opened for the special promotion postcard. We figured it was a great way to sell lots of books. Obviously not, huh? LOL!

Fun list, Nancy. You're a good sport to play!

Kathy, when the latest Harry Potter came out, we all had to have our own copy. Including my son-in-law. That's five books! I think J.K. should send me a thank-you note. ;-) What a treasure these books are...I love them, but I do skim the quidditch scenes.

Carla - you'll love the Goblet of Fire movie - the rest of us missed the Quidditch scenes!

I bought five copies too - at midnight! We had a parade in Oakmont from the movie theater to the Mystery Lovers Bookshop on Potter release night - it was S.R.O.!!

Nancy - thanks for sharing! I check them all for that now - no one seems to be playing that game these days, and more's the pity.

That's weird, Nancy -- I didn't realize my referencing the tag that I was given by my friend Pooks would show up on your blog -- I linked back to one of your comments in my list of 15 things. huh. Learn something new every day.

To make the connections for you, Rob-Gregory Browne and I are friends, Rob and Pooks are friends (Pooks and Rob both won the esteemed Nicholl fellowship), and Pooks and I have now been friends about 12 years. So very small world. (And I have NO idea why it showed up twice!)

-toni (who turned in her ms. to the editor this week, yay!)


I met your tag challenge. Lots of fun.


You sure got me thinking, Nancy. I'm thinking my next book should maybe have a swastika on the cover.

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