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Karen in Ohio

Kathy, darling, I'm so sorry they found abnormal cells, but also so happy they found them. You know what I mean.

Praying like a maniac that modern medicine does right by you and your boob. Big, but gentle, hugs coming your way.

Cynthia D'Alba

Kathy - I HATE that you have to go through this. Seems like so many people I know have had to go through some type of cancer discovery and treatment. I pray for you to have an excellent outcome. It does happen.

Jokes - Yeah, I do that during stressful medical situations. And trust me, the medical personnal do too. When I was in nursing school, there was a "band" comprised of medical residents who would perform at the annual surgery christmas party (the party was so wild and decadent, wives were not allowed to come!). The songs were tunes you would recognize (think Little Surfer by the Beach Boys) but the words were totally different (i.e. Little Scrub nurse, little one. Make my drawstring come undone....yeah you can sing that!) And OF COURSE there was one for breast cancer. (Thanks for the mammories.) It's how many of us deal with the stress and trauma.

Hugs, prayer, good wishes and white light being sent your way.

Sarah Strohmeyer

Aw shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.

But here's the good news - 3D mammogram. Our good friend who's the head of radiology at a very prominent Cleveland hospital swears these make the difference. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE BULLSHIT THAT MAMMOGRAMS ARE BULLSHIT!!!

But DO find a place with 3D imaging.

That said, we are here for you Kathy just as I know you will be here for me when my time comes. (Tick. Tick. Tick.) Be glad you're in Pittsburgh with topnotch medicine. This just sucks, but this too will pass, right. This too will pass. This too will pass.....

Love you and thanks for keeping us posted. You know you're going to over come this!

Storyteller Mary

Aw, sweetie, healing hugs and much laughter to you, and I'll make that appointment very soon . . . this week is the lung doctor's turn; I make them wait their turn. The rep. at Decent Exposures (they make non-latex undies and swimsuits for me) said once that their bras are recommended for post-surgery because of comfort. I also like that I don't have to take them off for chest X-rays because there's no metal.


Hey, if there's anything we can do for you let us know. Cooking, cleaning, dancing and singing? I know you are strong, but you always can use some back up muscle.

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

Thanks to everyone. This does SUCK. But what the hell - the odds are stacked against us - hoping that since I got it, my three biological sisters will not.

Sarah is SO RIGHT about the 3D mammograms - of the multiple views they took, this mass only showed up on ONE of them. Took the radiologists forever to find it via sonogram, but thanks to that one slice of an image, we knew it was there.

Early detection is truly the key here - drive to a different facility if you have to - but insist on the 3D imaging!!



cancer's messing with the wrong boob, bucko. aint enough room in this town for the both of you.

Nancy Martin

Why isn't this disease under control by now?? Jeezus Crust.

Yell if you need anything. Midnight cookie delivery, mimosas for breakfast. Alerts for UPS guy sightings. The usual.


I'm so sorry, Kathy.

Uncle Larry & Aunt Lanie Judge

The Indiana Fan Club up here is in full support.

They are getting closer to nailing cancer.

Take care of yourself--eat well, get some sleep and of course, Aunt Gee's favorite, breathe deeply.

Love you, Kak.

Your old Uncle and Godmother.

Pamela Clare

Dear Kathy,

Thanks so much for this post. I'm so sorry you're going through this experience. It sucks.

Like you, I was diagnosed thanks to a mammogram with early invasive ductal carcinoma. Had I skipped that mammogram, badness would have ensued. I've opted to have bilateral mastectomies with reconstruction although the cancer is (as far as they can tell) only present in my left breast. I just want to do everything I can to avoid a recurrence of cancer.

My surgery is tentatively scheduled for June 5. It's taking forever to work out the details. The scheduling nurse confided to my mother (who is also a nurse) that they've seen a huge spike in cases of breast cancer among women in their 40s/early 50s and that they've having trouble getting everyone in. My own experience seems to bear this out, as you are now the 7th writer I've come across who's been recently diagnosed.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Sending all good thoughts your way,
Pamela Clare

Kathy Reschini Sweeney

We are hearing the same thing here. No one will admit it, but I am convinced it is the Pill they gave out like candy from the time we were teens. In fact, I feel another blog coming on.

Hang in there, Pamela - we are all Warriors standing together!

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