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December 27, 2005

Love, Actually

By Sarah

First let me just state for Nancy's sake that this is not a post. It's a Mini Post, which kind of sounds like a cereal. It's a post about post-Christmas musings. Such as....

* I don't get this Lazy Sunday, SNL video short craze. Does that mean I'm old and out of it? Who knew that "chronic" was yet another euphemism for marijuana? It sounds so much more depressing than the carefree marijuana euphemisms of yesteryear. Mary Jane. A happy, cheerful girl. Weed, almost like Wheee! But chronic? Ugh. Great Aunt Millie, a chronic pain in the neck. Here's a link to the video. http://youtube.com/watch.php?v=IggTu7kV7No&search=lazy+sunday+snl

* Love, Actually. I watch it every Christmas and now I watch it with my 14-year-old daughter who first got hold of the script because Hollywood sent it to me. This is part of the deal as a member of the script-writers union. They used to send whole DVDs, in the good ole days. Despite the porn star scene she and I watch it with teary eyes, though I attempt, and fail, to fast forward through the naughty bits. I feel my mother's ghost shaking her finger at me reprovingly. Anyway, Love, Actually has a great message and sappy humor. Oh, who am I kidding, it has Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth - my three faves. (Aside from Owen Wilson.) I love Colin Firth even if his "story line" is antifeminist, at least according to Maureen Dowd.

* Best gift I got this year? Bolivian felted slippers. OH...MY...God. Like walking on air.

* Best discovery? Marcona Almonds. I needed them for a toffee recipe and finally found them at Gesine's Confectionary in Montpelier, aka Sandra Bullock's sister's cafe. We have no idea why Gesine opened a small cafe down by the river at the edge of town here. Sandy_2 (And let me ask you this - one girl is named Gesine, one Sandy - what were Mr and Mrs. Bullock thinking?) But Sandra came to help her open it last summer, then insisted no one take her photo and that her being there was about Gesine though, I mean, what's the point of her being there if not to draw crowds? Anyway, Toby  from the AP did.  And to our family it will always be Sandra Bullock's Sister's Cafe, where they sell Marcona almonds for $5/4 oz.

*Worst magazine advice? From Parenting, advising parents to beat the post-holiday blues by having your children wrap up the leftovers on Friday and take them to a local senior citizen. Okay, it's Friday - one whole week practically after Christmas. Do you know how stale those old Christmas cookies are? And besides, you just know those aren't the good ones. The good ones were eaten right off. These are like the fruit squares and rum balls.

* Best Christmas song that most embodies the kind of writing I've been doing lately? Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas. Happy. Energetic. A bit Zen. (Don't ask. It's hard to explain.) I'm addicted to it, especially since it was also in Love, Actually. Which brings me back to the beginning. Good.

Hope all of you enjoy the last week of the year with happy hearts. We won't discuss Visa bills or taxes or any of that yucky stuff. No, not yet. For now, let the spirit of the holidays keep on!




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Fun post Sarah. I love sappy movies as well. Nothing wrong with feeling good after a few hours before the screen.

Parenting advised folks to wait a week before giving food away? Yuck. Maybe the day was a misprint.

Happy holidays and give those leftovers to your dog. Well, except the chocolate, you can mail those to Scott and Lisa Coutant at ...

just kidding.

Oh Sarah, you miss the good names--try this site from the White House:


My favorite? "Assassin of Youth."

My daughter's and my bonding movie is "Rock-and-Roll High School." Sure, it's rated "R," but she's 11 now. I'm not sure how she handles the subplot of Vincent Van Patten trying to get Kate Rambo into the sack, but she watches it just the same.

Favorite Holiday move? The Long Kiss Goodnight. For the past six years, the wallpaper on every office PC I have had has been a picture of Geena Davis with a machine gun over her shoulder, pointing a pistol at me. Since she reminds me of my wife, maybe there's some subtext--not sure of that. Best line from that? A couple: Mitch says "You foxy b****!" when he doesn't get stabbed because she makes the building blow up; and "Die screaming m*****f******!" as she blows away the villain with an Uzi. Great Christmas movie to watch with the kids.

If you have someone who can pick them up in Boston or elsewhere, Trader Joe's has Marcona almonds. Very salty.

Sarah, I'm right there with you re Sandy and Gesine, the Bullock family's schizophrenically named girls. And LOVE, ACTUALLY. Watched part of that while rolling out gingerbread. Where would I be without those movies keeping me company while I cook and bake? HARRY POTTER 3 got me through the stuffing-the-calamari- bodies thing on Xmas Day. Thank you, JK Rowling.

We watched Love, Actually right after Thanksgiving, to put us in a Christmas mood.

It worked very well indeed.

Enjoy your slippers and almonds!

And thanks to the Tarts for all your posts through 2005, mini- and maxi.

Sarah, I hope you and yours are safe and sound and avoided the big rockslide in Montpelier. Do you have any firsthand info for us? I've heard only sketchy reports. Sounds like a big mess.

Hey, I may not be a senior citizen, but all donations of rum balls will be gratefully accepted. Love 'em.

Thanks for the drive-by post. I needed a TLC fix.

I am a big LOVE, ACTUALLY fan, although sometimes it is hard to forgive what happens to the wonderful Emma. But it has not pushed BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE out of the favorite movie slot.

What to do with Christmas leftovers? ?ave an open house, bring your leftovers, potluck lunch for the neighbors. Everybody else's leftovers are inevitably better than your own.

Carla - It was HUGE. I'm not sure it was California huge, but close. Somehow the creepiest thing is the road leading up to the park - a sheer dropoff.
(Let me explain that a cliff in downtown Montpelier behind the Statehouse and across from some actually very tasteful public housing just collapsed. This happened on Elm Street, prompting the local newspaper to capture it Nightmare on Elm Street. Rim shot.)
Anyway, Carla, thanks for asking. How are things in your end of Vermont? Lots of bummed holiday skiers, I expect.

Er, make that "caption it" Nightmare on Elm Street. Hey, it's late.

By the way, Mary, I AM Emma. It's true. I see her ass and I scream, that's my ass!

Oh, but Sarah... rum balls ARE the good ones!

YAY Josh for being another Long Kiss Goodnight fan. Bestest movie ever. Except for Heathers and Parenthood. Well, and some of those other movies, but LKG is a fave pick-me-up.

I should watch it right now, in fact.

Here is what I learned an hour ago:

An eleven-year-old girl can vomit horizontally. And drench her mother's entire left side of sweater (neck to hip) from a distance of six feet.

Here is how long it takes to mop shanghai noodles, bok choy, peanut sauce, sauteed garlic, and a glass of milk from our hallway and bathroom floors:

one hour.

Here is my NOT favorite movie today:

The Exorcist.

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