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June 12, 2005

TLC Sunday Morning

Mornin', Sunshines!  Just a few notes of interest to share with you on this lovely Sunday, and then the blogging begins anew on Monday after Sarah returns from her haunted honeymoon redux and Nancy gets back from her business/pleasure trip (hopefully, without the bad manicure).

For additional scoop on the BEA from some of our favorite people, check out Rochelle Krich's three-parter called "I'll Take Manhattan" in her News, Views and Shmooze and Tess Gerritsen's comments on doing expos now as a NYT bestseller versus "before"...fun stuff!

Tidbit in last Sunday's Wichita Eagle about Susan and THE GOOD GIRL'S GUIDE TO MURDER.


I'm back! And cleaning 356 Spam items out of my In Box. With freshly manicured nails, thank you very much, after a salon disaster that is best forgotten. (Honestly, why do I bother?? I spend my days typing! Why not just give up on the nails? Because Nancy, I Am Vain. And polish is easier than dieting.)

My husband & I traveled with friends to Niagara-on-the-Lake, a truly lovely little town near Niagara Falls, home to the Shaw Theater Festival http://www.shawfest.com/ , gardens that will amaze, food that will daze, and wineries that will put you in a haze. Good fun, fabulous friends. Stayed at a B&B, The Brockamoor, if you're interested. http://www.brockamour.com/

Susan, you are a trooper for taking charge of The Lipstick Chronicles while the rest of us play. You need a break, girl. Or....dare I ask....are you having a titillating dinner with someone at this very hour?? Wonder if our Single Girl is actually out on A Date?? Wondering (or is that wandering?) minds want to know!

Me, I'm looking ahead to revising my recently completed (ha!) manuscript as soon as my editor finishes her notes. (Is it taking longer than usual? Should I be concerned? In a panic??) Meanwhile, I can't help making a few notes about a book that's been percolating for a while. OKay, to be honest, I'm actually writing pages. Bad Nancy! Bad writer! Stick to your Career Path!

Enjoy your date, Susan. We don't need to have The Talk yet, do we??

Ha ha, Nancy. You're a funny girl! Actually, Harley gave me "the talk" while you were gone. (I swear, it's hard being the only single Book Tart. Ya take a lot of ribbing.) I am relieved to hear you got your nails fixed. I worried about that all weekend. Phew. Now I can breathe again.

I just found this blog and love it! I'm a big fan and will be checking in daily.

Hi, Polly! How sweet of you...and do come back and check up on us. It's almost scary how great a time we're having with this blog. I can hardly wait to see what happens myself.

Oh, my GOD! It's me, Harley. Every two weeks, some computer glitch allows me to post a comment. Not that I have anything to say tonight, but I feel I must, since by tomorrow the portal will have closed back up and I'll be unable to comment on the genius of my blog sisters. Nancy, welcome back. Susan and I missed you this weekend, and fretted about your manicure. I've worked through all of Susan's romantic issues, and have begun crocheting her wedding dress. Sarah? Back from Haunted Honeymoon yet?

Wow, Harley, you're crocheting me a wedding dress? Boy, does that inspire me to find a man and get hitched real quick. Sounds like it may require a slip, and I'm not big on slips. Good thing I'm in shape from all those veggies and workouts.

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