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August 09, 2005

Minding the Store

Minding the Store

Well, I've never posted twice on the same day before, but I'm minding the store while the other Book Tarts are on vacation (Harley in the Pacific Northwest and Sarah in Ireland) or taking care of family bidness (Ms. Nancy).  So I guess I can do whatever I want.  I'm just back from a four-day trip to New York for book-related biz and to New Jersey where I spoke at Patti Biringer's wonderful Women Celebrate Writing Conference.  It was the first WCW and smallish at under 50 people, but what a great time.  The first evening, about 15 attendees read samples of their work, mostly essays and poems as opposed to novels.  But, wow, what talent is out there.  Y'all keep writing, because you have a lot to say, and I hope your words reach plenty of ears.  (BTW, I took the new Audioslave CD while I traveled, and now I'm hooked on "Doesn't Remind Me" and "Be Yourself"--what great lyrics!)

I'm putting together a cool piece with lots of help from the DotMoms, which I hope to get up tomorrow.  It's almost a marketing survey about what books women are buying, why they pick up certain titles and not others, if book club selections or best-sellers lists influence them, all sorts of good stuff.  So check back for that on Wednesday. 

In the meantime, enjoy the pieces that are up.  We like to mix the hilarious with the serious, so there's something for everyone.  And, if there's not, holler at us.

Cheers, Susan



It was great having Susan at Women Celebrate Writing...Women Celebrate Life this past weekend. Gave us lots of time to catch up since the last time she came to Deadly Ink. This is the first time I've been to this great blog, and I'll probably be hooked on it now! Oh great, something else I'll have to fit into my day!

Just catching up on Susan's two posts.

On the breathing lessons - I use Lamaze when I feel like I'm going to kill someone. Focus on just breathing. Sometimes it actually works. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that prison is a very bad place.

Susan - you're a music lover - that always helps to alter moods. Try burning CDs of your various favorites - one for soothing, one for dancing, one for perking up, one for working, one for inspiration, etc.

Oh, and my biggest distractor from stress (other than the physical release referred to early in the comments)is - duh - reading.

For a guaranteed laugh (or three) read Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs. I've started sending it with sympathy notes when people are sick or grieving. Surprising how much people really need to keep laughing.

Ok my fellow Sister in Tartness and Rock, I couldn't pass up commenting - Audioslave - Yes!!!! I said before, I knew I liked you! And oh yeah . . . facials . . . try a facial. Delicious. Just delicious.

Kathy, music does help me lots, and I find myself listening to my favorite CDs--or even fave radio stations--a lot more these days than I ever have. I love it. Keeps songs running through my brain, which is strangely calming. I do try using my tai chi breathing when I get really worked up (usually when I'm in traffic or behind a bad driver who has no clue what lane he should be in).

Lori, yes, Audioslave! Man, do they jam or what? Facials...ah, well, I have been doing my Aveda Intensive Moisturizing Mask every morning for 10 minutes since Suzy Gorman, the photog, recommended it back in June. I love it! Big thumbs up.

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