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June 05, 2005

Chronicle News

Some Sunday morning news for those of you sitting around and sipping coffee:

There was a wonderful piece in the LA Times written by a reporter who followed Harley on her recent book tour.  Check out the interview in its entirety at:  Harley Jane Kozak

For those who missed the Boston Herald article on chick lit mysteries, which features both Harley and Susan, here's a link:  Boston Herald

Several folks wrote to Susan after her "Stupid People Tricks" column to tell the tale of a man who robbed a gun store called H&J Leather and Firearms with deadly results.  The guy had to walk around a police car to enter the store, which was filled with, yes, gun-toting customers. You must read this to believe:  Another Stupid People Trick



Thanks for the plug! Hey--it's Harley, one of the Blog Quartet, finally able to comment. May I say for the record, I'm impressed with all my fellow Lipstickettes? And I don't know why I am suddenly able to comment, but clearly, there is a God.

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