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Yes you are still beautiful, inside and out. And yes, you will get through this because the other option sucks.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You are amazing. ll I an say. No, I can also say you are an inspiration. And that I love you.

Karen in Ohio

Kathy, you are not only beautiful inside and out, but you are one damned amazing woman.

Visualize clean margins, and radiant health. I'm helping you with that from my end.

A Facebook User

You are a Warrior Queen and, believe me, the drains are no big deal. They just hang off your body just like little fluid filled grenades. You will empty them and keep track of the amount of fluid and bring this info to your next appointment with your surgeon. You will kick ass, girl. You can depend on me for support and prayers. XOXO

Storyteller Mary

I think I'll put this on my wall of aspirations: I am a beacon and a source of great love.
You truly are. I love you and am so honored to know you. Healing hugs.
. . . and yes, I would love to see that younger photo, just because . . . <3

Tom Barclay

I'm thinking about what Mary Lynn would say to you right now. It would be something like this:

"You've done really, really well. You have stacked the odds in your favor in every way you can. You have great medical support. Being less fearful than most, you can go forward with courage, knowledge, serenity and belief in a good outcome. Your friends and family are pouring strength and the power of life into you. Failure is unthinkable."

She would then say, "The fucking granchi have messed with the wrong Mary K. They will not survive the experience."

Much love and many more years, bambina.

Cindy Conte

You go girl. You have an army behind you. You are loved. As for the drains, you will be fine. Only a phone call away. love you sister in many ways.

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Photos of me - from around 1980-1988 - I don't have many on my computer but these should give you an idea:

Cynthia D'Alba

You are beyond awesome. So much stronger than I might be.

Your links of photos didn't work :(

Stay strong and kick some serious cancer butt. God knows you're too stubborn to let something like cancer get to you.

Love and prayers and white light flying from Arkansas to you.

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Sorry that did not work - I put some photos at the end of the blog. In the first photo, I am the second one from the left.

Ramona DeFelice Long

Your words are beautiful, as are you. You are the cavalry that brings humor and courage and intelligence and love.

Tuesday morning--holding you in the light, sending positive energy, crossing fingers and toes. All that good stuff.


Did you know it's possible to pray while giving someone a standing ovation? It's true. And it's what I just did for you.

Keep us posted, hon. If ever anyone could rock a mastectomy, it's gonna be you.

William Simon

Though I never had the pleasure of meeting her, I do believe Tom's approximation of what Mary Lynn might say is completely accurate.

I am going to reference back to a war cry from the original TLC: BITCHSLAP CANCER!

If anyone on this earth can do that, it is you.


You have always been one tough little girl. The same one I first met in third grade. Still tough and still little.

Elaine Viets

Kathy, you are still beautiful and strong and funny and smart. As for the drains, I've had 'em -- including one in my head. It's the IDEA that's so freaking awful.
None of us look that way we did at 20. I'd like to look 20 again, but I'd rather BE the person I am now. You've bared your soul for this blog. Now show us the fighter we know you are.

Larry and Elaine Judge

My goodness, you should have been put in a convent back in those days.

Lately, I am getting ready for a reunion, I have talked to lots and lots of people who have shared stories with me about how they didn't know who they were or didn't feel comfortable with themselves until they added a few years. I think that confidence in who we are on the inside is a great thing.

YOU definitely know who you are. We do too, and we like you a whole big bunch "just the way you are."

Prayers from your Godmother and Uncle Larry.
Everything is going to be OK.

I'm sure "Punky and Ro" are with you too.

We all need a ride on that magic carpet.


The good Lord above along with an army of angels, and friends, are with you. Kick it's f'n arse Kathy - you are the ultimate warrior ! Blessings, strength, courage and prayers to you!

Pam Purtle

You are more beautiful on the inside than you ever were on the outside. Fight the good fight. I don't want a world without you in it~


Loved this blog and I heard your voice in my mind while I read. You are so real and true. YOU ARE STUNNING - - - your mind, in addition to your heart's compassion, love, fortitude, gratitude, sympathy, empathy and ability to give. You have given so much to so many and we cannot thank you enough for the freakin' awesome example of awesome that you are. Through your amazing faith, feel the warm embrace enveloping you in prayer. You set a remarkable example. <3

Nancy Martin

I am so with you on the "if it's bad, get it OUT" decision. Jeff had prostate cancer and was given four options, none of them appealing, and he was willing to wait until a fifth showed up. No way, I said. Get it out NOW and damn the consequences. Good decision. It will be a good one for you, too, baby. We love you any way you are!


Thinking about you and praying everyday as you, the Warrior Queen, ride into the battle of your life.


I can only add to the love and prayers and healing wishes because right now I'm fighting a tear or two that your bravery is going through another test...and I know you'll come through it with flying colors because you are you...gutsy, blunt,gorgeous in any light, and indeed as Peach said, The Warrior Queen.I'm glad if any of my prayers and thoughts help, but I need you to know that you help us in more ways than you can imagine just by being who you are (see previous inadequate descriptive adjectives). Love and gentle hugs, my friend.

Carol Williams

Best decision, and I'm sending love and healing prayers your way Kathy! I'm really touched by your blog - you are feisty and remarkable!


Prayers coming your way for a fast recovery and the cleanest margins ever. Spic and span clean.


You always, always knock me out. You are an inspiration, Kathy. I love you. This blog is the best thing I've read in a long time.

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