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July 03, 2005

Weekend Update

Weekend Update

BathtubJust because you're relaxing and enjoying the long weekend doesn't mean you should miss out on any of the exciting doings in the lives of the Book Tarts.  So here's a quick update:

  • Susan's sideview mirror has been fixed, and she's hired a feng shui expert to suggest alternate car wash locations with better karma than the Mobil on Olive.
  • The contact sheets from Susan's photo shoot weren't ready this past week because the guy who does them hurt his back and was in the hospital.  (Are you sensing a theme here?)
  • Nancy's husband had to spend yesterday fixing a broken toilet, while Harley's hubby worked on their septic tank.  Just an eerie plumbing coincidence?  Or a psychic connection?
  • Sarah is MIA.  No one's heard from her in 24 hours.  Should we call missing persons, or could it be that she's spending time with her family like a normal, well-adjusted human being? 

COMING SOON:  Stay tuned for a special Hot Spot series starting Tuesday featuring Laura Lippman, David Montgomery, Sarah Weinman, and Harlan Coben weighing in on the "girl ghetto" in crime fiction.  Our version of "He Said, She Said."  You won't want to miss a word!


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Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary, Kitty. Hope it doesn't involve broken toilets!

Yes, Happy Anniversary tomorrow, Ms. Kitty! What year are you celebrating?

We're celebrating our 37th. I really was a child bride; I was 18 when I married :)

Wowza, Kitty! That's fabulous. Break out the champagne and knock a few back on us, okay? :-)

Just wanted to drop in and say hello - and to offer my congrats on a terrific blog. But then, knowing Susan, Sarah and Harley Jane (haven't had the pleasure yet Nancy!)could one expect less?

Keep up the great work-what a joy to have a daily laugh with all of you! See you at Bcon, right? Oh, and Sarah-I owe you a drink. You sneaked off too soon at Malice.

Elaine, Elaine, I've missed ya! Definitely see you at B-con, chica. Looking forward to it.

37 years, Kitty? I may have to break out the champagne here in L.A. on your behalf! Oh, wait -- I don't drink.Congrats anyway.

I don't drink either ... well, not since I had children.

Btw, Harley, DATING DEAD MEN finally arrived.

And, Sarah, I had to re-order BUBBLES UNBOUND as the order never went through.

Looking forward to some good summer reading :)

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